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Girls Aren't the Only Ones Who Binge....

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Good article - remember, women aren't the only ones with unhealthy or disordered eating habits. Guys suffer too.

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NINJA_SMOO 8/15/2012 10:58AM

  That's interesting... I don't know why, but I never considered binge eating a women's only issue. For some reason, anorexia and bulemia always seem like women's only issues to me, despite having had a male friend in highschool who was anorexic. Crazy, the strength of media on our perceptions.

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MOTIVATED@LAST 8/15/2012 9:50AM

    Up to 15,000 calories in a sitting? Holy smokes!!

I guess I'd never read up on this stuff, but those numbers are mind-blowing.

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LOSE4LIFE47 8/15/2012 9:46AM

    That is good to know!!

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A Little Less Active on Spark These Days

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

I've been a bit less active on Spark lately, and it's for a variety of reasons. I'm doing really well, just really busy with school and trying to have a social life and work.... I also don't feel I need the tools as much to stay on track as I once did. I don't need to track my workouts because they are such an ingrained habit now. I don't have to track nutrition because I know now how many calories are in most things and how to check my intake if I've been out of bounds for too long.

I miss my Spark friends and I apologize for the lack of attention. Just know I think of all of you even if I'm not as present in your lives.

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RG_DFW 8/9/2012 6:23AM


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SMILINGTREE 8/8/2012 12:03PM

    I've always admired the fact that you work full time, go to school, exercise, and do everything else you do. You certainly have a full plate! And, the fact that you no longer need the tools as much as you once did is fabulous, because I really don't want to have to use the nutrition tracker for the rest of my life. You give me hope that I won't have to ;)

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REBECCAMA 8/8/2012 10:31AM

  Well good luck with that. I have a tendency to drift off-track when I stop tracking my nutrition. I do understand about spending less time on the teams, reading blogs, and all of the rest of it though. I feel that way myself sometimes too.

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True Dat. (article, excellent point, well-written)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Great article on some stuff that's been in the news lately about photo-shop and thin-culture.

Also, the picture at the very, very bottom made me LOL.

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NINJA_SMOO 7/19/2012 4:25PM

  Good article! Thanks for the link :)

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Lately I am Less and Less a Fan of the Gym...?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How-do, Sparkies? Hope everyone is doing great.

I am champing at the bit - my vacation/family reunion starts at noon on Friday, so I'm just trying to keep it together a few more days at work. WOOHOO! I feel like a little kid!

Anyway, I feel less and less like going to the gym the past several months. I've been going in for gym workouts once, maybe twice a week lately. When I was in statistics class and then finance right after that for school, I stopped going to the gym as often because it was quicker to crank-out an at-home bodyweight workout and then hit the books for more study time. Travel time to and from the gym ate into study time and I couldn't deal with that.

Since statistics and finance class ended, though, I find that I don't particularly want to go back to the gym. I still enjoy working out and I kind of miss my heavy weight workouts, but I find that increasingly my preference is to go home and do kettlebells or bodyweight cardio or something like that.

On the weekends, I used to go to the gym on Saturday or Sunday and get a good heavy weight lifting session. I no longer want to do that - at all. On the weekends, the last place I want to be is in the gym. I'd rather go out shopping, or see friends, or spend time with family, or even - HEAVEN HELP ME - watch TV on the couch.

I'm not really sure what to make of it, maybe it's just a phase. I've never had a fitness phase last this long though. I always seem to find my way back to the gym and heavy weight lifting before long. I wonder how long this phase will last?

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ANNFONTANELLA 7/18/2012 8:40AM

    Don't worry about it! You're enjoying a different kind of workout right now. Go with it, figure out how to maximize it and in time, you'll probably find yourself wanting to work out in the gym again, too. I had a phase like this last year. I just got some cheap home equipment to keep my level up and you know, it was great. For me, I used it as an opportunity to work on things I'm self conscious about in the weight room (about 5 million guys at the gym doing the huff and puff and metal clanging drop which makes me feel silly when I grab my little dumbbells :)). Now I'm back to hitting the gym largely, but I still do a mix of some stuff at home, too. We aren't static creatures - why should our workouts be? emoticon

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LBLYKOWSKI 7/17/2012 4:20PM

    We all go through changes like this. I used to love hitting the cardio machines and sweating it out but lately I've been wanted to do group exercise classes or even taking it outside. Parks have some GREAT kiddy equipment that doubles for a workout. Just keep being active, that's the important part. Maybe shake things up and do something adventurous like take a free introductory karate class.

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This one DOESN'T make me ill....

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This one balances out the one that made me ill today. Great stuff from Brad Pilon, author of Eat Stop Eat (intermittent fasting).

Read it - awesomeness.

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ARCHIMEDESII 7/10/2012 3:53PM

    Detach and Relax.

Boy, do those words resonate with me right now ! Terrific article. I love the scale analogy of checking, rechecking and checking the bank account to see if there have been any changes.

I know in past, I was one of those people who would hop off and on the scale hoping for a better number ! Darn those digital scales ! LOL !!!


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IRP1114 7/10/2012 3:53PM

    Love it. Health should be dedicated but balanced! emoticon

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