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Thursday, July 17, 2008

ok. so 2 days now i've been sticking to my lowered calorie range of 1400. i just got back from vacation like 3 days ago too. but i am excited to say that today i weighed in at 156.2!!!!!! wooohooooo! that is number that i haven't seen in like 8 months! i was like hmm.. that's not right, so i stepped on the scale again and it said the same thing.

last night at the gym i weighed in at 161.2 which is also 0.4 pounds down from monday night. so yay!! maybe something is finally working. i weigh so much less in the morning than at night. uh after 5 weeks of being perfect and i only lost 1 pound.. then i went on vacation and was worried that i would fall out of the habit and that i'd gain back that 1 pound that i worked so hard to lose. i come back and i lost another 2 pounds.

yay!!!!!!!!! i'm so glad i'm finally starting to see some results. about time. maybe i will hit under 150 before i leave for school!


ok. now seriously. im back on the bus..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ok. today's workout sucked. it was so hard. i felt so heavy and tired. i couldn't finish my entire workout. i cut my elliptical 15 min. short. i did ok. but i am done eating like crap because it makes me feel like crap.

2 good things today:
- somehow i still stayed in my calorie range, even though i ate whatever the hell i wanted and as much as i wanted. so that's weird. i swear i didn't leave anything out either.
- when i weighed myself on the scale at the gym it read 2 pounds lighter than it previously did before i went on vacation.

other than that... i felt like crap today. physically and mentally. i'm so drained. it's still tough learning how to be single and ok with it. and right now i feel like even all my best friends (who just so happen to be guys too) are all ignoring me..enough thinking about it because i don't wanna get all pissed off again. i really do not appreciate boys and their stupid penises right now.


alright! back on the healthy bus!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

so... today is my last day of vacation. and i thought i'd just see how many calories it was... holy cow!! wow! 3,500 calories in one day! i ate tons of empty calories. like LOTS of pop. but tomorrow morning i will wake up and get back on the healthy bus. time for me to buckle down again and really strive to push myself these 4 weeks before school starts up again. time to shake boys out of my mind and fill my head with thoughts of me. as selfish as it sounds.... life is so much easier when all i think about is me. i hate this age of boys and their drama and self-doubt.

i'm going to try with the nutrition plan that i set up before i started vacation. and then my trainer set up my strength training plan for the next 4 weeks so i'm good to go on that. i skipped yoga tonight... :-( not good... i should've worked out today because my head is so frustrated with guys and consumed with all this energy that is just screaming to get out. but tomorrow will be better... and i can't wait for my stomach to stop being bloated.. i swell up like a huge puffer fish when i eat unhealthy foods. i noticed on the 4th day of being on vacation that my stomach was huge! it's time to get back to the way it was and then smaller.

i need sleep! night!

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FITGIRL15 7/15/2008 12:32PM

    Haha... like a puffer fish! Too cute, but I can totally relate! (Water retention is a huge drawback of eating unhealthy foods!)

I cant wait to see the progress over the next 4 weeks! Forget about boys, forget about their BS and just focus on YOU... that is NOT selfish at all! You deserve some ME time... ENJOY is and make the most of it!!!!


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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

ok. so i found this chart thing that i've noticed a few people using. i'm going to give it a try. if that math doesn't line up with what is actually going on then i dunno. i just might freak or go see a doctor because losing weight should not be this hard at all. i can drop 15 lbs. in a few weeks by doing atkins but it doesn't stay for longer than 6 months but when i try to do it the right way nothing happens after 2 months.

so this week: bmr cals burned cals eaten defecit
6/25 1555 860 1576 -839
6/26 1555 600 1482 -673
6/27 1555 0 1624 +69
6/28 1555 330 1650 -235
6/29 1555 600 1571 -584
6/30 1555 850 1539 -866
7/1 1555 0 2120 +565
Totals: 1555 3240 11,562 -2,563 calories
= 0.73 lbs... we'll see.

after learning what my bmr is i think that makes sense. because that is usually what i ended out at everyday without trying. it seemed like i was constantly coming in under 1600 and had to eat to get up to it. i'm going to drop my calories down to 1400 and see how that goes.

and i've officially set my goal date............ my 21st birthday!

goals: April 30th, 2009 (41 weeks-1 week, 1 day at a time)
OW: 166 - a tight size 12
CW: 160 - a comfortable size 12
GW: 115 - a comfortable size 4
BMI: under 20%
Goal measurements:
bust: 36"
waist: 26"
hips: 36"

ok. i'm rededicating myself after this frustrating time but i got to change something. i am NOT going to quit. i want this too bad and have been wanted for so long. i will do this.


O.K. Now i'm getting annoyed!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

i'm inches away from giving up... well i kinda did. i blew today by 500 calories and ate junk.


i'm so frustrated and confused! ok. i HAVE been picture perfect. the ideal of any personal trainer's dream for 5 straight weeks now. i never go over my calories by more than 50. always hit the protein range by at least 20g extra. never hit the fat range. drumroll please....................................

i've lost ZERO inches. and barely 1 pound! AFTER 5 WEEKS!

i'm sorry but usually everyone sees a difference in 5 weeks. like i seriously can't believe that nothing has happened yet. the plan that i'm doing is what my trainer set up and at my weigh-in last saturday i was supposed to come in at 152 pounds. i was 163.4. down 1.4 pounds. he set up my plan to meet that weight! and nothing happened. a Ph. D in fitness and health and he couldn't get me there. seriously what is wrong with me??

i read countless blog after blog of people on their weight loss journey's and every single person has seen at least a loss of inches and a minimum of 4 pounds in that first 4-6 weeks. and i've got nothing to show for my work... really, makes me wanna just eat whatever the hell i feel like it, because then i enjoy life more and my weight stays the same and i feel the same.

another reason why i'm so frustrated is because i wanted to be 1 size down by the time i leave to go home and visit friends over the holiday. which is tomorrow. and my ex-ex bf is going to be in town and we still kinda "talk" and i kinda wanna "run" into him at the fireworks celebration. i don't know what it is about this guy because he drives me insane and at times i really disliked him a lot but he never goes away. when i think he's gone, he'll pop back up. the timing is just never right...but one of these times, when he sees me, i want his jaw to drop. i kinda want him to think of me as something more and i can decide what i want.

man, i want a good, strong drink. it's been a tough day.

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LISA_074 7/2/2008 1:44AM

    That sucks...but don't give up and don't give in. One step back, two steps forward. You can know you want to.

Keep up the good work!

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NATALIE220 7/2/2008 1:06AM

    Wow. I'm as surprised as you.

All I can say is keep going don't give up, its not worth it!
Results will come=)


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