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New Fav "Plus Size" Model to Watch Robyn Lawley

Thursday, August 02, 2012

She's a "plus-size" model -- aka normal human being sized model from the UK. She's now the face of a plus-size lingerie line that is going to focus on highlighting women's curves and not making them feel bad about their size.

She seems to be a strong willed model and even has a Tumblr called "Robin Lawley Eats"

She's an Elle and Vogue cover model -- I hope this means the fashion industry might start to change the appearance of stick thin models floating around everywhere.

Check out the photos in the top link -- but I think we can all agree -- she's gorgeous. So much more so than a 00 model full of bones!

From the article:
Plus-size model and Vogue cover girl Robyn Lawley has become the new face of UK lingerie brand Boux Avenue.

The 23-year-old Australian, who is a size 16, fronts the underwear firm’s autumn line replacing size 10 Strictly Come Dancing star Ola Jordan, 29, who was the face and body of the brand for over a year.

Robyn has graced the pages of French Elle, French Vogue and Australian Vogue and has become a role model for curvy women in recent years.

Read more:

So side note -- size 16 UK is like a size 12 or 10 US?

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SHRINKING_SARA 8/2/2012 4:07PM

    I know -- poor Crystal. No matter what size she is, she gets yelled at. If they would just stop calling people "plus size" models and just used the term model -- we wouldn't be arguing about this. BTW I read somewhere that plus size models start at a size 6-8 US depending on the designer! That's smaller than the average American!

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LASTFIRSTDAY 8/2/2012 3:52PM

    I seen this article too! She looks so good. Size 16 is a US 14, I think the rule is you take the size UK and minus two or that's how I've always done it when shopping in the US. It's a good start that they're introducing more fuller figured models, but I think it will take a lot to change the fashion industry. I just hope she doesn't now start to lose her curves like Crystal Renn.

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Awesome August

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I'm going to make this an awesome August. I can feel it. August is going to be a major breakthrough month! (Now let's just hope I can keep this positivity up)

For starters, the scale today was my friend. We broke up a little yesterday (he decided to go back up to 180.0), but this morning I was surprised to see 178.6! Woo hoo! I know I'll probably fluctuate back up a bit--but hopefully no more than 179.something. So maybe, just maybe, I have broken my stupid 180 plateau. A few weeks ago after a very bingy weekend, I was up to 185 -- so I'm glad I'm finally moving in the right direction.

My body though is telling me to take a break today. For the last two days I've done over an hour of cardio both days, plus strength training yesterday, and had a 1100+ calorie deficit for the last two days, so I was so tired this morning. Apparently I ate something that kept me awake all night. I'm exhausted today. I think I only got like 3 hours worth of sleep. But can I sleep now? Nope. Feel like a nap? Nope. Silly body -- don't you know I'm supposed to be able to push you to the limit? Luckily I was able to get to work and set up the robot to load my plates into the plate reader... Yep. My lab has a robot (be jealous!), it only costs $20k. (NO JOKE!)

I'm still working out as much as possible right now. I am 27 days away from surgery and 27 days away from not being able to work out for 3 weeks! I don't know what scares me more. The surgery is exciting. No regrets. Just a little stress about covering the cost of the surgery and hurting my budget. Not working out? At all. 3 weeks? Eeep. I've gotten to the point where I do SOMETHING 6 out of 7 days a week, and almost feel bad that other day. The "rest" day, is starting to feel like my lazy day. I know its not lazy, its recuperation, but I still feel annoyed at myself. So if one day makes me feel like that. What will 3 weeks do? On the plus side... I'll be losing 2 pounds in 2 hours ;-) I'm going to try and ignore the massive amount of pain I might be in.

So for August.

Work out. A lot. Mix it up. Keep it interesting.

Eat less. More specifically, eat within my calorie range.

No emotional binges. Heck, let's go for no binges the entire month!

One cheat day. Don't feel bad about it. Don't freak out about it.

Get a fellowship application submitted! Its due August 25th. I need to focus on my post-grad school future.

Take work seriously. Get some writing done on the thesis.

Ignore the drama with my coworker. She's setting herself up to fail; I don't need to push her over the cliff. I just need to stand back and watch. (She's the worst!)

Enjoy August!

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DOINIT4ME2DAY 8/2/2012 3:16PM

    Kick some butt girl! you're doing great!

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    Yay for positive thinking!! I hope you have a super month!!

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KLONG8 8/1/2012 6:10PM

    You made a comment on my blog so I thought I'd see what you're doing. Wow! 90 pounds and still going? You are my role model. Keep up the good work, continue to listen to your body, and realize that surgery means "take care of yourself VERY carefully" once you're recuperating. I think you'll get through with little diet damage.

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ALPINESALLIE 8/1/2012 4:04PM

    you go girl! I love the positive momentum!

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A look into my cart...

Monday, July 30, 2012

I just hit up Schnucks for some food. I did preeeetty good if I say so myself. So much so, when I came home -- I took a pic of my haul.

(for some reason Spark decided to post these upside down, but you get the idea)

I got a huge bag of apples, broccoli, black apricots, sweet potatoes, eckert's peaches, apricots, plutos, organic black plums, green grapes, red grapes, two cartons of strawberries, lean pork, 99% fat free ground turkey, air popped popcorn (my addiction!), Louisa's meatsauce (you StL people know), and some reduced fat buttermilk to marinate my chicken in.

I get most of my veggies, eggs, and soy milk at Aldi's -- but the fruit at Schnucks is top notch.

So far today I've only had 1000 calories, had 3 full meals and a snack! I'm going to dip into those strawberries + truvia for dessert and then hop on the treadmill.

My weigh-in this morning was again the silly 180.4. I think my scale is stuck. I weighed in at 179.6 last Thursday -- so I thought my plateau might be over -- but nope. Back to the same, very specific weight of my last two weigh ins. *sigh* I'm going to be in the 170s next week!

emoticon emoticon

And 29 days until surgery (but who's counting emoticon)

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JUSTDOIT011 7/31/2012 10:51PM

    Mmm all that fruit sounds good! emoticon I should get some peaches, I haven't eaten any yet this summer!

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JMARIES51 7/30/2012 10:42PM

    You are doing fantastic. And your food shopping trip sounds like a dream. We don't have this store in WA state.
Have a fantastic week.

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FIERCE_FABULOUS 7/30/2012 9:58PM

    Don't become so worried about the number on the scale. I know, easier said than done. But with all of that healthy food that you bought, and the exercise, and the GREAT cal intake, you will get past it in no time. Just keep up the great work. You are doing a great job!! =)

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MISTY_MOUNTAINS 7/30/2012 9:32PM

    Black plums...... *drool*

You ARE going to get down in the 170s!!

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Spark Motivation

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I was feeling blah today. Already ate more than half my calories before lunch... still felt blah. Then I started pinning some motivational quotes and fitness stuff... and read one -- if you have time to Tumblr, then you have time to work out! Okay got it!

And here's some motivation for the rest of you!

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MOMMA-MOOSE 7/30/2012 10:20PM

    Great motivation. Thanks for sharing!

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SUSIEGKORN 7/30/2012 2:01AM

    Oh, wow! Great blog! Gotta make time to exercise and plan and make good, healthy meals. I've been faltering and there's no excuses! Time to get things back under control. I bet the rest of your day went better! I especially like the first poster! So true!

Hope you have a good Monday!

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DARWHOHOO 7/29/2012 7:23PM

    Thanks so much for this!!!


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MISTY_MOUNTAINS 7/29/2012 3:51PM


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CRYMENIA 7/29/2012 3:03PM

    Thanks for the inspiration emoticon emoticon And your right, if I have time for blogs, then I have time for exercise... Wii here I come emoticon

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Female Olympic Weightlifter Stands Up To Twitter Bullies Who Call Her Manly

Sunday, July 29, 2012

You have got to check out this article:

A female Olympic weightlifter was harassed on Twitter for having too many muscles such that no man would ever find her attractive. Read on to see her awesome response...

British Olympic female weightlifter fires back at her Twitter bullies
Tue, Jul 24, 2012 9:04 PM EDT

LONDON – An angry British female Olympic weightlifter put an online bully in his place with a spirited and eloquent response to a series of offensive Twitter taunts.

England's Zoe Smith's popularity increased after a BBC documentary. (Getty Images)
Zoe Smith, 18, was targeted on the social networking site, with one user in particular issuing a stream of disgusting remarks that accused her of lacking femininity and questioned her sexuality.

Smith, who will compete in the 58 kg category, had the last laugh by confronting her tormentor on Twitter, then writing about the experience on her personal blog.

A user called "infidel1978" initially made disparaging comments about Smith and teammates Hannah Powell and Helen Jewel after the trio was featured in a BBC documentary about their training called "Girl Power – Going For Gold." When Smith responded, the pair then engaged in an ongoing web battle which the weightlifter can claim to have comfortably won.

"I wouldn't even look at you," infidel1978 tweeted. "I'd think you was a bloke and so would 9 out of 10 lads."

"Your futile attempts at insulting us have brought me many giggles!" Smith responded. "It makes me laugh that you think we'd give a toss what a closed-minded, clearly weak fool like yourself who can't handle a bit of muscle thinks anyway!"

Infidel1978: "In other words your insecurities are kicking in lol. Now piss off back to the kitchen and make your boyfriend a sandwich he's hungry."

"Meh, not particularly," Smith responded. "I just find it funny to argue with idiots on the internet. What a very original comeback, you are a credit to men everywhere. I bet all those feminine women you speak of are queuing round the block for a chance with you!"

Smith has since changed her Twitter handle, while infidel1978's account had been deleted as of Tuesday evening. Smith and her colleagues have started to attract a strong following since the Girl Power documentary showed their grueling training regimen and bubbly personalities.

Not all of the attention, however, has been positive. Smith discussed the issues her and other female weightlifters have faced in a post on her own blog.
[Memorable Moments: Jesse Owens marched into Hitler's Germany and won four gold medals]

"We don't lift weights in order to look hot, especially for the likes of men like that," Smith wrote. "What makes them think that we even want them to find us attractive? If you do, thanks very much, we're flattered. But if you don't, why do you really need to voice this opinion in the first place?

"Shall we stop weightlifting, amend our diet in order to completely get rid of our 'manly' muscles, and become housewives in the sheer hope that one day you will look more favorably upon us and we might actually have a shot with you?

"This may be shocking to you, but we actually would rather be attractive to people who aren't closed-minded and ignorant. Crazy, eh?! We, as any woman with an ounce of self-confidence would, prefer our men to be confident enough in themselves to not feel emasculated by the fact that we aren't weak and feeble."

Women's weightlifting was introduced at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney and has enjoyed a gradual growth in popularity. Many of the women's sessions in London have been sold out for months, especially those featuring the home-grown trio of Smith, Powell and Jewel.

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MYOWNHERO 7/29/2012 2:48PM

    They might not lift in order to look hot, but...too late! They are! Love her responses!

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TRAVELGRRL 7/29/2012 2:09PM

    Good for them!

WHY do men, ALL over the world, in every country and culture, believe it is their right to dominate and control OVER HALF THE POPULATION instead of empowering women to the benefit and good of all.

Does "infidel1978" and the rest of these morons not have mothers, wives, sisters? Would they stand for another man abusing their female relatives this way?

I am proud that this is the very first Olympics in which every male team has a female counterpart!

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