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Weigh to go!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today I went to an Active Living with Diabetes class at Kaiser, met with a registered dietician and was weighed and had my blood pressure checked.

One of my goals for the end of May was to make it to 250 lbs. Today's weight - 247.8!!!!

My blood pressure was 131/79 at 4:00 pm today.

So I'm adjusting my weight goal for the end of May to 243 or below.
The dietician said to keep doing what I've been doing (Eat Clean by Tosca Reno) and keep being active - no problem there!!


Stress and breaking old patterns

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

For the first time in a long while, my workplace stress is getting to me a bit. Today was a cardio day for me, working by myself (which was probably a good thing).

My old way would have been to eat something sweet and carb loaded to deal with the stress.
By the way the stress started yesterday morning, I made an innocent error at work and its getting blown out of proportion. I offered to make amends directly to the person impacted by my actions this morning and was turned down. Now a meeting with supervisor, union rep etc. Oy!!

But last night instead of eating mindlessly, I weighed my portions. Went grocery shopping and bought all good healthy greens, etc. Also did some cleaning and decluttering. Today weighed and measured my breakfast, lunch, snacks and drank lots of water.

Spent my time walking during cardio letting go, just being in the moment with my energy in and out, my breath in and out. Almost wish it was a weight training day to use my muscles to help get rid of energy. Kept envisioning my long term goal and how each day matters in achieving it.

It was a good experience to practice keeping on track with my life and not letting the winds or storm push me off course.

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BOREDIMSO 7/7/2012 3:00PM

    Way to go!! I find those stressful days are the hardest days to stay motivated---but I also feel better after I just do it and get my mind off the stress :) emoticon

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Taking the day off

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Today I was at a vendor's fair all day with my direct sales home business. Frequent sitting, lots of standing, some walking around in the building.
When telling potential customers about the stoneware Bean/Blessing Pots, I highlighted how easy they make it to make healthy, nutritious, economical meals. I picked two fresh artichokes from my yard this morning to use as a demo for steaming artichokes in a bean pot in the microwave.

Kept up with my water intake emoticon
Packed my food for all day and that's what I ate, rather than ordering from the restaurant or bar emoticon

Came home about 4:00 and had a small dinner that still fit in my meal plan for Eat Clean emoticon

Ordered myself a new insulated lunch bag today.

Will go to bed early tonight (8:30 or so) and get lots of sleep.


Distractions and Importance of Enough Rest and Food

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Two things became apparent to me over the last two days:
1 - How important getting enough good sleep and good food are to keeping focused and able to maintain my health and fitness oriented lifestyle are.


2 - How easy it can be for other things in life to distract me.

The last few nights I haven't gotten more than 6 hours of sleep, which is always broken up by my cat that sleeps with me most of the night. My dog is no problem, she just sleeps.
Plus having to get things done in the evening - around the house, meetings, with or for my mom, etc. - pushed back to 'go to bed' time. Yesterday I was sleepy most of the day and it was a cardio day for me.
I did ok or good - not sure which - and did a full 60 minutes of treadmill with incline and walking the track, then some core work.
But in the evening on the way home on the bus, I was so sleepy. At home, even before fixing dinner and definitely after dinner ( 7:30 pm) just so sleepy. Dinner was lite - 3 oz of prawns, swiss chard, celery, onions, tomatoes, and about 1/8 cup of pasta.
So about 8:00 pm I started getting ready for bed, feeding and watering animals, doing some end if the day things around the house and online in Sparkpeople. Went to bed at 9:00 and slept until 7:00 am. Much better today!!!

Distractions - My life includes my daughter (almost 20), my mom (83, lives next door), a dog, one of two cats that live here with us (the other is my daughter's), four guinea pigs, a book club, church, being a group leader for a Christian women's group that attends an annual event, a home based direct sales business that includes home parties and vendor events on 1-3 weekends a month, plus a large extended family in the area, - oh yeah - an ME!! Plus work full-time.

I can really understand how people who are professionals in bodybuilding, fitness, etc (as in competitors) make their bodybuilding and fitness and health their main activity. It would take that to achieve what they achieve.

What I've learned for me is that I need to keep an eye on the things in my life that I love, offer them time and energy, yet keep time for myself for rest, preparing and eating good-for-me food, and my fitness and health plan. I am really beginning to understand what prioritizing myself means. Its not an 'either - or' situation, its an 'either - and' situation with a realistic knowing of there only being so much time in the day and there have to be choices made - which doesn't mean taking me off the list anymore.


Being realistic and positive, turning minor frustration into a challenge

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today I felt like I should be doing more: more intensity, longer, more gusto in my aerobic workout. I tried three short sessions on the elliptical today - my goal is to be able to do 20 minutes by mid-August (along with 20 minutes on the treadmill and the rowing machine) as part of my 60 minute cardio workout.
On the elliptical I discovered the front of my thighs are not that flexible nor that strong, I think the effect of being so overweight for so long.
Once I figured that out it became more of a challenge to change it.
And back in my office a friend reminded me that I've only been working out since the second week of March, and earlier this month I was quite sick for two weeks and still have a cough.

Ok, getting it back into perspective again.


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