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My exercise deck

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Did some more cards today after the kids went to bed. Very heavy on shoulders and legs. Lunges, squats, leg lifts of various sorts, calf raises..pushups, bridges, table tops.. Gonna be sore tomorrow, I think.

I like my black tea with cinnamon. I picked it up on a whim at the grocery on Sunday, and it's nice, I like it. The Jasmine green tea I bought is less wonderful--a little too perfumey when it's brewed strong.. The tea is my caffeine hit to counteract the generic-Zyrtec for allergies. The zyrtec did help me sleep last night, I think. That and my evening run/walk.

I woke feeling good this morning, not too sneezy either. Zyrtec seems to last the full 24 hours, or maybe even 25, whereas the others gave up after 23 or so.

This evening while flipping channels I happened to spot a Zumba infomercial. It looked intriguing, so I looked it up on the internet. I am wondering if there are enough Zumba videos on you tube to allow a person to get a good feel for working out with it without spending the $90 on the DVD set.. I am kinda suspicious of DVD sets, because the instructor just has to say one dumb thing during a video and that'll turn me off doing it over and over again. Of course there's the wii game, but I have dance dance revolution already as well as wii fit, and neither one of those is getting played right now. :)

There are some classes near me, too, but I'm wary of laying down cash for a membership.. I'm so cheap! There are also a lot of days in the week that I can't take classes because I have to take care of the kids.. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are all out.. Saturday is only sometimes available, and then only in the afternoon. Even Sunday afternoons aren't safe because DH is a cyclist. So whoopee, Monday and Friday evenings are it, unless I want to get up at o-dark-hundred to drive a few miles to jump around with other groggy folks. Hm.. does look like fun, though. What I'd really like was what I had at the old house with the cable company--a fitness-on-demand channel where I could pick my (free!) workout and run it whenever I wanted. The satellite company doesn't do that yet. We have netflix and amazon on the new TV, so there may still be a way to have Zumba in my living room for cheap.

DH was pointing out the other day that if my problem is getting bored with my workout, I should have plenty of rotational fodder. I've got C25K, my exercise deck, hula hoops, the wii, netflix, some older exercise DVDs, my fivefingers shoes, a subscription to Enough stuff, he says, that I don't have to do the same workout twice a month if I don't want to. He's probably right, which is both funny and sad.

If knowing were the same as doing, I'd already be skinny. If watching were the same as doing, we'd ALL already be skinny.


*sneeze* *snooze*

Monday, April 02, 2012


So I've been testing out different allergy medicines this year. I started with generic-Claritin, which dried me out but didn't stop the itching or sneezing. Then I tried generic-Allegra, which mostly dried me up and took care of most of the itching and sneezing. Unfortunately not enough for happiness and outdoor freedom. So I'm back to generic-Zyrtec, which takes care of my itching, sneezing, and dripping, but unfortunately leaves me drowsy also. I try not to use caffeine most of the time, but I will live with caffeine for the sake of relief from my allergy symptoms, I guess.

Even drowsy, though, I went for a walk/run today. W1D3 of C25K. I think I have it worked out for an 'easy' run--I end up running gentle inclines and steeper declines, and walking the more severe inclines. Almost like cheating, that is. My last run the C25K app got a little confused and I ended up walking my warm-up twice, which messed up the up/down hills..and that one toasted my butt but good.

I hope I sleep better tonight. Last night I woke up every 2 hours to pee. *sigh* That hasn't happened in a long time. I don't miss it, really. I should very much prefer to sleep all the way through the night and leap alertly from bed sprinting for the bathroom. *sigh*

But despite cruddy sleep and drug-induced haze, it was a pretty good day. I'm going to call it a win.


My exercise deck, and other things.

Friday, March 30, 2012


I used my exercise deck today. I did about ten cards, I think. I did enough of each card to feel the burn a bit, which varies widely in duration/reps/sets. I don't want to get too sore, so I didn't push it real hard. But the cards work great! I can really mix it up with these. At some point I think I will add some basic yoga sequences in--not just a single pose per card, but maybe three or four to make a reasonable sequence. Let's face it, doing two to five minutes of just one pose isn't the most interesting or effective solution.

So, the cards I did:
Wall pushups
Hip Flexor
Skater squats
Crunches with a twist
Modified side plank
Lying double leg raises
Modified plank
Lying triceps lift
Lateral lunges
Single leg squats with chair

I felt like I did something, that's for sure. It didn't take that long, but it raised my heart rate and I was breathing heavier, and my muscles felt the burn.

Then later this evening I moved a trailer load of mulch out of the trailer and around the kids' play area. They helped spread it around some, but I moved all the mulch from trailer to ground with a pitchfork. I logged that as 'raking lawn' in the cardio section..

This morning the scale moved--just a little, but it moved in the right direction. Made me happy and rather surprised.

I have noticed this allergy season that drinking coffee (bleh) seems to make me perkier than the same amount of cocoa (even with the same quantity of sugar/milk in each). The cocoa tends to make me sleepy a little after I drink it, but the coffee gets me moving. I guess the cocoa has a lot less caffeine in it. I usually don't use much caffeine, but allergy meds make me a bit sleepy/groggy and the caffeine helps counter that. The only problem is that I really dislike coffee..and it doesn't help that my husband prefers his rather dark and strong. Half french roast and half regular colombian. So it's black and bitter, but it's a shot in the arm for sure. I take mine cut about 1/3 with milk, and a good hit of sugar to try to buffer it. Ugh.

Hubby brought back some ice cream from the local shop this evening. They make the ice cream on premises from special high-fat milk. My favorite flavor is the sliced lemon--they cut up fresh lemons (the entire fruit minus seeds) and soak them in sugar water for a day, then put the lemons and juice into the ice cream. They make it quite sour, which is wonderfully refreshing. The owner of the shop rides bicycles with my husband regularly. So anyway, we had a little dessert after moving all that mulch. I don't expect the scale to move much tomorrow, but we'll see how it goes.

Tomorrow I take delivery of a new range..the old one was getting tired, though it still operates. The new one is induction so I had to replace a lot of my pots and pans. But I'm really looking forward to having such a responsive cooktop--living with radiant glass for the last ten years or so makes me excited to have something that heats quicker, cools quicker, doesn't char the boil-overs.. Still need to pick up a cast iron griddle, though. The old one was cast aluminum and that doesn't work with induction.

We're going to make sure the old range gets a new home, since it's still functional.

Starting to get tired now after all this unaccustomed activity. :)



Thursday, March 29, 2012


I got interested again in fitdeck and other methods of using cards to make a workout. But I just can't stomach paying $50 for all the decks I'm interested in, I'm just too cheap.

So I made my own. I have made 30 cards so far using exercises and instructions found on SparkPeople and a few other websites. Because I'm grabbing screencaps and using the descriptions verbatim, it's not something I can share with anyone else--copyright violations, you know. But I can describe my method so anyone else can do it too.

1) Get you a stack of 3x5 cards, blank, and make sure you have a printer that'll print on them. If it won't, you'll have to mess around finding a size you *can* use with your printer.
2) Format a word document (or openoffice, a free software that does the same thing as MS Word) for the page size you picked in #1.
3) Find exercises and descriptions out on the web.
4) Copy paste the text and photos into your document. Using a screen capture software like PicPick makes screen capping much easier. Once you get stuff pasted in, you can format it the way you want, adjust things so they fit properly on the page, etc. Don't be too fussy or you'll spend all your time making the things and no time using them!
5) Print one card and make sure they work OK.
6) Print the rest of your cards.
7) Grab them and use them!

I haven't actually used them as a deck yet, just made them last night. Excited to try them out, but today's another C25K day, better get out and get to it. :)



Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I did week 1 day 1 of Couch-to-5K. Also did a couple minutes on my kids' hula hoop. I want a hoop of my own, sized for me, I think, with nice grippy tape to help me keep the hoop going.

My feet are complaining after the walk/run.


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