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I made it through my husband's birthday party with no sugar!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I quit eating sugar on May 6th and today was bit of a challenge. It was my husband's birthday today and I hosted a party for him at our house.

1. I planned out a pizza party with take and bake pizza for 10 people. That made it easier for me to execute without feeling overly stressed in my small kitchen.

2. I chose a birthday cake that HE liked - not my favorite. What difference did it make to me what kind of cake they all ate? I wasn't eating any of it, so it didn't matter.

3. I bought a sugar free ice cream I could have and then had one small scoop of it after dinner while everyone else had cake and ice cream.

4. I took the cake and ice cream down to our store right after dinner (downstairs of our apartment) so our employees can wipe it out tomorrow. That gets rid of it quickly.

I wrote down everything I ate today in my nutrition tracker and I went over by 233 calories and about 13 fat, but I was on the lower end for protein and carbs. I had decided I wouldn't try to have a perfect eating day today - I gave myself permission to enjoy the meal with our guests and have some chicken pizza, which is a fraction of the calories and really yummy and healthier than regular. Anyway, I'm actually pretty stoked that I only went over by the 233 calories and didn't have an 800 calorie overage today.

I think I'm getting to the point where I just don't feel like eating that much. Yesterday my husband wanted leftover spaghetti for lunch. There was a big bowl of noodles and sauce in the fridge, so I went in and dished up a large quantity for him and 1/2 cup of noodles and 1 T of sauce on top for me. I ate it and felt perfectly satisfied, then had a nice, low-cal day.

Its been 2 weeks sugar free and I feel really wonderful about it!

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29POINTS 8/7/2012 7:34PM


You should be very proud of yourself!


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29POINTS 8/7/2012 7:33PM


You should be very proud of yourself!


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Day 4 Without Sugar

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today was my 4th day without sugar and I'm feeling pretty good. I got up early and cleaned house for an hour and a half, did a bit of work in the office, then went for a 45 minute walk with Vickie. I got back, washed and dressed, prepared lunch and a friend came over. We had soup and salad. She left and my daughter called wanting me to drive to the airport, so I drove to Sacramento, 1 1/2 hours from my place, picked her up and took her home. I still had a few things to do when I got home, but I was tired. We ate dinner and I cut my portion way down.


Today I stop eating sugar for one year

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Last night I decided I will stop eating sugar and I've set a one year goal for this decision. I will completely cut sugar out of my diet, since sugar is something that causes me to want to eat all of the time and to eat too much. I quit eating sugar for a year and a half back in 2005 and I lost all of my weight, basically. I had slimmed down completely and felt better than I had for many years, at that point.

I became overwhelmed when we had a long series of personal tragedies and stressful situations happen during 2006-2008. We had just moved our business into a building we had spent 3 years building, after being quite successful since 1986. It was a lot of work and when the building was finally completed, we had to set up a phone system, a computer network, move 50,000 products in and set them up, and on and on and on. We eventually got settled when we found out my sister-in-law, who lived two doors down, had ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and had about a year and a half to live. She had always been the most difficult, mean-spirited, neurotic mess I've ever known and that made the whole thing 1000 times worse then the terrible situation it already presented. She chose to bring her meth addicted daughter in to care for her and we had to watch this from 2 doors away, since she bought a home on our small block. The movie it reminded me of was "The Exorcist." She was also in to witchcraft and that added another difficult element to what we went through. My husband and I were going to adopt her grandson, 12, who had really been neglected and treated pretty badly in all of this and had lived with her since he was 4. We moved him into our house and helped him pull his grades from Fs and Ds up to Bs and Cs. He began to smile again and be happy, seeming to pull out of a depression. After about three weeks his grandmother, his legal guardian, called screaming that he had to come back and we were forced to return him. No matter how awful the situation became there was nothing we were able to do to make things any better. Her daughter walked past our home screaming obscenities and we had to watch as my sister-in-law was neglected, abused, the grandchildren neglected, the house looted and on and on for the next year. Finally, the authorities did step in and take the children out of the house and put them in foster care. The fathers of the kids did take them and they are better off today, thank God that part of this worked out. My sister-in-law died cursing everyone and her daughter became estranged from the family.

While all of this was going on my step-father died suddenly. He was an old man, but he had been my father since about 8 years after my father died when I was a girl. He had been my dad for 30 years and it was painful. Overlapping everything, my daughter met a nice man and they became engaged, so I was planning out a formal wedding for 150 people. My step-dad died, then my sister-in-law 4 months later. My mentor of 20 years died 4 months after that, 3 weeks before my daughter's wedding. My daughter married and moved with her husband. She had worked for our company for 6 years, but now she took a good career job and left our employ, which meant she no longer talked to me throughout each day on the phone or in person. Shortly after this we discovered our manager of 10 years had been bad-mouthing our business in such a way that he had to be let go. When he left, the rest of the staff decided to walk out in solidarity with him! It was really awful, because my husband had done EVERYTHING kind for them and had been so wonderful to them over many years. We hired new people and began to train them, when my mother became suddenly ill. She was sick for 8 weeks when she died.

I've written all of this for myself, really. All of these terrible things happened and these events erased about 14 people from my life in a year and a half. I actually ended up becoming sick at the end of this period and I had to have a radical thyroidectomy in the summer of 2010, after being seriously ill for 2 or 3 years beforehand.

By the time I finished going through all of this I felt like my belief in God had been wrung out of me. I could no longer believe and I felt utterly alone. My husband and I hung in there with one another and I knew by the end of my illness that he really, really loved me, because he had to take care of our business, take care of me and otherwise carry on after all we had been through. I had begun to have this disbelief before my mentor passed away in 2008, so I had discussed this with her and she told me that many people go through a period of disbelief and not to worry about it - my belief would come back eventually and after that I would believe even more than I ever had in the past. That is what has been happening this last few months - I am beginning to believe again.

By the time I began to recover from my illness our business was really suffering because of the economy. It has been almost unbearable stressful, but we have pulled through. We rented out our house in November and moved into an apartment in our building, which turned out to be the best decision we've made in years. We downsized and it is a huge relief financially and emotionally, so we are much happier today.

I'm determined I will work through all of this. I was 281 pounds by the time I had my thyroidectomy and now I've lost 53 lbs. I am swimming 3-4 nights a week and I am walking with my friend 3-4 days a week, so I'm moving my body. I injured my knee when I first began to exercise, but that is dramatically improving as I lose weight and keep swimming and now walking.

Today it is time for me to stop eating the sugar. I went back to eating sugar when I was in the midst of all of the pain I was going through with my sister-in-law and it is no longer necessary for me to hurt myself that way. Let me repeat: it is no longer necessary for me to hurt myself. So I am vowing to start today and not eat sugar for one full year, just to give it a parameter. I'm going to start by not eating sugar TODAY.

I no longer eat sugar. I am losing weight. My body is healing and I feel better and better each day. God is good to me and He is taking care of my financial stresses. I am returning to a state of complete health and a beautiful, slim body. I am really, really grateful that everything is working out so well. - Sherry


Back to exercising!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I went to the gym tonight and swam 20 laps after having a one week break due to vertigo. I can't swim or exercise when I'm dizzy and can't jump around or dip my head into the water, so I had to accept a break in the action. Today I finally felt like I was back to normal enough to go back and hit the gym. It was a little hard getting back into the swing of exercising again and I wanted to quit after about 4 laps! Ha, ha! But I stayed with it and completed 20. Tomorrow night I'll add to the 20 and get my numbers back up.

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ANGEGOTENGAGED 4/12/2012 11:28AM

    Hi! I think about swimming for exercise a lot, but I'd have to learn to swim properly first I think. Not sure how long I'd make it "doggy-paddling" lol

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My eating day today...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yesterday I had a free eating day and ate something that is not on my normal menu. Sometimes I find I will keep nibbling around something that I really want by eating something that isn't quite so bad - and that can be a good thing. But sometimes its better just to get it out of the way, eat the thing that is talking to me, and then move on by having a great week. Anyway, yesterday was one of those days and I just got the thing thats been bugging me, ate it, and now I can move on with my week. I'm finding it easier to get back onto my eating program if I eat a little sweet once in a while, then telling myself its okay as long as I'm not taken off of my overall course.

I've had vertigo for about 4 days now and I can't exercise when I have it. Exercising makes it worse and its already bad enough, so I had to resign myself to laying low on the sofa for a day or two. At the same time my swimming cap broke a piece off that cannot be repaired and I sent away for two new caps and some new earplugs for the water. I'll bet by the time those items come in the mail this week, I'll be ready to hit the pool again. The vertigo is pretty disconcerting. I had it so badly yesterday that I couldn't walk a straight line, then it got better toward the end of the day.

In any event, Sunday is the first day in a new week and I'm going to do FANTASTIC this week!!!


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