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Week two - how much does wet hair weigh?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This morning I ate and showered and then remembered to weigh myself. I weigh .6 more than last week!

I did hurt my back and my ankle and I did eat poorly on one day, but I was very good all the other six days.

I stood there on the scale wondering how much my breakfast weighed, how much my wet hair weighed and whether I should deduct a pound or two or three? I have lots of hair... in fact, I could lose three or four pounds by getting a bob cut right now. Seriously, I must have wasted several minutes calculating this. Finally, I stepped off the scale.

I have a microbiology exam today I should be worrying about instead! I'll get on the scale again in a day or two before I shower and eat when I won't be tempted to fudge the numbers.

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MUSCLE-UP 2/19/2013 3:56PM

    I would say that wet hair weighs 5 lbs. Here, could you hold my gum while I weigh-in.

You are funny! I imagine it could weigh more, but the scale will drop eventually, wet hair or dry will become moot.


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MOMMASLILGUNNY 2/19/2013 12:39PM

    I have done that before. Stepped on the scale before a shower and after and there is about a .5 pound difference just from all of the water.
So in fact you must have stayed the same.
Best of luck to you.

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DLBROWN93 2/19/2013 11:59AM

    Here's hoping your numbers and lower the next time you step on a scale. emoticon

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Pedometer for Solly and me (the lumberjack woman)

Friday, February 15, 2013

I just got and programmed my pedometer. I have a very busy weekend with work so I debated how to set it. I chose a middling stride length so it wouldn't record me putzing around doing chores, but not such a long stride length I couldn't use it in a building or a house. After all, if I have a patient sleeping, and I am done with my chores, I want to see it record any laps I take around the building. I also vow to take my youngest dog - a standard poodle named Solomon - for a walk at least twice to break up my studying time at home. Seeing him happy makes me happy and we both deserve that!

He looks kind of scared in this photo. Still a puppy, new to cameras!

Oh, and I considered not adding anything about this, but it was bugging me enough yesterday that I spouted off about it to someone I hardly knew. I should have waited to do it here, in a more appropriate format. After a "required mingle" session, in which a co-ed group had to shake hands and talk with four new people in the room, one of the men I shook hands with loudly complained that only men came over to shake hands with him. (Despite the fact that we talked and giggled for several minutes!) This is something that NEVER would have happened to me when I was 20 pounds lighter. I am not obese, but I have developed a bit of a lumberjack quality, especially when I'm wearing winter clothes and no makeup. Still, I was a bit offended. I have long hair, was wearing purple, think I look like a woman... I wanted to say something, but I didn't.

I went home, thought about telling my husband and decided better of it. No use getting him offended on my behalf, too. And what is the point of that? Whatever this guy's motivation was for making a stink about who chose to be friendly with him, I think he just made it less likely anyone will shake his hand at all next time.

And me? If I had made a stink back, I might have excluded myself from future hand-shakings. It is better I tell you dear Sparkpeople that my feelings were hurt because you are a lot more likely to understand.

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ALIHIKES 2/15/2013 7:52PM

    I have had something similar happen to me, I made a joke of it: "Do you need new glasses because, HELLO! I'm not a guy!" or whatever seemed appropriate. If I think they are being deliberately rude, I would probably say "well that's a strange comment, goodbye" and walk away. (I DON'T look like a lumberjack, I wear a D cup bra for gosh sake) Don't let it upset you!

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Week one

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New weight: 163.2. I have lost 1.8 pounds.

I have dutifully tracked my food intake, but no exercise, since I have done nothing whatsoever unusual in that department. Four days a week I do a lot of CNA-type work (standing, bending, reaching to change client's Depends, bedsheets, shower them, etc, transfer them in and out of their wheel chairs and beds) and some cleaning. Because I work with the elderly, only the cleaning is done in a hurry. Everything else is done interminably slowly. Probably very few calories burned there.

Three days a week I spend mostly sitting. There are a lot of ten and fifteen minute stretches when I am just waiting for someone or a class so I ordered myself a pedometer. It should come in the mail soon.

Yesterday I found myself squatting and bending in unusual positions on a ladder to staple wire over holes in my barn at home to keep murderous raccoons out. I wondered why I refuse to do any of these same positions for exercise but will in the cold, in the rain, on a ladder (I know, sounds like Dr. Seuss) to save my remaining hens. Priorities.

I have thought about what other changes I can make. I am scheduled very, very tightly. BIG changes are difficult to even think about without dissolving into a puddle of tears or hysterical laughter. There will be no exercise videos, classes, classes at the YMCA, etc. I literally take a cooler in my car in the morning so when I leave one client and have a half an hour lunch time that is not taken up by travel between clients, I can go to the grocery store and not have food spoil. That is how I get my shopping done. I am typing this between checking the racoon trap and leaving for school.

However, in addition to the pedometer for 10 minutes jaunts between classes, I also can do laps around houses when clients are sleeping and I'm not cleaning. I can do exercises then, too. When I'm in a facility, frankly, I am too embarrassed to do that, but maybe I'll get over it. I remember working once with a guy who did squats at a sales counter between customers. I thought he was nuts... but he had the best legs I had ever seen, too.

I have never been an athlete. I have always had asthma, tachycardia and have been terribly uncoordinated - the kind of person picked last for teams throughout school sports. I've always been the tortoise that kept going, though, and so once I got past grade school, I've never been heavy until recently.

So that people can see what my individual challenge is, I posted a fairly recent before and after photo in my gallery. I don't have unrealistic hopes of being a teenage size zero in a prom dress. Funny thing is, when I looked like that thinnish woman holding a chicken, I thought I was unwomanly and wanted curves! Now I look at that picture and I think she looks hot. I want to be her again.

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MTHIESEN 2/12/2013 11:51AM

    I liked your post. Read your spark page. I too went back to school to become a nurse when I was 33 years old and my boys were in school all day. You're right, it's scary stuff! But we did it! Good luck to you!

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When you won't let your husband put a photo in his office...

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I am a middle-aged woman juggling two part time jobs and college. I used to have a 25" waist and 32" hips despite being 5'6" and big boned... I was strong, slim and a bit tom-boyish in appearance. Now my waist is bigger than my hips used to be. How did it happen? I'm not really sure. I never eat junk food. There is no defining moment that I can blame - although in 2006, after my father died, I did gain some weight.

I could just blame being middle aged, but the reality is probably that multiple small changes increased my girth over the last few years. I used to have a career that kept me on my feet; losing that probably cost me several hundred calories a day. One of my part time jobs is semi-active; the other is 100% sedentary. I traded a huge garden for an itty bitty one due to lack of time. The result of that is less home grown veggies to eat and less hard work producing them. I spend another 20 hours or so a week sitting due to school work.

The result is that when my husband puts photos of me in his own office, I was embarrassed of them because I look 4-5 months pregnant and I have the red, blotchy cheeks of someone who can't breathe well after climbing a flight of stairs. I don't look healthy anymore. I can't post a photo of myself here if I won't let him have a picture. How ridiculous is that? It's time for a change.

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SHIRAZSOLLY 2/8/2013 2:09AM

    Ok. After reading all your comments, I added a photo. I am not clinically obese, but with each thigh now one inch less than my waist used to be, and my waist an inch larger than my hips used to be, I could be heading in that direction and I want to make a u-turn.

I have 2 part time jobs, both of them entry-level health care while I am in school. I am surrounded by the reasons I need to make the change, but not necessarily by the best role models - I see a lot of sedentary, junk-food eating, soda-swizzling, cigarette-smoking people who clearly know better but do it anyway.

I hate to say it, but I just could not get myself motivated. I kept saying I was going to change, but I never started. I needed this community and I am really impressed by the fact that I just posted this short blog yesterday and already received several positive, uplifting answers.

Thank you for your kindness!

Comment edited on: 2/8/2013 2:11:19 AM

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KA_JUN 2/6/2013 8:42PM

    I can relate, I have a pic of myself from 2009 that just encapsulates everything that went wrong and how I really had not been good to myself, healthwise. Use it as motivation and a benchmark later for when you see where your progress has gotten you! Good luck! emoticon

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DLBROWN93 2/6/2013 3:57PM

    Congratulations on choosing to make a change. I finally realized that I could not move forward with my healthy lifestyle if I did not make a change. emoticon

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BICKEY11 2/6/2013 3:50PM

    Its like you said, just remember it wasn't ONE day or ONE thing that got you there. It happened gradually over years and it will come off gradually as well. I've always like those photo montages where people take a pic every day of thier child's life and then make a little movie out of it. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy a memory card, just to take a daily pic of yourself through your weight loss journey. And when the pic no longer offends you, put a big smile on and take one for your hubby.

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COCOONGIRL 2/6/2013 3:38PM

    I am EXACTLY LIKE YOU!! Lately however, I have decided that I can't let my weight determine my happiness...I am overweight...I know that does everyone else that knows and loves isn't like looking at a picture of me people are going to say "WOW did you see how FAT Cindy is!!!"... I may NEVER be thin....I am working on myself and trying to get to a healthier weight....but I don't want to sit around and feel sorry for myself and not let myself join in the fun because I am overweight....

I went to a wedding with my friends in November....all of my friends are skinny and built wonderful (without even trying I might add)....we had tons of pictures taken together and at 1st I thought "CRAP I don't want those pictures on facebook"...but then I remembered that we were there to celebrate Jamie...not "un-celebrate" I posted them...I tagged my friends....I even got a picture of the 5 of us blown up into a 5x7 for each of us for Christmas....SCREW it! I am me...they love me...they invited me, the overweight me, to the wedding ....they danced with me...they love me for who I am....

That being said YOUR HUSBAND loves you....celebrate that my friend....not everyone has a husband who LOVES them!! HE is proud of YOU...if he wants a picture give it to him.....AND WE LOVE YOU TOO....POST A BRAVE....I weigh almost 300 pounds (you can't be as heavy as me)...I have a picture up...2 of them as a matter of fact....Put your picture on here....we don't care how overweight you are.....we love you for you...that is what makes spark a wonderful place.....

I am adding you as a friend...I am going to keep bothering you until you get a picture up here!!!!

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