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Wonderful Weekend (Lots of Pics)

Monday, May 09, 2011

Had a fabulous weekend. Started Friday evening with date night with hubby and I at the Tides Baseball game, complete with hotdogs and peanuts.

Saturday was a gorgeous weather day, lots of cardio yard work and then relaxing in the sun to work on the tan.

Sunday was a great day. DH and SIL cooked chicken on the grill. Whole family was there for dinner. So glad to have such a wonderful family.

And for the big Mother's Day surprise, we added a new member to our family, baby kitty. Don't have a name picked out yet.

Our dog likes being a big sister

So much cuteness for such a tiny kitty, it only weighs 13 oz. What a wonderful weekend.

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MZSLYDE01 5/10/2011 8:58AM

    Oh goodness - My heart is melting at the little bundle of cuteness. Can't wait to hear the name when you decide.
You look really great in yellow btw.. Hair is really cute too.
HOWEVER, I notice your DH is wearing a Steelers hat - Such a shame..Ha Ha just kidding. But not really.LOL
Glad you had a nice weekend with your family - that is what life is all about. emoticon

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RIKKI572 5/9/2011 5:52PM

    Love the pics, thank you for sharing!

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2HAMSDIET 5/9/2011 5:34PM

    emoticon emoticon Love the pics. emoticon emoticon

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CANNIE50 5/9/2011 4:00PM

    so much cuteness for a blog! ps though all the pix are wonderful, there is something about the one of you with the mascot.... emoticon

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CRYSTLE4HIMTX10 5/9/2011 1:52PM

    What an adorable kitty.

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PARKERB2 5/9/2011 1:02PM

    You look great. What a cute kitty and I love it with the dog. Have a good day. emoticon

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MOTOGIRL2 5/9/2011 12:44PM

    It looks like you had a great weekend. You family is beautiful, and the baby kitty is so Cute. emoticon

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1SPARKLINGSUSAN 5/9/2011 12:05PM

    Looks like you had a fabulous Mother's Day! Good for you! Wonderful photos of the weekend and you do look really great.

Love, love, love the photos of your new furbaby and her big sister! They're gonna have so much fun together! Everyone needs an orange cat in their life...there's just something so special about orange kitties!

Thank you for sharing! Wishing you a fabulous week!!

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SAMI199 5/9/2011 11:42AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

Adorable pics!

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ELAINEROSE5 5/9/2011 10:34AM

    Aww how sweet! I love the pics! So glad you had a nice Mothers Day!


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KISSFAN1 5/9/2011 9:20AM

    You look marvelous, I love your hair! I'm glad you had a great weekend and love your new member of the family. What a cutie pie! emoticon

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HALFFAST 5/9/2011 9:04AM

    Love the pics! You look fantastic! And now you've made me want a new kitty - she's (he's?) adorable :)

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JLITT62 5/9/2011 8:56AM

    First off, you look wonderful! Second, I am so totally jealous of your new kitten. How I miss kittens! Your dog is amazingly calm with it. Mine would probably be trying to eat it, and Giz would too, but I suspect Simba might actually try to mother kitty (when not swatting kitty around).

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Happy Mother's Day (A couple days early)

Friday, May 06, 2011

Wanted to wish all mother's out there in SPARk land a Happy Mother's Day. Whether you are a mother to your own children, mother to beloved pets, or a mother to your husband - ENJOY YOUR DAY.

This mother's day DH and SIL will be cooking a feast (not sure what is on the menu), and my sis and I are going for a bike ride and strawberry picking, while the fellas whip us up a meal. My BFF sent me the cutest card, and I wanted to share, hope you get a chuckle.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CANNIE50 5/6/2011 10:59PM

    How true is that card? I feel like a pack mule half of the time. You have a lovely mother's day as well. Your day sounds wonderful.

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RIKKI572 5/6/2011 9:54PM

    Love the card, and it's so true. Wishing you a wonderful day!

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PARKERB2 5/6/2011 7:04PM

    Happy Mother's Day to you too. Enjoy your day. And have a good weekend. emoticon

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SUEAZZI 5/6/2011 1:03PM

    Great card LOL! For the first time in eons we are taking my Mom out to brunch ~ no cooking for me this year! Yeah! Happy Mother's Day to all; enjoy!

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DGIBSON02 5/6/2011 11:15AM

    Not sure what we are fixing yet, guess i'll have to "facebook" your DH and see what we are cooking, lmao.

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NATPLUMMER 5/6/2011 11:14AM

    Happy Mother's Day!!! Enjoy it!

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CRYSTLE4HIMTX10 5/6/2011 10:20AM

    Happy Mother's Day.

What a precious card. emoticon

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JLITT62 5/6/2011 9:03AM

    Thank you for that chuckle - & so true!

Have a sparktacular mother's day - I just know you will!

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My Inner Drill Sargeant

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Well last night I unleashed the inner drill sargeant and man was she tough. I got home after my daughter's concert around 8:00 and I told myself I was going to get a run in tonight, PERIOD. I quickely jumped into my running attire and headed out the door. Sis and I did a quick three miles. Half a mile warmup and cooldown and our fastest 2 miles ever. I compared us to the wildebeast stampede in the Lion King, holy ham, we were running faster than fast, lol. Look out, we were gonna run you over. Two women on a mission, be-lining it for home.

Even though I missed American Idol last night (NO RUN, NO REWARD), I still made it home in time to watch Meet the Browns at 9:00. Wow, we really worked it hard.

I think the new mantra will work out well. I used it again this morning, no morning workout, no protein smoothie. Oooooh how I missed my morning smoothie, loaded with strawberries, yogurt and chocolate protein powder. I just couldn't manage to get out of the warm bed, so I had to settle for oatmeal instead. Didn't run this morning, but I will definitely do it tonight after my granddaughters track meet.

My inner drill sargeant is on duty full time, so no slacking here. Hope everyone will work on self discipline right along with me. Make today and every day count.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JLITT62 5/5/2011 1:56PM

    Nothing like a stick to get you moving, eh? Or is that your carrot?

Today I was out spending too much on clothes - as usual - even if nothing I got cept the earrings & bracelet was normal price. Had a sucky WI, but hey, at least I'm only spending money not eating too much, tight?

Altho had already planned the shopping trip before the WI.

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SAMI199 5/5/2011 1:48PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

Now-DROP & GIVE ME 20!!! emoticon

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GR8CGRM 5/5/2011 1:24PM

    Your bossy sister is coming out too.. No slackin or Im going to do some smackin.. LOL!!!

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1HOTMAMA2BE 5/5/2011 11:29AM

    Wish I lived closer so I could run with ya! I need a running partner! emoticon

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CRYSTLE4HIMTX10 5/5/2011 10:12AM

    Way to motivate yourself. emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 5/5/2011 9:21AM

    It's understandable that you wouldn't want to get up this morning after last night's workout. I find it very hard to do a workout in the evening and then turn around and do another in the morning.
I wish I had some oatmeal. I'm fasting for a blood draw.

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MARLIMOO 5/5/2011 9:20AM

    YOU GO. You look amazing. Good luck on the half. I run so be happy to offer you any tips- I don't think you need em Sargeant! Keep rocking it girl!

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MZSLYDE01 5/5/2011 7:52AM

    Yes sister I am right there with you - I am working on my self discipline. I think I could really make a great drill sargeant.
Way to run.
Tonight it's Zumba time.

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No Run, No Reward

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

That's my new mantra.... No Run, No Reward.

I was so lazy this morning and did not get up to get in a morning run. I am so mad at myself because I can't exactly make it up today, going to be really busy and on the go until 8:00 tonight, so I'm kicking myself. So tonight before I sit down to veg on the couch to watch American Idol, I will RUN, or no TV for me. No reward period.

Procrastinating my workout is not getting me to my goal, so it's time for action.....


I'm not being too hard on myself.... well, YES I AM, sometimes I just have to be tough on the ole stubborn, lazy me. So I AM YELLING at myself. I'm not beating myself up and wallowing in pity, just a swift kick in the butt for me.


Anyone else need a swift kick in the seat of your britches to get ya going???? I dished it out for me today, so EVERYONE.... get busy. I am saying this with a emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DDOORN 5/5/2011 8:56AM

    Oh I beat myself up TERRIBLY if I don't work in at least SOME cardio every day. Nobody kicks me in the butt worse than my own!


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2HAMSDIET 5/5/2011 1:28AM

    Thank you I need that. emoticon

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CANNIE50 5/4/2011 11:21PM

    that's a good mantra - hope you had a good run and enjoyed every moment of AI and your well-earned couch time emoticon emoticon

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RIKKI572 5/4/2011 10:44PM

    Well said - we all sometimes need that kick in the seat! Wishing you a great day!

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SAMI199 5/4/2011 8:16PM

    Very Good! I'm also going o borrow your No Run-No Reward-even though I'm a walker-lol. Thanks! emoticon

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VBPARROTHEAD 5/4/2011 7:29PM

  Not quite tough love, just the way it is! I got in 1.87 mo;es today and will do power water aerobics tomorrow! Enjoy your run tonight and American Idol.

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ARTSY_CANDICE 5/4/2011 3:40PM

    I think this is a healthy way to stay on top of your goals! I use TV and computer time as a reward all the time :) You can do it!

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HOTDEENOW 5/4/2011 1:20PM

    LoL, my mom got sick last night and she usually goes with me to the gym but she isn't going today. I am still going by myself and I am going to do a little more than I usually do! Let's Kick some butt tonight!!! emoticon

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SUEAZZI 5/4/2011 1:04PM

    Move it!! You are awesome. I came close to bagging it this morning but I always tell myself that I'll regret it later so I moved it! There's never regrets after a run or workout. Don't beat yourself up ~ you probably needed the break this morning. I like your motto ~ no run, no reward! I'll think of you as I watch Idol tonight emoticon

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RONIREDD 5/4/2011 12:43PM

    When I first started running ... low fat chocolate milk was my reward! I love chocolate milk ... plus, it is "somewhat" healthy. Now, I am such a routine, that I don't need a reward!

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1SPARKLINGSUSAN 5/4/2011 11:54AM

    GREAT mantra and I know you'll follow it. Hey, anyone who can forego AI to get their running done is a success in my book!

I've missed the whole season of AI, my own personal protest to the panel change. Looks like it's been a good season, though. Getting close to the end, huh! Who are you rooting for?

When I get further along in my C25K I'll undoubtedly be borrowing your mantra!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

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NATPLUMMER 5/4/2011 11:26AM

    Everybody has days like that. I planned on getting up to try a run this morning and was way too tired. I'm hoping to have time after my chiro appointment this long as they don't tell me I can't.

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JLITT62 5/4/2011 10:51AM

    LOL! Well, we all do have those days. I know you won't let it be too many, so I'm not worried about you.

Good thing it's a rest day for me cause I'm already ready for a nap & I haven't done much!

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FANORONHA_14 5/4/2011 10:28AM

    You are emoticonYou are emoticon
Never Give Up!
Life is Good!
Good Health is the Greatest Wealth!
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13

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Has the Elation Worn Off? Uh......

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Absolutely NOT !!!!! emoticonStill on a high from finally meeting the 100-pound loss goal. The response to my blog has been overwhelming and I couldn't have ever imagined so many people would stop by to congratulate me. Thank you fellow sparkers for showing the love. emoticon

Reality has set in though... I've reached the big goal and now what??????

Well for starters, the new goal is to tone and shape this new, lighter body. Got a couple of flabby areas that need some work. So I will be focusing on getting the six pack abs I've always wanted and getting rid of the ole bat wings. emoticon

emoticonRunning is falling back into place. After taking so long off for surgery, I started running again last Tuesday. Ran my farthest since surgery last Friday - 6 miles, woo hoo. Last night did some speed work to try to shave a few minutes off my time. Big 5K race on May 14th and I have set a time goal and will do my best to meet it or hopefully surpass it. Not an easy task when you are used to running longer distances at a slower pace. So I am speeding things up a bit, ran a lot of intervals last night, but time was still slower than i would have liked it to be. But hey, I've got 11 days to get there. At least this is fun for a short-term goal.

Hope everyone out there is focusing on a short term goal as well as the long term ones. They can be just as satisfying and rewarding.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SUSANMOMOF6 5/4/2011 8:15AM

    Love your blog and your great attitude. One of the best things I'm learning on SP is the importance of small goals that lead to the BIG ones. It's what is keeping my head in the game. Enjoy maintenance-it looks good on you!

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S3XYDIVASMOM 5/3/2011 11:46PM

    You met your goal. Life goes on. There's always a new challenge ahead of us, isn't there? Congratulations on your weight loss. Hurrah for your new goals. (I also need to meet the challenge of bat wings.)

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CANNIE50 5/3/2011 10:12PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon you are such an inspiration

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2HAMSDIET 5/3/2011 8:04PM

    emoticon emoticonI'm still very excited for you!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CRYSTLE4HIMTX10 5/3/2011 7:54PM

    emoticon emoticon

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JENNSWIMS 5/3/2011 4:11PM

    You are such an inspiration. I'm so glad you shared your story!

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1SPARKLINGSUSAN 5/3/2011 12:24PM

    Good job on resetting your goals and making realistic choices! My dream is to run a 5K that I've signed up for in October. I'm a beginner at this and starting the C25K plan here on SP. I keep putting it off because I don't have any decent shoes to run in...I'm always up for shopping so this week will be getting my new shoes. I read about so many of our Sparkers who are in various stages of running and I KNOW I can do it and I WILL do it!

You're my inspiration, girl, and I'm happy to be following you and your great posts. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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SUEAZZI 5/3/2011 10:48AM

    Spark on! Good luck running your 5k and to meet your time goal; behind you all the way! I'm hoping to accomplish the same thing in my 5k the week after yours. Btw love the bat wings; I'm trying to rid of mine too LOL. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SAMI199 5/3/2011 10:01AM

    That's the best part of Life-there's always a new star to reach for- Bat-Wings-LOL...I have them-just didn't know they are called that...

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JLITT62 5/3/2011 9:59AM

    I always run faster in a race than I do on my own - I've no doubt you'll meet your goal.

I was a little worried reading that title!

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ARTSY_CANDICE 5/3/2011 9:57AM

    be gone bat wings!!! YOu can do it!

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1HOTMAMA2BE 5/3/2011 9:53AM

    I can't think 30 lbs. as the ultimate goal, I have to think 2 lbs. a week. It's more doable, right? Baby steps...WOOHOO!!!

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NATPLUMMER 5/3/2011 9:21AM

    Good goals!!

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MOMMACASSEY 5/3/2011 9:09AM

    Many CONGRATS on meeting that 100-pound goal! I look forward to some day in the next year being able to look around and saying, "Now what?" I hope that my elation keeps me going past that point, so I don't fall back into the rut I've just gotten out of.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Thanks for blogging about it, and be sure to let us know how the race goes!

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MZSLYDE01 5/3/2011 9:08AM

    I am still elated for you....
Now it's maintenance time and toning time. You are such a rock star you will have no problems.
Glad your running is going great.
I still haven't worked out - except gardening and tilling. I am sore from it too.
But I am back on spark and tomorrow I am going to start logging my food and am planning to workout after work. IT IS TIME.
I am loving the soreness from tilling and so have the fire back to get to the workouts.
Have a great day.

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DDOORN 5/3/2011 8:34AM

    Keeping the SPARK! Woo hoo!


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