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High-Stepping the Short Cut

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last night I decided to go for a run after dinner, it was still pretty hot and the sun was still blazing - 85 degrees with 75% humidity, uggghhh. I don't do well running in the heat, but I really wanted to at least get out and walk, so that was my plan, to just walk. I have a feeling it's going to be one hot summer.

I headed out to my usual running route and I had walked about a half-mile, still trying to decide if I wanted to run, well of course I wanted to run [just give me another couple minutes to let my dinner be completely settled in my stomach]. I usually run on the road, right where the run-off gutter and the road meet so I don't get run over by crazy drivers and there's plenty of room for me to hop up on the curb in case some nut gets too close for comfort.

There were a lot of branches and pine needles littering the gutter from the downpour we had earlier. I happened to look down and I almost stepped on this..... [don't look if you are weak hearted or squimish, lol].

A gigantic snake. Low and behold, that sucker was huge - holy ham. I run this way in the mornings when it's dark, I could have stepped on it, when it was alive. My heart was about to jump right out of my chest, thank heavens it was a dead snake. Live snake, dead snake - it makes no difference, I'm deathly afraid either way. I decided then it was time to run, lol. I didn't stop to check it out too closely, I just got on my way and from then eyes were peeled and on the lookout for slithery, slimy creatures. I run by several lakes and waterways on my route, so no surprise I was bound to run into one of these disgusting things sooner or later, but I really would have preferred not at all, but now I will be ever so cautious where I step, that's for sure. And my boss just told me a story about a snake hanging from her tree in the back yard, so I'll be on the lookout.... on the ground and in the air - oooh now I've got the heebie jeebies.

The heat was getting to me, so I slowed my pace, alot. I still couldn't stop thinking about that stupid snake - I shoulda stopped to take a pic, hey that would make a great blog. I decided I'd go the same way back and snap a pic, at a safe distance of course, one can never be too far away from a dead snake.

I wasn't running fast enough to keep up with my usual playlist since the heat had me running at a slower pace - a snail could have been faster than me, so I just turned off the ole ipod and decided to just focus on the run. I started thinking about lots of things...

how people can run when it's 95 degrees outside?
would one of those cool rags I saw on TV work in my hat to keep me cool?
Could I live in a tropical climate?, etc., etc. then something really weird slipped into my mind....

those old marching band days. It sure was hot enough out there to feel like band camp. I spent numerous weeks out in the hot summer heat practicing with the marching band. I thought about the parades we used to march in, that was fun, but my thoughts went to the high-stepping marching [was the heat cooking my brain, where did this stroll down memory lane come from?]. I'm such a geek but it made me smile to think about those fun times back in the day. [for inquiring minds, I played the clarinet in the Marching Tigers band], ya'll can stop laughing now.

I was approaching the elementary school on the corner, I usually make a diagonal shortcut to cut that corner, but it is in the grass. Should I take the short-cut, there might be a snake in the grass. Oooh my....decisions, decisions. It was pretty hot and I was about OVER the run, so I said what the heck. I decided I'd just tip-toe thru the grass...or tip toe thru the tulips (that sounds much more flowery).

Tip-toe - HECK NO. I was high-stepping it thru that grass, lol. So that's where the high-stepping thought came from....must have been my subconscious preparing me to high-tail it thru the grass. Bet I looked absolutely ridiculous to all the cars passing by, but I had to hurry and get out of that grass.

Only one mile left, so I started to look for the exact spot of the snake, I found it, ewwwwhhhh, but I had to snap a pic so I could show the DH, he would never believe I saw a giant anaconda on my run and of course I had to make a boring running blog exciting.

Beware yall.... summer is here, the heat is on, and be on the lookout for creepy, crawly things.

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SUEAZZI 6/1/2012 11:07AM

    Now that's an interesting run! Snakes dead or alive give me the heebie jeebies too! Love the high stepping short cut through the grass, great workout!! Kudos for taking on the heat and humidity, there's no stopping you and that's one of the things I love about you. No excuses, just do it! emoticon

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HKARLSSON 5/30/2012 10:55PM

    Baaa ha ha ha ha haaa! Funny stuff! See, I'm just the opposite. I would have done a full forensic examination and texted multiple pics to the DH for his amusement. I'm kind of weird that way. Live snakes, however, are another matter entirely! I played clarinet in the marching band a few eons ago, too! I'm sure glad I don't have to do that now, though. Too hot, and my knees are too creaky!

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2HAMSDIET 5/30/2012 9:51PM

    Snakes oh my. Dead or alive they get my feet moving too. Take it easy in the heat. Drink lots of water. emoticon Wouldn't want you passing out with snakes around. Run skinny Powell run. emoticon

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MYLADY4 5/30/2012 9:33PM

    So with you, don't like the heat, AT ALL.

Good for you on your run. For some reason, marching band in the summer when we were younger did not seem as bad as it does now, did it? Oh youth :)

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THATGIRL0515 5/30/2012 3:44PM

    you are most awesome person I ever known!

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PARKERB2 5/30/2012 2:12PM

    I hate them things too. Glad you got your run in. Thanks for the comment.

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JANEMARIE77 5/30/2012 1:23PM

    a true runner snakes and heat emoticon

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SAMI199 5/30/2012 12:42PM

    Holy slithering,reptilian roadkill,Batman-I sure am glad he met his demise BEFORE you ran into him...Yikes...

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MZSLYDE01 5/30/2012 12:02PM

    HA HA HA - You make me laugh. That was great - felt like I was there with ya. I was thinking while reading the blog about how if you came to visit you'd have to be on the lookout for snakes. We live right in front of a river and get snakes all the time. In fact, my kitty is a great snake killer. I had one get into my kitchen during the springtime while I was cleaning house. I was walking from the living room into the kitchen (which is right by our back door) and got stopped in my tracks by a snake coiled up on the floor right in front of our stove. My cat was there playing with it and tortured it for a very long time and then dismembered it into 3 pieces. Can you say - EWE.
I too high step it through our grass but not because I was in marching band but because we have snakes.... Hee Hee. And I think it's cool you played the clarinet. Thanks for sharing.

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1HOTMAMA2BE 5/30/2012 10:18AM

    Highstepping it - oh yeah! Way to mix it up, girl! We were driving home the other day and saw two girls freaking out in the grass like you and there was a snake on the sidewalk. What the heck is going on?

I was saying' Tip Toe Through the Tulips just before reading it. Great minds think alike!

Have a great HumpDay! I know I am!!!! emoticon

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JLITT62 5/30/2012 9:44AM

    You could have them in your house . . . have I got a snake tale for you!

Good job getting it done. We had similar weather yesterday, but with the pretty severe thunderstorms I took the high rd & ran on the treadmill. Almost felt like Austin . . . made me homesick.

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TOOTHFUL99 5/30/2012 9:40AM

    You're so funny! Snakes are gross, but I've learned which ones to allow to live in my yard. Some keep the bad ones away, so I have to let them alone. (I live in the country.)

Band camp...oh the memories... I remember the heat and being burnt to a crisp! I was in the colorguard. (The Super Fine Rifle Line!)

Love your blogs, Girl!

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NATPLUMMER 5/30/2012 9:25AM

    YIKES!!! That snake would freak me out, too!! A couple of weeks ago when we were out doing our long run on the trail, a bicyclist who had passed us was standing next to his bike and pointing to the ground.....giant snake!! It finally moved off to the grass and we all went by quickly.
Good idea to take it slow in the heat.

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DGIBSON02 5/30/2012 9:16AM

    It is going to be a very hot one. Even hotter when you are wearing all that umpiring gear.

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DOLLFACEDX 5/30/2012 9:14AM

    good for you getting out and running despite the sure to take along water as you'll lose a lot.. .

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K10BETH 5/30/2012 9:13AM

    High step-- but the point is YOU did it!

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Fun and Sun Weekend on the Horizon

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Memorial Day to all my fellow SPARKIES. Thanks to those who serve and sacrifice for my freedom.

I will be off starting tomorrow for a glorious 4-day weekend, woo hoo and the weather is looking mighty fine. Sunny and in the 80's.

Tomorrow: 8-mile run, food shopping, lawn work [will be thinking of you 1HOTMOMMA2BE while I'm sporting the "dukes", lol] and an afternoon lawn chair siesta - heck yeah. Bought some goodies at the running store know new socks and a new headband will improve my run tremdously, gotta look the part ya know. I also bought some honey stinger waffles, they can very highly recommended by my Sparkette JLITT62, gotta maintain the fuel supply. I have to admit I busted open the package to try a bite yesterday - yummmy, yummmmmy.

Saturday: Strawberry festival parade [if I feel like getting out of bed early] then a blast at the beach- going away party - noon til whenever - a friend of ours is moving to Hawaii, darn his bad luck, eh? Wish I could be so lucky, lol.

Sunday: Cook-out at friend's house - bring on the turkey burgers and chef meg's three cheese macaroni

Monday: Chillin at the pool or beach

emoticonI've got my beach necessities already packed and ready to go:

Beach Towel - Check
Sunscreen - Check
Cooler - Check
Umbrella - Check
Beach Chair - Check
Book to read - Check - I just ordered "Born To Run" and it arrived just in time for some weekend reading in the sun
Sunglasses - Check
Ipod - Check

I'd like to give a shout-out to my creative friend SAMI199, who has made this weekend of relaxation possible. She got the monkey off my back so to speak. She challenged me to get an art project finished that I started and I did. She also did the artwork for t-shirts that I needed to make and they are done also. Thanks for your creative craftiness miss SAMI and for giving me the shove I needed to get it all done. Now I can relax....until the next project, lol.

This is the artwork SAMI designed for the shirt, I just love it.

Hope everyone enjoys a lovely Memorial Day Weekend, love to all.

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SHARON10002 5/29/2012 9:22PM

    Great job on the artwork, Sami!!! Lovin' those socks, too! Hope you had a rockin' awesomely fun and fantastic weekend!

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TOOTHFUL99 5/25/2012 9:24AM

    Hope your weather holds out. I thought i saw some rain headed that way.

For me it will be:

Saturday: Biking
Sunday: Biking
Monday: Biking
Tuesday: Biking

(Have to toughen my butt for the bike tour next week)

Have a great time!!

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SUEAZZI 5/24/2012 10:37PM

    Great design! WTG Sami! Sounds like an awesome 4-day weekend, enjoy every moment! I'm starting my Friday with a run, and the rest of the day odds and ends. This weekend I plan to relax by the bon fire, maybe go to a movie with DH, lounge on my deck and read and plant a tree. None of it in this order... just taking it as it comes and let spontaneity do its thing. Beach, now that's a destination to be considered!!

Comment edited on: 5/24/2012 10:38:33 PM

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1HAPPYSUSAN 5/24/2012 2:02PM

    Sounds like you're going to have an AWESOME 4-day weekend! You've got it all planned and organized and I'm so happy for you! (a little envious, too!)

Relax, enjoy and take good care of YOU! Thank you for checking on me; you will never, ever know how much it means. emoticon

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JLITT62 5/24/2012 1:24PM

    Sounds like a divine weekend.

Well hey, now you've got someone to visit in HI! Definitely one of my favorite places in tbe world.

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2HAMSDIET 5/24/2012 12:58PM

    I love your shirts. Great job Sami. Enjoy every minute of your weekend. emoticon emoticon

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1HOTMAMA2BE 5/24/2012 11:11AM

    Gotta love the flip-flops! And your margarita socks rock!!!

Thanks for the shout out! It's funny how I think of you when trying to decide what to wear to clean the cracks and tighten the lawn. I'm still not ready for the daisy dukes. I will get there though!!! By Labor Day for sure. emoticon Need to give the neighbors something to talk about...might as well be me.

Sounds like a great four day weekend! Can't wait to see some pics and hear all about it!!!! emoticon

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QUILTINGB52 5/24/2012 10:49AM

    Love your crafty t-shirt!!! Sounds like you have wonderful plans for the weekend!!

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LAURELSPARK 5/24/2012 10:43AM

    I have a 3-day weekend....which makes me very happy. It sounds like you have some great stuff planned. It will be in the 90's here so we will have to do some careful planning. It probably will involve getting up and out before 8.

Have a great holiday weekend!

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SAMI199 5/24/2012 10:21AM


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NATPLUMMER 5/24/2012 9:25AM

    I'm taking a 4-day weekend, too :-)
I'll have to check the waffles out. I've got some of their chews that I like a lot.
Sounds like a great weekend ahead.

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Stairs or the Elevator

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Of course we all know that taking the stairs is so much better than taking the elevator. I heard a good one today....

Elevators are for freight !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let us remember that, lol.

I work in a two story office and I only take the elevator down because I have almost face-planted three times in the last two days, how's that for being a totally clutzy doofus?

There's a piece of carpet loose and my heels catch it every time, thank goodness I was holding onto the handrail. I feel like people are watching "miss running lady" [that's what I'm known as to everyone in the building] take the lazy way, the elevator, lol. People judge but they don't know the real deal - let us remember that too.

Still racking up those smiley faces this month, so far so good.

Taking the running a little easy this week, recovery time from the weekend, nice run scheduled for Friday, so I'm off to the running store now to stock up on some energy gels, etc.

Getting Buff emoticon NO EXCUSES !!!!

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SHARON10002 5/29/2012 9:15PM

    Keeping yourself in one piece trumps the stairs anytime!

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SUEAZZI 5/24/2012 10:22PM

    I take the stairs as much as possible but sometimes taking the elevator is what ya gotta do! Have a terrific run Friday! Did you get new running shoes yet?? emoticon

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NEVERMIND2010 5/23/2012 11:34PM

    I take the elevator when I'm wearing heels, too.

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PARKERB2 5/23/2012 3:37PM

    I try to take the stairs when I can. If I continue to get clumsy, I will resort to elevators. I really don't like the closed in feeling of elevators. Have a good one.

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SAMI199 5/23/2012 3:08PM

    Stairs can be a problem since I "fell" & messed up my knee.
Safety 1st & the stairs when I can.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 5/23/2012 3:10:10 PM

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BEAR128 5/23/2012 2:32PM


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JLITT62 5/23/2012 2:27PM

    And well you should be recovering a bit!

That's funny - when we go on a cruise, we never take the elevators unless it's formal night & I'm in heels!

And I think you infected me - in a good way - had planned some clothes shopping along with grocery shopping today but realized I just didn't feel like it, so hit up both grocery stores instead of doing one today, one tomorrow & then went home.

Now for some healthy baking . . .

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1HOTMAMA2BE 5/23/2012 2:06PM


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GROEDER 5/23/2012 1:18PM

    Taking the elevator and staying upright so you can keep running is a very good thing!!!!!
Have a good run on Friday and a great weekend.

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NATPLUMMER 5/23/2012 1:05PM

    I only take the elevator if I'm carrying something big or if I'm with my boss.
Good idea recovering from that very long run.
Oooohhh...gels....are you going to look at shoes, too? ;-)

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Mental Roadblocks... What's Stopping You ????

Monday, May 21, 2012

There are all types of mental road blocks out there, otherwise known as self doubt signs... I Can't, I Shouldn't, I'm Afraid. Have you seen any of these signs?

I'm not afraid of a challenge as a matter of fact I LOVE a Challenge... BRING IT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My particular challenge has been my running. I've been able to comfortably run 13-14 miles, but last week's fail at 15-miles really made me start with the self doubt... I can't, my leg might hurt, what if my hip starts to hurt, a lot of what if's. Should I maybe not run that far again for fear of failing, fear of not being able to make it, fear of a little leg/hip ache afterwards. I really want to sign up for a marathon... but how can I possibly do that if I can't get past the "comfortable" run, do I have what it takes to train for that far?

My Sis decided that she would take the lead and map out the route for this week's long run (I usually do that). I kept asking all week, how far we running? where we running to? She said I should stop worrying about it and just show up, ready to run. Well I knew she was gonna put in a few extra blocks past my 14 mile limit (mental block limit), so I just decided to do what she said... Just show up.

We headed out at 0430 yesterday, it was really windy. We ran the oceanfront route we had run a couple weeks ago (not my favorite, but it was her turn to "map it out"). It was 7+ miles directly into a 20-mph wind, uggghh. It was totally grueling getting there, I kept telling myself... you can't pick your race day forecast, you have to run in whatever weather you are given, so I may as well suck it up and just "get there", and we did. Made a quick potty stop at the half-way point and then headed back, I was still really worried about the mileage since apparently our half way point was farther than last time, but I figured what's another 18 blocks, lol.

Heading back the wind was finally at our back - YEAH. Now a light mist was falling, uggh, a windy, cold mist, what next? My heart rate monitor stopped working, I freaked out about that one. Well since my HRM wasn't working I just had to listen to my body and not go by the numbers on the HRM. I think my HRM may also be contributing to my mental block. When I see the ole heart rate getting past a certain point, it scares me a tad, so I slow down, not really listening to what the body says. So maybe in a way, this was a great lesson too - don't let the HRM set limitations.

Sis said we were going to take a short cut on the way home, so I just followed her lead. We stopped three times on the way home, just long enough for a quick refuel/rehydrate (maybe 4 minutes tops).

When we approached the short cut I knew then I was doomed, lol....this was NO shortcut. I figured it at least added a mile or so onto our run, but I just kept going, now feeling a little tweaking in the hip, but nothing that I couldn't handle [was this a figment of my imagination for fear of going extra miles, or did it really hurt]. Yes it did "feel tweaky" but my sis talked me thru it and said that I should feel some difficulty and that if the pain was not unbearable then to just push thru it and see what happens.

We finished up our run, did our stretching and into the house we went. The DH and soon-to-be BIL had breakfast cooking, so Sis wanted to make the big mileage announcement at the breakfast table. She was the only one who knew how far we had run. Drum roll please......... 17.5 miles. Holy Ham, she tricked me...that was WAY more than 14 miles.

She said the reason she didn't tell me how far we were running is because she wanted me to get past my mental block, and guess what.... I'm over it. I busted thru that road block with the help of my SIS and her complete confidence in me and my abilities. What a super sister. Definitely signing up for a full-marathon now, both of us. What a super boost of confidence, when I surely needed it the most.

I did spend most of the day after our run relaxing on the couch, I did ice the hip and hamstring, it was a little sore after our run. DH was sweet to cook dinner last night. The hip is fine today, the hamstring is a little achy and sore, but all it all, I'm glad I got past my fear.

If I can overcome fear, so can you. Conquer yours today, you'll be glad you did.

DETERMINED to get bufff emoticon no excuses

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    THIS is one of my all-time favorite blogs! What an inspiration you and your sister are!

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SUEAZZI 5/24/2012 10:08PM

    Two peas in a pod, yup. Love your sister's thinking; sometimes we are better off not knowing what's ahead and surprise ourselves in the end as to what we are truly capable of. Marathon, yup, you've got this! emoticon

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SHARON10002 5/22/2012 10:09PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Congratulations on breaking through that mental barrier!!!!
Great Blog!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FLGIRL1234 5/22/2012 1:17PM

    That is fantastic! What an inspiration you are to me. I have running road blocks I need to get past too.

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2HAMSDIET 5/21/2012 8:56PM

    emoticon emoticonI use to have a friend that I would trick into walking further and further If I said we are going to walk way down there she would say she couldn't and stop and wait for me to come back. So I would pick a zig zag route. Amazing things the mind does to try and stop us. What a great sis you have. Enjoy emoticon emoticon

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    Awesome! I just want to be able to run ONE mile without stopping or feeling like I'm going to die!!!!! You rock! :)

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LAURELSPARK 5/21/2012 7:29PM

    Very motivating! I need to get over my mental block. I just need to get rid of all of the junk food in the house first.

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1HOTMAMA2BE 5/21/2012 2:13PM

    All I can say is, "WAY TO ROCK IT GIRL!" Wow! Great run. I can't imagine running that far at this point. No fear is right!

Congrulations! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DDOORN 5/21/2012 2:07PM

    Been there, done that SO many times...doubting myself when faced with a challenge and surprising myself with what I'm capable of accomplishing!

Spark ON! :-)


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GR8CGRM 5/21/2012 1:35PM

    Told you that you could do it sis.. Sometimes your younger sis knows you a little better than you know yourself.. We can do it!!!!! Marathon here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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BRAVEHEART4ME 5/21/2012 12:38PM

  Wow, how exciting! Congrats and Good Job! emoticon

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KAREN_NY 5/21/2012 12:36PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

EXCELLENT!!! Congrats! Keep celebrating!

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ERLYWA 5/21/2012 12:17PM

    Wow, your sis is AWESOME!!! What a super way to help you get past your mental roadblocks!

Congrats on your LONG run! :)

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NATPLUMMER 5/21/2012 10:57AM

    Great run!! That is a big leap in mileage, though. I hope the hip and hamstring are okay with it today.

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MYLADY4 5/21/2012 10:41AM

    What an awesome sis fr helping and WAY TO GO!!!!

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SAMI199 5/21/2012 10:35AM

    JLITT62 is right-you should have had a cheering crowd-(late,but heartfelt...)

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

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JLITT62 5/21/2012 10:26AM

    I would HOPE you relaxed after that!

I can imagine running that far with a flat course & cheering crowds . . . on my own? I'm sure I could, but I'm just too slow a runner & don't want to run that long!

That is a great sis.

And you're pretty awesome yourself.

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I've Created a Monster

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I was experimenting in the my laboratory [oops I mean kitchen] last night. Something sinister was a cooking...Muahahahahahahaha [cue the lightning bolt and the clap of thunder]. The DH has the look of terror on his face when I unveiled my latest creation.... Quinoa.

This was the first time I've ever tried it, not bad but I didn't care for the garlic flavor, it was too overpowering. I'm all about trying something new, at least once. DH ate a couple bites but he wasn't crazy about it. Next time I will flavor it myself and throw in some onions and veggies. I'm gonna keep experimenting with quinoa til I get it right.

Ground chicken patties with grilled pineapples turned out fabulous. I mixed ground chicken with garlic, salt, pepper, breadcrumbs, 1 egg and a tad of shredded parmesan cheese and grilled to perfrection, topped with grilled pineapples, served with a side of sweet and sour sauce and the leftover squash I had cooked the night before. Can you tell I LOVE TO EAT? It is so nice knowing I can have a plate of healthy food and be full and satisfied...
Satisfied in knowing I ate healthy and that I'm finding the joy of cooking. [Did I really just say that?]

This morning I decided to make my morning protein shake "GREEN". I've heard if you add spinach to a smoothie you can't taste it, well it's taken me about 2 months to work up the nerve to try this and... you CAN'T taste the spinach, unbelievable. It was pineapple vanilla flavored, but it was green, that kinda played tricks on my mind, almost thought I was drinking something lime by looking at it. So getting used to the color green is gonna take some work. Don't know what the health benefits of adding spinach to your smoothie are because 1/4 cup is only 2 calories and no other nutrition values that I could find. But that is all the rave now... Green Smoothies - I'm gonna call it a "Shrek-Shake".

Guess I've turned green, muahahahahaha.

Happy day to all.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SHARON10002 5/22/2012 10:04PM

    Tried quinoa and don't care for it. I'll stick to brown and wild rice. . .
Loved this blog, too! Haven't tried spinach in a smoothie as yet. Maybe I'll buy some fruit this weekend and give it a whirl (no pun intended).

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JANEMARIE77 5/18/2012 8:49AM

    I tried and tried quinoa and I've decided no matter what i do I just don't like it much :( Now spinach in a smoothie is fad!!! but you do need to add more for any real benefits, promise you will not taste a thing. if the color is a problem buy a stainless steal cup keeps it cool longer ps make sure it has a hole for your straw. rocking the kitchen you go girl

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SAMI199 5/18/2012 5:04AM

    *Nose Scrunch* I tried it & I didn't like it... emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SUEAZZI 5/17/2012 10:43PM

    I cook Quinoa from time to time for an alternative to rice. I like to serve it with stir frys; sometimes even combine the two. I love to cook so I'm glad you are having fun experimenting in the kitchen! emoticon

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CHEERFUL-ALT-3 5/17/2012 1:47PM

    I put mine in an opaque glass and use a straw...try not to think about the color. Especially if it has spinach and blueberries in it...

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KANSASROSE67 5/17/2012 1:25PM

    Glad you tried the spinach in your smoothie. I add 2 cups of spinach to mine and still can't taste it!

Report Inappropriate Comment
1HOTMAMA2BE 5/17/2012 1:10PM

    I wish I could be as happy as you. It's a new goal of mine. emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
JLITT62 5/17/2012 11:57AM

    You're becoming a mad scientist! You're right, 1/4 cup won't do much for you . . . but you can add a lot more & greens are great for you - actually have a fair amount of protein.

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SHRINKINRUNNER 5/17/2012 11:39AM


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NATPLUMMER 5/17/2012 11:34AM

    I love quinoa...the garlic sounds fab to me!! Dinner sounds great :-)
Yay for spinach!!

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ELAINEROSE5 5/17/2012 11:04AM

    I make the Quinoa with fat free broth instead of water and usually eat it as a replacement for rice. It's really good if you make the crock pot chicken salsa (my favorite spark recipe) and serve it over the quinoa. A power packed meal for sure!!

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2HAMSDIET 5/17/2012 10:04AM

    They have it flavored? I guess I need to leave my small little town more often as I'm just happy they have plan in stock . I like it mixed with other salad things with a light vinegar/ little olive oil kind of thing. Last week I had some quinoa salad from the cosco deli that was very good. Keep trying new things you never know what you might be missing. emoticon

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MZSLYDE01 5/17/2012 9:59AM

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha - You crack me up.
I bought Quinoa about 2 months ago and have been contemplating how I am going to make it. I can't wait to try it. Mine is just plain but am thinking like you- Add some veggies and maybe a little seasoning. We shall see.
That smoothie looks great. I can't wait to make mine tomorrow. I love it - Shrek-Shake. Hee Hee.
Glad you finally tried it with the spinach.

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