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SELF Magazine, showed us what being a bully looks like?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My oldest is 26, the youngest 11. I have sat through endless school meetings on anti-bullying. Bullying is simple really, making someone feel bad about themselves just because you can.

Self Magazine recently ran a picture that they solicited from a company under false pretenses. The company is Glam Runner, the picture is of the two founders running the LA Marathon in Under Armour superhero t-shirts and matching tutus. The picture sadly appears on the BS meter in April's edition of the magazine. More appalling is the author saying that women who wear these tutus seem to think they will make us run faster. Um, no? Who thinks putting a couple yards of tulle around your hips will make you go faster? Anyone? I'm insulted that the author didn't give us, women, credit for knowing that a tutu is an attitude boost, not a speed boost?

Better yet, Glam Runner MAKES tutus and sells them, 2000 to date. They donate profits of these to Girls on the Run, an organization designed to get girls running. This is Self magazine deciding that tutus and this business model are "lame." Their words, not mine. Now Self is a women's magazine devoted to fitness. So far they have managed to make fun of two women running 26.2 miles. They have managed to lump anyone in a tutu lame, because they can.

Doesn't matter if it's an 8yo tackling her first 5K, a Disney princess taking on the Disney World Marathon or Tinkerbell Half Marathon. Nope, you're all lame because we here at Self magazine said so...

We have a women's fitness magazine belittling two women running 26.2 miles, two female business owners, two members of a running community, two supporters of non-profits that encourage girls(aka future readers of Self) to run. Whether it's underwriting a local 5k, Sparkle and Shine, or donating to Girls on the Run the ladies at Glam Runner put their money where their mouth is, Self delivered a half baked apology to the local news station-not even the women in question.

Hold up, this is bullying at it's finest? Why are we spending money to teach anti-bullying when
a major magazine owned by Conde Nast can do it and then say. "Oops, our bad?"

We wouldn't let our 11yo get away with that response? We shouldn't let our business owners do it. I'm sorry, did I fail to note that one of the runners has DIE TUMOR DIE! on her racing bib? Why? Well because Monica, not wearing the bib, was midway through chemotherapy for brain cancer. Let that sink in, running a freakin' marathon during chemo? Seriously?

The advertisers in Self need to re-evaluate their support of this magazine. There's got to be a more worthy recipient of your advertising dollars?

Self needs to buy every scrape of tulle these women have and outfit every staffer in a tutu, print a retraction that is something along the lines of "hey, we're idiots, we weren't really bashing on other women who were running, a sport we support..." As a show of said support for all our future readers we are making a sizable donation to Girls on the Run.

The apology also needs to say, "when we here at Self said to follow your dreams as rule #5 in another article in the same edition, we meant dreams that we have approved and deemed worthy, not owning your own business kind of dream."

I just completed the Pinkest 10k in Santa Cruz, there was a sea of Pink, 5000 runners worth. Tutu's, crazy socks, face paint, wigs were all there. This run supports a local women and children's shelter for battered women.Who cares what we wear? Who has the nerve to say from an editorial desk or couch, "not cool!"

No one has that right! Whether you are flying through a marathon, huffing and puffing through your first 5K or swimming through mud and zombies, no one can take that accomplishment away from you! You put your sneakers on and took a step and kept stepping until you crossed the finish line and that my friends is HUGE! So don your tutus and get on with your bad SELF!

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JAMARIGOLD 3/28/2014 10:08AM

    emoticon Thanks for standing up! emoticon

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DAISY443 3/28/2014 9:26AM

    Shame on a magazine that I will never buy! Thanks for sharing a great blog!

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OSDOWNS 3/28/2014 6:46AM

    We only think of bullying in our schools and with children. Thank you for pointing out an example of this is our "adult" society. Thank you for your insights.

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LOSINGLINNDY 3/27/2014 7:10PM

    emoticon emoticon Thank you!

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GETFIT2LIVE 3/27/2014 6:11PM

    I've never been fond of SELF, but I really do not like it now. I hope their sales tank big time over this so there are some changes in policy and staff there. The apology they issued on their Facebook page doesn't begin to make up for the cruel, snarky, bullying comment that was published, and I don't think there is anything they can say or do in print either. Obviously no one that approved the picture and comment is a runner or talked to anyone who runs about why we wear tutus (or wings or costumes of all kinds) when we run. Kudos to everyone who laces up their running shoes and wears whatever they like when they go out there.

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WOUBBIE 3/27/2014 5:46PM

    The editor in chief of that rag apologized, and said she was mortified.

But tell me this. Would she have apologized had the tutu-wearer NOT been a cancer victim? I bet not. No, she would felt totally justified in making fun of it.

Thank you, thank you, for posting this. I posted on Self's FB page and I'll buy one of those tutus just because.

EDIT: They're not taking orders right now because they're getting slammed with success, lol. So I made a small donation to Girls on the Run instead, in memory of SELF Magazine RIP.

Comment edited on: 3/27/2014 5:54:01 PM

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EMMACORY 3/27/2014 5:10PM

    emoticon I do not buy this magazine. Your observations will make people think. Thanks for sharing. emoticon

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Burning 262,500 calories...

Thursday, February 06, 2014

If 3500 calories burned equals a pound of fat lost, how long will it take to "burn" off these pounds? After seeing social media explode over the BL season 15 winner, I watched the finale this morning.. I've never watched the show before so it was surreal. I wonder how long it will take a "normal person" such as myself to torch these calories? Today starts the Olympics with the torch lighting ceremony so it seems fitting my journey to burn these calories starts today as well.

2/6/14 Torched 902 calories/6.2 miles/15,000 steps emoticon
2/7/14 Burned 612 calories/4.1 miles/8836 steps
2/8/14/Torched 814 calories/5.5 miles/12,388 steps
2/9/14 Blasted 714 calories/5.4 miles/11,164 steps
2/10/14 Burned 850 calories/6.1 miles/14,524 steps
2/11/14 Burned 955 calories/6.4miles/14,220 steps
2/12/14 RESTED!
2/13/14 Torches 856 calories/6.4 miles/14,184 steps

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MERRYMARY42 2/6/2014 6:05PM

    I think about 18 months if you go at it safe and sane and do not expect too much, that is about 1 pound a week, and lots of weeks you will lose more, but also, there will be those weeks that nothing happens, and you have to remember holidays and celebrations, where you actually gain some, but you can do this, and wont it be fun

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The Witch Doctor, when modern medicine fails you?

Thursday, February 06, 2014

I'm married to a doctor, trauma anesthesiologist, so to say he's good at pharmacology is akin to saying Michael Phelps is a "good" swimmer. My mother was a nurse for 47 years so I have been indoctrinated into conventional medicine.

I blew my knee at 27 and healed it with exercise versus surgery, partial tears of tendons, ligaments, all of it. It took a year but it worked. However, due to years of repeated injury from waterskiing, vaulting, etc I damaged my left knee so that it's the approximate age of 87 and I have very little cartiledge and painful arthritis. Cortisone shots every six months for the last couple years helped get me back running, losing the weight helped but it wasn't perfect.

Two years ago as I was gearing up for a great race season I became fatigued, started gaining weight and my hair started falling out in clumps. The latter, vanity, finally got me to the doctor. He ran the full panel and said I was healthy. Me and my friend Google typed all my symptoms in and gluten intolerance popped up on the radar, I'm already hypothyroid. Fits and starts to get the gluten out of my diet, maybe 3 months but I felt a lot better.

Then Stretch and I had a race in December of 2012, he finished by vomiting at the finish line and breaking out in hives, his eyes swelled shut, his lips/nose became twice their regular size. He had a rash, all within ten minutes of the finish. After a day in the ED it was deemed a "fluke," a "one-off." During my 1st and only spin class at the YMCA a month later my phone didn't ring in the basement, so when I emerged 45 minutes to 30 messages that Stretch had been taken by ambulance to Children's Hospital and I, the worst mother EVER had to hear it from my husband. Stretch had run the "mile" in PE.

Chief of Allergy and Immunology at Kaiser ran a whole panel, not allergic to anything except exercise? Wait, my baby giraffe-the longest legs on a kid under five feet, WHAT? The proper term is exercised induced anaphalaxis or if your breathing ISN'T compromised, a systemic allergic reaction. It's rare, not a lot of studies and sometimes you grow out of it.

The diagnosis was stop running, maybe try dance? Other than table tennis, what sport doesn't involve running? Stretch already has asthma/skin itchiness so more than 45 minutes in a pool and he's toast.

Trial and error, non-supportive nurse and doctor because they were scared. Finally, last September after getting 50% control of it, via a pre-run Benadryl meant he could run in X-country but forget doing homework later, he was passed out cold, I heard about the witch doctor.

He's actually a chiropractor who does bio-feedback. It's real life sci-fi, via a computer program they send new messages back into your body as well as see what your body is struggling with and send low dosages of electricity via these "out there looking" machines to your organs that are not functioning properly. Stretch showed many allergies and a low functioning liver/kidney. Once a week biofeedback for Stretch, added milk thistle caplets to his diet, cranberry capsules, a pro-biotic and lost the gluten and soy. We watched his reactions get less and less severe. This was a reversal since they had been coming on faster and faster and taking more time to go away and more drugs. I started a light therapy combined with lymphatic drainage for my knee.

Fast forward to December, I have fingernails and really thick hair for the first time in my life. Nothing about my diet has changed since September, just the collagen producing light therapy. My knee which used to scream in pain when the barometer dropped, not a twitch.

Stretch did a Spartan Race in 32 degree weather in December, not a bump. Between finals and holidays he missed two sessions and while he a had a good run and medaled for the Jingle Bell Dash he had a reaction post run, less severe, cleared up in 3 hours versus 24.

The household was hit with a severe cold for the last 3 days. After two days of both Stretch and Shorty getting NO relief from the OTC cold products I hauled both to the witch doctor. Shorty was told his body wasn't recognizing the virus and couldn't fight what it didn't know and that his spleen had all but fallen into a coma, due to too much sugar. Shorty has a big sweet tooth so he was stunned that the machine "knew" about his after school candy habit without any input from mom. Shorty got a quick "adjustment", less than two minutes? He could cough without pain and was stunned, he has a horrible cough. Some electricity to both via a bug zapper looking thing and Stretch holding some low dosage electrics. An hour later we left. By last night both dudes were feeling 50% better with no drugs. They are heading back to class today.

I was finally getting sick yesterday, runny nose, fatigue. I went back for my weekly light therapy and while I noticed the lights were different colors I didn't think about it. An hour
later I stood up with no symptoms. My whole body cracked, fingers to toes. The WD laughed and said he had run a detox program on me instead, since I was surrounded by cooties.

This WD came highly recommended from two families who have used him from ongoing treatment of ADHD, skin conditions, body pain and the common cold. The Mayo clinic used bio-feedback in a study on kids with ADHD and saw improvement, wasn't sure how it worked-but it worked. The WD's Yelp reviews mention treatment of arthritis and allergies and he has rave reviews. I'm sure there are a lot of quacks and bio-feedback/chiropractors are not for everyone. The moral of this story is to not give up when modern medicine fails you. Don't accept limits until you have exhausted all other avenues whether that be radical changes to what you eat, drink or do and how you treat this body. Don't assume that the doctor knows what is best for your baby giraffe? At 5'7.75"(I've still got him by .25 of an inch) he's still long legs, long arms but we seem to have a handle on this. Two Spartan races down and more to come, track season looming and bootcamp 3 times a week and very few problems..Long live the Witch Doctor!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

RORYLYONS 2/6/2014 10:53AM

    Sounds like everything is going on a smooth course....Thank you for sharing ..feel better soon.

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GARDENCHRIS 2/6/2014 8:40AM

    there is things to alternative meds .... wouldn't rule them out totally myself.

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-ICANDOIT- 2/6/2014 8:37AM

    Good for you for being persistent about getting some answers and being open to receive the help!
I hope you all are feeling 100% in no time!

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SHAKESALOT 2/6/2014 8:31AM

    emoticon Glad to hear worked for you.

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Induction: Day One, Meal One...

Monday, January 20, 2014

So after becoming gluten intolerant, soy intolerant and hypothyroid-weightloss has taken on even more challenges. Soy is in SO much, ditto wheat gluten, aka modified food starch. The scale bounced around, down, up, down up...not over in calories, simply not enough sweat equity...

So for the next two weeks I'm doing Atkins, the old school. I don't want to mess around with "net carbs" just carbs. I can't eat any of their pre-packaged stuff-due to the soy/gluten. It's a real food world. I'm sticking to my caloric intake per Spark, simply choosing my food to fit the diet.

Move the body, track the calories, count the carbs...I'll let you know how it goes, I'm off to the races with two eggs, two slices turkey bacon and real cream in the morning coffee. Chugging water...

Day TWO is done-apparently I'm in not in ketosis yet-has something to do with emptying glycogen stores first via the gym I went. A little underwhelmed with the spark tracker, it's not at all representative of all equipment at my gym from steps taken to calorie counts. Whether it's treadmill, elliptical or bike, not sure what the deal is ? I did cross the 10,000 steps a day TODAY so I had a mini-light show at my feet.

DAY 3-Eating exactly on point even as far as buying CREAM(not half and half) for my morning joe-apparently I'm not in ketosis yet, however I seem a little less lumpy? Hmmm...

HELLO DAY FIVE! Five pounds missing from the scale BUT four inches missing from my WAIST! YAY! I read labels all day for Stretch and myself to avoid gluten and soy and all their evil spawn. Atkins is relatively "freeing" for me since I can't use their bars/shakes(not a fan anyways) I'm reduced to eating protein, veggies, limited dairy. EASY peasy! no labels, no thinking, keeping it simple. It is not for everyone and I'm doing the old school on induction-20 grams of carbs a day for 2 weeks, then adding back fruit. Their new plan is "net" carbs but is too much thinking for this girl right now...onwards, downwards!

DAY 6 & 7 Day six found me with a bug like no other, after twelve hours of not keeping water down I resorted to 2 ounces of 7up and 3 quarts of sparkling water. Stretch was supposed to be in San Diego for a 8:30 race start for s Spartan race, I was driving...the 7up was my "rally" so we got in last night at 10pm... He toughed out another Sprint with his buddy. I felt great today but kept the food really light and traveled down hwy 5 with ZERO preparation meant I was eating a Mickey D's salad...Hopefully the carbs didn't tank me...the scale is down but I need to see when I'm "normal" if it stays there?

So the scale is still down 8 pounds but seemed "stalled" so I thought, let's measure. I was expecting maybe an inch-What a surprise! Another TWO INCHES from my waist for a total loss of SIX INCHES, I hadn't measured anything except my waist originally so on DAY 5, I measured my hips-DAY 9 and 2 inches gone from my hips as well...OK, the scale can be stubborn, I'm melting!
FEB 3rd-Day 14....somedays it was hard to eat enough...that is a first. Not so much feeling of binge mode once I lost the sugar, it took about 3-4 days? Only fell off the wagon YESTERDAY with a handful of tortilla chips which didn't result in a gain-my calories for the day were still under...

The changes that aren't reflected by the scale or tape measurement, my mental acuity is much better. I don't seem to be engulfed in the "mom" fog that usually takes over between 4:30-6. Whether this would happen to everyone, no idea. I have a problem with gluten and soy so staying clear of all grains has been better for me than I would have imagined...Here's to another 14 days....

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    Wow those are awesome results! I started the Induction phase on 2/5/14 and am doing the net carbs thing. I can only pray to do as well as you! Keep up the awesome work!

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-ICANDOIT- 1/24/2014 12:38PM

    Very inspiring! Keep going!!

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SHASTABEARZ 1/21/2014 3:05PM

    Awesome!!! You know what your body needs. Kudos to you for making the changes that are right for you. emoticon

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DAISY443 1/21/2014 9:39AM

    Sounds great! Keep us updated on how it's going!

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Making food Fun Again...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I have Stretch and Shorty-almost 14 and 11 and the DH underfoot. The oldest 3 have long since flown the coop and occasionally are in town for a meal. Based on whatever preferences they have going on I cook accordingly. The people I live with are victims of "the easy dinner." My DH is a reformed vegetarian so things that fly or swim are his preference. A yam, salad and a starch for the kids have always made up about 95% of our meals. It is so boring.

Stretch has developed a severe gluten allergy/soy allergy. This starts to rule out pre-made salad dressings, sauces, "snack" foods and over the counter baked goods. I realized my kids were more inclined to eat the tasty, less nutrients snack food because face it, dinner WAS SO BORING. These are my 3rd and 4th boys so I know we are heading into the bottomless pit of food and a growth spurt.

I also feel bad that their relationship with food that is healthy is "boring" and the other stuff is deemed "good." I should be able to do better, I worked my way through college as a chef? ironically in the last 28 years I have never dated or been married to a "foodie" but rather men who see food as "fuel." This list includes a professional body builder so really I mean folks who simply "fuel" and don't actually "eat for pleasure."

There are only so many ways to cook boneless, skinless chicken?

I went to our local market and randomly bought 5 types of meat we never have. Beef stew, lamb kabobs, pork loin, hamburger, pork chops. Then I sat down Monday, booted up the Food Network and searched beef stew. An old friend Beef Burgandy(american spelling) popped up.

I picked one Ranked 5 stars and intermediate. I assembled the stew including cooking bacon simply for the fat to brown the beef. It smelled good. With the leftover bacon and a Wholly Molly gluten free frozen pie crust I made the boys a bacon quiche. They walked in the door at 3:30 and immediately started sniffing, "wow mom, what smells so good?" "did you cook something" Shorty wasn't convinced he was a quiche guy but half a quiche later both boys deemed it "the best ever." I had a bite, this is not a low fat quiche.
Homework was done and Stretch headed off to his running coach. He's the only "kid" and most of the people in his bootcamp are trying to lose a few pounds so when he started raving about his "snack"the other folks asked, "a quiche?" Then he went onto to tell them about the dinner that was waiting at home. They were amazed a 13yo was stoked about something that wasn't pizza.

Our week has gone like that, they are having real food, real snacks and calories aren't their concern. Hazelnut chocolate spread on apples, croque monsiuer, breaded pork chops, lamb stew, pulled pork. We still have the salad, somedays we throw gluten free pasta under it for them. I can have a small portion and be happy and even the DH is excited about dinner.

The stuff of nightmares, like Mc Donalds or Top Ramen that taste "good" due to sodium, msg, sugar and everything else isn't even in their radar. This re-inforces what I learned years ago living in France. It's better to eat a little great chocolate than a pound of cheap chocolate.

I haven't even started on the crockpot recipes. So far nothing has called for any far out ingredients, I have a decent selection of spices and instead of cognac threw in a little more wine. I didn't have beef broth so a can of french onion soup and water went in, perfectly fine substitute. I used pre-chopped frozen onions called "recipe ready" ditto the baby onions. Baby carrots were used instead of chopping a pound of carrots into one inch pieces....I don't have unlimited time and forsee having to do some cooking and shopping over the weekend to be ready for the weekday hustle. However seeing real food become fun for my kids has been an eye opener. I don't want them to think junk food is "good" because of flavor, I can make real food just as interesting. I'm hoping my kids will avoid the pitfalls the fast food nightmare if they see the food at home as tastier and more interesting....


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