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Friday, August 30, 2013

The other day I was on my way driving to a work conference and I kept thinking to myself that I couldn't wait to get there to eat the greek yogurt I had thrown in my purse and was going to have for breakfast. At that moment I began to praise GOD. I can remember times in my life where, I would stop at some fast food place on the way and get a breakfast value meal and gobble it down in my vehicle and then eat the danishes, donuts or whatever they were offering once I made it to a conference. But no, instead, I was looking forward to my healthier breakfast and not because I was being forced to but purely out of the enjoyment of eating it.

Once I got there and settled in, I realized I had left my name badge. Again, I thought to myself, the old me would have dreaded having to walk and find a bathroom in that big old convention center but I again was struck with some joy. Yes, I parked across the way at a parking lot but that would give me an opportunity to get a little quick walk in. Hallelujah. God is so good and has brought me so far in this journey. Most of you all don't know me but I know me and I know the power of GOD. Without Him allowing the Holy Spirit to strengthen me through this journey, I would still be that old person, loving me unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise.

My journey is far from over and this last 20 lbs I desire to lose has been WHOA!. I can't catch a streak right now. One thing I do know is that God is still present with me because in His promise he said that he would be with me and that is on this weight loss journey and every journey I face in life. I have to say again. Hallelujah I am not where I should be but thank God I am not where I been!!!!!

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CLPURNELL 9/3/2013 10:10PM

    emoticon emoticon

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TACONES 9/2/2013 9:54PM

    I can relate to the new healthy mentality. I can relate to what you are saying in your blog. I love the new feeling. God is good. emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 8/30/2013 6:05PM

    That's the utter beauty of this journey! We may not be where we want to be (yet) but we're NOT where we started out!

Good weekend to you and blessings.

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NEWTINK 8/30/2013 4:50PM


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Gone but not forgotten

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Okay Sparkers,

So I have fallen off the horse and even been dragged a little behind him as he galloped away (have not consistently exercised, eaten well, logged into sparks for over a month now). The horse I am talking about is the one I was riding to a healthier me. LOL

This blog is in no way a "beat myself up" one because I am fine with my decision. It was, in fact, a decision, that I chose to make. I saw myself slipping. I wanted to hold on tighter. I felt myself falling. I wanted wrap the rope tighter. But when I fell, I fell and just laid there. I enjoyed laying there looking up at the sky and all the things that come along with being off the horse.

And don't pretend you don't know what I am talking about. Anyone who has made a decision to stay on the horse knows it's not an easy road. They know that laying on the ground feels good in it's own way. No discipline, no accountability, no deprivation. IT FELT GOOD!!!!

But that high is only a temporary one because as you lay on the ground you start to realize all those other things that are coming along with falling off and staying there laying on the ground. Wow, my back is starting to hurt a little more... it's not as easy for me to rise up some.... that goal that I was moving towards is still in the same spot, not closer.. is that my heartburn coming back... my sugar levels have been more elevated...all those reality things.

Well, I am up (well actually enjoying my last day of laying) mentally because I know what is ahead. I greet it and welcome it and I am ready to get back on the horse. We have a horse ride leaving first thing tomorrow.

The horse ride to a healthier life is not like a ride at the amusement park, six flags or the carnival. It's a ride that never ends. I have been on mine for a while now and have learned so much, enjoyed so much, fallen off so much but I will never say that I am done. All the things that have made this my lifestyle are always there. (thank GOD)... While I lay there on my back looking up at the sky, I know that even in that moment, they are gone but never forgotten #weighthasbeenmaintained.

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LILSHINE 8/2/2013 8:56AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon back!!!

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PWILLIAMS7 8/1/2013 10:26AM

    You are sooo right. I have fallen off the horse also and yes it feels GREAT!!!! I am trying to stay on myself. Good luck to you!!!

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1CRAZYDOG 7/31/2013 2:14PM

    Giddyaup! Good for you for getting back on the journey. HUGS and smiles.

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DIETER27 7/31/2013 10:37AM

  good blog . Yes we have a horse ride to a healthier life. Get your saddle ready . The ride never ends but we Can do this. i have been on mine for a while also but i too have learned alot and i choose to stay on this ride . Keep up the good work.

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TCANNO 7/31/2013 10:36AM

    It does sound as if you are ready to restart your journey, so good luck to you

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Friday, July 12, 2013

I have not blogged in a minute and just wanted to touch bases. UGH is the best word to describe the time between my last blog and now. I have been off track in a major way. I have not been excising or tracking and each day I say I am going to do better but haven't.

I went to the Essence Festival for the 4th weekend and my eating was horrible. Continental breakfast by the hotel and then out in the streets of New Orleans. Surprisingly though, the scale said decent numbers.

I have not exercised emoticon in over two weeks now. I was doing so well.

I need to make a turn around now before it is to late. Have goals to get to. Pray for me!!

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NEWTINK 7/14/2013 8:14PM

    emoticon emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 7/12/2013 5:08PM

    Start slow. Make an appointment with yourself to get 10 minutes of exercise for today. Then add another 5 or 10 minutes the next day . . . however it works for you.

HUGS and don't beat yourself up. THAT takes away the energy you need to move forward.

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SHARONCAPPS 7/12/2013 4:39PM

  You can do it. Just keep trying and it will happen.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

I don't feel no ways tired....
I come to far from where I started from....
Know body told me the road would be easy.
I don't believe he brought me this far to leave me.

I think of the words of this gospel song and I remind myself regularly with those words. I have been on this journey for a long time. I was at my heaviest so many years ago.

Today I was chatting with a friend who is battling a drug addiction and he was telling me how he wants so desperately to change. Although I could not relate to his addiction to drugs, I have battled with my own addiction for the majority of my life. That addiction has been to food, and so, even though I couldn't relate to his addiction directly, I could feel his pain of wanting to progress for the better.

I was looking for a picture the other day of me and my father and started to come across so many pictures of myself that brought back memories. Memories of heavier times, of unhealthier times. I laughed and some pictures, gasped at others and felt a little embarrassed about some too. I also had to smile because although these pictures had not only captured different images of me, they had captured PROGRESS!!

As I talked to my friend, I told him that I knew he wanted to live a different life but that at times it seems hard and out of reach. I know on some of those pictures I felt the same way. But I also told him to never give up and even when he slips, get back up and get back to that which he desires for his life.

Change is never easy but it surely isn't impossible. I am witness to that. Even if you fall off today, tomorrow don't give up. You have to push forward. And as you push forward, it becomes easier. I am doing it. I looked at those pictures and know it can be done. I told my friend, it can be done in his situation too.

Like the words of the song.. I've come to far from where I started from......

Progress. You may not see it when you are looking close up but when you take a step back, boy, what an eye opener!!!!!!

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CHYNNA81 6/21/2013 8:13PM

    Looking Great! emoticon Keep up the great work and keep moving forwards.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MISSB8604 6/21/2013 6:42PM

    Nicely done!

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1CRAZYDOG 6/21/2013 3:37PM

    You look marvelous! Yup . . . change always means some growing pains along the way, but they give way to strength and clarity!

You know it's amazing to me that the addiction to food IS, as far as the brain is concerned, the same! The same "pleasure center" of the brain that lights up for a substance addict lights up with a food addict. Amazing, isn't it! But it sure does explain how difficult it is to challenge that addiction! And to add to that we, obviously, need food to survive, so it's not like we can avoid it!

Good luck to you hun, and I hope that your friend also finds peace in his life. HUGS and smiles.

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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

My clothes are fitting looser, I am no longer taking insulin and I am closer to my original goal (10 lbs away). Praise GOD!!!! I have not been at this weight since undergrad. I am feeling better and I am feeling healthier. Now does anyone know where they sell the magic pill to get rid of this midsection. LOL.

I got on the scale the other day and was shocked by the number it read. It was a good shock but I wondered if the battery in the thing was going bad. I went to WalMart later that day and made sure I swung by the scale isle. I got on three different scales in there, all with similar results. Yay. It was correct.

I also had on a pair of shorts the other day that were way too small last summer. Not only did they fit comfortably, but they had a little wiggle room.

I am just so thankful for the support I have been given from this site and the people around me. My next task: to keep pushing forward!!

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DREESE0421 6/11/2013 6:43PM

    WOW! I know you are excited to be off the insulin. That is one of my goals. Don't lose your momentum. You are almost there! Remember: "You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!." emoticon

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NAPPIGURL 6/4/2013 7:42PM

    emoticon emoticon

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NEWTINK 6/4/2013 4:31PM

    emoticon You are doing great ... as far as that midsection pill goes if you find it send it to me emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 6/4/2013 2:14PM

    Honey, that's fantastic! I can see you doing the victory dance in the aisles as your weight is confirmed on not one but THREE different scales! LOL Way to go.

Hugs and smiles.

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