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The Sun is Out, the Sky is Clear, the Tank is Clean....

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Well not yet, but I'm considering cleaning the fishtank on my lunch... but now that the sun is out I might swim instead.... I can't decide. Either one is pretty good exercise, the tank really NEEDS cleaning, and I'm going to zumba after work tonight no matter what, so I'll do whatever tickles my fancy when lunch rolls around! I have the last two chicken verde enchiladas in the fridge, so I can either eat them here befor/after a swim or take them home with me!
I hope we can find a bigger apartment as conveniently located for work/school/ gym as our current one!!!

I had a bit of a tough day yesterday. That 2300 calorie burning work out really caught up with me. I was super sore and STARVING all day long. I think I did a pretty good job of trying not to overdo it on the snacks, but it could have been better. All in all not bad for the first long day after that Tuesday night class; I'm sure next week will be even better!

Pretty tired today... had one of those yucky mornings where I was suddenly wide awake at 4, and then layed there tryint to fall asleep till probably 6:40, only to have my alarm go of at 7:00, at which point I was so deeply asleep I could barely opperate the snooze button. All 6 times....

I'm not drinking diet coke anymore so wish me luck on a productive day on 4 hours sleep and no caffeine!!!


2300 Calories per Hour!!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I didn't get to swim on my lunch break yesterday as hoped. There was lightening and it's an outdoor pool so they locked it. Jerks!
Blobby McFlabface tried his darndest to get me to go eat a Chipotle burrito bowl for lunch...
"it's not your fault you can't workout... what are you gonna do, just sit in your office for an hour?"
"no way Blobby!! I'll think of something productive to do! I promised myself no buying lunch out until I move to a bigger apartment you meany-face!"
"but look at all that rain... what could you possibly get done? And your hair is giant and frizzy from all the humidity, you don't want to be seen in public like that."
"Aha!!! Perfect!! You're working your own way into homelessness Blobby, and you don't even notice! I can go get my hair cut so that it wont get so frizzy! I've been putting that off, and I can go to the drop in place and eat the healthy lunch I packed while I wait!"
"nooooooooooooooooooooooooo, my flab mansion! It's melting!! MELTING!!!"

So I love my new haircut!! I decided to go WITH the waviness of my hair instead of trying to work against it, so even with all the humidity of another super rainy day today it looks awesome!

My salami and pepperjack sandwich on the new oroweat light bread was scrumptious, with mini sour cream and onion rice cakes on the side. Didn't even feel like I was eating 'diet' food!

AND, I may not have been able to swim on my lunch, but I sure made up for it after work!!
I went to a 'body sculpting' class at my gym I've been making excuses not to go to for a few months because it's such hard work. Well yesterday I was finally ready to embrace some hard work, and boy am I glad I did!! I've been wearing my HRM to the gym, and that 1hr class burned TWO THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED CALORIES!!!

It's no WONDER I felt like I was going to die!

AND I follwed it up with my planned diet-friendly chicken verde enchiladas and didn't even have one extra!

More enchiladas for lunch now!

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EMI412 3/3/2010 1:24PM

    2300! Wow! emoticon

This makes me really excited to get a HRM myself... I can't wait!

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ERNOINACTION 3/3/2010 12:39PM

    Those enchilladas sound great. I made some last week with turkey meat and they were awesome. Great job on getting to the body sculpt class. I love getting a great workout in. That's a lot of calories!!! Keep it up!

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STEPHYC32313 3/3/2010 12:36PM

    emoticon chicken verde enchiladas sound yummy emoticon

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No more math nazi

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I've made the bold decision to no longer be a math nazi about my calories in and out. I spend so much time obsessing over is that I think it's more hinderance than help!!

New plan: just concentrate on specific meals/snacks
Breakfast 200-300 calories
Lunch 400-550 calories
Dinner 500-700 calories
Snack: decide if it's a want or a need... then 150 calories or less

Sure, there are days under this plan when i will go over my calories, but not by much!! Each of those goals seems REALLY doable, and concentrating on one meal at a time instead of spending the whole day calculating and recalculating what I've eaten and planning and re-planning what I can and can't have because of it, I just have a very doable goal for each meal!!

I just really think that the more obsessing over weight loss success I remove from my life, the more success I'll actually have!


Breathing Through Both Nostrils!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Today is the first day I've been able to breath through both nostrils since my last blog entry on 2/9!!!!
I cam down with a TERRIBLE cold the next day, and was totally out of comission for about 6 days, and have been suffering the lingering effects of a stuborn cold that has refused to vacate my sinuses ever since!!!
So, of course, feeling crummy made me feel entitled to a splurge here and there... I was way too sick to exercise... I got sick of water and wanted sparkling water to have the carbonation on my sore throat... which quickly reverted back to my 3+ liter of diet soda habit... you get the idea
All in all a fairly counter-productive couple weeks. I haven't gained any pounds, but I haven't lost any pounds or exercised... and I think my pants are tighter.... lame!!

Oh well! We all get sick, the important thing is to get better. I'm feeling better now and excited to get back in the gym and back on track!!

I've got some extra motivation to help me out in the food department now, so I'm excited. Rent on larger apartments has come WAY down in our neighborhood, so we've decided to move into a bigger place! We live in a 600 sq ft1 bedroom apartment currently. It's a nice one with a dishwasher, vaulted cielings, and they allow my cat, so we've been pleased in general... but now we could afford a 2 bed 1.5 bath townhouse at 1100-1200 sq ft for only $200 more per month than we're paying now, so we WANT ONE!!!! I'm really excited about having an apartment that more closely resembles a house, having a spare bedroom so people don't have to stay on our couch or in hotels, and being able to actually have a space to put everything away!!!

So in my determination to move into a bigger place by the summer, I need to start scrimping and saving for that security and pet deposit. I doubt we'd find a place here in Monterey with under a $1600 deposit for an apartment and a pet, so that means quite a bit of scrimping, seeing as we'd likely have to pay first months rent and at least part of a month on our current place all around the same time! Not to mention the cost of actually moving and cleaning, etc....

So no more going out to lunch for me! Not going out to lunch at work will probably save me close to $50/week, and that'll really add up. Luckily my gym is only 2 doors down from my office, so my plan is to start swimming on my lunch breaks!! I wanted to get started today and was all pumped up about it... got my swimp3 charged, my sunscreen and hair products packed in the trunk... but then I remembered that I have to let the stove repair guy in at noon... and our place is dirty.... so i'll need to sneak over there early to make it presentable first. Darn!!

Oh well, zumba tonight!

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ERNOINACTION 2/25/2010 3:49PM

    Oh, I'd love to move into a bigger place. Wish the prices would come down in my neighborhood. Just think of all the calories you'll burn in that process...packing, cleaning, unpacking, hauling... Get in those swims and best of luck!

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LIONHERD 2/25/2010 12:48PM

    I'm glad your feeling much better!!!

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So Lucky!! (Most of the Time...)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I'm so lucky in my selection of boyfriend!
I had to run through the work/class/work/class marathon yesterday... and it's SO LONG. 13 hours all together with no break other than driving from one to the other.

I had a good breakfast and brought a good lunch to eat in my lunch time lecture. I had a bag of Trader Joe's 94% fat free butter flavor popcorn (only 130 cals for the WHOLE bag, and no mystery food) microwaved and devoured at my desk just before I left for evening lab... I was doing pretty okay.

I was REALLY tired from drinking all day on Sunday for the super bowl and staying up late into the evening, so I swung by the library snack bar for a bottle of diet coke caffeine fix... well they have a $3 minimum debit charge, and there were out of ALL my usual bill fluffers. Fruit salad, whole fruit (apples, bananas, oranges, etc.) hard boiled eggs.... so I was stuck staring at all the pre-packaged snacks, with very little time, and $1.50 to spend... I ended up with a small bag of turkey jerky. I feel like it was the best option... only 120 calories and some protein...

Well lab was BO-RING! It was learning to use microscopes and computers.... hello? really? as if anyone could get to the class we're in without being able to use both... So I was bored, and I knew my boyfriend had one of our guy friends over to hang out as they both had the day off, so I offered to order some pizza when my lab ended...

And how great is my boyfriend? I get a text telling me, no, don't get pizza, you wanted to eat really well today. I'll make dinner and have it ready when you get home.

So instead of a pizza pig out I had a tastey chicken and brown rice burrito!!
How lucky is that?

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BETTERJULIA 2/10/2010 11:06AM

    That is soooo awesome! GIve you boyfriend a hug from me for keeping you on track! Great job on such a fantastic day! here is to many more to come!

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