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Before It's Too Late

Saturday, September 12, 2009

This morning my husband said to me "Lori, guess who's name is in the paper today?"
I got nervous because he was reading the obituaries. "Adeline" he said and my heart dropped. Adeline was a close friend of my mother-in-law, whom my husband has known since birth and I have known for 34 years. We have been saying to each other for the past 6 months - "We have to go to visit Adeline." We never got there. How sad it is that we let our lives get in the way of our relationships - with PEOPLE that mean a lot to us. We let our jobs take precedence, our vacations, our THINGS! Adeline was a dear friend and we let her down. Regrets - I don't like to have them, especially when they involve people.
My initial reaction was to exclaim "Next Sunday, we're going to visit your aunt!" His aunt is in her 80"s and lives on Long Island. Yes, it's a bit of a trip for us, which is why we haven't see her in a few years. But I don't want any more regrets. We MUST make it a priority to keep in touch and visit those that matter to us.
Lord, please forgive me for not keeping my priorities in the right place. Fill me with a sense of honor and respect for those who mean the most to me and to not let the less important thing in my life keep me from giving them my time and attention. Amen.

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SEJULY 9/12/2009 12:08PM

  I'm sorry for your loss. Many of us all let so many of aspects in our lives get out of balance. I agree with you. Before its too late, call or visit a friend or family member you haven't seen in awhile.

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I have been a sparkie since 7/31/09 and started out tremendously. I was keeping my carbs low(I limited my breads, pasta rice to 1 a day) and I lost 11+ pounds in the first two weeks. I had energy and stamina I hadn't experienced in years. I noticed, however, that my fiber count was always too low at the end of the day. When I started trying to raise my fiber level to meet my spark daily goals I found a listing that showed that whole wheat pasta, some wheat breads, cereals and brown rice, had quite a bit of fiber, so I started including more of these into my diet.
Within the next two weeks, my weight losses decreased, which I had expected anyway. But my energy level also plummeted. Whereas I could hop up from a chair the weeks before, I now was having my previous difficulties getting up in the morning, where I had to walk around a bit before I felt the lethargy leave my legs, and I had a harder time getting up from the couch or a chair.
I had been in the supermarket over the weekend and saw a Woman's World magazine which showed "Oprah's diet discovery! anti-aging miracle plan!" Although I expected the article to be much of the same as the usual, healthy eating plans, it had , for me, one important exception. David Murdock, owner of Dole Foods, touts a nutritious eating plan
which includes an abundance of fruits, vegetables, fish and beans. Nowhere does his plan include any bread or pasta! And he claims that your energy will increase immediately!
That's when a light went off in my head!!! The first two weeks, I had limited myself to 1 serving of bread products a day. Now I was eating one at each meal (to increase my fiber count) and craving more!! When I limited my intake previously, I didn't crave it at all!
The breads, pastas, and cereals I had been eating to increase my fiber, were sapping my energy.
I have always felt that a high protein - low carb eating plan was what I needed. Since reading of David Murdock's eating regimen, I feel that low carb is not accurate - THE RIGHT
CARBS - fruits and vegetables are the most important in a healthy eating lifestyle. I don't know if I can eliminate meats and chicken from my diet, since he recommends fish, but I certainly will be increasing my fish and bean intake (and definitely slashing my bread intake) BRING ON THE emoticon ENERGY emoticon

If you wish to check out this article it is Woman's World - the Sept. 14, 2009 issue, with Oprah on the cover.


Singing Skies and Dancing Waters

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I was on my way to church this morning and rather than a worship Cd, I had a John Denver (a favorite of mine) album " I Want to Live" in the cd player. When I started the car, this song "Singing Skies and Dancing Waters" began. I have listened to and enjoyed this song for many years, yet today, the minute I started to really listen to the words, I realized that this song is about finding GOD! The Lord opened my eyes to the meaning of this song as I was on my way to worship and did I enjoy the ride! I sang with my heart and enjoyed the song all the more because now it had more meaning and was was an affirmation of God's
ever presence in our lives. I hope you enjoy the words. Lori
Singing Skies and Dancing Waters
So many years ago, I cant remember now
Someone was waiting for me
I had the answers to all of my questions
Love was so easy to see, I didn't know

When I was younger, I should have known better
I thought nothing was new
Through all the spaces, and all of the changes
What I lost sight of was You
I didn't know, I didn't know

I could see You in singing skies and dancing waters
Laughing children, growing old
And in the heart and in the spirit
And in the Truth when it is told

My life became shady, and I grew afraid
And I needed to find my way home
I just couldn't see You, I thought that I'd lost You
I never felt so much alone, are You still with me?

Somehow in reason, I lost sight of seasons
I'm growin out, growin in
Sometimes in evenings, when daylight was needed
I thought I'd never see You again
Are You still with me, are You still with me?

I'm with you in singing skies and dancing waters
Laughing children, growing old
And in the heart and in the spirit
And in the Truth when it is told

If my faith should falter
And I should forsake You, and find myself turning away
Will You still be there, will You still be there?

I'll be there in singing skies and dancing waters
Laughing children, growing old
And in the heart and in the spirit
And in the Truth when it is told

Words and music by John Denver emoticon

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JOCHEBED1 8/16/2009 12:20PM

    the words sound good! edifying

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The Spirit at the Helm

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I have just begun my third week of this current (and hopefully last) weight loss voyage and I am amazed that this is me with all of this self control. I previously could not get past lunch without craving something fattening or giving in to some temptation. There is only one reason for this happening. The Spirit is at the Helm on this journey, not me. A few weeks ago I prayed to God for His Spirit to instill me with the gift of self control. IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN A FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT THAT I HAVE LACKED! I have continued to pray for this gift each day and at the same time I happened upon SP. The combination of the Holy Spirit working in me and the blessing of SparkPeople to keep me on track and supported has been incredible! Here I am down 12.2 lbs in two weeks and still feeling motivated and confident. I thank God each day and still continue to request that His Spirit fill me because I KNOW that by myself it would never happen. THANK YOU LORD!!!

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HOPEFULMOM2 8/15/2009 3:45PM

    Congratulations and God bless you! Keep on going. emoticon emoticon

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Emotional Eater - ME? - Oh Yeah!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

I took the Spark profile quiz today and was categorized as an emotional eater. Does this surprise me? Not in the lease. When you struggle with obesity as long as I have ( all my life since age 12, actually) you know that food is not the problem. It is my response to my emotions that is the problem. Finally, at age 55, after 43 years of wrong responses, I am looking to a Higher Power than food for my comfort and peace. At this stage of my life, I am finally realizing that my comfort and peace come from God. Only He can give me the peace I desire. I am learning that negative emotions are not the answer to my daily struggles and stresses. The knowledge that I KNOW that God loves me and is there to guide and comfort me is my key to overcoming my negative responses to my emotions. I pray each day that the good Lord will fill my spirit with guidance, self control and comfort.
I pray too, that each of you will find your comfort and peace.

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MARLIN515 8/6/2009 2:17PM

    AMEN!!! God spoke to my heart and led me to realize that He wants me to live an abundant life full of blessings. What we eat affects us! I could either eat junk and be sick all the time or I could eat healthy and feel good! I'm learning how to take better care of this temple and in the process am being blessed with more energy, strenth and vitality!!

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DEE0973 8/6/2009 10:28AM

    Oh sister, go ahead and testify. GOD is our source and strength and we should look to him always instead of outside things like food. It is a struggle more so on some days, but I'm in it with you. YOU will get through it.

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