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Maintaining Focus with a New Plan

Sunday, April 20, 2014

I am refocusing on my eating plan. I have heard about food combining before but never truly understood what it is all about. A girlfriend recently said she has purchased materials with a plan and will be implementing it, so I decided to take a look. Not wanting to spend money, I spent a few hours last week checking websites and books. I found two inexpensive kindle books that are helping me. My friend is using the "Great Taste No Pain" plan by Sherry Brescia who has a dedicated website. I discovered that the idea was actually implemented by Dr. William Howard Hay in the 1920s who separated eating acid forming foods from alkaline forming foods. Dr. Hay cured himself with the diet when his health was compromised by nephritis. Many others have benefitted from this plan over the years.

I am reading The Food Combining 2-Day Detox by Kathryn Marsden and Food Combining Recipes for Vegetarians by Alice Lilley. I am starting to understand and began the eating plan Friday, April 18. Not too difficult, have had to change my thinking a bit, grocery list will change a little, and it will be a challenge when eating out, which I do not do often. Actually the first author suggests only working the plan several days a week. I will make it a commitment for a while, first, to be certain it works for me, and secondly, if it does, I will want to adopt it for good.

It goes like this:

A - Proteins: cheese, eggs, dried beans, chickpeas, lentils, tofu, yogurt
B - Neutral Foods: most vegies, all raw salads, seeds, nuts, herbs, cream, butter, oils
C – Starches: biscuits, bread, cakes, crackers, oats pasta, potatoes, rice, sweets
All fruits are to be ingested before meals or, preferably, between meals

Can mix A & B or B & C; never mix A & C

The best thing I have noticed thus far is that I do not feel hunger even at mealtime! Hope that feeling lasts. Supposedly, this plan helps the body eliminate toxins, improve digestion, protect health, and lose weight. Losing weight is NOT the priority, which I find amazing and good. I do not want to focus on that altho it would be a wonderful benefit because I have not found a sure-fire plan that helps me keep the weight off, which has been frustrating!

So my life is busy, yet I have tried to set aside anti-stress time during the day. I will complete my degree by the end of August. Before taking the next step, I hope to take a good break – maybe a dream vacation, if hubby agrees. And, I will need to take a few pre-training interviews. After that, I can sign up for the Coaching Training and be on my way to fulfilling another dream!!!

Besides my degree program, I have taken on a 12-study (once a month) teaching presentation with our ladies group. After two sessions (and three leadership sessions), we have increased the number of attendees to ten. We are now extending the personal invitations to acquaintances outside our group. I have received positive feedback and offered to do this program at another church; have not heard from them yet. One other group is interested but I said I would not consider the invitation until June or so. Even though not pursued, I see these opportunities as networking as possible openings for future personal coaching.

My exercise program has pretty much ceased for the time being. I have had a few other interferences that limit my time. I know this is an excuse. I take innumerable breaks from studies and correspondence to walk around the yard and go up and down our flights of stairs nine or more times a day. I have also been careful to park my car (it is such a blessing to have a car!) far from entrances so I get in more walking when I am out and about. I go downtown once a month and to the mall once a week where I walk the full inside parameter before getting groceries.

I can manage to get sunburnt here if I don’t get up to walk early. In NE Brazil, the sun is at ten o’clock in the sky at 7 a.m.!!! And since I’ve been getting to bed rather late (but before midnight most of the time) and have to be alert for studies, I have set aside those early hours for the time being. I do not like this and my body is telling me in various ways that I need to get going again. However, it is just for the time being as I complete these studies. I have already looked into a Pilates’ program and think that is what I’d like to do in 2015, if at all possible – it would be super nice to have a coach and someone helping me to get it right!

So for Easter Sunday, I began with Bible reading and prayer, decided to write this blog, then will get back to studies. I plan to have no-crust no-meat spinach quiche for lunch. Later, I will have half a large glass of cranberry juice (so excited to have found it!) with tonic water. Will also enjoy church and perhaps an online movie later. I am looking forward to a wonderful week of studies and speaking prep, meeting with the ladies’ leadership group, and then, gospel evangelistic singing team practice something I am thoroughly enjoying.

Hope your week is the best ever!

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GIRLINBRAZIL 4/28/2014 3:35PM


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    I am so proud of you!

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COSMIC_ENERGY 4/20/2014 2:18PM

    Interesting. I am hardly ever "really" hungry. Going to spend the afternoon with a friend and her family. None of my kids are here today. Did Tofurky dinner for them Fri. night.

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Food Choices Change Your Life!

Friday, January 31, 2014

I read a blog this morning that pushed me into writing a version of my own. For years, I've been struggling with food focus! This has improved a great deal as I come to terms with understanding what I need to do in my personal life to maintain a sort of mindset equilibrium that does not focus on food.

Face it! Society is food-focused! Every event, every get-together, every meeting has food, and generally, it is not on my menu!!! It is salt-laden, sugar or sugar substitute added. GMOs, altered, not natural ingredients, MSG, artificially colored and "like" the real thing! And sometimes the hour just does not fit with the eating plan.

I try; I really do try not to go overboard and not to get preachy about my choices. I do not want to make enemies; I do not want to be ostracized and talked about behind my back.

But, golly gee! When the food is served or others pressure you to have just a little and you know you should not or cannot, there really is no place to hide! Usually, if I am unprepared, I find nothing that I can eat or drink! I have, on occasion, taken my own food and drink to restaurants, but then I feel uncomfortable pulling it out and eating my homemade things alongside others. I hate drawing attention to myself.

If I don't take food and don't order anything, what can I do while everyone else is enjoying their food? Um, stare at them, stare at the ceiling, the floor, out the window? I could excuse myself to the bathroom which takes only a few minutes and if I extend my visit, I arrive just in time for dessert! Dessert I graciously decline. My last blog mentions the idea of going for a walk, but that will only work when the entire get-together does not revolve around eating, like when there is a presentation of some sort.

Converse, that's a good suggestion and that's what I try to do. But then, between bites and swallows, the others are talking about the food. And I say: "Oh, yes, it is lovely." "No thank you." "Waiter, please take my place setting away; I will not be eating." "It does look appealing." "No, I am fine." Though I tell no one, I am not fine.

I also recognize that usually others are uncomfortable with my presence when they really do want me to have a good time - eating like everyone else. They let me know by their questioning and pressuring me to eat. I have excused myself from participating in many social events because it has become terribly uncomfortable to sit through. Rarely, I've found a couple of people (perhaps 2%) that do not partake, like me. If we manage to get close, we compare notes on how we handle situations that involve food and where we get our food supplies. It is nice to know I am not the only one!

Why do I do this to myself? Well, because I have read too much, gone after scientific info, want better health, and want to live longer and more energetically. As I see it, the pay off is greater than the losses. It's not like I have no friends! I do have friends. And my genuine friends understand, don't pressure me or gluttonize in my face, and are careful to find ways to be WITH me to enjoy our relationship rather than to focus on the food!

If you truly desire to be my friend, accept that I cannot enjoy going where the activity and the pleasure is in watching everyone eating and drinking what I will not eat or drink. Rather than being fun for me, it is torturous! Although I want to be with the group, if I have a choice between being alone or watching others indulge, I choose alone.

I realize that not everyone who eats healthier chooses to go to the extreme that I have. I was on this path years ago, but it was too difficult for me to maintain. At this point in my life, I know it was my food choices and lack of exercise that took me to such deteriorating health that I became more and more immobile. I know because with SparkPeople and the changes I gradually made, I improved so much that I was able to do 2 marathon walks. I plan to continue learning healthier ways so that if at all possible, I will maintain what I have gained health wise.

I choose to be as physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy, active, and productive as possible for the next 30 years of my earthly life!


This is the blog I read that provoked my writing this morning:

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COSMIC_ENERGY 2/2/2014 10:11AM

    It's a dance isn't it. To stick to your convictions when others don't get it. I try to remember that when I'm out with others, it's about the people not the food. If they don't understand - either they are not real friends or I have to say to myself--of well, we're all on different paths.

Mine isn't better than anyone else's, it's just MINE.

Blessings to you my friend for living your life the way that works for you, thereby inspiring and encouraging us to find our own way.

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JAZZID 2/1/2014 3:15PM

    emoticon emoticon I go through this as well. I have a ferocious sweet tooth and recently regained a ton of weight because I over-indulged in eating a lot of sweets beginning with our fall fest at work in October up until January 1st.

I feel absolutely miserable and physically uncomfortable and know that I am playing havoc on my health with this yo-yo dieting... I am in the process of giving up sugar and retraining my way of thinking about reward foods or treats. If this means refusing to eat certain things in a social setting, so be it. This is my life and the bottom line is that if I "don't" change, I am going to make myself sick. My oncologist told me that losing weight and getting my weight into a healthy BMI range will help prevent the recurrence of breast cancer, so I have to do my part. As you mentioned above, the people who truly care about me will understand why I need and want to live this way... the others really don't matter.

Keep up the good work... emoticon ~ Dee emoticon

Comment edited on: 2/1/2014 3:17:43 PM

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PEACEFULONE 1/31/2014 9:59AM

    You are right to put your health first! Thanks for sharing your inspirational journey!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JAROL7 1/31/2014 9:22AM

    Good for you. DECIDING is 90% of the struggle. Now the last 10% is faithfully following your plan. I am on Day #175 of a 218 day journey to get to and stay at goal weight. Write everything down.

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The Party, the Cake, and the death of THAT Dragon!

Sunday, January 05, 2014

I shared this with the Thanksgiving Team and then thought it would be good to share on my blog. So team members, if you read it there, this is the same.

The Party. Why does it always have to be around food!

I am grateful for some good conversation, for finding out that the Dr. I will see in two weeks is a good one, and I think that I got through the evening without embarrassing myself or anyone else.

I esp. enjoyed the conversation with the birthday girl (16th) and her best friend - they were very responsive to my interjections about spiritual living. But, and however, I did not like the eating part. Kindly, the hostess made sure I had a tall freshly squeezed, nothing added o.j. and offered me more, which I gently declined, while EVERYONE else was enjoying slice after slice of pizza (smelled "wickedly divine") and glass after glass of Coke (which I have come to dislike, no prob. there). Glad I ate before I went.

Following singing two rounds of Happy Birthday came the absolute worst part for me and, boy, did I struggle. We were all standing and talking while the birthday girl sliced BIG pieces of a beautiful, large, two-layer, golden cake. I tried my best to imagine all the ingredients that I did not want to ingest and what it would do to me - it was an ugly imaginary picture! Hope my face was not that look of horror!

The people all around me were served these huge slices of golden cake (maybe huge is an exaggeration) with two kinds of filling in each slice, and they slowly savored e-v-e-r-y bite. What could I do with myself during this time? Did not think of it then (I was not thinking clearly at that point), but right now, I'm thinking that I should have escaped to get "something" out of the car or take a little walk outside the restaurant.

I asked the lady standing in front of me not to tell me how good it tasted, so she proceeded to "yum, yum" and "mmm, mmm" each bite with an in-between smile of delight and "It tastes just awful, Vicki". (Just now, I am reminded of demons taunting humans pictures!) This went on for several minutes and then there were repeats along with all the compliments to the hostess (the cake was purchased) and conversation about the flavors, the kinds of fillings everyone loves, and so on.

When I heard about the ingredients, thinking it might help ME, I said, out loud, "Oh, I'm glad to know it contains sweetened-condensed milk because I don't care for desserts containing that and soo many desserts [here] contain it." Did not help, because the conversation turned to dessert recipes they ALL love that call for sweetened-condensed milk! I could just taste it coating my tongue - wanted to maniacally scream and run!!! Talk about AWKWARD!

When I got back home, I realized that the woman who makes cakes for all the special occasions in our little group not only asked me, "What WAS [my emphasis] your favorite filling BEFORE you stopped eating cake?" also asked about my birthdate (Jan. 7)! Putting those together in my mind, brought feelings of panic about the possibility that the ladies will surprise me with a little party and cake that they will ALL eat in front of me! Perhaps that's why I did not sleep enough last night - haunted by this nightmarish picture!

I did manage to kill the cake desire dragon!!! Breathing a deep slow inhale and exhale, and moving on…

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BGUMBA 1/8/2014 11:33AM

  Good job of dragon slaying! Keep up the good work. It sounds like you have a great plan for 2014! Keep up the good owrk.

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READYRISA 1/7/2014 5:32PM

    Well done, well done, Vicki! I've been in that situation so many times as well with food..people really don't mean any harm...yet, I'm always amazed how some people clearly don't get I just accept that and let it just shows how all of us are different, and just need to understand that.

When if comes to food shoving - I often try to remember this situation... a friend of mine love sushi, and she kept pushing sushi to sushi can be an acquired taste to some, no matter how delicious and healthy..I reminded her that.some people are allergic to fish, or some people are just not a fan of sushi...and some people just don't want to eat it. Her intentions were good, she wanted EVERYONE who was around her to enjoy sushi like she does..but the point is...we are all different..and we have different views... until I brought that up, she did not see her pushing sushi to others who do not want it was actually an insensitive thing.

You did the right have your weapon, your breath..., Dragonslayer!
You also have us....! We are here for you...for times like this to reflect.

Well done, well done!

Comment edited on: 1/7/2014 5:40:36 PM

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BE-THE-CHANGE 1/5/2014 9:40PM

    Wow, sounds like they were bordering on rude.

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PEACEFULONE 1/5/2014 5:46PM

    Good for you! BTW you positively glow in the new photo on your spark page!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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COSMIC_ENERGY 1/5/2014 3:50PM

    Ack! So hard to think ahead of time what others might do or say so we can be prepared. I've tried various methods. Appreciating that many people equate food with love and think nothing of someone else's struggle to resist what for them equates to poison.

Ya know, if the baker lady makes you a cake and throws you a party. Think fast, what could you have on hand that you love instead?

My family was so gracious this summer to make me the cake made out of watermelon and fruit (picture in my gallery). I've just started asking for what I want leaving nothing to chance.

Keep up the good work!

Comment edited on: 1/5/2014 3:56:37 PM

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VALERIEMAHA 1/5/2014 1:31PM

    GO YOU -- SLAY those dragons!

Interesting article for us, relating to forming new habits:


With you all the way!

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JRICHART 1/5/2014 11:58AM

    Wow! Great job! emoticon emoticon
It really saddens me at how insensitive some people are to those of us trying to eat healthy. To say yum, yum and then get into a discussion about their favorite deserts is not very considerate. But you handled yourself emoticon And I am so proud of you! Now that you know that you can do it once, that dragon will never be in control again!!!!!!!

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Slaying Dragons in 2014

Monday, December 30, 2013

For the New Year, I have changed my SparkName from Tazmomsgol to SlayingDragons. In March 2014, I will complete 8 years with SparkPeople. My worldview has not changed much, however, my focus and purpose have improved. By the grace of God, through interaction with SparkPeople, SparkFriends, many other individuals, my studies, and life experiences, I have come to a place where I can clearly see the steps for reaching my goals. I needed all of these in order to reach forward to where I am today. I have seen many of these steps accomplished and I expect to take more of them this year. If all goes as planned, I will complete my Masters in Human Services and move on to getting my Life Coaching license.

Why Slaying Dragons?

Although I have made a great deal of progress, a few things hold me back. These are the dragons in my life that still need to be conquered! Before SparkPeople, I was afraid to take the necessary steps to change. I knew that if I changed, some relationships in my life would be greatly inconvenienced and disturbed. After joining SparkPeople in 2006, it took me a full three years to give myself permission to take care of myself. For most of my adult life, I put my needs last to the point of not realizing I had incapacitated my ability to help others. I thought this was being unselfish and submissive. I did not realize nor did I have the kind of support needed to fix my situation. What I did not understand was that I had let others define me and decide how my life would be used.

My underlying belief that I was selfish when caring for my own needs had to change. To be capable of helping others, I must take care of myself. No one else is responsible for my life. It is entirely up to me. Although I now understand that fear comes and goes, I refuse to let it paralyze me like I did in the past! I do not want to be afraid of what others think of my choices and what they think of me any more. I take my freedom to act on what God tells me and to be who I was meant to be. Those who do not appreciate what God and I have partnered to do with the gift of this one life do not need to be included in this conversation. They can think what they want to think and take their defamations and negative criticisms to another quadrant!

2014 My Plan & Focus - Slaying dragon after dragon

1. Spiritually:

* Daily Bible reading
* Sunday prayer time
* Devotional prep

2. Physically:

* Build up to 1 hour a day of exercise
~ Increase away-from-home walking to at least 2 mi. 2 x /week (neighborhood, park, mall, dntn) by June
* Maintain eating healthy
~ Around 1500 calories/day
~ Drink 8-10 8 oz. glasses of liquid daily
~ At least 5 fruits & veggies/day
~ Ovo- pesce- vegetarian emphasis w/ occasional hard cheese
~ Limited snack foods (plain Doritos, whole grain cookies, pie & bread)
~ Nuts twice a day, including peanut butter when I have it
~ Weak cold-pressed coffee 2 x / day; tea 1-2 x / day
~ Rarely eating out
* At least, annual check-up at Dr. & dentist
* Occasional massage therapy / salon visit

3. Mentally:

* List my blessings daily
* August - Complete Master's in Human Services: Marriage & Family Cognate
* September or October - Start Life Coach Training
* Prep for speaking
* Continue simplifying by cleaning out something at least 1 x / week

4. Socially:

* Sunday night service
* September - Something to do away from home 1-2 evenings / week (prayer meeting,
Advanced Portuguese or other University course, friend visit)

Other Things to work on:

* Self-sabotage eating
* Say "No" to things irrelevant to my goals
* Follow my beliefs & values not other's opinions or pressures
* Begin sentences with "I"

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." 
2 Timothy 1:7, KJV

"And who is he who will harm you if you become followers of what is good? But even if you should suffer for righteousness sake [for what is right], you are blessed. And do not be afraid of their threats, nor be troubled." 
1 Peter 3:13-14, NKJV


Warrior by Demi Lovato

Stop Anxiety Song: Clear the Fear


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

PEACEFULONE 1/5/2014 5:52PM

    Great plan! You will make an excellent life coach!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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COSMIC_ENERGY 1/5/2014 3:39PM

    Make friends with your dragons. Get to know them inside and out. Learn their weaknesses--more importantly, YOUR STRENGTHS.Build on your successes - I've seen you do it before. You will continue to slay those dragons and they will lose any power over you. Suit up--armor on!

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JRICHART 1/3/2014 9:52PM

    Wow! what a great name! I love those names that have significance, that remind us all what we are hear for. We are all slaying dragons, you are just the warrior at the fore front. We are all standing up behind you!

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BE-THE-CHANGE 1/1/2014 8:00AM

    I love your new SparkName and your page is great! I can relate to a lot of what you have here, especially the "other things". Let's take care of ourselves first and make this our year!

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MTRACHEL 12/31/2013 6:12PM

    I love your new name reading the story of how you got to where you are today. I particularly appreciate the "other goals" and will be working on those too!

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BECOMINGONE 12/30/2013 6:51PM

    Go slay those dragons for good! I'm cheering for you ...


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VALERIEMAHA 12/30/2013 5:20PM


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What Can Ya Do With A Hill of Beans?

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I have a month off from studies and am using it to do a variety of things. Carpal tunnel issues are getting in the way, but continuing with stuff and trying to do less at the computer.

Here are photos of a few of the most recent projects:

These (corn, white beans, macaroni, flaxseed, split peas, black beans, brown beans, sunflower seeds, white corn, and blackeyed peas) plus glue -

Here is the front of the auditorium decorated. I used the assortment to make the wise men!

Just the wise men -

Closeups -

I also made the shepherd and sheep from wrapping paper and craft foam -

And the angels with tennis shoes bulletin board I made with donated gifts for the auction -

I have a few more projects lined up for the next couple weeks AND a 2014 personal planning and goal setting session. I am looking forward to the New Year and have continued persistence to make healthy choices!

Wishing you spiritual renewal this holiday season and a wonderful New Year!!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MTRACHEL 12/26/2013 8:43AM

    Nice way to use what you have!

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AJDOVER1 12/25/2013 11:48PM

    I love what you did with beans! It put me in the mind of the annual Rose Parade floats in nearby Pasadena -- they must be covered entirely with plant materials and beans figure prominantly in the decorations.

Best wishes in making your plans and goals for 2014 -- I've got to get started with that, too!

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GIRLINBRAZIL 12/25/2013 4:50PM

    I love the bean men! Glad to see what you have bean up to! He he he...

Missing you!

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HEALTHY4ME 12/25/2013 7:32AM

    WOW they look amazing and what ingenuity !!! Merry Christmas and I hope you have a healthier new year! HUGS

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BECOMINGONE 12/24/2013 3:56PM

    Amazing! Peace and joy to you this Christmas season!

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VALERIEMAHA 12/24/2013 11:23AM

    I say, "EAT'em!"
P.S. We also have "hills of beans" in Ecuador...SO many varieties...YUM!

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CAROLIAN 12/24/2013 6:09AM

    Well done you are really clever Have a good holiday Christmas Blessings to you ad yours xx emoticon

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