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Miss Gulch Rides Again

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A big shout out to Jolie for giving me a wake-up text this morning, gosh she's up earlier than me, like 3:30 even, sheesh. She was up getting ready for her morning workout and decided to make sure I was up, gosh it's great to have friends to get you motivated and great to have SP buddies to be accountable to.

I am known as the "Sarge" on the Motivators team, but who keeps the Sarge motivated? Every now and again the motivators need motivating, so I am thankful for all of you and your encouragement, which keeps me going.

Last night I packed up everything for today's trip, and even put my bike in the way of the door, I was ready, no last minute morning scrambling. It sure helped to have everything done. I have way too much junk, I had my protein shake, coffee and purse in the basket and I ended up wearing the backpack with my change of clothes, etc. in it (wouldn't fit in the basket), I need to lighten the load a bit, maybe I should keep an outfit already at work, and the clunky wedge heels weighed what felt like a ton.

So I did it..... I rode my bike to work. 9 miles

This blog is meant for keeping myself motivated and overcoming that silly snooze button. Boy did it feel great to get in a workout first thing in the morning, haven't done that for a while. It was very humid, and an occasional breeze, thanks to the storage place who had their sprinklers on this morning, woo hoo, a little cool off.

Took my helmet off on the back road leading to my office so my bangs could blow dry, lol. Then a dash to the ladies room for a freshen up and to change into the work outfit. A quick swipe of the eyeliner pencil, a comb and a squirt of hairspray. You would never know I was a hot mess when I got here, see.....(pretty ragged, I'd say)

I would like to do this at least 3 times a week, I have to make myself and fitness a top priority. I have come way too far to backslide and I will not let myself revert back to being a couch potato.

The weather forecast calls for a hot, humid day with afternoon thunderstorms pretty much every day during the summer, so I am expecting to get a little wet on the ride home, but cross your fingers I don't run into any of this...

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BILL60 7/11/2013 12:49PM

    Boy, do you ever need a new bike. Hard core people need hard core bikes.

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1HOTMAMA2BE 7/11/2013 11:01AM

    I love ya girl! What a great day! You look good after riding 9 miles with a helmet! I run through sprinklers, too. My son keeps telling me I need to start riding. In time I think I will do just that, but not to work! PS: Love your ride! This is mine. emoticon

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SUEAZZI 7/11/2013 9:01AM

    Miss Gulch you crack me up! emoticon for not hitting the ol' snooze button and biking it to work ~ 9 miles! You go girl! My DH and I have recently taken up biking together, I'm looking forward to a bike trail this weekend. emoticon

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ARRREAGLES 7/11/2013 6:57AM

    Don't be taking no dogs now, hear? :)

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SHARON10002 7/10/2013 5:04PM

    emoticon emoticon Sarge! emoticon
Love the Ms Gulch pic, and the video! You really have a vintage Schwinn there, girl! Kinda reminds me of my childhood bike. I've started looking at hybrid bikes. I'd love to ride again, too. Will wait for a good sale, though. Hope you have a dry ride home!
Pedal on. . .

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BOILHAM 7/10/2013 10:34AM

  LOL @ Ms Gulch pic

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IFDEEVARUNS2 7/10/2013 10:12AM

    Love it! Inspiring. emoticon

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SPEEDYDOG 7/10/2013 10:08AM

    Thanks for the morning laugh! Your bike is a classic.


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WONDERWOMAN 7/10/2013 9:48AM

    Very impressive!

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2HAMSDIET 7/10/2013 9:36AM

    I pray you have smooth riding home. emoticon Keep it up. emoticon

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SAMI199 7/10/2013 9:34AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Way to Go,Sarge!Keep on Pedaling!


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MZSLYDE01 7/10/2013 9:18AM

    LOL Thanks Honey. I am so happy you did it. It's so worth it isn't it.
I am kinda jealous though. My bike ended up with a blown out tire and my SH hasn't gotten it fixed for me yet so no biking for me until that gets done. Who knows when he will get to it.
By the way - I love your pics - And the fact you took off the helm to let your bangs dry.
The background you put up is also amazing. Love it.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 7/10/2013 9:03AM


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WICKEDWILLOW 7/10/2013 8:51AM

  Good for you! It's great that you are so close to work so you can ride your bike.

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Bugler Needed, Top Pay

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Hooo hum, I am stuck in a cloud of funk that is totally encircling me, I need to break out of it. I was going to ride my bike to work today, but I kept smacking the snooze, ugggghhh - totally UNACCEPTABLE. Think I need a bugler standing in my bedroom at 0430.

On a good note I did get a little something accomplished last night….we helped dad move his bed upstairs and we went to the mattress store and purchased him a mattress – yeah, check that off the list. I figured he would be anxious to get his new room all moved into and set up, but NOPE, he headed out the door this morning at 6:00…..FISHING !!!! I’m gonna have to crack the whip and make him hop to it tonight.

KP stopped by to use the computer, conveniently right at dinner time, lol. I love having her stop by, so I pulled up a chair and fixed her a plate. She was signing up for the college fall semester yesterday and was using my computer to “rate my professor”, who knew they had a website to check out the teacher – guess that’s a good thing.

Tonight it’s food shopping for a couple of things…the "men folk" ran out of cereal as evidenced by the empty Tupperware container that was strategically left on the counter so I will be sure to see it’s empty, sheesh. So big hint….they need cereal and of course milk and some quick grab-n-go foods (as I call them) otherwise know as stuff I don’t like to buy like honey buns, chips, etc. - el junko.

In order to get myself motivated, this is what I am GOINT TO DO and you (my SPARKIES) need to hold me accountable tomorrow, OK? I would hang my head in shame if I promised to do something and then did NOT do it. So I'm putting it out there for all of SPARKLAND to see.

Tonight I am going to park my bicycle in the middle of the living room, directly in front of the door, get my backpack ready with a change of clothes and all my work stuff bungee corded into the handlebar basket....that way all I have to do is get up and get dressed, then it’s out the door. Souunds pretty full proof, right?

Getting up is the real booger, uggghhhhh. I need a live-in drill sergeant, any takers?


(image from google)

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BILL60 7/11/2013 12:45PM

    No weenies allowed. Let's quickly get with the program.

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SAMI199 7/10/2013 9:37AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

You Can Do It!!!!

Comment edited on: 7/10/2013 9:37:34 AM

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SHARON10002 7/9/2013 11:08PM

    Wait a minute - I thought you were "the Sarge"! emoticon
It's so easy to roll over and hit that snooze button believing you're just going to lay there and "wake up". emoticon Then all of a sudden you do wake up emoticon, and it's a slippery slide from there . . .
I admire your tenacity to ride your bike to work in this heat and humidity, and those summer storms down your way can be horrendous! Hated driving across the tunnel in those - felt like a sitting duck!

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NATPLUMMER 7/9/2013 1:19PM

    emoticon emoticon

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BAILEYS7OF9 7/9/2013 12:10PM

    LOL I thought it was BURGLER...
to scare you out of bed. either would work!

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SUEAZZI 7/9/2013 10:44AM

    I hit the snooze yesterday and today, but getting back to my scheduled run tomorrow am. Classes tonight. Sometimes you just got to recharge. I'm looking forward to biking a trail this weekend. emoticon

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JCBRITT 7/9/2013 10:17AM

    I can remember riding my bike to work every day when I lived in Hawaii (for almost 3 years minus the last 2 months of my pregnancy) was rarely an issue and it was relatively flat...those were the days...I would love to ride my bike to work's not that far, BUT from here to there 10 miles on a narrow winding road with nowhere to go, that eventually has a hill that lasts a couple of miles and speed limits between 40-55mph. Did I mention the gravel plant and dump trucks? Too much stress that early in the morning..LOL..

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LISAINMS 7/9/2013 9:41AM

    Every night I get out whatever I need for the morning workout. I am so much more likely to get up and get going when I don't have the excuse of lounging in bed to "think" about what I will wear or do. Enjoy your ride!

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2HAMSDIET 7/9/2013 9:31AM

    Those lazy days of summer can be difficult but it sounds like you have a plan. emoticon emoticon

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HALFFAST 7/9/2013 9:30AM

    I can totally relate to this - I am the queen of the snooze button!


When I first saw the title of your blog I thought it said "burglar" Lol! I'm thinking what in the world?! Lol!

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JLITT62 7/9/2013 9:17AM

    Getting it ready the night before makes it so much easier . . . you can do it!

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A+.....Perfect Score

Monday, July 01, 2013

I was very nervous about my physical appointment with my doctor last Friday. I had went the week before to have blood work done prior to my appointment. I was being tested for diabetes as I have not had a physical in three years. Great news....

I scored perfect on all my blood work. EVERYTHING was in perfect range, so no diabetes, YEAH !!!! Doctor said that I scored perfect on everything and that whatever it is I am's working.

I will share with you what I have been doing for the past three years....logging my food on SPARK daily and eating fresh veggies, fruits, and lean meats with very little starches and sweets. It was a huge compliment to get a perfect report card from the doctor, it means if I can score an can too !!!!

So this means that diabetes did not cause my cataracts, which is great news but I still have to deal with the eyeballs, cataract surgery later this summer.

I need to work on improving the fitness report card since I have taken a brief hiatus from running.

GOSH, it feels great to be an "A" student. emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SAMI199 7/18/2013 1:43AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

What good news! You are proof that this all works....


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BILL60 7/11/2013 12:42PM

    No surprise here. I knew it all along. You are a "Stud".

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MZSLYDE01 7/8/2013 10:15AM

    Good for you - I am so happy to hear your bloodwork came back super awesome - That's great news. I knew you couldn't possibly have diabetes with all the changes you have made in your life. So proud of you.
Now I need to get that same great news. Coming soon......

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2HAMSDIET 7/1/2013 9:43PM

    emoticon emoticon I had the fast early cataracts too. All the Doctors could give me know reason for them nor could I find any studies pointing to anything. It doesn't look like it runs in families either which made my kids happy. Your in great health and I'm sure you will heal fast. My Dr. couldn't believe that I was almost healed in less then 18 hours. Congrats again for taking such good care of yourself. emoticon

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JLITT62 7/1/2013 6:27PM

    Somehow I am not shocked - stil doing the happy dance that you are so healthy!

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LISAINMS 7/1/2013 2:30PM

    Great news!

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NATPLUMMER 7/1/2013 1:23PM


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1HOTMAMA2BE 7/1/2013 9:24AM

    Yippee! I'm so glad your blood work came back EXCELLENT!!!! You've come so far and I couldn't believe it when the doctor thought you may have diabetes. Just goes to show you not to freak until you see the right doctor for the issue that's causing you concern. Anywho...rock on girl! emoticon

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WONDERWOMAN 7/1/2013 8:49AM

    Congrats! That is great. My hubby had cataract surgery on both eyes in January. It went pretty smoothly, just a lot of "drops" to deal with. You will love your new vision afterward.

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MYLADY4 7/1/2013 8:43AM

    emoticon emoticon

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EVIE4NOW 7/1/2013 8:40AM

  emoticon emoticon

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SUEAZZI 7/1/2013 8:39AM

    Tracking IS key, emoticon on your test results! emoticon emoticon

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Keep on Walking..One Step at a Time

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The weather is heating up here in Virginia Beach, shewh. So that means the end of running season for me, a little running hiatus til cooler temperatures arrive (September). I'm not going to stay cooped up in the's walking season.

This week's fitness challenge for the Motivators Team was to walk for at least 15 minutes per day, no problem....We CAN DO it !!!! There was a great article on Spark this morning about walking....

Walking is what originally started the weight to fall right off me at the beginning of my journey, I would walk every day and I would walk the store, to lunch, etc.

Some people may think this is a step down from what I am used to since I have been running for three years, but I don't see it that way. I see it as giving my body a little break, while still keeping active...moving and a grooving, and a little speed walking can give you a great cardio workout.

I will still run on nice weather days and I have a couple 5K's that I will be doing with some new runners (I love the excitement of newbies), but I think this may be good for me for a change. It will give me some quiet time to contemplate what I am going to do next with my life, I'm at a baby was just married last month, so the nest is empty of my little chickadee, so now what to do with this next phase of life...I want to focus some on "me" - getting more fit, carving out some muscles, but what exactly do I really want???? I'm hoping to have an "ah-ha moment" on one of my walks, lol.

Some quotes I ran across this morning on google:

And lastly, I'm going to remember this one...Walk away from the frig, hahahaha. Have a sparktastic day.

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SUEAZZI 7/1/2013 9:01AM

    I love to walk, it is how I started my fitness journey too. I power walked for a few years before it evolved into running and doing fitness classes. I still go for walks between my run days or on days I cannot fit in a class, it's great cardio and keeps the leg muscles conditioned, it's also great for the glutes and arms!. Some days I like to do intervals of running and walking, it's nice to mix it up. Walk on by girl, walk on by.... emoticon

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JANEMARIE77 6/29/2013 10:05AM

    thank you and you are so right

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IFDEEVARUNS2 6/28/2013 9:15AM

    Great quotes!

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JLITT62 6/28/2013 9:13AM

    Love that last quote!

Even tho my daily dog walks are quite slow with lots of stops, I still count it as exercise.

I think a break from running is probably a great idea. Time to explore!

Can't wait to hear what you cook up.

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SPARKCHANTAL 6/27/2013 6:59AM

    that's the question i'm asking myself all the time now, too. my dreams and wishes of younger years are either fulfilled or obsolete.

the only answer I can think of now is 'better quality of life', meaning health and security. but then the question is, how can I achieve that?

back to square one.

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SAMI199 6/27/2013 6:50AM

    emoticon I can't wait to see where your road will lead!

emoticon emoticon

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SHARON10002 6/26/2013 11:16PM

    Thanks for all of the motivational pictures and sayings about walking. It's great exercise, and something that comes naturally to all of us at a very early age.

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MPETERSON2311 6/26/2013 5:00PM

    I LOVE WALKING! and I see even the most intense joggers and runners at my gym start and stop with a walk...its inspiring

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NATPLUMMER 6/26/2013 3:33PM

    emoticon emoticon

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MZSLYDE01 6/26/2013 11:13AM

    Oh I love this blog today. You know I am a fan of walking. IT'S MY FAVE.
And I think this is my favorite challenge to date.
I agree that all truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.
Whatever is next in your new phase in life - just remember to keep on walking.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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2HAMSDIET 6/26/2013 9:50AM

    Walking is such great therapy. I'm sure you will come up with what to do in the next chapter of your life.

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HALFFAST 6/26/2013 9:15AM

    I think walking sounds like a great idea! The heat/humidity is crazy here. I don't know what made me think that training for a marathon through the summer was a good idea :/ TGFT (Thank God for Treadmills!)

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MIMIDOT 6/26/2013 9:04AM

    Loved your blog and posters. They made me realize how nice I feel when I'm walking. Thanks for sharing.

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    Great posters!

Make Today the Best Day of Your Life

So Far! emoticon

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Skinny vs. the Volcano

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

While in Hawaii, you can't NOT visit a volcano, and what better way to see one than to...Hike it. I hiked the Diamond Head volcano with my BFF's daughter (AB), she was such a great tour guide the whole time I was there, and she was willing to take me to do lots of things and better than that...she was willing to do it with me, even though she's hiked Diamond Head several times, what a girl. We got there about 10 and boy was it a hot one already, sheesh, how hard could it be? I mean I consider myself fairly physically fit, but the heat can and will knock you back down to earth and let you are not in shape for this kind of weather, so take it slow and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Off we go with my new hibiscus fanny pack, filled with water bottles and camera of course. The five-mile race I ran two days earlier was at the base of this volcano but I had not done my homework on the hike, so I didn't know what I was in store for and besides....I love adventures.

The path was winding, very rocky, had to be careful where you stepped so you didn't twist and ankle, quite a nice hike thus far, a few shady spots for a breather from the hot sun, and AB says we are almost at the top - yeah. Then she points and says "look at all these steps" - my jaw dropped to the ground. All I could think about was how bad my hamstrings and buttocks would probably be killing me the next day after climbing up all those (175 steps) super hamstring/buttock workout coming right up, ready or not - didn't know I was being treated to that kind of a workout.

I made it up the steps, no problem (glad no one had a spy camera on me or timing me to see how long it took, lol), we made it to the top.

What a view of Waikiki in the background. I had to zoom in closer.

WOW, that was worth the climb. The hike down was harder than the hike up, had to put on the brakes using those quads, I figured they would be sore too, but I was totally fine the next day, no soreness at all. The hike up was only 3/4 of a mile and the top was 762 feet and it took us about 2 hours for the whole experience, it sure seemed a lot higher than 762 feet.

At the park exit there was a truck selling shave ice, lemon-lime for me please, it's been a million years since I've had a "snow cone" but we sure needed something icy after that, the vendor was even giving out wet, frozen paper towels to cool you off - that sure came in handy to wipe the sweaty brow....Ahhhhhhh.

I am so glad to have been in shape for a hike, if I would have visited Hawaii 5 years ago, my story would not have included hiking volcanoes, what a great experience, so happy to have had the opportunity. Hawaii was fantastic thus far, and only day 4 of 14.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JLITT62 6/24/2013 9:10AM

    Catching up with ya!

I think you made a really wise decision about the race. I'm still battling off & on knee problems since my last HM & have had to resort to wearing a knee brace sometimes when I run - which I hate, but I hate being in pain more!

I wear contacts so I have to get my eyes examined evey yr. I'm crossing my fingers that it's NOT diabetes, but if it is, all that hard work is notin vain - I'll bet you it would be much worse if you hadn't turned your life around.

Still crossing fingers it's just cataracts - that's a pretty easy surgery!

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BILL60 6/20/2013 5:50PM

    Way to go, Stud!! There's absolutely no holding you back. So, when is that biking century coming?

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SHARON10002 6/19/2013 11:20PM

    Wow, what a workout! Don't know if I could have made all of those stairs! I love Waikiki. We lived on Oahu for 3 years and our son was born there. If you still have some more days, I highly recommend hiking (or driving) up to Round Top. Your friend will most likely know about it. That's an even more spectacular view! Also, if the Cazimero Brothers are playing anywhere - they used to play at the Royal Hawaiian and the Ala Moana Hotel, I hihly recommend going to see their show for a TRUE piece of Hawaiian culture and music.
Thanks for posting your pictures. Brings back many wonderful memories.

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2HAMSDIET 6/18/2013 5:35PM

    emoticon emoticon

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LISAINMS 6/18/2013 3:12PM

    Great photos! It is a great NSV to realize that changing your life enabled you to see something that you would not have seen before.

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NATPLUMMER 6/18/2013 1:02PM


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SUEAZZI 6/18/2013 12:47PM

    I love adventure! emoticon Adventure + workout = pricelessness! Hiking up a volcano... so awesome! I've hiked Blue Hills through my years but would love something a little more challenging, it's on my bucket list! Go Skinny! emoticon

Comment edited on: 6/18/2013 12:48:07 PM

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MOMMACASSEY 6/18/2013 10:57AM

    Aw, stairs do sound like work when a hike sounds like outdoor fun!

Good to know you weren't sore! Way to go!

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MZSLYDE01 6/18/2013 10:36AM

    Just liking ya

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MZSLYDE01 6/18/2013 10:36AM

    Oh man how awesome. Those stairs look a bit scary though. Sheesh they are soooooo narrow. I might have tripped knowing how clumbsy I am.
What an awesome view though - I would have attempted for that view.
And you say you are wanting to work on your tan more this week - You are already dark lady. I am pasty white compared to you.
Another thing I am noticing - Look at how clean it looks - the city and the water.... WOW... NICE

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MYLADY4 6/18/2013 9:58AM

    How fun!!!! I hear you about the heat, it can be so draining.

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SAMI199 6/18/2013 9:44AM

    emoticon What a view!

emoticon I love your sense of adventure.

emoticon on being in such great shape-those look like a lot of stairs.

emoticon for sharing your trip -it looks amazing & so do you.

emoticon emoticon

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COFFEEMUG2009 6/18/2013 9:41AM


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LADYJ6942 6/18/2013 9:36AM

    Awesome, enjoy

Report Inappropriate Comment
TRAINER_T 6/18/2013 9:22AM

    emoticon thanks for sharing I didn't even know this was there when I was on Maui last year! What fun, you totally RAWKED it girl emoticon emoticon

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1HOTMAMA2BE 6/18/2013 9:20AM

    Dang! Wish I could have gone with you! Great job and what a great trip!!! emoticon

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ONMYMEDS 6/18/2013 9:17AM

    Wow, what a view. Great job!!

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ANGEL32192 6/18/2013 9:12AM

  That is soooo awesome! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!! Looks AMAZING! That is on my bucket list!!!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
THATGIRL0515 6/18/2013 9:10AM

    You don't need no stinking T-Shirt to prove it!

Report Inappropriate Comment
NKING1982 6/18/2013 9:10AM

    Sounds like so much fun! Glad you enjoyed the hike, and enjoy the rest of your time!

Report Inappropriate Comment
FUSCHIA6 6/18/2013 9:08AM

    Way to go! What a perfect way to get your exercise in & to remind yourself of how far you have come. Celebrate this victory!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MYUTMOST4HIM 6/18/2013 9:03AM

    My family hiked St Helens in Washington state back in 96 or 97 and visited gift shops that sold souvenirs made out of ash - it was neat

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