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You can NEVER out train a bad diet!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Everyone knows I'm sucking on my fitness... although today I'm rockin' it. No matter what though - what you eat matters! Concentrating on nutrition - giving yourself healthful food - matters.

"You can never out train a bad diet"

Check out the link that illustrates this fact

So, I'll keep working on my fitness points because I know it's important... but even more important is what I give myself nutritionally... I cannot exercise enough to make up for poor nutrition... go me!

Battle On!

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BITEMENCO 7/4/2009 2:45PM

    The videos were definitely dramatic..LOL At first, I though, OMG they're SO right! After a while, it sort of occurred to me (in that "Holy crap! I just had a thought! kind of way) that the main message I got from the videos was that we need to exercise away all the calories we take in, so be careful what you're stuffing in your gob. I don't think that's quite the message they intended to give..or perhaps it was, as at one point they said, "Cardio is just a joke."

Either way, it's a good reminder of just how fast those calories can slide down the gullet when we're not paying attention (says she who's having a couple of slices of pizza for lunch..LOL)


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RUNNINGOMA 7/2/2009 3:42AM

    Thanks for the posting. It definitely motivates me to work harder on my nutrition.

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2BASWAN 7/1/2009 6:39PM

    Good for you! Great reminder for all of us! Thanks for that link; going to check it out.

Red Team

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DARKCHILD 7/1/2009 5:21PM

    Wow! Thanks for posting that video. I was just having a conversation about this very thing with someone this morning. I've got the exercise part down to a tee but my eating habits, that's a whole nother story. I'm gonna keep this visual in mind next time I decide to eat food that is going to hurt rather that help me reach my goal. We can do this!!

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DAKOTASMOMMY_07 7/1/2009 4:51PM

    Annie~~i am not sure how long u have been living ur new lifestyle.
i do know u r soo right about the food we put in our bodies.
bottom line is i know u have it in u to reach ur goals!

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reflection Week #5 of 8-week Battle #4

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Week 5!! Hard to believe there are only 3 weeks left! I did not lose any weight this week and I'm okay with it.. as I said about 4 weeks ago.. I know the ups and downs of hormones, etc. and they effect what I see on the scales. Here's what I KNOW - I know I had a GREAT week. I gave myself more than 35 grams of fiber on average everyday, exceeded both my potassium and calcium goals, ate within my calorie range (at the lower end of the range) and I was much much more active (thanks to Zumba!). I KNOW that the scale will catch up eventually. I also KNOW that I am no longer looking for quick fixes, instant gratification (I've done that all before). Instead, I'm doing something I've never tried before - giving myself nutritious, healthful meals!!

My new healthy (but not obsessive) way of living is working SUPER. I feel "normal" and I don't find myself obsessing over what I ate or didn't eat in a negative way. However, this week I was put to the test - I had a HORRIBLE day on Thursday. I was VERY angry and I wanted to binge - badly. RED FLAG. Emotional eating has been a long time problem (as evidenced by gaining 100lbs the year I got divorced). I knew I was in the danger zone and I did okay. It was literally minute by minute. I played the old "I'll eat a healthy dinner and if I still want to go through the drive-through, I will." You know what? By the time I had GIVEN myself a nutritious dinner, the need to go through the drive-through had passed. Several hours later I got the feeling again - I wanted to eat and eat and eat. Again, I recognized the trigger and viewed it as a test. I ate some protein and journaled reminding myself that although bingeing serves me in the moment it is very self destructive behavior. I went to bed but woke up an hour later ravenous (or so I thought). My old behavior would have been to get up, get dressed and go to a drive-through (it's like a drug). Instead, I splurged on BOTH a skinnycow ice cream sandwich AND a no sugar fudgisicle... and I still ended the day within my calorie/fiber/potassium/calcium goals! This was a true success.

-Ate an average of 35 grams of fiber every day
-Ate within my calorie range (at the lower end of the range)
-Did not meet my goal of 5000 steps per day but DID increase my average from less than 3000 steps to 4,239
-Did not meet my goal of exercising 3 times but DID exercise for an hour (intensely) two times (Thank you ZUMBA) Also, doing the little things helped immensely like taking the stairs, parking further, walking to colleagues offices instead of emailing or calling!!
-Won the battle to binge due to emotions!!!!
-Felt normal; no obsessing over food

My plan for the coming week:
-Continue to be BATTLE READY by having a plan, a vision and a battle mindset!
-Exercise THREE times for a total of three hours.
-Average 6000 steps each day (this is a stretch goal since I didn't meet my 5000 goal this last week)
-I can feel myself getting a bit tired of some of the foods I'm eating, so I'm incorporating some new recipes this week to add a bit more variety. (Boredom can be a trigger to binge.)

Remember those little things ADD UP! What little things are you doing in your battle?

Battle On!

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DARKCHILD 6/29/2009 9:13PM

    I like the idea of posting what you did right. I think I'll start doing the same. Keep up the great work! Your blog reassures me that I don't have to be perfect.

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SKINNIKKI 6/29/2009 10:24AM

    I think you've got it!

We should recipe/meal plan swap!

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GLORYLIGHT57 6/29/2009 10:09AM

    WTG! Anne...It's great that you are focusing on the other benefits you are receiving for choosing a healthier lifestyle. I agree, the scale will catch up.

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2BASWAN 6/29/2009 1:21AM

    I'm so proud of you!!!

You conquered some pretty big issues this week, specifically, the emotional binging. That's a tough one and yet you did it!!! You always inspire me to be better and that I too can get through those hard times of wanting to binge.

Way to go on your exercise and increasing your steps. Again, I'm left in awe.

Red Team

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You are beautiful...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I have tears streaming down my face... if you have not visited this website or heard about "the movement", PLEASE visit it now!! The message is simple and profound. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Post messages in public places where other women will find them.. to remind all of us that we are already beautiful...

I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow loaded with post-it notes...

This is something everyone can do... and how encouraging would it be to find a note like this to remind us to love ourselves first just the way we are - beautiful...

Battle On!


Zumba baby Zumba!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well, I went to my first (and it won't be my last) ZUMBA class. Talk about F-U-N!! It was so motivating and HIGH HIGH energy... all hips gyrating.. LOL.. It was an hour long and truthfully after 35 minutes I quit using my arms because I thought I was gonna D-I-E. I was completed soaked with sweat after 20 minutes!!! I wondered why everyone had towels.. and now I know..

If you haven't tried ZUMBA, do it! I loved the energy in the room... all these women (and a couple of men) throwing some serious gyrations everywhere.. LOL.. it was like a dance club! Loud latin music that makes you want to move. I was a bit afraid people would be looking at me but ya know what?? NO ONE HAD TIME!! We were all way too busy working out.

Here's the link to see if there's a ZUMBA in your area...

I have sooooo been struggling with the step thing.. remember I usually only average about 3000 steps a day. I got home, downloaded my "gowearfit" and I've done over 7000 steps today!!!! and 5000 of them were in ZUMBA CLASS!! WOW WOW WOW.

Battle ON! or should I say ZUMBA ON BABY!

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2BASWAN 6/26/2009 7:02PM

    Hurray on 7,000 steps!!!! Boy, that ZUMBA class sounds so fun. I'm going to check if there's any classes where I live. Isn't it funny how when we go to a class we're worried about people noticing our size, yet in the end they don't, because they're focused on themselves! Good for you in going to the class!!

Red Team

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CHOCMOM 6/25/2009 4:15PM

  I just posted today on my team page - the same link. I saw a demonstration of it about 2 months ago and LOVED it. But there is only one gym in town offering - can't afford their membership fee, plus I was disappointed to find out they only offer 3 sessions a week. Miss one and you are out of luck. I keep telling the folks at the Boot Camp Fitness Center that I go to that they need to offer it as an alternative to the regular, plain jane boot camp.

Glad you liked it - this will be good for YOU!
emoticon emoticon

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SKINNIKKI 6/25/2009 3:27PM

    Thanks for the link. I'm going to look up where I can go. Heard a local friend on Twitter say she was going so there must be somewhere close.

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    Sounds like you had LOTS of fun!!!! Awesome!

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Giving to myself...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Those of you who've been keeping up with my journey know that my "take" on dieting this time is in exact opposition to everything I've done in the past. No insane behavior of repeating the same thing I've done in the past and expecting different results!! Rather than denying myself things (calories, carbs, whatever) - I'm GIVING myself fiber, lots of fiber. Well, since beginning, I read several articles about how most people do not get enough potassium. So, I've added potassium to my nutrients I'm tracking and am learning about foods high in potassium to give myself. So far, I'm going GREAT on getting enough but not too much potassium in my diet. Very cool.

Well, then I read an article about calcium... and started tracking it. OUCH. I am no where near - NO WHERE NEAR - getting enough calcium (which for women is super important). My BEST day I came close but still didn't meet the goal. So, now I"m on the search for foods high in calcium.. and am now researching supplementation (which I'm really not a fan of).

If anyone has some good ideas on Calcium... please feel free to share!

UPDATE 6/24/09
Okay, I made a HUGE mistake! I use a lot of homemade recipes and realized that I did not put the CALCIUM data in when I added it to my food tracker. I just put in the calories, fat, carbs, etc. So, I went back and added the information.. and BOOM BABY I am GOLD on calcium!! YEAH ME. This eating healthy thing is simply fantastic. (Also, today a friend turned me on to Viactiv - chewy, candy like, calcium supplement. My only problem with it is that the first ingredient is, you guessed it, CORN SYRUP! That's okay cuz they're only 20 calories a piece.. it's not much corn syrup.)

Battle On!

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VLECKB 6/23/2009 11:33PM

    Hey darlin,

I almost never get my full amount of calcium through foods too even though I have milk with my cereal and yogurt for lunch it still never seems to come close.

I do however, take a women's multi vitamin that apparently has 100% of the needed amount so I tend not to worry about it. I've never tracked my potassium though...what does that do?? I guess I should do some research!

Way to go keeping yourself checked in though! It's such a big help!


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SKINNIKKI 6/23/2009 11:00PM

    Hey, found this link to answer your question. Hope it helps. Hard to calcium on low carb but we can get creative.
Might have to copy and paste that into your browser. Not sure if it will link properly but I don't see the Add Link button on the blog page.
For the record, a low carb cookbook I have states that really plain yogurt has only 4 net carbs for one cup. If you want more info, I'll copy the paragraph for you to read stating why this is so. It has to be plain yogurt though, but you can add berries of some sort to sweeten it yourself, or a pinch of splenda.

Good luck. Not sure if you are still following low carb or not, but perhaps the link is helpful regardless.

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BITEMENCO 6/23/2009 10:13PM

    I need more calcium, too!! One of the best sources is dairy foods, obviously...although one has to watch the fat intake with those (especially cheese!). A lot of the dark leafy greens are also quite rich in calcium, although the top two I found - kale, and collard greens - simply aren't available in Western Canada *sigh*

This whole "balanced diet" thing can be a real juggling act at times... there's days I think it would just be easier to pop a couple of pills and be done with it! LOL I have a CalMag supplement that I used to take regularly....may go back to that, cause I'm having a terrible time getting enough through eating.


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CHRISPYLEE 6/23/2009 10:10PM

    I track calcium as well. You of course know the usual suspects...milk, cheese,ect.
I have found that beans are a great source of calcium and fiber. I add them to about anything, everyday! Black eyed peas have 211mg per serving and baked beans have 155mg.
It is funny really, to me b/c I am always searching for the perfect balance of getting the right amount of this that or the other. Seems like when I get one thing figured out then,boom there is something else! It is hard, but oh so worth it. You are worth it!
Great job!!

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