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Blah Kinda Day

Friday, September 10, 2010

Today is just one of those blah days, really super super super busy at work and not getting a lot accomplished. Not enough hours in the day. Very frustrating. One a good note....

High school football game tonight and enough calories to have a ballpark hot dog - yeah.

Can't wait until 5:00 quitting time, it can't come fast enough. Gonna be a great weather weekend, doing a 6-miler in the a.m. at the oceanfront then there is a parade. I just love parades and this is not your ordinary parade - it's a Shriner's parade. They are having a convention down at the beach this weekend, with the highlight - A PARADE. Brings back great childhood memories, don't know why I get a litle lump in my throat though, maybe just happy thoughts.

Hope everyone has a great weekend - make it healthy, happy and full of fitness.

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DGIBSON61 9/11/2010 2:40PM

  Football game was a blast.

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JONNYJETPROP 9/11/2010 11:46AM

    Sounds like the weekend will shape up nicely.

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CONFUSEDBIRD 9/11/2010 9:55AM

    I hope your 6 miler went great!

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SEEAMANDARUN 9/10/2010 12:40PM

    It's all gross outside here today. So I feel ya on the blah. Weekend sounds exciting. The biggest thing I have planned is a baby shower. Fun. (sarcasm alert)

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Tiny Torture Tool

Thursday, September 09, 2010

We used this lovely tiny torture tool in body sculpting class on Tuesday. We use it all the time, but we used it in a different way on Tuesday. By yesterday afternoon, both my sister and I had some serious quad pain, right leg. Funny how we exercised both legs the same, but both of us have a sore right leg.

Anyhow, we totally ditched kickboxing class last night because we were both so sore, that's really not like either one of us to ditch, but we were REALLY sore. After dinner, we were bth feeling so guilty about cutting class, like a kid skipping school, we decided we were going for a walk, try to stretch it out. That was the longest 2 miles of my life last night, we were both hobbling a bit.

This morning we decided to go for our usual run, and it was the thought that counts in this situation, we were both very slow and couldn't even jog, but I think we are on the upside of the pain now, hopefully by tomorrow a.m. we will be as good as new.

Amazing that a tiny tool can inflict torture, haha, now I know why our teacher calls it the "Band of Pain" , lol.

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JONNYJETPROP 9/10/2010 12:53AM

    Remember that recovery is part of a fitness program. Don't over do it. Stay well!

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SEEAMANDARUN 9/9/2010 10:10AM

    LOL, we had a class where the teacher had these giant runner-band things that we used to do triceps. We called them the torture bands. Hope your quad feel better soon!

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GR8CGRM 9/9/2010 10:01AM

    We can get through this sis. Keep moving that leg and we will be able to bust that ball in class before long. If not we will bring our walnuts and crack them with our thighs. LOL!!!

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DGIBSON61 9/9/2010 9:11AM

  Just whipping those quads into shape. Wait until after this weekend and you have a copy of P90X. The legs and back day will whip your butt into shape, VEEEEEERY quick. That's the only workout there that worked me to the point of sickness and beyond.

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MZSLYDE01 9/9/2010 9:04AM

    OMGosh - I know this isn't funny but it kinda is. I feel for you - I know I am going to be sore yet again tomorrow after I work off some of that junk tonight. But it is a good pain.
The funny part is that little "Band of Pain" thing and trying to imagine you and the sis hobbling around.
Hey I say Bring on the Pain. It's better than the grease pain right? LOL.
Hope you feel better tomorrow for your run.

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Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I had enough calories left over for a nice juicy hamburger, I haven't had a greasy burger in forever so I decided what can it hurt since it's in my calorie range.

BIG MISTAKE, my belly hurt all night - so lesson learned.....

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. No more burgers for me, my body has become too healthy for grease. emoticon

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MZSLYDE01 9/9/2010 7:34AM

    Yep I know exactly what you mean. I did it too and am still feeling the affects of it. I can't believe the difference you feel when you have been eating so well. I gave in to my stress and cravings for that junk and am feeling horrible right now because of it - physically horrible.

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SPARTANPHOTOG 9/8/2010 10:07PM

    The idea is always better that the act.... emoticon

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JONNYJETPROP 9/8/2010 1:58PM

    Hope you feel better. Leason learned.

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GR8CGRM 9/8/2010 12:18PM

    That's a good thing. Sorry to hear your tummy hurts. No excuse for not going with your old sis to Kickboxing tonight. LOL emoticon

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SEEAMANDARUN 9/8/2010 9:55AM

    I tell you what we eat instead of regular burgers these days: turkey burgers. But not just any turkey burgers: Rachael Ray's Urban Cowboy Turkey Burgers. Basically, you take ground turkey (we use the ground turkey breast) add in onion, peppers (bell, jalapenos, whatever you like) a little dash of hot sauce, some grill seasoning, thyme, garlic and parsley. Pop those puppies on the grill and top with a slice of swiss on a whole wheat bun. Delish!

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DGIBSON61 9/8/2010 8:50AM

  Some things I guess we just aren't meant to eat.

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HELLORITA 9/8/2010 8:07AM

    About a week ago, I had an order of chip deluxe-beans, chips, cheese, etc. I ate the whole thing and I too was feeling ill all night and into the next day. I used to eat these 1x per week. We really do have better habits now!

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1CRAZYDOG 9/8/2010 7:51AM

    You can't fool around with Mother Nature! Hope you're feeling better. I have found that things I used to eat in the past just don't taste good anymore and do not agree with me! Guess we have to listen to what our godies are saying.

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SWEETPEA0214 9/8/2010 7:37AM

    Amazing what our bodies can get used to? Now if mine would just get used to no candy LOL!

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I have always considered back to school time as my new year. It's a time when the pace of life slows down, we settle in waiting on the cooler weather, a time for me to renew my goals, and settle back into the routine. I just love this time of year.

So for the next two months, I'm going to focus on speeding up the running and continue with all my cardio/ST classes and just see what i can accomplish in two months. I have a 5K race on Sept. 25th as a trial run for my 10K.

My goal weight is SLOWLY approaching, yeah, I have set an official date of October 31 to be at my goal weight of losing 100 POUNDS - we will run our 10K race on Oct. 30th. and then gonna start P90X in November. Hopefully will be getting pretty buff by Christmas.

I just love this time of year: Love the cooler weather, the leaves changing colors, Friday night high school football games, motorcycling riding on a crisp morning, NFL Sundays and wearing my favorites hoodies and NFL jerseys. Looking forward to the next few months.

Happy New Year everyone. emoticon

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DGIBSON61 9/7/2010 1:29PM

  We just have to work on getting you a jersey from a real team and not those Punksburgh Squeelers, lol.

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MRSJENNS 9/7/2010 11:06AM

    one, thank you for your comment on my blog :) and two, what an amazing goal you are quickly approaching! 100lbs?! that's phenomenal! i wish you nothing but the best and i hope you plan on celebrating one way or another! ps love your background

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JONNYJETPROP 9/7/2010 10:48AM

    As much as I enjoy the summers, I do look forward the the school year pace too. I wish that the cooler temps would come to Florida, but it's been nice in Atlanta.

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JLITT62 9/7/2010 9:53AM

    Well, the Jewish new year does start Wednesday, LOL!

Sounds like you've got some great goals to work towards.

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MZSLYDE01 9/7/2010 8:19AM

    Happy New Year - I think that it also feels like a new time of year too. I feel the crisp coolness coming and it feels great.
Maybe that is why I fall cleaned the house over the weekend.
Wow your getting ready to do your race. It is coming so soon it seems - you've been working hard for it though so enjoy it when it does get here.

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Great Weekend So Far

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Yesterday I was off all day, went shopping, and to do some power lifting at the gym, and rode stationary bike on the mountain climbing setting, sheesh that was tough, chilled out and watched a movie.

Saturday a.m. - couldn't wait to do a weigh in until Monday, so I stepped on it and SHO NUFF, one more pound gone - only ten to go.
Completed a 8 mile run this morning with my sister and then came home for a 25 minute yoga DVD. Now off to get a hair cutt, spend some Kohl's cash and who knows what else I'll get into today, bet it's not gonna be any more running today.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far, I still have three more days off - YEAH for a Holiday.

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JLITT62 9/4/2010 4:46PM

    I did 45 minutes of serious ST & of course the obligatory dog walk . . . then mall walking -- spend some DSW cash & got a cookbook I've been drooling over for months. Got a 25% off coupon at Banana Republic, and even tho I tried on some stuff that was seriously on sale, nothing was quite right so I escaped there. Saw lovely things at Jcrew but just don't have the money right now.

And tonight we're getting together with the neighbors -- unloading the last of the pie (which I haven't touched) and cheese & crackers.

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JONNYJETPROP 9/4/2010 11:28AM

    Way to go girl! emoticon

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