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Overcoming perfectionism - creating opportunities for success

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yesterday when doing yard work and making some changes in the yard, my first response to a project that didn't work out as planned was 'Well, I failed at that one'. But then a second or two later I changed it to 'That wasn't a failure, just a plan that didn't work out as I thought. I'll reevaluate and do something different that works'
I think it was perfectionism poking its head out of the ground to taunt me

Its been my habit for most my life to consider a project that doesn't work out as planned to be a failure, a personal failure. Not any more, now they are opportunities to do it differently.

My unfinished projects (a hand knit sweater that started to unravel when washed to block, a quilt top that needs a border, and so many more) are examples. I feel differently about them now and want to get them done and cleared off the to do list. This will also help declutter my house. A win-win on so many levels.


Insights I've gained this week

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I've been logging my carbs, calories, protein, fats and fiber intake daily in a log I carry with me. Also logging my water intake and steps taken. Plus my blood glucose readings several times a day.

Here's what I've learned so far:
Taking the day 'off' for relaxation and down time, means keeping up with eating healthy, tracking and walking. There's a difference between relaxing my mind and body, and not taking care of myself. Its more stressful to not take care of myself and not get things done around the house and at work.

Tuesday I went to the Dr. for a weight check and BP check. My weight was up 1.5 lbs from last month - ugh! My BP was 128/80 and my pulse was 68.
At first for a few days this (weight gain) annoyed the heck out of me. Then I realized it may be due to my efforts to get in at least 8 glasses of water over the course of the day. I've been 'scheduling' my drinking water to make sure I get in a rather consistent supply of water over the course of the day, and finish a few hours before bedtime to prevent needing to get up in the middle of the night.
This is new for me, most of my life I've been dehydrated. I think my body needs time to adjust to a) more exercise and b) getting at least way more water than before.

Now I'm determined to keep drinking water, continue tracking, continue walking and start weight lifting at the end of this week or early next week. It is a process that will take time and I firmly believe over time all of this will result in weight loss, a more fit and healthy ME! emoticon

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SHUDDEC 2/25/2012 1:03PM

    Thanks LadyJake1! have to focus on something other than just the scale.

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LADYJAKE1 2/25/2012 12:57PM

    You are doing great....keep up the great work.


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Woo Hoo!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

For the last week I've been tracking:
blood glucose multiple times per day
fiber, protein, carbs, fats
Yesterday I walked 15565 steps - 7.1 miles!!!

Earlier this month I met with a trusted guy at our campus rec center and talked about my issues with working out in gyms in the past. The biggest one is having men come up and touch me!!
I believe they are just being friendly but with my personal history - its almost traumatizing for me.
I need to learn how to protect my personal bubble space and yet be respectful and as kind as possible.
I love lifting weights and want to start again, So my goal date is March 1st at the campus rec center. I'm going to schedule personal trainer time, and buy a package of 6 sessions ahead of time. Rearranging my lunch time two days per week to work out after the lunch rush in the gym.
Until then I'm cementing the new habits of walking as close to or above 10000 steps per day; tracking my food and blood sugars.
I'm also checking in each month at the doctor's office to be weighed and have my blood pressure checked.


Moving forward

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The last two days I successfully avoided much house work by working in the garden. Pruned, sprayed, cleaned up debris, planted bulbs and some plants I bought in October or earlier. emoticon

Today and tomorrow, I'll be home alone while my daughter goes to Berkeley to be with friends for New Year's Eve. I'm focusing on two piles in the front room to start with and will clean up the kitchen a bit. FlyLady is my mentor and I'm learning how to view to her FlyLady tv and radio online. I can do anything for 15 minutes at a time.


Baby steps for Thursday, 12/29/2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Yesterday I ended up being cranky and irritated at all most everything. Figured out I'm frustrated and angry at my lifestyle - being messy, feeling overwhelmed by caring for my animals, myself, Claire and my mom, plus work. emoticon

I've made the conscious decision to not get any more animals as these pass on, and end up with only a dog.

And for today - here's my plan:

Get the dehydrators from the garage and prepare the persimmons and dehydrate them.
Tackle two piles of stuff in my front room
the pile on the ottoman
the pile of boxes across from the guinea pig cages
Spend 15 minutes folding clothes and laundry in my room and PUT IT AWAY!!

My reward for doing these things will be a cup of hot chocolate tonight.

Will post on facebook for accountability and in spark people

Will check in later tonight to report. emoticon

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WINDSWEPTACRES 12/29/2011 2:39PM

    Sounds like a good plan. Animals can be wonderful companions, but sometimes enough is enough. I'm glad you're taking small steps to get your life under better control. Our homes don't have to be perfect, but they should be comfortable and liveable. emoticon

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