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Starting Over

Sunday, October 05, 2008

I think it's time for me to start over with Spark. I started out really good losing ten pounds in like 4 weeks. Once school started i got all off track, then I started hanging around friends that aren't eating healthy and telling myself it was okay, that i would eat better later or excercise later (which never happened). So I gained 2 lbs. I feel horrible. I need to work on my self control and my horrible sweet tooth. I also need to work on moderation. I can get carried away eating some food. I love food, it makes everything better, until I get on a scale that is.
Well just some more rambling from me


Busy Busy Busy

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good Lord have I been busy. School has been swamping me with homework and any time I get free time, it gets taken up by children or sick friends. BUT, I have been eatin healthy, I still get my excercise in (though last week I was lazy). I am not going to say I haven't slipped because I have once or twice, (Maybe three times), but now that I have some things out of the way I can get back right.
I havent lost anything in two weeks, which is really depressing, but it is my own fault. I should have gotten my excercise in regardless and I should have said no to the beef and broccoli and the egg roll.
I dont get to visit my teams the way I would like and I dont get to log my food as much as i should, so if my pages look blank or you don't hear from me in still here. I promise. I am determined to lose weight and I will not use the excuse I was too busy to do anything.

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JQRICHMOND 9/18/2008 1:36PM

    It's really, really hard when you're busy. Planning, prepping and keeping up with healthy food and exercise takes a lot of time. And so does activity on the message boards, tracking points, food, fitness . . . it's just a lot! It's a journey and it's o.k. to stop at the rest stops now and then. So, be gentle with yourself and don't let the guilt or the "I should haves" get the best of you. I hope you take some time for yourself doing something that is soothing and peaceful for your soul so you can refresh and re-engage when your schedule lightens up. emoticon

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Know What I Need to Do

Thursday, August 28, 2008

So I think I know what I need to do from now on when it comes to eating. Yes I should have firgured it out awhile back, but I've been trying to see how I eat and what not.

1. Cut back on protein. More veggies, less meat.

2. Cut back on salt. I love seasonings and anything without salt just tastes bland to me. But I know eventually I will get used to it.

3. Cut back on sugars. I don't eat that much sugar, but what I do eat, I need to cut back on.

4. Veggies, veggies, and more veggies. I strongly dislike anything green and leafy, but I can get accustomed to the taste (that means without cheese, ICBINB, and a dash of salt.

5. I need to plan out my meals better and make a shopping list of al the helathy things I need.

So theses are my current goals. I've been good about getting my excercise in so I'm not worried about that anymore. I just need to get my eating down pat.

Well I'm off to school, hopefully things will go my way today.



Sunday, August 17, 2008

So I LOVE the Backyardigans. Their songs have the catchiest little tunes and I love how they break it on down when dancing lol. However, today I found out they help me get my excercise in. My little boys were watching it and I got up and started dancing along with them and trying to climb up a big sandy mountain. By the time we were done my heart was racing and I was sweating. We had so much fun!! I'll definitely do that every chance I get.

Today went pretty good! I had a good breakfast and a good lunch. I'm going to start making lighter dinners and heavier lunches, so I dont go to bed full of so many calories (KWIM?). Almost got all five servings of fruits and veggies today. Tomorrow I'm going to sit down and plan out all my meals for the next week. I'll just have to try and think of more then just sammiches for dinner.

Well I'm feeling good today!! Hoepfully tomorrow will be even better. :)


Fainted a little

Saturday, August 16, 2008

So I fainted a little today, not all the way, but I got SUPER dizzy and had to sit down on the ground before I really fell. Not sure why I did though. I had breakfast lunch and a snack, so I wasn't fatigued or anything.

I have been having some problems with my Gall bladder, at least that's what I think it is. I get this really, really bad pain right in the middle of my stomach (or somewhere near there) and I end up laying in bed hurting and praying that someone knocks me out. Well I can usually feel when a pain is fixing to hit because I get this heavy feeling in my stomach, like my pants are too tight or something and then it get's worse. Nothing helps it at all. I just have to sit andwait for it to pass. I've talked to my dr about it and she just said if I keep having trouble then give her a call, everything has been okay, til today.

Today I was shopping and I felt that pain in my stomach so I checked out as quick as possible so I could get home before it got worse. On my way home the pain didn't subside or increase, it just stayed the same, but when I was about a block from my house, I started getting dizzy. I broke out in a really bad sweat. I could still focus and was driving fine so I cont home. When I pulled in my parking space I got out and the dizziness got worse. I know I was walking like I was drunk, but I wanted to make it inside before I fainted on the front lawn and embarrassed myself in front of all my neighbors. By the time I made it to my door, I couldn't focus on anything. Everything was bright and fuzzy and I couldn't keep my balance. I could feel the blood pounding in my ears and my nose started running. I was sweating so bad. Finally I fell. I didn't just fall on my butt, I leaned up against my porch wall and slid down, gracefully lol. But somehow I twisted my foot and now thelast three toes on my left foot hurt like hell. Hopefull they'll be better tomorrow, right now they are throbbing.

Only three people saw me fall thank God. Two boys going by asked if I was okay and I told them I was fine. I couldn't see who they were because that was when everything was bright and fuzzy. A woman across from me came out and asked if I was okay, by that time, I could see straight and found my keys. Once inside, I fell to the floor and closed my eyes. Of course I called my mom, becuase she had gall bladder problems. And of course, I cried just a little, becuase well, it was scary and I've never had anything like that happen before.
My boys were with me. I don't know how I managed to get them out of the car and to the house without falling down. Jeremy asked me why I fell and I just told him I didn't feel good.

Right now I'm still having a little light headedness and trouble focusing (i seem to be typing fine though). I'm hungry as I dont know what but it's too late at night and I treally dont feel like cooking because my toes hurt like crazy and i feel a little sick. Not sure if I should go to the ER or not. Never really been over somethnig like this. I'll just keep an eye out on myself I guess lol.


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