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Energized vs bonk

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I wonder why one day can be so vastly different than the other. A variety of things, I suppose.

To recap: Run training yesterday. I knew 2 minutes after I started running that it was going to be a difficult one. So of course I decide to change it up a notch (eh, why not? Boredom is the death of any endeavor) and try my hand at 3/1 intervals (3 min run, 1 min walk). I managed 5, plus did two more with some extra walk time in there, so 7 intervals instead of 6. Yay! Not sure where that falls in the training plan, so I just logged it as cardio. Whatev.

And then, the bonk. Maybe my first clue was it feeling difficult 4 minutes in. Maybe I didn't get enough sleep. Or maybe I had too many cervezas two nights prior (though it WAS two nights ago, and only 3 beer, but apparently enough to make me feel somewhat hungover the next day). Or maybe the crappy highly processed carby lunch right after (usually have a something small but real--eggs, salad, granola, etc.--this time I had insta mac-and-cheese)--but by the time I left for work, I felt pretty lethargic and out of it. ??? . Workouts usually make me energized and alert--strange. It got worse as the day went on. Misplaced my phone, panicked, found it at home, plugged in to the charger, and have no memory of doing that. Then I misplace my keys. After 5 mins of frantic searching, found them hanging in the door lock. Oy. Yeah, definitely a weird day overall.

Today was better. Still feel tired, but had a good RT workout--squats, side lunges, and runners lunges, intermixed with machine shoulder presses, front raises, and side raises. Short, intense, and to the point. :) No weird bonk.

Come to think of it, I used to bonk regularly after cardio--I was always jealous of those people who would claim to be Energized! and Awake! after cardio. I never had that--usually the opposite. Just wanted to sit very still and have a nap. Huh. I'd almost forgotten about that. I wonder what causes the difference physiological responses. Further experimentation and attention to this phenomenon may be required. :) (geek in my coming out lol) I AM curious though, and wonder if I could actually pinpoint it to a specific thing in my diet--very specifically, whole food carbs vs processed carbs. Hmm. Maybe I need to get tested for diabetes. My mom has it....

Off to watch BL.


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LE7_1234 3/23/2011 12:46AM

    I think you're right in the opening sentence--it's a variety of factors that combine.... Food's probably the easiest to experiment with.

This is the kind of situation where I'm more likely, these days, to switch my focus from a run to a brisk walk. My body seems to be cooperating more overall if I make these little compromises on a run-to-run basis. Then again, I'm not training for an official event....

Since I run at home, I can also decide to get off the treadmill and try again later. That often helps me--but I don't know if it's an option for you. Maybe when you hit the running outside stage?

The symptoms sound like low blood sugar, by the way. It can cause a mental fog and general lack of focus--even if you don't feel hungry. Doesn't hurt to get it checked out.


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Signing up for the 8k

Monday, March 21, 2011

Same one I ran/walked last year (some pics on my blog of June...12th, I think). My plan, or goal this year, is to HOPEfully run at least 5 of the 8kms. I would be pretty happy with that. I would be REALLY, REALLY happy if I finished the run in an hour-ish, too (Last year's time was 1:17)

So...what's my plan, you may ask (or not, lol...I'm asking myself that)...what will I do to ensure that I will be more successful at it than last year?

Number one--signed up for the race 15 minutes after they opened up online registration. Last year, I missed the cut off by ONE day (they sold out in 10 days), so I stopped training since I assumed there was no point. Then I got an entry about 3 weeks out. Oops. O.O

Number two--praying for the same perfect weather. This cannot be stressed enough. :) Or at least, not 80 km/hr gusting winds and rain. All bad, that.

Number three--stick with the training. Consistently. I'm following the plan until the 8 weeks are up. I've looked at the other plans they have here, and I think they all suck, frankly--it's essentially 'Run 4 mins, walk 1 minute 8 times' for a week, then 'run 30-40 minutes'. This is the one thing that bugs me about this otherwise great running plan. There are a lot of people who WON'T be able to do that (me being one of them). So I wonder why there isn't more of a 'transitional' program. Something like this could be very discouraging if one finds they can't run that long. Anyway, end of mini-rant--I'm going to do what Jenn suggested--gradually increase my interval run times, and maybe decrease my walk times, but still stick to roughly the same distance or time. I'll try a long run once/week, and work on increasing my speed a bit with some faster interval training. Did I mention throw in some hill work in there? The last 1.5 kms of my run are ALL uphill...and it's steep! (for me) need to be prepared.

Number four--this is the hard for me--improve my eating. I have a huge block when it comes to changing my eating habits--I don't want to make my eating so strict and unpleasant that I rebel against it later on (I've done this over and over again, so it's a very real possibility), but I think it would benefit me to get more health bang for my buck (calories). I have to force myself out of my comfort zone and start experimenting with simple, healthier food options. Adding more veggies would be a good start.

So there's my plan. Hope it's enough.

Oh! My week 6 update suggested I shake things up a bit with my routine to keep from getting bored--adding inclines, running different speeds, and BUYING NEW WORKOUT GEAR.

emoticon*droooooool* Does this mean I get to go shopping again? heheheheee.


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LE7_1234 3/21/2011 4:08PM


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KJDOESLIFE 3/21/2011 12:53PM

    I like your plan of increasing your run intervals instead of just going for the full time length. Just remember that you CAN do it. When you feel like running for longer without stopping, you'll know. Just go for it one day. Slow your speed down just a little and keep your breath steady and just keep moving your legs for as long as you can.

I'm so excited for you! Have fun with training! :)

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RUNNINGCATJENN 3/21/2011 11:57AM

    Yay Mar!

The method I described to you worked for me, so I'm sure it will work for you. I started doing 30 seconds of running and 30 seconds of walking until I could do a mile, then slowly increaded the running intervals. I will never forget the first time I ran a full mile! It took me about a month. :)

Good luck and I look forward to reading your updates.


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Week 5 Day 2

Friday, March 18, 2011 complete. Better than the last run. First 3 run intervals were easier, the last 3 were more work, but kept my pace up nicely.

I really wish there was a similar program out there, for AFTER the 8th week--it just kind of ends at 4 min run/1 min walk for 8 intervals, and seems to assumes that hey! you'll be able to RUN for 40 mins STRAIGHT after that! I'd like a training program that gradually worked in longer and longer intervals--I can guess and try and make my own, but honestly, I don't know enough about running, endurance, stamina, and distance training to know if what I'm making up as I go along is too much, not enough, or what. There must be something out there somewhere...

Eating was actually okay today. Seems to be easier to stay on track after a good workout--especially running! I feel so good after a run, those endorphins must pack quite a punch to last most of the day. :) I even staved off my 'usual' afternoon munchie machine snack.


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MSCDBB 3/20/2011 6:05PM

    Marathoning for Mortals suggests not increasing your total distance more than Jenn's suggestion of increasing the run interval and then decreasing the walk interval seems appropriate.

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RUNNINGCATJENN 3/19/2011 11:15AM

    Hey Mar,

I think the assumption is that you CAN run 40 minutes non-stop at this point. But I know that is not always the case.

Here is what I would do - I would increase the 4 minute intervals a little bit each time - to 4:15, 4:30, or whatever you think you can handle until you are relatively comfortable with that - meaning you know you can do it, even if you struggle a bit - and when you get to 5 minute running intervals, make the walk intervals 45 seconds, or 30 seconds, until you can double the run time without a walk.

Of course, how fast or slow you do this depends on how long you have until your race.

You can also start speed work here.


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In spite of

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My emotional eating is ramping up. In spite of my efforts to remain aware and not respond to the triggers. It likes to hit me when my guard is down, usually when I get home from work and r-e-l-a-x. Ahhh. Ooops. Some of the triggers aren't going to go away until after the beginning of April, and there's not a whole lot I can DO about them, so they frustrate me and niggle at me. There are a couple of things that I CAN take care of, though...or so I thought. Turns out I have to wait for stuff to arrive in the mail before I can take care of some of the other stuff. So I sit here and drum my fingernails on the desk.

taptaptaptap taptaptaptap taptaptap

But I'm going for a run in spite of my urge to sit here, suck back more cups of sugar-laced coffee, and fret.

Zoom. Off like a herd o' turtles. emoticon


Oh! And I just figured out that, if I run at 4.5 mph for 40 minutes, I CAN run 3 miles in that time. :) So maybe I actually WILL be running 5k at the end of this. Just have to work that .1 mile in there. :p

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ELIZABETH_SKY 3/17/2011 12:36PM

    Oh, that's so irritating when you're ready to get things done, but you have to wait on somebody/something else.

You've obviously done a good job identifying your triggers and dealing with them so far :) If they keep giving you trouble, plan for ways to deal with them. I like to drink no-calorie flavored water or, if it's really bad, diet caffeine free dr. pepper. Obviously you can deal with triggers without eating as well, for example by going for a walk.

You'll make it through!

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Runny run and eating issues

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

--I'm running out of clever 'run' blog titles. Not that I had any to begin with. Lol.

The continuation of the training: Week 5 of Rookie Running started yesterday. Nothing specific to report, really. Ran all 6 intervals, no extra walking--did slow my recovery time down for the last 2 intervals, but kept my run pace the same. I won't be able to slow my run pace down much further--once I get below 4.5 mph, I'm walking, and I'm at 4.6/4.7 now--so that's pretty much the pace I'll be staying at. I may have to adjust my training as I progress. I love how next week I'm supposed to reduce my recovery intervals to 1 minute, AND increase the number of running intervals at the same time. Are they bleepin' crazy?? :D Should be...interesting.

Now....the eating. I realized I was venturing into obsessive/controlling territory. So instead of ignoring it, I sat down and had a head on talk with myself.

I've gone back to grazing on cheetos all evening. Something I haven't done in MONTHS...I cut out the evening munching/grazing before Christmas. I feel like, I definitely did it in response to over-restricting myself the last little while. I'm so obsessed with getting that number on the scale down, that I went overboard. I was doing fine with the weight loss before, eating a decent calorie range and not restricting my carbs. Why must I keep fiddling? That's one of my strengths/weaknesses. I will keep tweaking things...which is good in some situations...but not good when I'm 'tweaking' things that don't need fixing. I think I just start to get scared when I don't see a drop for a while (which is normal for my weight loss--no drop for 2 or 3 weeks, then a couple of few lbs in the next week or so). Anyway...blahblahblah......all this to say that this week, I am going to make a concerted effort to get back to my happy, easy way of eating--track my calories, eat my normal brekkie, lunch, dinner and afternoon snack, and quit with the bingeing. I can still have my cheetos, just in a decent sized portion within my calorie range, if I really want them. But I suspect I don't really want them. I just wanted to mindlessly eat and use the eating to not deal with some stuff I'm putting off...



Maybe I should go take care of those things I'm putting off. They're silly little things, really, but obviously cause me enough discomfort that I'm trying to bury it. Okay. Done. I will come back and update my doneness after. See if that helps.

See? I'm getting queasy just thinking about doing it.

GO, Mar. Just go.

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MSCDBB 3/15/2011 8:56PM are you done??? or did you dive into cheetos? Come back and tell me.

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LE7_1234 3/15/2011 12:52PM

    But are you queasy and you want to eat, or just queasy?

(Yeah, sometimes it's hard to tell if it's an improvement, but....)

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