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I haven't weighed myself yet this week, but...

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Something has happened, because I am wearing some pants I couldn't have worn a couple weeks ago. I told my husband that anniversary or not, I don't want to gain the four pounds back that I know I lost. (I didn't tell him that I secretly hope I lost one or two more in case I haven't.)

This morning, despite impeding rain, we took the dogs for a nice walk in old town Oakland, peering in the antique store windows. We've never been there when any of the stores have been open so we weren't surprised that none of them were today. We took our sweet time and didn't actually get that much exercise, but we enjoyed ourselves and it IS our anniversary, after all.

Sweet man, sweet dogs.

Our wedding day, 2 years ago:

By the way, you may notice a fork in my husband's shirt. At the time he was competing in girevoy sport and he could really eat! I, alas, thought if I ate half of what he did, that I would not gain weight. Oy, vey! I realized a little late that some days he ate 6,000 calories! So it is no surprise that he had a fork with him, even on his wedding day... always ready, he was!

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CAPECODLIGHT 3/2/2013 9:02PM

    Funny about the fork! I had a good friend who married a guy who was 6'5" (she was about 5'6"). She started to eat more because of his appetite and ballooned up over 40 lbs. - easy to do when the husband has huge portions.
Happy anniversary!

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GAYLLYNNE 3/2/2013 8:29PM

    Congrats on the anniversary!!! Dogs are a great way to get exercise!

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Stomach stretch

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Indy girl posted an enormously popular blog about stomach shrinking a couple days ago. She said that she felt fuller on reasonable portions when she gave up meats from animals that had been fed hormones (which of course fatten the animals up, and quite possibly could go on to fatten us up.) I thought I'd add a couple anatomy-tutor observations. Hormones and antibiotics have both been implicated in weight gain. There are also other mechanical reasons for stomach stretch and shrinkage.

The stomach has folds in it (rugae) and does indeed stretch. It is designed to do so - and to shrink back up. Our primitive ancestors went through times of fasting and feasting. Our stomachs, when fully stretched, can hold literally a gallon of food. Remember the man who exploded in the Monty Python movie? Exploding stomachs are theoretically possible, although severe nausea should occur well before someone continues eating to that point.

Stomachs are turned mostly sideways. A very large amount of liquid ingested all at once will literally spill over the exit sphincter and into the duodenum (small intestine). If the liquid is high in sugar - say a 32 oz. Big Gulp, this is a major problem for our blood sugar levels.

Once our rugae have stretched and distended from habitual overeating, we will feel less full from a normal sized meal. Once they have returned to a normal folded condition, we will feel fuller faster on a more reasonable intake.

So there really are mechanical as well as emotional and nutritional means to keep us on a reasonable eating plan.

There are also bacteria in our guts that demand that our bodies produce or eat sugar if we fast. We also have hormones that sense "starvation" and drive us to eat. So don't try to fast for more than a meal at a time because your body will make that backfire on you. Just eat reasonably.

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PHEBESS 2/27/2013 5:43AM

    Huh - interesting! Didn't know most of that, but it certainly makes sense!

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More things I've learned

Monday, February 25, 2013

Since my schedule is totally whacked, I no longer eat traditional breakfasts, lunches and dinners unless I am actually home for them. If I got home from a night shift and and ate a hearty breakfast late in the morning the next day, even if it included lots of protein, my head told me it was breakfast. Then I wanted lunch at lunch time - two hours later!

So right now, at ten am after I worked a night shift, I am eating a sloppy joe for breakfast. Yep, I don't even care that it has 500 calories because I am not going to be home for lunch.

I've also learned that my most wasteful eating comes when I am studying something in long stretches. I hope that eating and drinking will give me energy. That works for less than an hour, so those calories are wasted. My new strategy is to keep stashes of ridiculous flavored gum (ridiculous on purpose to keep me interested) everywhere I study. Root beer, anyone? I also get up for just a few minutes to play with the dog or twist on my twist board and then I MAKE myself sit back down and study some more.

For a year I had a 4.30 average and I lost it to 3 math classes I did barely got Bs in because I just couldn't make myself work that hard on something I hated so much. Doesn't sound like a catastrophe, but the better nursing schools are VERY competitive and despite my age, I want to go all the way up to an advanced practice degree if I can. (A rural NP with extra training to do more.) I addition to not wanting to eat, I also don't want to stop studying.

The weight loss is also a big deal now partially due to how competitive nursing school is. My advisor made the group interview to select applicants sound like a Miss America pageant. Pretty shocking, isn't it! Just five years ago there was a major shortage of nurses but now nurses have to look good, too. Because of the recession, there have been layoffs, older nurses aren't retiring and more people like me are entering the field in middle age from other professions.

I weighed myself a bit early because I won't be home for 3 days. I dropped another pound. I'm losing weight more slowly than I intended, but there have been some setbacks... hurt ankle, hurt back, not saying no to family. Also, I haven't ever dieted seriously before, so I guess it took me a couple weeks to figure out how to work around my lifestyle.

I have 2 part time jobs. For one of them I work for a small company (owned by a really nice husband and wife) that does in-home care of mostly very elderly people. We do whatever services are needed on a 24/7/365 vasis that family, hospice or facility can't provide. So last night I was with a hospice patient. I'd done all my chores and cleaned him up and had an hour before I had to do anything else. So I walked up and down the hall. Mostly regular walking, some lunge walks. On about my fifth turn around, I thought, "What if there is a camera?" So I flipped off the light and did the rest of the walk in the dark. It was very dark, so that was kind of stupid since if someone was watching, they already saw me! I walked a MILE in the hallway. I did a few squats, lunges and calf raises. Then it was time to give him his meds.

Felt pretty good about myself when I clocked out that night! :)

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CAPECODLIGHT 2/26/2013 5:19PM

    I don't have your crazy schedule, but have taken to eating veggie burgers for breakfast on pita bread. I was having trouble getting enough protein during the day; so this helps. I think it is good to "break the rules" if it works for us.
Very smart to grab the exercise time when you can - the minutes add up. Your story about the car service job reminded me that when I used to work for a manufacturer, virtually no one on the floor was overweight. They logged a lot of miles during the day, while the people on the office side (including me) were collectively plumper. I think just standing and walking rev up your metabolism for additional benefit beyond calories burned.

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RONDLEW 2/25/2013 1:37PM

    When my kids were little, I'd put the baby down for a nap with the window open, put the other kids in front of a PBS TV show and then literally walk around the outside of the house. You gotta get it in when and where you can! emoticon

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If I like my pedometer, am I a pedophile?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Without my new pedometer, I would probably have been deterred from walking at all after I hurt my ankle at work last weekend. But the pedometer makes sneaking in exercise a bit of a game, so I occasionally say ďto heck with the ankle!Ē Since school and work have left me with woefully little free time, the game is to squeeze in a little walk and then peek at the pedometer to see how many steps I added.

Both days Iíve made a conscious effort to squeeze in a few extra steps here and there, my pedometer has recorded a whole extra mile over my normal dayís walking. A MILE!

For example, yesterday before I left home I tied a stuffed rabbit to a rope and ran around the driveway and front yard, making the rabbit bob and jump while the dogs chased us, barking. Within a few minutes I started having asthma from laughing and running at the same time so I stopped. 926 steps and two very riled up, happy dogs. (Probably neighbors looking out their windows with binoculars, too. Are there Sparkpoints for that?)

Later, I took my motherís sick old dog for a walk. He hardly budges for her - she practically has to drag him to the corner. But for me he always trots along jauntily, with his head held high, wagging his pitifully balding tail for at least a quarter of a mile. Because of the pedometer, I was tempted to take him a little farther. Guess what? This dog who normally sleeps all day gleefully walked several blocks more! I guess you could say Iím a ped-o-phileÖ erÖ I guess not.

I also chased my Solly around the kitchen, which was pathetic, because he skidded and crashed into several cabinets and I laughed so hard I had more asthma. So we had to stop again.

Hereís the take-home message: on a day when I didnít go to work, just studied for ten hours and therefore would ordinarily have only sat on my rear, I somehow also managed to get in 4606 steps. Sure, itís not 10,000 steps, but did you see that I also studied for ten hours?

Just imagineÖ what could I do if I had more free time and if I could ramp up my dogs all I wanted without fear of asthma or tachycardia and could take them on long hikes up mountains, like I used to, before 2009? (Iíve had the same health problems since childhood, but thatís the year they got much worse.) Is it possible that I can do that again? Is it possible that weight loss, a new degree and a new career are just the most visible steps along the way towards a better life?

Can I remember that each step recorded on my pedometer is not just a number, but is a very real step towards making those goals and wishes realities?

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HOBBESIS49 2/23/2013 5:30PM

    I also live in Oregon.. and am profoundly affected by my asthma that actually got a lot worse around 2009 (oddly enough).

I like the game that you play in your yard with the dogs (that's funny).. yes, I think that this is a beginning. So glad that you have a pedometer to motivate you and keep you focused.

emoticon emoticon You can!

Jane emoticon

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MINEA999 2/22/2013 11:21AM

    Yeah I don't know if you should go around shouting you're a pedophile just yet, haha. But it does sound like your pedometer is motivating you. I think I have one somewhere but never used it - maybe I should try to find it.

That is one impressive endeavour - to be back at school again for a whole new career! How awesome - good for you!

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If you want to lose weight, take a Microbiology class

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fellow classmates say they do not want to eat ever again.

Our professor (who is thin and regularly stops to entone, "We are all going to die!") fills our evenings with statistics of fecal-contaminated self-serve soda fountains, food service workers who are carriers of terrible diseases and how many weeks or even years assorted microorganisms can remain viable in and on inanimate surfaces.

We look at slides and photos of encysted larvae from the brains, hearts, muscle and eyes of people who had pork tapeworm or hookworm or Toxoplasma gondii (which is transmitted by cat litter, but guess what? You can get it by eating undercooked meat. Yummy!) We watch videos of people having surgery to remove brain tumors that aren't really tumors but are really worms from undercooked pork.

(They don't really look evil enough to cause all that, do they?)

Oh, and don't forget that dogs aren't entirely innocent either, because they eat garbage and poop and then they come in and kiss you on the lips - which means that YOU are eating it, too.

Did you lose your appetite yet? You will thank me later when you have lost five pounds. And I haven't even given any details! I can give LOTS of details.

We are all going to die(t)!

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MSKRIS7 2/20/2013 9:38AM


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CAMETHYSTE 2/20/2013 4:15AM

    It really makes one think, doesn't it? Whenever I read something like this, I tell myself I never want to eat fast food again, or go out to a restaurant... but really, no matter what we do and where we go, we can't get away from all germs, bugs, worms and other contaminants. Uggghhh....

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DUSTYPRAIRIE 2/20/2013 3:16AM

    Oh my.

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