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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I wasn't expecting such great progress in such a short period of time. The hormone creams are doing their job. My body -- in just under a week -- continues to actively and noticeably rid itself of the toxins built up in my system and start to balance itself out. Not that my hormones are now in balance, but the drama should curb itself for now.

Furthermore, I am down 15 lbs!!! Hooray! This is huge. Those last two pounds just dropped right off in no time! I wasn't expecting that. My clothes keep getting looser.

I had a great workout yesterday. It was really hard with lots of stairs. (Ick.) But, I felt great the whole time.

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The results are in

Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentine's week was not a great week for me nutritionally. But, I learned a lot. I had pizza (heart-shaped, of course), cookie (heart-shaped) to celebrate with my stepdaughter. Cheese, crackers and wine that my friend Val brought from Trader Joe's for a fun girly treat. Then, I made surf and turf for my husband and I on Valentine's Day. I gained two pounds. But, after getting back on track Saturday, I lost the two I gained by Wednesday. My body is starting to be able to recover on its own. Victory! :)

The big news is that the results came in for my hormone test. I met with Doc Sage yesterday. I couldn't have asked for better outcomes. My adrenals are healthy -- not optimal, but healthy. I will take it. My E2 (estrogen) was low and so was my progesterone creating the perfect storm for the estrogen dominance I had been told existed based on symptoms, but never specifically identified based on science. This is great news! It means I can get help! I came home with more creams to slather over my body. But, in two months I should start to see positive results, including easier weight loss and (crossing fingers) fertility.

After talking with Doc Sage, I realize that much of my estrogen issue comes from Xenoestrogens (pseudo-estrogens) that come from toxins, plastics, environmental stuff. This was a hard conversation for me. I live fast-paced. I like convenience. While I have dramatically changed my diet, I still expose myself to the xenoestrogens that wreak havoc on my body. The slow down required to continue to eliminate those toxins is not part of my lifestyle. I am doing well, but I need a better plan.

For now, on my own, I am going back to the cleanse drink. I am not doing the cleanse, just taking the cleanse drink once a day. It has so many anti-inflammatories that really help my skin and hopefully help my body continue to rid itself of the gunk.

In the meantime, my workouts are improving. I have a lot more energy. My coaches are constantly acknowledging the improvement in my performance which feels great.



On to Phase 3

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Hooray for clothes getting noticeably larger!! I am looking forward to wearing my smaller clothes and donating the larger ones!!

My weight isn't changing, but while I would like to see the scale numbers drop, I am not concerned. I am replacing fat with muscle. The quality of my workouts is improving. And, I just completed the hormone test. I should have some more answers next week!

My eating has been good. Not as rigidly clean in terms of nutrition as previous weeks, but still within 1200-1500 cals. And, my snacks aren't outrageous. It's just that I might pick an english muffin with peanut butter twice a day over an english muffin with peanut butter for one snack and then cottage cheese with some fruit later.

Our fiscal year at work just ended, and the new year is ramping up quick. I am finding that as I get busy, I tend to get in a rut with my food. I need to commit to trying new recipes at least once or twice a week so that I don't find myself getting bored with my eating choices and then fighting the urge to choose other snacks that are far more appealing. :)

I am now into Phase 3 of my program with Doc Sage. The icky drinks are gone. The not-so-icky-drink will continue for 4 weeks total (this is week one of those four). It's basically a protein shake with some extra anti-inflammatories. Not great. Not horrible. And, by 7 a.m., it's over for the day. There is no doubt that the program, the supplements and the nutrition are the biggest keys to changing the quality of my overall health. That keeps me motivated to keep going.


Phase 2 end of week one

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I had kind of weird week. I had the house to myself and very little stress. After work, I worked out, had dinner went to bed. I ate great. Great start to the week. I was sure I was headed for a nice net loss.

Saturday I was feeling a little groggy. Had a cheat meal (pizza) but still stayed within 1500 cals. Sunday morning, the scales showed a 5 lb weight gain. (*!#!!) Separately, I couldn't shake feeling a little blue. Monday morning the scales read the exact same. I couldn't believe it.

Monday afternoon, I noticed that a certain pair of jeans felt more comfortable than usual.

Then, this morning, scales were back down. I went to see Doc Sage. And, while I registered net 0 lb change, the body composition test showed 1.5 pound fat loss and 1.5 pound muscle gain!! I will take it. Hooray for the small victories.

We don't get serious about the hormone shift until after my hormone test next week. Hopefully that will answer the questions about my mid-week blip.


Phase 2

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I started phase 2 today. So far, so good.

The scales said 0.5 pounds down, but since I weigh daily (just for my own curiosity), I am not counting it until I am a full pound down -- too much potential for fluctuation. Regardless, the needle is headed in the right direction! Hooray!

Phase 2 is simply a more liberal cleanse. Less of "the drink" (just once a day) and more food choices. Only 14 days until a normal protein shake in the morning instead of the nastiness that is "the drink".

Interesting note, I have fewer rosacea issues when I drink the drink, than when I had a week gap with no drink in between the first two phases. Even though it's nasty, there is something in that drink that keeps my face a natural color (not sunburn red) and keeps the acne-looking bumps away.

Still hitting 1200-1500 clean eating calories, although to be honest, I struggled getting all of my food in today. That is due in part to being so busy and part because I just wasn't that hungry. I forced a protein shake before my workout for energy. And, had a post dinner english muffin/natural peanut butter snack. And, yet, I am still 65 cals short of my intended target. I am not really hungry, but I am afraid if I don't get my cals in, I will be starving tomorrow.

I had a great workout this evening. Well, it was great, because I felt good when it was over. :) Strength training that included stability ball leg jacks and burpee/renegade row combos. Yuck. 60 seconds on/30 seconds rest. The balance of the workout was upper body -- and my upper body needs all the help it can get!

Looking forward to a solid rest tonight.


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