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Fitbit Flex Week One

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This week has been pretty successful with working out. I am LOVING my fitbit. It is helping me sleep better and syncs with sparkpeople and myfitnesspal (I use myfitnesspal for tracking food more than sparkpeople--I like the app better and it syncs better with the fitbit).

I also started used Zombies Run this week. It is an app that is somewhat like roleplaying. You have to listen to the prompts, do missions, and run from zombies. I actually felt like I got the best workout of the year so far doing the first mission on it. I highly recommend it. I was using the sparkpeople 5k your way challenge, and it still works in conjunction with this, but this one is definitely more fun and motivating. For me, at least. I am up to being able to jog about 3k. Well on my way for my goal (a 5k by mid-April).

My healthy cooking challenge is going really well. I've been cooking homemade dinners at least 4 times a week --- which is about how often my husband and I can actually share a meal together. He's working nights and I'm working evenings so we don't see much of each other and when I get home he is getting ready to leave.

I haven't been as active in Sparkteams as I've wanted to be this year. I simply do not have the time for it. Any extra time has been going towards training my dogs, working, and workout out. I really don't have much left to relax and when I do, I don't like spending it on here. I like using it for sewing, etc.

Hopefully my schedule will calm down a bit or become more consistent. I am really happy with how the first 7 weeks of the year have gone, especially fitness-wise!



Saturday, February 15, 2014

I haven't been as active as planned. I was doing REALLY well in the first two weeks of the year, but then I got more hours at work AND have gotten sick TWICE already. YIKES. Today I got a fitbit flex when I got a new phone at verizon, so hopefully that'll kick my bum into gear. I need it, since I hope to run a 5k in a few months.

So sorry about my inactivity! It's really not the best way to start the year off. I'm hoping to hop back on the food and activity tracking train tomorrow--though I'll be using the fitbit app to try it out and compare with sparkpeople. It automatically syncs the fitness part, though! So that works out :) I wish it would automatically sync calories as well, but we can't all be perfect or ask too much ;) Hopefully you'll be seeing more of me. Starting...NOW.

If you also have a fitbit, go ahead and friend me on the fitbit site:


January So Far

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A couple weeks ago the husband and I were both sick. This past week we were still really fatigued. This completely threw me off my routine and I've done a terrible job at tracking both food and fitness.

This week I'm trying to get 'back into the groove,' especially since I had been doing so well previously.

We did a free trial at a 24-hour gym here the first two weeks of the month. I liked the convenience, but right now with my lack of a decent paying job it really isn't in the budget. We are trying to find a gym we both like since the base gym doesn't work very well with TJ's schedule even though it is free. We also are looking for a gym with a lap swimming pool that isn't a 45 minute (or more) drive from our house with a ridiculous membership fee. No luck so far.

The one thing I've been good about in the past couple weeks though has been meal planning. I'm hoping to do more of it this year. Not only does it help us eat healthier, it motivates me to cook more. I love cooking but when I get home at 10PM and TJ leaves at 10:30 for work, it's a little hard to coordinate dinners. So I don't bother cooking those nights. Sometimes I'll make us a big lunch instead. Since I'm only part time it ends up with us eating about 4 big home-cooked meals a week and I usually cook enough for 4-6 people so the rest is leftovers.

The other thing I love about meal planning is that we save a lot of money since we aren't buying a bunch of boxed meals and snacks.

Over the past couple of weeks I've cooked quite a few new things including a delicious Tortilla Casserole, Spicy Chicken Stew, Chicken Fajitas, Beef Daube Provencal (got to use my new Dutch Oven), sweet & sour pork (I fell in love with the recipe for it last year), and a couple other meals I can't remember :)

I'm about to work on my meal plan for the next week or two, but just wanted to post an update and explain why I've been MIA on the site.


Increasing My Activity on Sparkpeople

Sunday, January 05, 2014

I am trying to increase how active I am here on Sparkpeople. I keep reading articles about how being involved in the community features of the site helps a lot, and I am hoping that it will help me. I did fine losing weight 'on my own' using SparkPeople's tools, but now that I am building on top of that goal I think involvement will help me a lot.

I started earlier this week by joining some specific challenges and SparkTeams that will help me reach my goals. I am also trying to post on the message boards within them. I have recently joined the following SparkTeams and Challenges:
-Official January Jumpstart Fitness Challenge
-SparkPeople's 5k Your Way Rookie Running Program
-Official Healthy Cooking Challenge
-Official Better Sleep Challenge
-Official 10-Minute Daily Exercise Streak Challenge
-SparkOmaha - The Official Team

The January Jumpstart and 10-Minute Daily Exercise actually go really well together, with similar fitness goals. Running a 5k is a personal goal of mine, so I was excited to see that Sparkpeople had an official challenge and program for it. I actually joined it last year, but broke my leg so I am starting over. The healthy cooking and better sleep are also new year's resolutions for me.

I love the challenges with their goals and the sparkteams because they help me to reach goals I already have and help to hold me accountable. I also enjoy the community aspect of it, so I don't feel like I'm 'going it alone.'

Last year I managed to lose a whopping 19 pounds. I went from a BMI of 26 (slightly overweight) to a BMI of 22.3, almost smack dab in that "normal" range. What is normal, right? I am ecstatic with the results of using sparkpeople's fitness and nutrition trackers on a regular basis. I am hoping to get stronger, healthier overall, and maintain a high fitness level by continuing to use sparkpeople on a daily basis. I know the community tools will only help me even more than sparkpeople already has. That is why I decided to post a blog today.

I am hoping regular blog entries will allow me to A. make shorter blog posts than this and B. help me be involved moreso with the community here on sparkpeople. I'll try to post about my successes (and failures) on my fitness journey and possibly reviews of fitness products that I try, such as the different workout videos on here. I also hope to post how the challenges I'm in are going.

I wish you all a happy and successful New Year!

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KMVBBAM 1/6/2014 10:37PM

    I can't wait to be in normal range, so close. If my body cooperates, I want to run a 5K (bucket list items). One thing Sparkpeople has taught me, I don't beat myself up as often. emoticon

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KPETSCHE 1/5/2014 1:23AM

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