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Weekend of the carb monster.

Monday, May 14, 2012

So this weekend I was not-on-my-game. I went out Friday, drank way more than I should have and spent Saturday semi-hungover. Which led to no exercise and poor food choices. Now I know = hangover = carb loading madness monster.

Sunday I was still kind of blah. I went to put on my workout clothes, and called my mom to see what time she was showing up at my sisters. Apparently it was 2 hours before I thought -- so I was rushed. In my head though I knew after Saturday I still needed to do SOMETHING before I rushed to get ready and wrap presents. SO I popped in 2 different Bob Harper DVDs and did the 10 minute Glute challenge and 10 minute Ab challenge. And holy crap--today my butt hurts. Haha, that's the first time I've ever done the glutes challenge -- guess what -- I was challenged. Then I got ready and drove the 75 minutes to my sister's house.

She's definitely not on a diet. I'm apparently the only one watching myself, so I brought carrots and hummus and baked pita chips. My sister didn't have anything other than muffins to eat so I dug into my food right away. I also brought Alexia potatoes to have as a side. Now they come pre-seasoned/oiled so you just have to pop them in the oven and roast them for a delicious side. What does my sister do? She pours like 4 tablespoons of olive oil on them!!!! I was furious! I was like what the *bleep* do I bring a healthy side for if you're just going to sabotage it? Her response, "olive oil is healthy." Ugh. Seriously I wanted to smack her. Then of course she had a salad -- but the only dressing she had was 120 calories per 2 tbsp! Eep! I watched her and my mom pour at least 4 tbsp on their "healthy" salads -- needless to say I avoided that. Then what protein did we have? Pork steaks. Not nice semi-lean porksteaks but gross super fatty (I mean at least 1/3 fat) pork steaks. After having a bad Saturday I was disappointed in the food choices available on Sunday. My sister and mom just don't get it... But since it was mother's day I just tried to shut my mouth and not complain (near my mom at least). This was a pretty annoying family gathering food wise. I guess I'll just have to bring MORE healthy options when I go anywhere.

But on the plus side I got two new kettle bells from my mom as a late b-day present. I'm going to try out one of my two Bob Harper kettle bell DVDs tonight if I have the time. I need to pick up and clean the house; I'm throwing a Glee party tomorrow since it's a 2 hour episode = Nationals... haha... I'm going to go get some fruit and veggies to cut up and serve tomorrow in addition to the wine and brownies. I'll try and be a good, healthy hostess at least.

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WINTERHARTT 5/14/2012 6:09PM

    My brother and his family are starting to get it. My brother keeps trying to get me to eat things I'm not supposed to though. I now bring all my own food to gatherings. He gets annoyed but I told him that I love him dearly and don't wish to offend but I just can't eat the things he cooks because it isn't healthy for me. At least I have the excuse that I have food restrictions because they make me, corn, he doesn't harp so much anymore.

Maybe your family will come around to your way of thinking when you get your goal weight and you are very healthy!


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    Sorry to hear about the disappointing food choices yesterday. Is it possible for you to host next time? That way you are sure to have healthy things!

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BECKY3126 5/14/2012 1:14PM

    Hangover always equals carb overload the next day. Just trying to get your blood sugar back up leads to HUGE sugar cravings (at least for me it does) and it really is sometimes the only thing that makes you feel somewhat normal again. I know that when I am suffering the usual meal consists of a cheeseburger and Dr. Pepper. After that I will feel better and hopefully make better choices (but not always because then the cravings for all that bad stuff kicks in...ugh). It is difficult to go to family members homes who do not understand and cooperate with healthier menus for get togethers. I am lucky that at least my mother is very health conscious and will usually try to keep our meals somewhat light and fresh. I guess that next time you will have to go in even more prepared (although it sounded like you really tried to do that and were sabotaged) and maybe even eat something healthy before going so that you don't get there hungry and you can just have small amounts of whatever you do want to try. Good luck! I know that can be really frustrating.

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TRISSIDAAE 5/14/2012 1:12PM

    I know how you feel some people just don't understand or they aren't willing to think about others, you did good though and now you know to always bring your own stuff :)

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Finally Friday

Friday, May 11, 2012

So this week is almost over thank god. I've slacked off at work. I'll admit it. I was in a pre-birthday blues earlier in the week, then I just felt like not really doing anything yesterday since it was my b-day. So now I feel like I have to step it up!

My friends ended up taking me out to lunch yesterday which was great. The weather was perfect, so I decided I would like to take a 30 minute walk to the restaurant. So 15 minutes from my building in BFE to meet the girls on the main campus, then 15 minutes to the restaurant. I figured walking in the sunshine for an hour is a better workout than not doing anything at all. So I had a two hour lunch break... and then basically went back to work for a bit before just peacing out and I spent the afternoon in my hammock with a book and my cell phone texting people.

I also did a surprising amount of cooking for myself on my b-day. I splurged with white chocolate chip blueberry pancakes... bleh... too much sugar! I ended up throwing most of them away. Then for dinner I did grilled porkchops -- yum! All of this was done alone, so whatever. I'm 27 -- I don't need someone to wait on me hand and foot on my birthday.

I'll see my parents this weekend at my sister's house for mother's day/sorta late b-day stuff. Anyway -- that's it for now. I'm trying to get back on the calorie wagon since I fell of on Wednesday. I definitely binged a bit (on crackers and blackberries and other stuff -- Sam's didn't have strawberries that weren't moldy! WTF?) But to compensate I spent 80 minutes on my treadmill that night. Sorta felt like puking from the excess calories and the workout combined (definitely not healthy!) -- so moderation is my game again.

The girls are taking me out tonight to a new ShotBar. I have a feeling I may be intoxicated soon... Hopefully nothing too crazy will happen!

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ALPINESALLIE 5/11/2012 3:41PM

    Welcome to 27-hood darling! I hope you have an amazing birthday and treat yourself! Great job walking places too! I watched a story on the today show that said something like 2/3rds of Americans don't walk anywhere, and so they are associating this with heart disease and things...
You keep up the good work darling! You are so awesome!

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TREP13 5/11/2012 3:28PM

    Happy birthday friend!!! I hope you enjoy celebrating with your friends tonight and family this weekend! You deserve it. :)

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SUSIEGKORN 5/11/2012 1:59PM

    Sounds like you have LOTS of birthday celebrations! You are one blessed young woman! Happy 27th birthday! The lunch and walking and cooking .......... all good! Have fun tonight and enjoy your weekend with your family!

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What did I do?

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Ouch. Obliques! I did my standing side crunches with 10# weights last night. And they were easy... so I kept going... and today *gasp* Ouch! So its my fault, but who knew how much you use your obliques? I guess I've never really worked them out before starting the Bob Harper DVDs. Between that and weighed front deadlifts my back is a little sore today. I think I'll just stick to cardio on the treadmill tonight and let my core heal a bit longer.

I'm in a pretty blah mood right now as well. I'm kind of off my game today for some reason. Honestly I just need to snap out of it. I'm thinking of binging -- and I know its my own damn fault for not packing a good lunch today. It's also probably because tomorrow is my birthday. I'll be 27... And I don't have any plans. Since its Thursday, my friends are all taking me out on Friday instead. Also my mom was going to come down, but we're having a mother's day thing in Hermann, MO on Sunday so she can't really afford the gas to make 2, 2 hour trips in the same week. And that's okay, because my mom brings her own amount of stress with her. But still. For some reason eating an entire bag of Doritos sounds logical. Which would mean I would have to go buy some... which I am trying to avoid. In all honesty I should just go to Schnucks and buy a bunch of fruit... But I need to hit up Sam's and that whole store is full of oversize portions of stuff I do not need to buy. Maybe I'll go and get a chicken though for a late lunch. I know my puppies would love that idea!

Okay, bitchin' over.

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KLONG8 5/9/2012 11:22PM

    Happy 27th! Hmmmm...birthdays in the middle of the week often times are let downs. Your celebration comes on Friday so I like Livin_The_Life's idea - maybe a pedi for yourself? A massage? Maybe stop in your favorite shop and indulge yourself with a trinket? Or a bubble bath? Then Friday will be here and you'll be with friends who are ready to celebrate with you.

So have a great birthday and let those obliques heal!

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WILDBEANERZ 5/9/2012 2:28PM

    Ouch on the obliques!

I hope you find a way to spend the evening for your birthday that doesn't involve indulging in stuff that will make you feel bad. Maybe figure up how much it would cost to fill that craving and spend that much money on a new top or get your nails done? I'm glad you have friends that will be taking you out on Friday and you need to save up that calorie surplus for that night and Mother's Day too. Good luck! and Happy Birthday!! emoticon

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LIVIN_THE_LIFE 5/9/2012 1:56PM

    First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Secondly, I can tell that you know that binging won't help anything, but it still sucks to have nothing to do on your bday. Maybe you can find a way to treat yourself, like get a pedicure or something like that. So you can celebrate until you get to get to the REAL celebrations!

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What a good start to the week!

Monday, May 07, 2012

So I'm in a super mood. I've been doing Bob Harper DVD workouts--and sweating/shaking/almost dying/in pain--and my treadmill cardio so I was hoping for a weight loss.

Hoping. I went out three days in a row. Free drinks on the 3rd at a grad school thing.

Then on Friday we went out for drinks (I had a cupcake, but once I ordered a drink with cream and thought about it -- I gave it to one of my friends), then I saw the Avengers and had movie theatre popcorn *gasp* (but I had worked out earlier in the day and was about broke even or a little over for the day).

Then on Cinco de Mayo we went out to a Mexican place. I had 2 margaritas, beany-cheese dip and chips, and grilled chicken nachos. OMG real food. Bad food. Delicious food! Sorry I don't eat cheese that often so this was a real splurge for me.

So even though I have worked out for the last six days straight, I was worried. This morning though -- -1#! Woo hoo! Hard work and muscle building was working. I think I'm going to go with this approach this week: Work out Hard! Drink a ton of water! Eat protein and fresh fruits and veggies! and most importantly Don't freak out! I'm going to semi-count calories. I think that the 1200-1500 calorie range isn't enough for my body. When I was staying in that range and working out, I just wasn't losing, but upping it to 1600-1800 seems to be doing the trick.

The other reason I'm in a great mood... I've got an MD-PhD texting me constantly and he's super cute ;-)

My birthday is Thursday so I might go to the mall and shop for some new stuff with the birthday check from my grandma. All in all what a great Monday!

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FINDING_MELISSA 5/8/2012 12:26PM

    It is a great way to start the week! Awesome!!!!!!!!!

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SUSIEGKORN 5/8/2012 10:01AM

    Oh Sara ~ that all sounds great! You've figured out how to balance all that you've got going! I love that! Way to go on the hard-core workouts! Keep us posted on the cutie that is texting you:) Keep on having fun as you are working so hard on your healthy self!

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TALVARADO6 5/7/2012 5:25PM

    Great job! It's definitely good to have extra calories when you are working hard so that your body doesn't think you're dying and store them up!

Good luck with the guy ;)

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I should be writing a paper and not a blog...

Thursday, May 03, 2012

I should be writing a paper and not a blog...

I have to work on the review article, I will work on the review article, I will get off Spark and work on the review article... in a bit. Oh and the other paper we're going to try and get done in three weeks. I did say I work better under pressure right? I may even *gasp* work on it over the weekend! But for now I'll just blog.

I started going to sleep earlier in the night. I'm aiming for 10-10:30 instead of 11-11:30. I thought this meant I would get up and attam in the morning, but no... I just sleep more. Or not according to my BodyMedia Fit armband. When it does stay in place during the night, I apparently still am only really sleeping, sleeping 3-4 hours out of 7-9 hours of laying down. I dunno what else to do, and I'm not over tired during the day, so for now I'm going to ignore it.

I slept in this morning, ate a tiny breakfast, and then did Bob Harper's Totally Ripped Core workout. I almost made it though all of the exercises (excuse me, SIDE burpees?! and roll-outs!?! -- yea I'm working on those) but I managed to physically watch and attempt everything until the sweat poured off me and my legs and abs and back and arm muscles (aka--everything) were shaking. I thought I had a good core, but I have core muscles now that are so sore and I didn't even know they existed! This was out of my routine (working out in the morning), as I usually work out at night. Tonight though I plan on going out to a graduate school freeze booze and food party. I'm trying to socialize with other grad students (aka--find a man, haha), and I've got two friends who are going to go with me.

So that's it. I need to get back to working, but I just felt like blogging. I'm sure I'm not going to be able to walk tomorrow.

Also random thought -- do you think you burn more calories walking around in heels? I think so!

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    I've been staying up until the wee hours of the morning lately, which is why *I* haven't been getting any sleep. I am positively exhausted today! Definitely no energy to train, so it's great that you got some workout in!

And yes. I think we should petition Spark to add 'Walking: In heels' to the exercise list!

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TALVARADO6 5/3/2012 3:26PM

    Sounds like a good workout! It's great to give your body a challenge like that.

And, yes, I think you do burn more calories walking in heels, it's so much harder!!

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