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MAY....May I have some more fitness? Please?

Saturday, April 30, 2011

April was a truly odd month for me...recovering from an injury, which limited my physical activity, which made me irritable and honestly, unmotivated to eat healthy.

I'm a planning type of person so when things don't go according to plan...I adjust and make a whole new plan--sometimes even planning the time to make the new plan...Yup...NUTS! It's just what I do. I was suppose to start my 10k training which would lead to half marathon training...yup...didn't plan on NOT starting the training this new plan!

I did some soul searching and had plenty of chats with my husband and my bestie. I realized that I don't LOVE running like I once did. I was relieved when I didn't get drawn for the Nike+ Women's Marathon and I can't fathom having to run 5 hilly miles tomorrow to be able to say I started my training in April. Instead, I'm turning my focus from striving for more striving for faster miles. I will start training...on May 2 for my 10k in July. The faster I get on my miles...the less time I spend running...and the more time I'll have available for strength, agility, soccer, and a renewed interest in yoga. Turning up the intensity will help me fall in love with running again...I'm already excited to start my "new plan"....Hello Month 5 "May"nia!

The "May"nia Plan

Start training...for reals this month. I'm giving myself 40 minutes of run time twice a week and will hopefully increase the distance each time. One day a week I will run 5 miles and increase up to 8 miles over the 8 weeks...with the goal of not running more then an hour at a time...yup...that'd make me average a 7.5 minute mile...BooYah! Doing it!! July 4th!!

OK...brace yourselves...I've been kicking around the idea of becoming a Personal Trainer and Certified Nutritionist. Again...chats with the hubby and bestie have made me realize that I do both to some degree already. Tracking and preparing food for my household, encouraging others to eat healthy and exercise, sharing articles and healthy recipes (thank you that I find online. After quite a bit of research and analysis (shocking...I know), I decided to start this Month 5 "May"nia!

May will be the month of reviving the love of something old and embarking on a journey of my new and fitness!

TRY SOMETHING NEW...IF NOT EVERY DAY...EVERY WEEK...OR EVERY MONTH. Encourage and be encouraged that someone tries!


One year ago...I'd never played

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

OK! A year ago I thought my sister was crazy!...might still think it...but the fact that she wanted me to play indoor soccer was truly crazy.

I was just recovering from having surgery for endometriosis and was skeptical about my physical abilities. I had dealt with the discomfort and pain of ovarian cysts and the endometriosis for a few years and found I couldn't rely on my body to feel healthy for any amount of time to be able to play a team sport...and be a reliable teammate. While I thought my sister was crazy...I knew I'd be crazy not to try this indoor soccer venture.

So I tried it for a game...and then another...and then another...and loved it. While my skills left much to be desired...I could run and run. It motivated me to join a gym and work on my cardio! I didn't want to be gasping for air after the first 10 minutes. Within a few months I joined that soccer team as a full fledged player. While cardio was the first step...I wasn't I started working with a trainer and six months later started going to a local "bootcamp". While my teammates have helped me improve my soccer skills, we've all encouraged each other to play hard and get healthy. Some of my teammates run 5k or 10k races and are training for 1/2 and full marathons. What a great group of women and all of them inspire me in different ways.

The exciting part for me about this soccer was one year ago that this team was formed and tonight we won our 8 game session...undefeated! We won every game! We averaged 5 goals per game and only let the other teams score 8 goals on us the entire session. SIMPLY AMAZING!

The progress of my health is amazing as well. I tried something that I felt very uncomfortable with and was rewarded with motivation and good health.

I have completed a 3k, a 5k, and various 3-5 mile runs this last year. I'm signed up for a 10k in May. I went from struggling with 5# weights to now using 10#'s and hoping to move up to 12# by the end of April. I currently play soccer and/or work out for 45-60 minutes 5 days a week...amazing what can come from a crazy notion.


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That is amazing! Thanks for sharing your story and inspiring others. Congrats on all your accomplishments and your new, healthy lifestyle. emoticon

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KNIGHTS6 4/5/2011 4:03AM

you really are a true inspiration

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ATLTRAINR 4/5/2011 3:33AM


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