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Much better today

Saturday, August 13, 2011

So I did end up going to Red Lobster with my sister who came in to visit. And while the biscuits and salad were good, the fried shrimp I got were not good. I think my palate is starting to reject greasy food my head knows are bad. And now I think I won't be craving Red Lobster for a loooong time. 150 calories per biscuit. Yikes!

So today (while my sister is STILL sleeping) I have already run 3 miles on the treadmill, drank six glasses of water, and done stretching and some core exercises. I'm over my pity party--and I am back on track. Whenever my sister gets up we're going to scrapbook her wedding, and no more eating out this weekend. I have tons of stuff to grill since its nice out and I'm not going to let her drag me into another restaurant.

Here's to a better weekend.



Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm PMSing and stressing from work. Today is going to be a cheat day if this keeps up. I literally feel like doing nothing.

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MISSKAZU 8/12/2011 6:25PM

    I agree with Metta4me. Treat yourself to something that isn't food. If you want some instant gratification, try some frozen fruit, sorbet or low fat yogurt, pop in a movie or watch a show that you haven't seen in a while and relax. Treat yourself without cheating yourself out of the results that you want. Take care! emoticon

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METTA4ME 8/12/2011 5:23PM

    Treat yourself to a new lipstick or night cream instead. emoticon

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New Goals

Thursday, August 11, 2011

So now that I joined I'm actually sort of counting calories. I'm using the nutrition tracker and I was surprised to see how little I was eating. I know that I was trying to eat healthy but I was eating around 1000 calories a day, which seems like way too little. I apparently wasn't eating enough protein either--so I'm working on that, but in my head I don't really want to eat 1600 calories a day if I'm full and I ate 984 calories. But I'm a biochemist so I know that eating too little will do the opposite for weight loss. Its a complete mind trick trying to figure out what's "healthy" eating. Eating healthy and not eating too much I thought went hand in hand. I'm going to try to figure out healthier foods to add, maybe some nuts. A trip to Trader Joe's is in order the next time I'm in St. Louis.

But in other news--I'm using the giant treadmill that I bought. I even moved it by MYSELF yesterday. That was a workout all on its own. My shoulder is def. bruised, but now the treadmill faces the TV and that is way more important. Yesterday while I was speedwalking/jogging I got 3 phone calls. Mind you I was only on the treadmill for 45 minutes. The first time my phone rang, I followed my instinct to hit stop and jump off. Not a good idea. I managed not to hit anything, but needless to say the next time the phone rang I took my time slowing down before I got off the treadmill. I'm hoping that really getting in some cardio will help me drop the next 25 lbs.

And with those next 25 lbs I will be a 'one-der.' I honestly can't remember the last time I was a oneder -- probably 9th grade. Eep. 1999. That's scary to think I haven't been below 200lbs in this century. Gotta fix that ASAP.

So I finally figured out some goals:

Short Term Goal: Run on the treadmill 5 days a week and be able to jog an entire mile without stopping

Long Term Goal: Run at least one 5k next year (2012)

End of the Year Goal: Be under 200 lbs before New Year's Eve

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STLFRESHSTART 8/12/2011 12:03PM

    I think those are great goals and totally feasible. Keep it up!

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50 lbs gone...

Monday, August 08, 2011

So how do you determine your weight loss? Do I go off my all time high? or a more recent weight that I've been at for awhile?

If I go by my all time high of 276ish (it was probably a little over 280--but at that point scales were the ENEMY) -- and I am now at 226 = 50lbs gone since 2004. This has fluctuated a lot since then. I lost 20, gained 10, lost 30, gained 10, lost 20 -- kept it off for awhile, gained 10 -- and now this new fitness kick started.

I bought a scale when I moved into my new house and started grad school. At that time I was in the mid-260s. According to my scale as of this morning I'm down to 226 = -37lbs. Its still not too shabby -- but I had been around 255 for the last year or so. I had gone down to 230ish my 2nd year of grad school -- and then gained back 25lbs over the next two stressful years. Now I'm starting my 5th year of grad school (GASP!) and its starting to hit me again that I need to get my ass in shape. So do I say my weight loss started from 276 (a total of 50lbs so far? Or the more recent 255 which would be 29 lbs gone so far? Either way its good... the 50 just sounds better, right?

So I just joined to try and get a sounding board and track my goals, food, and exercise. Lets hope this helps a bit to keep me motivated.

I just spent another weekend home in St. Louis, so I didn't get in as much activity as I planned on. I tried to balance that by watching what I was eating--which means i had to bring food to my parents house to ensure I didn't waver. And of course my mom goes to the store and buys me velveeta shells and cheese and strawberry ice cream -- did I mention I'm now lactose intolerant and watching my food = thanks MOM! She has gained back a lot of weight she's lost recently, so I don't know if she's purposefully sabotaging me or if she even notices that she's doing it. I didn't eat it -- but she made me take it home with me... ugh.

I did get to go shopping with my friend Krista though. We had a fun time and I managed to snag 4 tops and 6 undies for $75~! I love sales. I also got some new smaller bras at Lane Bryant -- probably the last bras I will buy there -- but I got them for ~$14 with my coupons, and I'm just thankful my boobs haven't shrunk yet (other than band size). So I was on a shopping/retail therapy high.

Saturday I was excited for my friend's 30th b-day surprise party. The surprise was, I had to help his wife clean their entire house after we got him out of it for the day. I was then excited to flirt with a guy who was attending on facebook -- and then who didn't show up. There should be a facebook penalty for people who don't show up. My one friend Jen told me to stop the jr high crap and just ask the guy out. BUT I'm still socially retarted from my years of trying to hide. You really don't feel datable at a size 22, but whatevs. I'm not in St. Louis a lot. I brushed it off and I'm moving on.

I had to spend Sunday listening to my mom bitch about me not cleaning her house. Then her hissy fits... her food cooked with spices I don't eat, which I tried and surprise didn't like... followed by another hissy fit and getting my ass out of that house as quick as possible.

So to make up for that stress weekend, I forced myself to do 30 minutes on the treadmill before work. I'm trying to make that a regular thing to get my cardio in before work and get my metabolism crack-a-lackin' early in the day. So those are my new goals for the next 50! I was hoping to get to the "oneders" (sounds like wonders) before the end of the year, but that might be an ambitious goal. I have just dropped 30 in 18 weeks, so keeping myself at that pace is unrealistic (but wouldn't it be great!?).

My goals for the rest of the day is to go grocery shopping and pick up lots of fruits and veggies and do some crunches--maybe 1000. I'm still not back up to pre-stomach flu workouts, but I'll get there.

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JULIENMM 8/10/2011 2:56PM

    Good job avoiding stress this weekend. If the mac and cheese is still in the box, you can donate it. Pretty soon you'll be in ONEderland!

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GODDESSELLIE07 8/10/2011 2:52PM

    I'd say use the higher weight! You legitimately lost that weight, so why shouldn't it count?! Way to go you!

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