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I've been lazy - but back on the wagon

Sunday, March 17, 2013

I went out of town two weeks ago, and didn't track for a few days. That has turned into two weeks of laziness with my Sparking. I've been trying to eat okay, but have been finding myself back to old habits: eating out of the bag of chips, eating a few more peanuts than I know I can afford. Then today... peanut butter M and Ms AND ice cream! WTH?! I never eat ice cream - actually, we never even had ice cream in the house! Stupid me - I made the mistake of sending my husband to the grocery store. Bad idea. He came back with the ice cream.. Sigh... I think he does stuff like that so I don't ask him to do stuff a second time...

Anyway ... It will be okay. Not the end of the world. I recognize I feel off the wagon, so I just need to get back on. Exercise has been fair - not to the intensity I had been going, but still there. This whole weekend we spent doing some spring clean-up in the yard. I know I burned some serious calories - and oooh boy are my hamstrings and stomach are so sore! Seriously, there is no better way to remember what muscles you have than to do some good ol' fashioned manual labor!

So here we go - beginning of a new week and a return to good habits. See y'all on the boards!

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Sparklers Intro

Saturday, February 23, 2013

This is for the Springing into Spring challenge 1! (Way to procrastinate until the very last minute to get this done... )

In addition to being a a procrastinator... I am a 38, almost 39, year old soon-to-be-business-owner who lives in Texas. I actually restarted Spark at the beginning of this year, right after I quit my job (queue "Take This Job and Shove It") so I could start my own business. I was a marketing executive and had been there a long time, in a very stressful role. The past several years I travelled quite a bit as we expanded operations, and really had a tough time staying consistent with exercise or eating right due to the travel. I know that is a convenient excuse, but the travel mixed with stress was a pretty potent combination. Starting a business is obviously also very stressful, but the excitement of it beats everything else! and not travelling is huge!!

I am married to a computer guy who I met in college (Hook 'em Horns!). He is a former athlete who is returning to exercise after a too-long absence. It is really nice to be on this journey together. I have tried to exercise and lose weight by myself before, and really find that that having him in the same boat has helped me stay on track a lot! He doesn't have nearly the weight to lose that I do, but dropping 25-30 lbs will be good for him.

I have what some might call an unhealthy obsession with HGTV and DIYNetwork and love decorating and working on my 40 year old house. I am very eco-concious and try to do what I can to make the world cleaner and healthier. I eat organic as much as I can and as my wallet will allow (but always buying the "dirty dozen" organic!!), and only eat fish and poultry. I gave up all mammals about 18 months ago. I'm not a nazi about it - if I am eating at a friends who makes pot roast I'll have a little bit but just focus on veggies, and it is amazing how many things have bacon in them when you eat out! but at home, nothing but chicken, turkey, shrimp and the occasional tilapia. (I really am trying to learn more about cooking fish - I just recently started eating it)

I have two precious kitties who I love like my children. We don't have any kids, but one of the reasons I want to lose weight is with the idea that perhaps we might have them. I know I am a little late to the game o this one, so we'll see how that goes...

I love being outside - mostly sitting on a patio drinking margaritas - but also the occasional hike, bike ride or golf. And gardening - I love working in my yard! The hubby bought us a treadmill last x-mas so that is my main exercise right now along with some minor strength training that I really need to step up.

I'm excited to be part of this challenge. I hope I can stick to it - obviously not getting off on the right foot, but que sera sera ...

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KBELLE1224 2/23/2013 11:44PM

    Great blog! I love you personality! I chuckled a few times reading it!! emoticon
Glad that we are sparklers together!! emoticon

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LOVEMYKIDS874 2/23/2013 4:28PM

    So glad to have you on the Sparklers! It's going to be a great challenge!

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CBLENS 2/23/2013 12:09PM

    Welcome back. emoticon

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Enjoying a job well done and knowing I'm good enough.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

This weekend I completed a house project that I have wanted to get done for a long time. I installed hardwoods in a small hallway - pretty much by myself - and it looks awesome. I can't help looking at it over and over. I'm really happy to finally have it done, and really proud that I did it myself.

Now, I know I am not the first person to ever complete a task like this. Many people do much more intricate and impressive projects all the time. But it doesn't matter. I did it, and I am happy. And, in n a lot of ways, this has taught me a lot about how I need to look at weight loss.

One of the awesome things about Sparkpeople is seeing the success stories of others. People who are excercising 2 hours a day and eating vegan and have dropped 50 cholesterol points, or people who did C25K are now running marathons, or who have become personal trainers - or whatever awesome feats they have accomplished. This is also one of the things about Sparkpeople that, depending on the day, can frustrate me. I see people who dropped 60 lbs in 5 months and I think - well, I'm on month X and I've only lost X - obviously I suck at this and might as well give up.

What I realized this weekend, though, is I need to look at myself in my weight loss journey the same way I see my flooring project. Sure I know other people build their entire house from scratch, but damn it, I still can't stop smiling about those dumb floors! I mean, this floor was about 3 years of thinking about it, until I finally ordered the flooring, then I got it about two months ago, pulled up the carpet, and had to walk on concret for about 3 weeks while I found time to patch the concrete, remove the carpet tack strips, remove the molding, repaint the walls, and then finally, I finished the whole project.

And just like those floors - my weight loss is taking some time to get completed. So what if I have fallen off the Spark wagon a few times- I'm back on it now and I've lost some weight, and I should be proud of that. Sure I'm not running marathons, but I am doing something! I am starting this project and just have to accept that it might take a while to complete it.

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LAELLIS1 2/17/2013 10:08PM

    emoticon emoticon i'm very proud of you...for doing your floor and for realizing the OUR personal weight loss is OUR own one else's. thanks for the inspiration and the smack in the head (for lack of better words lol) emoticon

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WINNIE1978 2/17/2013 8:49PM

    Congrats on installing the hardwood all by yourself! It'll mean that much more to you each time you see it now knowing that YOU did that!

And you are so right... you cannot compare your weight loss journey to anyone else's... it's not fair to YOU! Everyone is different and different things work for different people. And as much as we hate it, sometimes it takes a lot of trial and error for us to figure out exactly what works for US! Hang in there... you are doing great!

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By George, I think I've got it!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny (edit - healthy and fit) feels."

We've all seen this numerous times. I think it was even a slogan for some kind of diet food at some point - maybe yogurt? Anyway - for the first time in my life, I feel like I actually now beleive that.

I had sort of an epiphany over the weekend when I realized my weight loss was slow. I checked through my nutrition trackers - and guess what - I am consistentlly going waayy over my calories. Like every single day. By a lot. I mean, I knew I was cheating a tad - but until I went in and looked at it all in aggragate, it finally dawned on me that I was knowingly sabotating myself! I mean - I see my results every day, but 150, 200, 300 calories over on one day just doesn't seem like a lot, ya know? But you put it all together... and duuuh... It's not like I am stupid - I just needed to see it all together to snap out of that fog of lying to myself!!

So guess what? My main February goal is to stay within my target calorie range. Which means after dinner, when I have 20 calories left, I don't say to myself "well, I still have some room, I guess I could have a graham cracker with peanut butter," which turns into 2 graham crackers with peanut butter and before you know it, I am 300 calories over my goal.

I'm excited to say that I have been within goal for the past couple of days - and maybe it's just a fluke, but I saw weight loss today! Only about a pound - but I'll take it! I just hope it is a glimpse into what is to come now that I have shined a light on my eating.

I'm also excited to have joined the 28-day Toning Bootcamp Challenge. It's one of the site challenges, and includes doing a toning video each day. I was actually pleasantly surprised that they are not too easy, either. I've done two so far and it has been good to get out of the treadmill rut. I'm still doing the treadmille - 10 minutes won't cut it for me - but this is a nice addition that will help me hit some other muscles I have obviously been ignoring.

Anyway - overall I am feeling very positive right now and I hope it carries through to my results!

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LAELLIS1 2/8/2013 10:54PM


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A little progress and February goals.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

This is my first blog entry in about 5 months. Not that I was a stellar blogger before now, but I tried.

Anyway - this is not about me not blogging. It's about what else I haven't been doing - and that is eating right and exercising. Since September. Yuck. The good news is that I am back on track, as of January 3rd. I am tracking everything I eat (including the good, the bad, and the ugly) and have been getting in cardio about 4xs per week. I've lost about 4 lbs, but the good thing is that I am back into the groove. I am seeing my daily calorie intake, and making better decisions (most days) and I am starting to get to that place where I feel gross if I don't exercise 2 days in a row.

Moving into February - I am ready to move all-in. My goals for February are:

Fiber - get 30 grams in every day.
Calories - stop kidding yourself about "cheat days" - you're having too many of them. Stay in plan with 1400-1600/day.
Strength Training - add in body-weight exercises to build muscle mass: pushups, lunges, squats, wall sits; plus some arm exercises uses weights
Cardio - get 175 minutes of cardio each week

So here's to February - the shortest month of the year!!!

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ZEALIA 2/4/2013 8:29PM

    Rock it out lady!!

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AURORAMILLET 2/1/2013 2:05PM

    You can do IT!!!!

Take one day at a time!!!


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