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I guess I need to listen to my body. It knows better than I do sometimes.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another week, another allergy shot. Blogging is going to make this 20 minute wait go a lot quicker…

Right now I’m super excited about getting to go to the Cardinals game tomorrow in St. Louis. Going with an ex—as a friend, so that should be interesting. In other news—I have nothing to wear! The weather is not going to be my friend tomorrow (I hate being cold), so I of course need to go look at some Cardinals gear today ;-) I think I can find any excuse to go shopping.

Fitness wise I’ve been doing good. Yesterday I went 70 minutes on my treadmill at a 5% incline and did over 4 miles and 660+ calories burned. That felt good. I was also watching The Walking Dead, so my adrenaline was up which helped to get me going. I don’t know if I ever mentioned how much I hate scary movies… but I make an exception for The Walking Dead since its not always scary. Cue to one part of the show near the end, I scream my head off – scare my roommates dog who then proceeds to bark and hide behind the couch… and try not to fall off the treadmill.

I’m also still sore from my arm workout on Monday. I’ve decided to not do the gym, so I’m upping my exercises and reps at home. And it worked… ouch man. So today should be a rest day as my legs are still sore from my Sunday crazy glutes workout… but since I’m going to be busy all day tomorrow and then have the Cardinals game, I’m going to make tomorrow a rest day… So I need to do something tonight. The crazy girl in me loves seeing the 500+ calorie burn/hour of cardio, but I also love strength training for the resulting muscles… so hmm… maybe a bit of both tonight. This kind of obsession over working out is nice to have back. I completely fell out of this routine in the past two months – so getting back to it feels good.

Now if I could only get my eating under control then I might actually be able to see some results! (who else feels this way?) I was about to say that I haven’t been eating badly – but that would be a lie. I’ve made some poor food choices in the past few weeks. I partially blame tailgating, and partially blame me not giving a flying **** about counting calories or tracking portions. I’m still making good food choices over all, but I’ve been slipping with allowing in extras. Like it won’t kill me to eat Mexican for lunch today…. Or I can go out and drink Thurs, Fri, and Sat (last week –ugh, my liver hates me!)… And lately – there’s Halloween candy EVERYWHERE. I’m coming up on my Shark Week, so having chocolate everywhere is NOT helping me with avoiding chocolate.

Through all of this bad eating, I’ve been working out pretty consistently. I haven’t gained or lost weight really. Still at 183. So its strange. Obsess over food, work out constantly, struggle with weight. Chose to eat smart and have a few treats, work out a bit but not as hard, stay at the same weight. If I was an idiot I’d assume I can stop all of this fitness nonsense and be happy with my weight. I know as easily as it was to slip out of fitness once, I could do it again. I know if I allow myself too many treats and lunches out, I could easily get back over 200#. So I’m going to try and stay obsessed—in a good way.

It doesn’t help that I have people around me who are sick and tired of me talking about dieting or working out. Lately I’ve been talking a lot about the dating craziness that I’ve been going through, but that’s also starting to drive my close single friends nuts! I joked with my one friend that I might need a therapist to talk it out – and if my insurance wasn’t so incredibly horrible, I just might. I still might… but that’s something that I have to look into…

So that’s pretty much it. I had a weird craving for mixed vegetables the other day. I didn’t really care what my main protein was as long as I ate a cup of veggies. Isn’t it strange how our bodies care a lot about what we put into them? I have been eating very clean, and my weekend of alcohol, McDonalds, and sweets was too much for my poor system. My body wanted fruits and veggies STAT. I complied, added in some cardio, and guess what. I woke up early, refreshed, and didn’t need caffeine this morning.

I guess I need to listen to my body. It knows better than I do sometimes.

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SHRINK_U 10/21/2012 1:06PM

    I hear ya with the working out but not eating right things sometimes... I have been allowing in too many "extras" myself. I hope you had fun at the Cardinals game :)

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BAKE0150 10/19/2012 8:07AM

    Totally can relate to this post! I would be so thin if it wasn't for food and portion control! But hey, that's what I really enjoy to do! And the amount we exercise balances it out a bit... :)

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JENCANTA 10/18/2012 1:52PM

    Man can I relate! Not only because I too love The Walking Dead, but in terms of diet/food choices...oh man. I actually really enjoy being active, so I generally work out at least 5x/week, but it's the food. The FOOD!!! Gah. That's the hard part. But I've noticed lately that if/when I make poor food choices, I don't let everything go to sh*t. I continue to work out and just aim to do better the next day. I think it's great that you're able to acknowledge where you need to make improvement and then make the decision to do better. Look how far you've come, girly! You can definitely do this. =D

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TRAVELISMYGAME 10/17/2012 12:54PM

    Wow, what a blog, you covered all kinds of topics! I loved your mention of "Shark Week"! LOL - that's hilarious. I may have to steal that! I go to a counselor every couple of weeks. Sometimes with the BF and sometimes without. I highly suggest going to see one. Does your company have an EAP program? Sometimes that allows you to go and see one for free. I go to a wonderful counselor, shoot me an email if you decide you want her name!

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LEB0401 10/17/2012 11:24AM

    Looooove the Walking Dead!

It's filmed here in Atl, and over the summer it was so funny to hear the traffic reports saying that major roads were shut down due to zombies.

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SBRAN833 10/17/2012 10:30AM

    I totally am in the same spot!! LOL - weekend full of drinking, bad food choices, still exercising, but not really seeing results... I'm so mad at myself. I know it's the diet and portion sizes I have to watch, but UGH, I like to eat dang it! LOL ... I also feel redundant when talking to my friends about my weight loss. I did though, have a bad binge night last night. I was hungry for everything. UGH, but I'm not giving up, one bad day doesn't result for a bad week.

I really need to put my treadmill to work too. Except it was a junker from a friend who wanted it out of her house, and the only thing that works is the speed control and the treadbelt. But I guess that's all I really need right?? Especially with it becoming more cold, I know that I wont' want to get out there and freeze! Well keep up the consistency!! It will pay off!! You've come so far already! :) XOXO

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CAGMUAHFO2 10/17/2012 10:26AM

    It's great that your getting back on track. I wish I was obsessed with exercise like you are. I would actually be consistent then. LOL emoticon emoticon

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Up and Down and still at 183

Monday, October 15, 2012

So 183 is my new bubble. Goodbye 178... I saw you for two days seven weeks ago... now 183 is the number that I've been bouncing around. I'm up 5, down 2, up 1, down 3... and always back to 183.

Its probably all the weight lifting I've been doing lately. Cardio has taken a backseat. I am still doing at least two days of cardio each week, but life has just been getting in the way. I sweat way too much when I do cardio, but I can always throw in squats or crunches or pound out a few reps with weights without getting too sweaty (and then have to shower before going back out). Oh and I'm becoming better acquainted with planks. I thought, no problem. I can whip out 1000 crunches and 500 side bends without a problem so planks... I'll be great at planks. I was inspired to start last week with some of the articles.

So I planked it. 30 seconds is a long time! This time around I put my iPhone right in front of me so I could watch the time to make sure I didn't count too fast. 30 seconds was difficult but not that bad. Then I did another 30. Then tried one minute. NOPE. Haha... its good to try out new exercises to see just how you can improve. So now planks have made it into my routine.

I've decided to not get a gym. It's just too much right now, and I'd rather spend that money on shoes and clothes! (in all seriousness, that's what I chose!)

Speaking of new clothes... I need to go get a women's Cardinals jersey, 'cause I'm going to the game on Thursday!!! I jokingly told the guy who's taking me (an ex) that I would wear a tight red dress and yellow tights a la Fred Bird. Anyone else think I should do it? It might be a little much for the Cards fans in St. Louis. We tend to dress down, wouldn't you say? So I figure--throw a jersey over it, and then its just a short red skirt, and you can't go wrong with that (amiright?!).

SO in other news... I'm wearing shorter skirts and dresses than I would have ever been comfortable in. I love sweater tights = my new obsession. Finally being a weight (especially at my height) where I can readily find stuff that fits is still just now being jammed into my head. Also there's the confidence there... so yea. I may still be at 183 and not where I ideally want to be... but I'm confident and happy and according to others, that really shows. That red dress just might have to make an appearance Thursday...

On the guy front... Matt's been friend zoned. He hung out with my group on Friday to bar hop and watch the Cards game, and everyone there thought he was still acting like my boyfriend... which he is NOT. So I wasn't the only one who thinks he needs to change his behavior. I told him after a few drinks Friday that I was going on a date Saturday at the tailgate, which Matt was originally going to go to -- but surprise he didn't show up.

Saturday I had a tailgate... hungover... and a guy drove in to meet me... he was weird. Brought me a corsage and made me wear it... weird. Haven't talked to him since. But now I'm sort of dating my ex Igor... so hopefully I can give up this whole dating game for awhile -- its so much work! I'm getting lazy... hopefully Igor will stick. I'm also officially not talking to the douchey guy anymore. Not worth my time.

Then out of the blue an ex from this Spring had Cardinals tickets and no one to go with for Thursday so he randomly texted me. I agreed to go on Thursday but as friends. Hopefully he's not trying to lure me back into a relationship with Cardinals tickets.... during the post season, 'cause that would be mean! And I would be far too temped! (He mentioned he might get world series tickets if the Cards go!) So I'm going Thursday... and maybe Friday but I wouldn't commit -- seeing as I don't know what his intentions are...

That's pretty much it. Everyone seems to be Sparking, so I have a lot to catch up on!

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LEB0401 10/16/2012 10:58AM

    Well, you are certainly not lacking in the date department.. GO GIRL!

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JUJUFISH 10/15/2012 10:39PM

    Your 183 is my 158. Sometimes if I take a break from strength training for 4-5 days some balance point switches and I'll drop a couple pounds overnight. You certainly like to keep things interesting with your boys, don't you? Enjoy the game!

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CHSHULER89 10/15/2012 9:55PM

    Confidence what a wonderful thing to have!! Love my new confidence i just have to keep it growing! Keep rocking girl!!! emoticon

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LYNNIERN 10/15/2012 9:19PM

    At the NLDS game 1 there were 4 girls with pink hair, tiara's and Cardinal Jersey's on and I thought what fun...I hope you'll consider wearing your Fredbird outfit, I think it would be awesome. I'm going to be there Thursday night also! Go Cards, Go Shrinking_Sara. Hope all this bouncing around with your weight normalizes soon, especially with all the weight lifting/building you are doing. emoticon emoticon

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TALVARADO6 10/15/2012 6:58PM

    Sounds like you are doing great! Guys are weird. Just remember, he's your ex for a reason emoticon

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Gym? Trainer? and telling my inner fat girl to STFU

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Okay, so I’ve got 20 minutes for a quick blog. I’m stuck sitting in my allergists office, and as I learned last week—if I bring my laptop, I can multitask and blog! So update on me… as if I haven’t been blogging all month (this is one of the things I’m trying to do to keep my Spark up).

I’m up with my weight. I just couldn’t bring myself to update my tracker. I’m assuming it’s a mysterious miasma that surrounded me while I was on the scale and isn’t actually part of me. I also know that I’m going to kick my butt and get rid of it ASAP! Which means I need to get my a$$ in gear and start tracking my food. I’ve been pretty bad. Who wants to record the fact that you ate six, well 8 cookies on Saturday and a loaf of pumpkin bread (by yourself) on Sunday? Plus I went to visit my Chinese friend and her parents-in-law made me authentic Chinese dumplings! SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD! I can’t even tell you how amazing they were! But now they’re gone – the ones I ate there and the giant bag of them they sent me home with. So now I hope that I’m just carrying around a belly full of dumplings and not fat on my behind. That or its muscle on my behind—I like that idea better.

I’ve been doing a lot of squats lately. I didn’t get a chance to participate in squat September so I’m making my own squat October. I actually did sets of squats as I was waiting for my machine to clean yesterday. I would run through cleaning solution and as it was working, I did squats. I had to do 10 runs of cleaner, but I only made it to the 5th round with squats! Oh well – I got in 50 squats at work, on a whim. I’d consider that a win.

So the thing I’ve been debating is joining a gym. I don’t like working out in front of people. I don’t want to jiggle, I’m sure EVERYONE is looking at me, and saying horrible things… Well the inner fat girl in me tells me this constantly. Plus when I put on a sports bra, my boobs literally disappear, so I don’t feel cute in workout clothes (‘cause that’s important right? (someone smack me please!)).

So now I’ve started looking. Holy crap these things are expensive. And I want to get a trainer for a few sessions to learn how to use the machines – holy crap that’s even more expensive!!! Some of the prices I’ve seen don’t make me feel bad at all in investing in a semi-expensive treadmill… So is it worth it? For those of you who have a trainer, or who have used a trainer to learn the equipment – is it worth it? I have a few undergrads that I work with that are crazy muscle builders – I’ve thought about asking them to show me around, but I’m still a little self-conscious about that. So I was thinking a stranger/trainer that I can take advice from without feeling like a goober might be a good idea…. If I’m willing to make that financial investment. The thing about me is, if I spend the money, I can guilt myself into going… and if I get a trainer, I have someone to report to…

Plus I really want to start a crazy weight training schedule and its hard to get it all done with just weights. I’d like to work on my legs and squats and lunges do work… but I dunno—maybe I would do more with a machine? With someone telling me to do reps? That’s my dilemma right now… What do you all think about gyms and trainers?

Then on the guy front my life is a silly mess… Matt (who doesn’t want to date but just be ‘friends’) keeps texting to hang out…. As ‘friends’ I honestly haven’t dated a guy, broken up, and stayed friends. I’m more likely to cut my losses and run away to forget them. What’s funny is he actually wants to hang out more now that we’re not dating. I invited him to a scientific seminar I thought he might want to go to (‘cause we’re both science grad students) – and he showed up early to my lab to hang out – not what I intended. Now he wants to spend the weekend marathoning a TV show we both like… so I’m kinda like, dude… you want me to spend 10 hours next to you on a couch as ‘friends.’ I don’t know if I’m ready for that… plus I have a social life! I might even have a date – so I’m not committing to spending that much if any time with him. Its still messing with my head a bit.

New guy is in and out of town. He’s flirting like mad via text, but hasn’t nailed down a date. This is the one that I thought was a little douchey, so I’m distancing myself a bit and not getting to crazy about this one… and since I am bored and apparently am an attention wh0re (hey I found a way to use words Spark hates!) I’m chatting up a few other guys on OK Cupid as well… These other two are no where near as cute as the douchey guy, but for some reason that makes me a lot more comfortable. I’m not used to having really cute guys interested in me. The weirdos, the nerds, that’s what I’m comfortable with. The frat boys – not so much (and the inner nerd in me cringes a bit when I admit how cute they are).

I guess I just need to get used to the fact that I don’t look the way I used to. The inner fat girl in me keeps screaming expletives and telling me how bad I look, even though I know I don’t… She’s horrible. She’s really good sometimes at making me feel like the same old size 22 I used to be instead of the 10 I am now. I combat this by wearing 4” heels in lab and cute outfits and telling her to STFU, but sometimes she wins, not often, but sometimes. Today she will not win though, I look far too cute to be insecure today!

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FLUTTEROFSTARS 10/10/2012 1:10PM

    Good for you, on the gym thing. You might not need a trainer to show you how to use the machines, though - often they teach you the basics when you join. Or, other gymbunnies can give you tips, too. But I hate to be seen working out, so I own an elliptical and free weights and use them in the privacy of my living room!

I'm with you in the dating trenches. Geeks are more my style than frat boys, too - although if a guy doesn't KNOW how hot/adorable he is, that can work.

If I were you, I might consider dumping "just friends" guy. If a guy doesn't have relationship potential, I don't want to let him take up space on my social calendar - I know I should be using that time/energy to try to meet someone who might have better potential! :)

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JENCANTA 10/10/2012 12:44PM are currently where I want to be in a year. In fact, I'm about where you were at your start point. And I've just applied to grad school! Your writing is incredibly relatable so I just had to comment. I realize you don't know me and I only know you through two blogs I've read, so feel free to take all this with a grain of salt:

I absolutely love the gym. The cardio machines, the weights, the pool, the group classes (Zumba rocks my world). If I had more money, I would absolutely sign up for a few sessions with a trainer-if anything just to get a solid strength routine going. Now, I was never self-conscious about going to the gym-even at my heaviest-but I think that's because I found that everyone around me seemed to be into their own workout. And honey-if I were a size 10, I most definitely wouldn't worry about people looking at me. And if they are, it's probably just because they're checking you out.

Now-about this "Matt" person. May I just say-most of us have been there. I've been there more than my fair share, but whatevs. Point being-I have had plenty of pseudo-relationships and if you continue down this friend-path, I'm afraid it might be where you're headed. I don't like going from relationship to friends. It seems like friendship is a consolation prize because he can't man up and I'm sorry-if he doesn't realize how amazing you are and what a moron he is for not wanting to be with you-then he shouldn't get to be around your awesomeness as his friend-security blanket. And it always happens this way-the less you pay attention to him/contact him, the more he'll chase you. ALWAYS. But I don't know the history there and perhaps he'll realize what he's losing, but just be careful.

Speaking of careful. If part of you feels like this new guy is douchey-major red flag. Beware!!!!

Also-I love the nerds!!

Last but not least, great job on the positive talk! Seriously-you've worked so hard to get where you are. Celebrate that and don't forget what you've achieved! =)

Comment edited on: 10/10/2012 12:46:13 PM

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KONOHA-NIN 10/10/2012 12:29AM

    Yo from a fellow grad student!

" So now I hope that I’m just carrying around a belly full of dumplings and not fat on my behind." This made me laugh. :)

It's unfortunate that grad students at your school have to pay for the gym (or maybe not - we are forced to pay for it in our "student fees" and I have rarely used it over the years). I'd look into your school's gym and see if they have some programs that are student-priced (or free) about fitness education, or even personal training. I enrolled in a wellness program at our school for this term, and just yesterday they showed us how to properly do the circuit weights.

Also, good job on stopping that negative self-talk!

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SONGBUDDHA 10/9/2012 9:17PM

    I'm in the Lou, too, and looking into joining a gym. I have a foot injury so have to find one with a pool.
I just found out that planet fitness can be joined for $10 / month. I'm not gonna do that, cause it's in Baldwin and I live in the city. So I'm going to join the YMCA. It's either $50 just for me or $66 for me and my partner. So I think we'll both join for at least a while. We just spent all this frigging money on a treadmill and elliptical (both used, but still), and I can't use them, probably for many months.
Anyway, good luck.
And tell that inner negative voice to shove it.
It is such a battle, isn't it? It is unfair how much daily energy it takes to shut that b**tch up!

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SKAHONEY4U 10/9/2012 4:01PM

    My school also does not give us grad students free gym access: LAME!! Luckily, my apartment complex has a fitness center. I prefer swimming, though, so I have been shelling out the bucks for a community center pass. Not sure what I will do when I move this week (the new place has a fitness center, but not sure where the nearest pool is other than school). I hear you on the skinny undergrads at the school gym. But for me, far worse is running into my committee members/director/professors there. I do NOT want to see them in speedos or vice versa. First years actually get a pass, and I used to go then, but it creeped me out to see them all there!

My mom and I used to go to a really nice fitness center that was associated with a hospital which meant less jocks and more fat/older people! I felt much more comfortable there. They also gave a free assessment and intro to machines/ect when you joined. I'm not sure a personal trainer is much more help than that initial stuff, honestly. You are intelligent and there are tons of resources on the internet if you need more. As for motivation, what about finding someone to go with you like a friend or labmate (I see you mentioned the muscle guys but what about a fellow grad student friend or postdoc that isn't as intimidating?). My mentor goes running all the time with some of the postdocs in my lab and I have gone with a guy who recently joined my lab.

Next time your lease is up maybe look for a place that includes a small gym.

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LEB0401 10/9/2012 2:03PM

    Oh how I wish I could cancel my gym membership and not go into financial ruin with all the fees they charge.

I just simply do not go. Sure I force myself to participate in a spinning class about once a month.. and this weekend I tried a weight lifting class that kicked my butt.. but honestly I get more done outside. When I think about getting in my car, driving to the gym, figuring out a routine, then dealing with my self consciousness when someone is on a machine that I want to use.. blah blah blah. If it's as simple as lacing up my shoes and opening my front door, I do it! What's even better, when I'm 2 miles away from home I can't just quit. But if I'm 2 miles into a treadmill session I don't have to keep going.

PLUS.. from Oct-Dec 2011 my only workouts were at the gym. I got really fancy with my workouts and did things like "arm day" and "abs day". But I gained weight because I didn't do any serious cardio. And you can do cardio anywhere for FREE (wish someone told me that when I signed up last October..grrr).

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JMANDA86 10/9/2012 1:37PM

    Do you have Groupon in your area? Frequently here there are deals on '5 Personal Training Sessions' and similar things to help you jump start the strength training. I've always considered myself more of a lifting expert than the typical person, but I even have to read the machine sometimes. The SP App also does a good job of showing exercises and safety tips. Once you learn how to be safe, it carries over into all other exercises so you don't need lots of personal training sessions if you don't need someone standing there to motivate you.

I love going to the gym. I don't feel insecure (I maybe would at a college rec center) rather happy that people see me working on it. I'd rather have people see me as the 'overweight girl working her butt off in the gym' than the 'overweight girl we see on the weekends at the bar'.

Maybe Matt swings for the other side? That was my first thought...but I also just found facebook pictures of my childhood friend half naked at a gay bar...I had kind of suspected but this was like woah!

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SDLEE514 10/9/2012 11:38AM

    What a great post!! "The frat boys – not so much (and the inner nerd in me cringes a bit when I admit how cute they are)" oh do I understand this!!

and "I look far too cute to be insecure today!" this made me smile so much. what a great idea/saying. Let's adopt this daily :)

As for trainers, I've contemplated it myself...there is a Sparkpeople quiz on this somewhere, maybe that would help, or at least address some pros/cons for you. IMO, if you think it will help you be accountable and/or provide tools for you (e.g., showing you how to use the equipment) it may be a worthwhile investment, and maybe you can find a special trial offer or something so it's not a full commitment.

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SHRINKING_SARA 10/9/2012 11:13AM

    The grad students have to pay for the gym... plus its full of twig sorority girls non-stop.

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RACHELRUNS26 10/9/2012 11:11AM

    Since you're a grad student, is there a gym on campus you can use for free?

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GOLOPTIOUS 10/9/2012 11:00AM

    You know how much I love my Yoda. I wouldn't give my trainer up for anything. There were a few months when I wasn't training with him and without someone to report to and who held me accountable I gained quite a bit of weight.

Really, it's all about what you need though. I need a "babysitter" - someone to call me out when I skip the gym and who adds a workout when I eat my weight in pizza. Plus, it's a lot about the specific trainer, too. Some fit better with your own needs and personality than others do. I had a trainer before Yoda. She was too lenient with me. I need someone who will be tough but will be there when I break down and need to vent my feelings.

As for the gym, I will NEVER give up my membership. There's just something about having a place to go that is specifically for my workout. It's kind of like how they tell you that in order to get better sleep, don't eat or watch tv where you sleep. I feel like that's somewhere I can escape to where no one can interrupt my workout. I don't have to answer the phone or the door. I'm not multi-tasking and cooking or cleaning at the same time.

People there aren't as scary as I thought they'd be. No one judges you for how you look because you're obviously there for improvement just like everyone else.

As for the guys, I have no advice. I'm not good with guys or dating. :( Sounds like Matt wants to date without the pressure of dating, though...

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Dumped, Date, and Stalked all in one day!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Yesterday was a freaking roller coaster!

I had one of my really good friends I haven't seen in 10 years spend the night at my place on her roadtrip back home. We chatted all night, and she left pretty early in the morning.

Then I hit up work. I had just a small experiment to do, but I needed to get it done early so I could tailgate. While at work I was trying to figure out what Matt's plans were for the night. He was acting a little odd, so I knew something was up. A few texts later he told me he wasn't over his ex.... but still wants to be friends (hmm... :-/ )

Then I hit up the tailgate. Um--holy crap it was cold! I didn't have enough clothes on. I had a tank top under a t-shirt, with a hoodie over it, then put another hoodie over that and a scarf. Still cold! Plus just getting dumped made me grab some cookies. I made them = freaking fantastic people. I didn't do too great with my food at the tailgate, I'll be honest. I drank a bit -- it was freezing! Next week I'm going to have to dress MUCH warmer. Haha, we were joking that we should go to the tractor supply store for some long-johns to wear under our clothes.

Now at the tailgate a few things happened. I started texting another guy I'd been flirting with for awhile. I have a date with him later this week, so I felt pretty good about myself that I can get dumped and get a new guy pretty quickly. That was an ego boost. I have no plans on this new guy actually working out. He seems a little douchey -- but he's cute, and you never freakin' know, right?

Then about an hour later I got another REALLY long facebook message from my stalker. I finally blocked him on facebook, so he won't be able to message me on there. He stopped calling my number from his phone, but I think he called me from a blocked number twice last week *creeeeppy.

If this keeps up I"ll have to bug legal services... except this guy is one of the two lawyers at legal services! *Ugh. Ive tried ignoring him, but the stalker isn't getting it. I so didn't have this problem a year ago and a year and a half ago... But a year and a half ago I wasn't dating at all... so I'm just now having to learn how to deal with idiot boys.

So after the tailgate I stopped by Panera for some hot soup and hot chai to revive myself, and a friend went with me to Pitch Perfect. That movie is hilarious people. FYI--its raunchy comedy but its pretty freakin' funny. Definitely what I needed after the whole Matt thing.

I ended up going home. Called some of my girl friends and talked it out. Then I put on workout clothes and did an hour on the treadmill and another 45 minutes of strength training. So SUUUUCK it Saturday night. Matt was still texting me. He's really trying to push the whole friends thing. He's even going to come out with my friends tomorrow night as part of our trivia team--like that's not going to be awkward. And I'm not mean for planning to dress REALLY cute tomorrow right? Haha, I don't think so...

So this morning I've gotten a little off track. I ate some sweets, I made some protein pancakes (didn't really stick to a recipe or serving size), and a piece of sausage. I'm going to be better. Pretty soon I'll get off Spark and start working out. I'm going to go over to a friend's house for lunch to see her baby boy! He's a little over a month old and I haven't seen him yet. He's the cutest little chinese baby ever!

I need to work out now. Must do crunches. Must plank. Must workout. Must stop eating crap. I've been good about working out -- now I just need to stop eating.

Oh god, new guy keeps sending me photos--he's an interesting character. I have no hope for him actually lasting...

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JUJUFISH 10/8/2012 11:58PM

    Tailgating is always a battle field and when it's cold outside it's even worse! Good for you for getting on the treadmill after a very eventful day. I've dealt with the whole 'not over the ex' thing before, it's BS. Ironically enough he told me after I put a hurting on the heavy bag he had in the living room...

Hope creepy, douchy, and dummy give you some peace soon.

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SKAHONEY4U 10/7/2012 8:18PM

    I love Panera's chai (I worked there when I was an undergrad). Also, I really want to see that movie but I have no one to go with.

Congrats on all the guy attention! At least you acknowledge ahead of time that the guy is a douche so perhaps you can have a bit of heartbreak prevention on your part.

It sounds like a great weekend overall! I spent my friday night until 1030pm in the lab/mouse house only to be waken up this morning by the animal facility telling me that my mice are completely out of their special water (which is what i spent 29832983 hours on friday doing). SO I spent all of today there as well! This damn water takes like 4-5 hours to make. And then I have to give it to all of my mice (each has their own cage so it's like 5 times the work). Plus, the campus starbucks was out of chai. It makes me want to stab things. And eat cookies!

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BEECHNUT13 10/7/2012 2:02PM

    I miss those days... and yet, I don't miss those days at all! Good luck, and get some mace...

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DOINIT4ME2DAY 10/7/2012 11:41AM

    Love the blogs!!! Keep it up :) and keep your chin up, keep kissing enough frogs and you'll find a prince!

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When did I turn into a camel?

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Seriously? I must be part camel now. I have already had 10+ cups of water/tea this morning. I brought 3 Liters of liquid with me to work -- 1 is gone, and its not even lunch yet. I must look silly with 2 nalgene bottles and a liter of powerade zero, and my four trips to the bathroom each day -- but hey -- my kidneys are happy and my skin looks great.

I finally feel like I'm back in the Spark of things. October is going great so far. Day 1: worked out, Day 2: worked out, Day 3: worked out and did cardio! Day 4: I'm going to try for cardio again since Friday is packed with events.

Now on the diet side, I wasn't as good as I should have been, but I've tracked at least my breakfast and a guestimate of the other junk for all four days. Turns out I make great breakfast choices, usually coming in at 250-300 with 15-30 grams of protein. Then I slip... I'm falling victim to the 'bored or hungry' I think we all slip into.

I've also decided that I cannot be caffeine free in the winter. When there is sunshine, I wake up happy and ready for the day. When its overcast out I CANNOT wake up for the life of me. I was thinking about investing in one of those alarm clocks that slowly light up to wake you up--but holy crap those things are expensive! I should probably just bite the bullet and get one, but for now -- tea is my crutch.

I'm a tea snob. I had to give up my addiction to tea when I was getting kidney stones left and right. But now, 100# lighter drinking 3-4 liters of water a day -- I'm going to try it out again. I had SO much energy yesterday. Whether it was the lunch date with Matt or the liter of chai (made myself and healthy btw~70 calories for a liter--mostly soy milk) --but not only did I walk the hour for lunch, I did 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill at a 5% incline, then did strength training for my lower half afterward!

Needless to say -- my exercise tracker for this month already makes me happy. And the cardio made my body sing with joy -- it apparently really missed it -- so I guess I have to stop being a slug and actually start getting my body moving. I did it while watching the debates, so I alternatively scoffed and tweeted my thoughts (I wasn't going that fast, I don't have the breath for it yet).

Then my roommate brought home her new puppy. He's going to be huge. My little dogs are already trying to bully and intimidate him--so we're working on socializing him now.

Its going to be a busy weekend. Tomorrow I have work, then a house party at a friend's place, that night I have an old friend driving in to stay with me on her trip home -- so we'll catch up. Saturday I might go tailgaiting for a bit -- with my pumpkin spice loaf that tastes AMAZING, then I need to clean out my office. I'm not making a TARDIS dress anymore, so its time to pick up all the junk in my office and put away the crafting supplies. I've decided to go out to a Halloween party in a short, dress in the part of a pretty girl. Last year I was just shocked that I was wearing a tight fitting t-shirt under my boxy costume. This year, short dress, no cardigan!?! Painted pink!?! = completely different person this year!

Oh and I really need to do yard work. I barely had to say that this year, but I need to clean up my front yard and decorate for Halloween. I have so much stuff = I love halloween! And who knows what I'll do Saturday night -- so far I'm open, but hopefully it won't stay that way.

Sunday I'll either recuperate or finish all of the cleaning/yardwork that I didn't finish.

So I'm in a great mood -- feeling motivated -- hopefully I'll keep this streak up!

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RR1_RR1 10/5/2012 10:38AM

    Hmm. Someone told me they had to quit tea yesterday too. I always thought tea was supposed to be a good thing. Maybe the non-caffinated ones? Im not a person who likes tea, so I have to sneak the herbal teas into my smoothies. Thats awesome about the 3 day workout streak!

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LYNNIERN 10/4/2012 9:25PM

    emoticon I can really related to feeling like a camel! emoticon

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MISTY_MOUNTAINS 10/4/2012 6:43PM


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TALVARADO6 10/4/2012 6:30PM

    Just a thought, the caffeine from the tea might be making you more thristy?? Just a guess, but I could be wrong.

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SKAHONEY4U 10/4/2012 5:59PM

    oooh I love chai! What brand do you use!

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BUTT0N 10/4/2012 12:43PM


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