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Thursday, May 05, 2011

...because sometimes I just can't think of an appropriate title.

My weight is being funky. I'm up a lb, have been up for a while, which I couldn't understand why...must be pms bloating, I reasoned. And my back's been acting up. Pulled muscle = inflammation = more water retention. Started a new physical job, which also would attribute to using muscles I don't normally use, hence even more 'retention'.


Or maybe it's because I haven't been TRACKING my food lately, getting sloppy, and deluding myself into thinking that because my meals are so righteous that I can afford the 'occasional' treat. Yeah, except my 'occasional' is becoming 2-3 treats per day.



Not so easy to delude myself once I start putting everything in the tracker! Lol. I feel like I shouldn't have to track at this point (I know my food pretty well), but if that's what I need to bring home the reality of my over-indulging, so be it.

On somewhat that note, I did my measurements again, just to see where I'm at--they're exactly the same as they were back in February when I was at this weight--except--I've gained exactly one inch around my ribcage.

??? Is it possible that my ribs have expanded to accommodate the increase in the use of my lungs? I've heard of that before. I think that's kind of neat, actually. :) Body changing directly as a result of changes on the inside--quite literally! Lol.

Other stuff--really worried this might be my last work day. Got my cheque deposited in my account a day early--which is weird and never happens. Unfortunately I can't confirm anything with anyone else for another 4 I get to sit her and fret and stew and try not to eat to distract myself. Argh.

I don't know how long I can keep working for a company who's future is so uncertain. I really enjoy my job, though...and nothing may change. Can I ride out the uncertainty?


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LE7_1234 5/5/2011 1:32PM

    Sorry about the uncertainty, Mar. Been there, done that, got the pink slip....

My next two jobs were/are even better, though!

Hang in there.

(Why am I channeling Jethro Tull? Oh! Aqualung!!! LOL!)

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Lol'd at this....appropriate. :)

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Seriously, this youtube commercial is funny...and very appropriate. Sometimes it really IS about finding that 'just right' At least for the ladies. :)

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LE7_1234 5/4/2011 2:34PM


Whatever it takes!! :-)

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    Haha, That is cute!

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So what the @%#!!&$ CAN I eat????

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I just got an enormous, pounding headache on the left side of my head. It originated right as I watched the latest Dr. Oz show, in which he was discussing this 'revolutionary' new way of eating--vegetarian style. NO meat, no dairy, lots of natural fruits and veggies, but all your protein comes from plant sources. It is, of course, a plant-based eating style.

The headache was brought on by the realization that what I was hearing was pretty much the opposite of what I'd been currently investigating. Which, of course was different yet AGAIN from another eating style I came across.

ALL these types of eating have PROOF that they work. Evidence that backs up their theories, studies, heck, even entire communities of people as 'proof'. Plus, of course the scads of people who swear by their chosen style, and how it has changed their lives forever.

There's the plant based eating style, that claims meat, ALL meat is of no use. That if you eliminate it, you virtually eliminate your chances of heart disease (oh, I think they all eliminate processed foods and starches too, if that's any consolation). They sited a study in China and other parts of the globe where people don't have access to animal proteins, and apparently have little to no heart disease, cancer, etc.

Then there is the more paleo style--meat, plants, very few to no grains (also an advocate against fake, processed foods). Again, people living this style swear by it. They have studies showing the complete turnaround of diseases such as diabetes in some people. Reduction of inflammation, which supposedly is a major trigger for heart disease.

Then there's another one I came across--ever hear of Fathead-the movie? THAT one claims that saturated fat and animal fat in general has never been proven to increase the risk of heart disease or raise cholesterol. That PLANT BASED oils may actually be a bigger culprit, and the exponential rise in diabetes and heart disease can be directly linked to the REDUCTION of saturated fat intake and INCREASE in plant based oils.

Of course, there's also the latest evidence that cholesterol levels have little to do with heart disease risk as well.

I know, there are other diseases and effects, the heart disease and diabetes are just the things I can remember off the top of my head. My point is---WHAT do I EAT? If I were to be deadly serious about finding the optimal eating style to, say, minimize heart disease--What. The. EFF. is the RIGHT way??? Avoid plant based oils? Avoid animal based fats? Eat fish? Oh wait, no, because apparently our so called 'healthy' fish consumption brings with it consumption of all the other 'bad' oils and fats that are in the fish. Eat healthy grains? Oh no, grains have GLUTEN and LECTINS in them which are supposedly BAD. But what about the FIIIIBERRRR? Well, heck, vegetable fibre is all you need. But it's all soluble, and you need some insoluble as well (or is it the other way around?)

There are a few things they all seem to agree on, though. Sugar is bad, veggies are good, and processed crap is crap.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

This really does frustrate me. I like to have facts, figures, and data to back up any claims about stuff. I like to do my research. But when there's just as much research to back up plan A as there is plan B, C, and D.....yeah, there's that headache again.

I'm going to go eat my no-grain, no-additive, no-soy, no-oil, no-saturated fat carrot stick now.

Oh--don't carrots have too much natural 'sugar' in them?

emoticon ----(me after I've died of my brain aneurysm--ugh)

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MSCDBB 4/28/2011 1:33PM

    I agree with Jenn...and Michael Pollan. Eat FOOD. Not too much. Mostly plants. You know I eat fish, but not anything that is "farm raised" with color added. Only sustainable wild, like Alaskan Salmon and cod.

The fact of the matter is that if you look back at the history of people all through the world, before globalization and the ability to have strawberries in December, people ate what was available to them locally. If the people lived in a region where animals were not plentiful, they ate roots, berries, wild greens etc. If the people lived near a river they ate more fish. If they lived near the sea they ate more "seafood" like fish, clams, mussles, kelps etc. The Inuit and Eskimos diet is vastly different than the diet of the Mayan or Sub-saharan Africa. These people were relatively healthy and disease was low...until it was introduced by Europeans. :) ONE diet is THE best diet for everyone.

Eat FOOD. Not too much. Mostly Plants.

The best advice you can get.

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KJDOESLIFE 4/28/2011 10:20AM

    You crack me up! It doesn't matter what "diet" I choose, I still drink beer and wine and eat ice cream and chocolate (occasionally!), so I would be counteracting all the healthy non-heart disease inducing foods. emoticon I think there's a good argument for all of those styles of eating, but that isn't to say one is better than the other one. Cutting back on junk and eating red meat / fish / etc in moderation is the key.

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LE7_1234 4/28/2011 1:35AM

    Heh. Did you throw the Blood Type Diet into the mix??

If I go according to Blood Type Diet, I shouldn't go vegetarian. My body seems to agree--though can go for up to 2 weeks without meet (including fish, Jenn! LOL!). Actually, I tend to crave meat in the winter (as in, eat 3 servings a week), but don't want it more than once every week or two in the summer. I feel best if I have at least one salad a day. I need my oatmeal in the morning, but can go fairly low carb the rest of the day. (No oatmeal was the hardest part of Passover for me--much harder than not having bread.)

One of my daughters decided she doesn't do well with dairy. The other decided she doesn't feel well if she eats beef--she can have a little chicken, she likes some fish--but even though tuna was her absolute favorite food in the world for ages, she refuses to endanger dolphins by eating it these days. (Both girls eat mostly vegetarian during the week.)

Yes--everyone agrees that you should eat veggies and cut out processed foods. Other than that, I sort of lean towards thinking that there's no One Right Way to eat, but there's a way that'll feel best to you.

Isn't it fun, being a walking, breathing science experiment?? LOL!


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RUNNINGCATJENN 4/28/2011 12:31AM

    Mar, eat what you want. I think Michael Pollan, although I don't agree with everything about him from what I read, says it best. Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. You know I'm vegetarian and I would definitely encourage you to try it. Not even completely vegan. Just veg (no fish!).

The thing about proponents of diets is that every one makes a good argument and can give you studies or cherry picks to back them up.

Honestly though - I think whole foods, lotsa vegetables, fruit and legumes should be the foundation. Then grains and protein (even animal) as sides. Stay away from processed crap, trans fat, HFCS, and sugars and keep your calories low if you are still trying to lose weight.

All that to say - eat whatever way you want. :)

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JUSTME29 4/27/2011 11:47PM

    No wonder you had a headache. If you were a computer you'd be scrolling an error right now "cannot compute" and the *poof*.

The best we can do is eat foods that make us feel good (and not the crappy fake good like Twinkies give us) and avoid foods that make us feel bad.

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SYLVIALYNN2 4/27/2011 11:46PM

    Try each one for 2 months ans see which one makes you feel the best and is the one that you are more likely to follow. Back when low fat was popular and folks were eating lots of bagels, I could not do it. Those bagels sat like rocks in my stomach and I felt horrible the rest of the day. I say moderation in all things. I do agree with eating as few heavily processed foods as possible. Eat natural and clean. You will find the plan that is best for you. I have also found that eating on smaller plates helps with portion control. I now eat my morning cereal out of a coffee cup rather than a bowl. I poured the cereal in the coffee cup and then in a measuring cup. For the milk, I started wiih 1/4 cup but ended up adding another 1/4 cup so that means I have half cup of milk and half cup cereal. It is an organic cereal with heirloom grains. Never liked cereal before finding this one and it actually holds me to snack time which is plain yogurt and some berries (fresh or frozen).

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SHALISAYW 4/27/2011 11:33PM

    Screw all that! You know what to eat. Just reading different diets will seriously drive you insane!! Eat more veggies and fruit, eliminate as much junk as possible, watch your portions, drink your water, and MOVE!! emoticon emoticon

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Out of sorts

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

...and I'm not sure why. I guess there doesn't always have to be a deep dark reason, yes? Maybe hormones.

Was all set to go for a run yesterday morning--got dressed, headed out the door, started running....and turned around and headed right back in after 3 minutes. I'm not sure why...too windy? too cold? too grey and cloudy? When it came down to it, though, it was all mental. I decided in that moment there was no way I could finish that run, and didn't even want to try. Even though I know my body is more than capable of doing at least some part of it, my head just didn't want to. I don't know. So I came back and put away all my winter sweaters and organized my dressers with my spring/summer stuff. Then I developed a headache that lasted all day. So maybe my mental rejection of the run was in response to some physical thing going on in my body. Again, I will blame zee hormones.

Food things--I made an AWESOME quinoa stuffed zuchinni for supper. Have I mentioned quinoa is my newfound looooove? mmmmmm. Especially like the red quinoa. Best part was these puppies totally filled me up, and were only 140 cals per half zuchinni. Recipe is on the real canadian superstore website, on the front page under Recipes if anyone's curious. Tonight I think I'm just going to slice up my zuke and bake it casserole style instead of stuffing them--less tedious that way. Oh wait, I'm making orange chicken tonight--shoot. Well, maybe I'll just make both and divide it up into meal sizes portions. :)

I still feel funky today, but I'm going to go to the gym and do at least SOME kind of RT. Hopefully once I'm there I'll be motivated to do more. If not, at least I'll have done some small thing, which hopefully will help get me out of this mood.

OT--kitty goes in for surgery tomorrow morning. I'm sooo bloody sensitive--the idea of having to withhold her nightly AND morning treat is upsetting me. I hate feeling like a mean kitty mommy. Sigh. I'd make a terrible 'real' mommy--being so torn at having to do what's best for them, even if it seems harsh. Lol. I'm kind of laughing at myself. Seems silly.

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LE7_1234 4/28/2011 11:30AM

    Huh. I didn't get the notification about this one. How annoying--I really like reading your blogs! (Yeah, I read 'em all, even when I don't have anything to say....)

Ya know, I no longer have that "you never regret a workout" attitude. On the days when I feel what you describe, if I actually force myself to keep going, most of the time I end up feeling worse. Or getting injured. *Sometimes* I can find a way to downgrade--walk 15 min instead of running 30--and I'll feel better. Or yoga/stretching instead of walking. But usually if I feel that way, it really means I need a rest day.

Hmmmm. Off to see if I missed a kitty update somewhere!


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Physical appearance vs physical performance

Saturday, April 23, 2011

3 mile run on treadmill completed on Thursday--4 min run/1 min walk attempted. :) My body's ever changing responses always fascinate me--my first 4 minutes were so easy--barely changed my breathing until the last minute. Such a far cry from about 4 weeks ago, when I was worried about getting 2 minutes in without stopping. While my overall conditioning seems to be improving, my endurace still needs work. After the 3rd interval, I was done. :P I continued to run my 4 min intervals, but took much longer walks in between. It seems, though, no matter what I do or how I pace myself, I end up finishing my distance at roughly the same time. Interesting. I'd like to try and run a full mile without stopping, though I might be pushing it at that point. Still, may try it on a day when I'm feeling energetic--and bored with my regular run. Heh.

I'm still having issues with my eating and desire for weight loss. Some days, I really really wish my weight were down already--usually right after I pull on a spring shirt and see the muffin roll still hanging around. Other days, especially right after a successful training run, I DON'T CARE. Which is weird. At that moment, I'm just so darned pleased with myself for doing what I did, for persevering, for continuing, and for improving. I really am not sure if I love running, or just the act of doing something that I'm getting better at. Or maybe just cardio, period. Regardless, that feeling after a good run just overrides my discomfort at my physical form. In that body is spectacular. Look at what it just did! :):) Doesn't have to look pretty or be perfectly smooth and non-lumpy to be good at something.

Huh. I'm really starting to separate them, aren't I? The physical appearance vs the physical performance. The appearance makes me want to change it. But, more and more, the PERFORMANCE is what keeps me going (especially when the appearance change is so darned Could I possibly end up being one of 'those' people? When I go to the gym, I've often noticed two distinct types(yes I know there are more)--the ones who want to look better, and the ones who are training to improve a skill. One that comes to mind is the ski guy whom I would see at the gym every fall--training solely to get ready for ski season. Never, EVER did I imagine I would be that type of person--I was always a gym bunny.

This whole concept is so different to me--I'm not an athlete.


Am I?


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LE7_1234 4/23/2011 1:13PM

    Yeah, I think you are!


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MOMTO3CUTEBOYS 4/23/2011 12:21PM

    Looks like your starting to become a athlete, good for you!! Keep up the great job running and the weight loss will happen. My mom lost over 100 pounds running and doing 5ks. You can do it!!

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