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Beware of Monsters

Sunday, April 15, 2012



I need to carry a small emergency pack of almonds with me.

Another gorgeous day in my area....temperature is perfect for walking.
I'm heading out right now.

Hope you have fun today

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TERRI289 4/17/2012 10:55PM

    Love it love it!!!! Goodnight!!! emoticon

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FLAME42 4/16/2012 2:39PM

    I hope your walk was wonderful. Very smart to carry the almonds whereever you go.

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TIFFY0906 4/16/2012 9:28AM

    I keep a protein bar in my bag at all times - hope you had a great walk

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KANOE10 4/16/2012 7:16AM

    I keep almond bags also for snacks. They are perfect and satisfying.
I love the warm spring sunny days and love to be outside!

Have a wonderful walk.

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1CRAZYDOG 4/15/2012 10:23PM

  Hope you enjoyed your walk! Those cats are so adoreable . . . how could you eat one! LOLOLOLOL

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STRINGI719 4/15/2012 9:54PM

    I'm the exact same way when I get hungry -- WATCH OUT!

That's why I eat so often, all day long really. People often comment on the fact that I'm constantly eating, and I just tell them it's for their own good! :)

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WALLAHALLA 4/15/2012 9:47PM

    almonds are always a good idea

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IDLETYME 4/15/2012 9:39PM

    We need some of your nice weather - it's RAIN, RAIN, RAIN here! Watch over the "Little Kitty" - feed the "Big" one! emoticon

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MRSCLARK 4/15/2012 7:37PM

    i really enjoy reading your blog.I subbed to it

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SHERREMAC 4/15/2012 5:27PM

    So funny!

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NORASPAT 4/15/2012 3:00PM

    Way to go,
leave the worries behind and enjoy your lovely day and walk. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LOVESLIFE48 4/15/2012 2:59PM

    Have a great walk and enjoy the weather!!

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CLARKA6 4/15/2012 2:40PM

    It's gorgeous here too! And so warm, love it. Have a great walk!

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AUNTB63 4/15/2012 1:33PM

    Have a wonderful walk....enjoying the day is up lifting. Love the picture...sort of like a before and after for so many of us. emoticon

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    I plan on re-starting my walking program today. Thanks for reminding me of my commitment.

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JCDROLSHAGEN 4/15/2012 11:34AM

    Enjoy the beautiful weather!

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Tell the FDA to put a Label on it

Saturday, April 14, 2012

You've heard about the 'PINK SLIME' hamburger meat issue. Well that's just one aspect of the problem with foods that don't have info on labels.
What about genetically modified foods?

The use of genetically modified foods (GM) is growing worldwide.
For example, in Canada, 11% of foods have detectable GM content,
and it is estimated that 75% of processed foods in stores contain some undetectable GM content (Smyth and Phillips, 2003).

Don't You Have The Right to Know What You Are Eating????
Buyer beware???
You can't make a choice without information.

watch this.... WHAT'S REALLY IN YOUR FOOD???

for instance....
It is well known that a lot of people have food allergies.
Wheat for one.

who is to say that a health issue isn't being caused by Genetic Modification?

Ask the FDA to mandate labeling if a food has been genetically modified
go the and sign the petition

have a great weekend.....I dare you emoticon

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MORTICIAADDAMS 4/16/2012 12:28PM

    I think that they need to list everything that is in everything we eat. Most of the truly disgusting stuff comes from "natural flavorings". This can be things like crushed beetles and exudate from the vagina and anal sacs of beavers. Totally gross.

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KANOE10 4/15/2012 8:17AM

    Great idea. Let's do it! Its too bad organic is still so expensive.

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DEE107 4/14/2012 9:52PM

    thanks I am very allergic and cant eat process food wish they would but all ingredient

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REJ7777 4/14/2012 9:39PM

    It angers me that our governments (USA & Canada) put the welfare of big businesses like Monsanto ahead of the health and welfare of it's citizens! Just label it!!! emoticon

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ARLENE_MOVES 4/14/2012 9:31PM

    Soy and corn are the main GMO foods right now. Look at labels - nearly everything has soy or corn something in it. Even meat we eat cause they are fed grain, instead of grasses. So, just assume it is GMO. YUK...

Comment edited on: 4/14/2012 9:33:04 PM

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1CRAZYDOG 4/14/2012 9:23PM

  Agree. Buyer beware. We CAN'T rely on the FDA to keep our food safe. We have to be educating ourselves so WE know exactly what we're eating and eat the healthiest possible food we can. Sad, but there are so many instances where we've been misinformed, misled or whatever and get the old "OOPS, now we know it's not good for us! Sorry!"

Definitely buyer beware and do your research.

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WALLAHALLA 4/14/2012 8:57PM

    Guess that's why so many are willing to pay more for organic.

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NORASPAT 4/14/2012 8:20PM

    I totally agree but the entire issue is so overwhelming.
Besides those issues I read today on Spark the herbal supplements from China actually show the DNA of endangered animals how sick is that.
CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINES No NO NO. not in my body but what do we know about our supplements too.

There are so many chemicals in the food we eat and even organic can have it in if birds eat and then 'drop' it on crops in neighboring farms.

Thanks for posting, it seems so depressing there is just no way to be rid of this Chemical and big AGRO business. I still do not buy anything from China.
BUYER BEWARE! HUGS Pat in Maine. emoticon

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-LINDA_S 4/14/2012 4:50PM

    I totally agree! I really don't think they should allow it at all, but at least ell us what we're eating!

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IDLETYME 4/14/2012 12:37PM

    Tell us what's in there and let us decide. If no one buys it, they'll do something about it!

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SLIMMERJESSE 4/14/2012 12:22PM

    I can taste the difference in GM food and it's been going on for years. Awful!

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CITYZOZO 4/14/2012 12:20PM

    right on sister!

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URBU2IFUL 4/14/2012 12:11PM

    Every consumer has the right to know what they are putting in there bodies! For the FDA to deny us that right is irresponsible. Interesting that this has come up. I recently talked to my mom who watches Dr. Oz. She told me that all wheat is GMO! There is a non GMO wheat from 3000 years ago called Eincorn--I think that is how you spell it. Anyway it is expensive like $7.00 for two lbs. Getting it is another story--just have to research it. She found 2 places close to her that may carry it.
Thanks for sharing emoticon

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NEWKAREN43 4/14/2012 12:06PM

    "You can't make a choice without information"...that's the truth and my favorite line in this blog. Thanks for posting!

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FITNESSMONSTER8 4/14/2012 11:57AM

    Everyone should have the right to know what they are putting in their body. Thanks for sharing.

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COOKIE352 4/14/2012 11:48AM

    I agree because i don't want to consume it.

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The Status of my World

Friday, April 13, 2012


I'm still struggling along...
trying to figure out how to get things working again.
And I've come to the perfect description of my weightloss struggle.

I didn't go off track...
someone switched the track on me and I'm sitting in the train yard.

So...reading all this stuff...I've come to a conclusion.
The experts haven't got a clue.
As long as you understand's easier to deal with.

As long as I was in the library I took at look at the DUKAN Diet.
It's the revolutionary new protein diet celebs are raving about.
It's the French version of the old STILLMAN'S diet
which was a predecessor to the Atkins diet.
I guess if you wait long enough ....something old looks new again.

But I came across another interesting bit of info in one of the books
It said hypertension and insulin resistance go hand in hand...
if you have one, you will more than likely develop the other ...
unless you do something about it...aka watch your carbs and give up sugar.

so I'm doing my exercise and sticking to low carbs.
the only concept I have a hard time with is this higher fat issue...
that I have a problem believing.
I can't believe that the American Heart Association is total wrong on that item.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MORTICIAADDAMS 4/16/2012 12:25PM

    I'm a nurse and will tell you that the AHA is totally wrong on that item. LOL. The original assumption that saturated fat is bad for you came from a single M.D. and no scientific proof. We, and I do include myself in this group as a coronary nurse, embraced the idea because at the time we were just starting the drive to control coronary artery disease and wanted to find a cause for cardiac arrests and treat it.. When the studies were finally done the relationship with things like triglycerides and saturated fats didn't confirm the longstanding treatment. Triglycerides are the problem child of coronary artery disease and are driven by carbs and to reduce them you have to reduce carbs. Would I do Atkins or live on fats? No but I don't see any proof it kills anyone either. It's a personal choice as I want to have access to more veggies and fruits plus beans and dairy. Transfat is bad and should be avoided and I still think it's best to get your protein and fat from fish, turkey, and chicken over pork and beef but I also eat them. The best thing to do is avoid processed foods and eat clean. Have fresh high quality meat, not cured.

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APPLEPIEAPPLE 4/14/2012 11:41AM

    I am beginning to think if we just eat more naturally and stay moving we could all be healthier without all the noise surrounding us. So many diets and theories. Everything is connected.

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KANOE10 4/14/2012 8:03AM

    I am the same way. I totally believe in the insulin resistant and the hypertension being connected. I believe in the low carb..but I cannot just ignore the American Heart guidelines about high cholesterol. I cannot eat the whole cream and butter in unlimited amounts. So for me..I eat low fat low carb, but try to eat healthy nuts, avocados.

Good luck with your healthy eating today. I read about the Dukan diet..I am not sure I could do his free day of only protein.

You are right..they all mesh together.

Hang in there. emoticon

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REJ7777 4/14/2012 3:51AM

    I enjoy your humorous, realistic and motivational blogs. I'm not sure what to think about the fat issue either. As someone who's already had a heart attack and needed to have 3 arteries unblocked, it's a serious matter. Is it all the processed foods, trans fats (we all agree those are deadly), carbs and sugar that I used to eat? or the fat? The more I read about exercise, I think that the fact that I was extremely sedentary contributed a great deal to the problem. Now, I eat a much better diet, but I still struggle with exercise, except when it's nice out and I can go for long walks. emoticon

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NORASPAT 4/13/2012 11:31PM

    WHOA, you definitely got more than you bargained for i think. I feel sure your world is still somewhat confused.
I read them all and CRAZYDOG1 put it exactly the way it was for me. My endo was instant that with type 2 you have to make sure the cardiac risk factor is covered.
I did metformin, statins and Hydrochlorothiazide.
Once my Aic was down and stayed there i was able to get off those meds but I do still take a medication to get my triglycerides down to normal they are almost there. At that time I am hoping to stay off the meds using food and exercise.
I hop you can find your own personal solution. That is what it really takes. HUGS pat in maine. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BUTEAFULL 4/13/2012 10:06PM

    I feel that whatever you will stick with is what works, no backsliding because your altered diet is a comfortable fit

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STRINGI719 4/13/2012 10:06PM

    Everyone out there thinks they have it figured out, and nobody does. Everyone is different. I personally LOVE carbs and eat them all day, but only whole, clean foods, nothing processed. I don't eat ANY meat anymore, although I haven't given up eggs & dairy just yet (but I have cut back). I honestly believe in my gut & in my heart that plant-based is the way to go to achieve your best health, but that's just me.

You do what works for you - I know people who swear that the only thing that works for them is high protein & low carb. I would never do it personally, as I now only have one kidney and eating a lot of protein causes ketosis, which can lead to kidney damage and/or failure. So, no Atkins or low carb for me!!! But to each their own.

I did, however, see research showing that a vegan diet was better at treating diabetes than the diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association. Something worth researching on your own. You can read "The China Study", watch "Forks over Knives", or check into some of the info online from the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), Dr. Fuhrman, and also Jeff Novick has some interesting theories.


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TERRI289 4/13/2012 9:36PM

    So ready to snap my fingers and wish myself a new healthy body!!! emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 4/13/2012 9:31PM

  If you're diagnosed with type 2 insulin resistance, almost ALWAYS you're started on a statin for cholesterol. There is a correlation between diabetes and high cholesterol. So, if you have cholesterol clogging your arteries, it only makes sense that you'll have hypertension, too. When I was diagnosed with type 2 insulin resistand diabetes, my Dr. prescribed a statin, an anti-hypertensive AND my Metformin for blood sugar control. Gradually as the blood sugar calmed down, the weight started coming off , then the blood pressure and cholesterol also improved.

Adding into it, if you have a thyroid problem and take a med for that, it also potentiates high cholesterol and hypertension.

Sooooo...low carbing is a good thing, but I lean on proteins, eat very little fat and complex carbs. I can only say it worked for me. Going for the amt. of meat suggested in the Adkins diet . . . oh my . . . I'd be gagging!!

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IDLETYME 4/13/2012 9:04PM

    Your body isn't like everyone else. We all have to try different things and find out what our body wants and doesn't want. Be patient. Baby steps! You'll find your own diet.

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JCDROLSHAGEN 4/13/2012 8:29PM

    I work in a library and I get to see all the new diet material that comes in. You are right, there is a lot of rehashing in these books. I agree with Patti: you know your body the best so you can tailor your plan to your needs. I believe that there is no single "correct" plan to lose weight. emoticon

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SARAHBACKTO52KG 4/13/2012 7:07PM

    I have read soooooo many books on weightloss but not one of them struck a chord with me the was SP has... I guess you find what works for you and stick with it. Oh and you can't get all this love and inspiration from other SP members in a book at the library emoticon

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TIFFY0906 4/13/2012 6:51PM

    It is way too much healthy, diet and fitness stuff out there to keep up. So I just do what's best for me. I have a pre-existing blood issue so I have to see a hematologist every 6 weeks. So as long as I am still losing weight or seeing non-scale victories and the hematologist tells me my vitals are good, I stick with what works for me. If I hit a plateau, I tweak the plan a little bit by increasing/decreasing my calories within the calorie range SP set for me and/or increase the intensity of my workouts.

I'm sure you are going to find the perfect blend for you despite what all the "experts" say. Who knows, you may find a whole new thing none of the so called experts have thought of.

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ARLENE_MOVES 4/13/2012 6:34PM

    I think most associations like the heart association is going where the money is. Back in the 80's the gov changed the guidelines for 'what is healthy' and we've had obesity and increased diabetes ever since. Money = big pharma and if they can keep making money on illness, it will never change unless we do.

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GRACEMCDOG 4/13/2012 6:00PM

    I believe it completely. I couldn't do a low carb diet if I didn't.

Hey...Whassup? No beefcake today. emoticon

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AUNTB63 4/13/2012 5:11PM

    There is so much info out that about "dieting".......if I read it all I too would be my plan is this: when I hit that plateau (and I think I'm getting close to it) I am going to keep doing what I am doing for a couple of weeks than tweak my foods.....up/down 100/200 calories per week. If this works fine if not I will ride it out for the summer....never looking at gaining, but staying where I am.........Hang in there it has to get better....BELIEVE! emoticon

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ELSEEBEE 4/13/2012 5:00PM

    My friend, I have come to the same conclusion! I am working now on just "being"-healthy, active, happy.... I am learning to accept how my body functions and am working on not comparing/diagnosing myself based on all the "stuff" that surrounds us. I figure I have a choice. I could read everything out there, see a dozen doctors, try every fitness plan that exists, take every pill and/or surgery offered, OR, I can just continue to stay busy doing the things I love (gardening, hiking, quilting) and eating clean, organic, local foods as much as possible. And just BE HAPPY!
Hugs! emoticon

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SLIMMERJESSE 4/13/2012 4:59PM

    I've come to the conclusion that my forever plateau is the result of something like thyroid. Having tried everything else, I
think there has to be a biological reason
that my body doesn't want to budge. But
I'm still going to plug away in hopes of
busting through it. I understand and
feel your frustration.

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46SHADOW 4/13/2012 4:58PM

    Like your visual to go along with the blog!

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HELEN_BRU 4/13/2012 4:33PM

    Heck, I go back and forth. Nothing works forever or maybe I still haven't figured out what is perfectly balanced for me.

Helen emoticon

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PEPPYPATTI 4/13/2012 4:19PM

    Wow You have really been studying! Just do whatever works for your body!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Questions and More Questions

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Bet That Got Your Attention….Nothing Like A Little Motivation.

Okay….I Have A Few More Questions. {I Heard That….Stop Groaning}

Question…About These Stomach Surgeries People Are Having Done….
Let’s Assume That Obese People Don’t Control Their Cravings And Their Appetites Well....And Let’s Assume Most Overindulge In Carbs And Sugars To Gain The Weight In The First Place....And Eating Lots Of Carbs And Sugars Increases The Insulin Which Increases The Appetite And The Cravings.
So They Opt For Getting A Stomach Surgery Done So They Don’t Eat As Much
And They Initially Eat Less And Lose Weight ….

But Stomach Surgery Doesn’t Prohibit Choosing Carbs And Sugars,
(The Patient Can Still Continue That Behavior)
And The Appetite And Cravings Can Continue Until The Stomach Stretches To Accommodate More Food.
So Other Than Temporary Weight Loss (And Pain And Discomfort) What Exactly Did They Gain By Doing That In The First Place?
And Are The Insurance Companies Paying For These Surgeries ?

Next Question:
Let’s Assume 3500 Calories = 1 Pound. Most People Criticize My Calorie Intake (Usually Around 1400…I’m 5’11”)…So Over The Last Few Days I Increased My Calories Up 400 Each Day With No Additional Salt.
(Total 1200 Calories...not 7000 ....just 1200)
I Get On The Scale And I Gained 2 Pounds....EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!!!
And Trust Me I Did NOT Do Enough Exercise To Build 2 Pounds Of Muscle.

Next Question:
Did You Know (As Per Webmd.Com…Quiz On Fat In Nutrition)
The More Weight You Carry, The Faster Your Metabolism Is Likely Running. "The Simple Fact Is That The Extra Weight Causes Your Body To Work Harder Just To Sustain Itself At Rest, So In Most Instances, The Metabolism Is Always Running A Bit Faster," Says Molly Kimball, RD, Sports And Lifestyle Nutritionist At The Oscher's Clinic's Elmwood Fitness Center. That's One Reason It's Almost Always Easier To Lose Weight At The Start Of A Diet And Harder Later On. Kimball Says: "When You Are Very Overweight, Your Metabolism Is Already Running So High That Any Small Cut In Calories Will Result In An Immediate Loss."

Okay...I'm ready to do my Zumba/Strength Training
I'm coming Joe.

See Ya

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

REJ7777 4/12/2012 5:52PM

    I find it hard to believe that you could have gained 2 lbs. of FAT with your routine. There's a lot going on with our bodies, hormones, water retention, fat, muscle, etc. It's hard to know why our body puts on a couple pounds even when we're doing everything right. I don't think it's anything to worry about. Just keep doing everything right!

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PATRICIAANN46 4/11/2012 10:41PM

  My Dearest Sheryl........

YOU really need to place JOE'S picture at the END of your blog. That way, we can better concentrate (I honestly just mis-typed concentreat!!!!! I am NOT lying) on the content of your blog. PLEASE........ emoticon

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TERRI289 4/11/2012 9:55PM

    Ok, my head is spining.....good night!!! emoticon

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NORASPAT 4/11/2012 9:32PM

    I am definitely in the hide the scale mode. I am still walking a lot. 6miles toady and loved it. Then yard work, I should lose another couple of ounces if I am lucky. HUGS, Love those abs, \Pat inMaine. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    As a nurse I've seen a lot of people who had weight loss surgery lose a lot of weight and regain it. It is just a tool in weight loss. Unless a person changes his behavior and develops a healthy relationship with food it's easy to overeat the surgery and gain weight back.

I'm 5'4" and exercise a lot and have to eat around 1200 calories to lose weight. I'm not a fan of all the weigh loss and gain equations and ratios. I've seen them fail too many times.

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MEADSBAY 4/11/2012 4:22PM

    I, too, am clueless.

Comment edited on: 4/11/2012 4:23:14 PM

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BUTEAFULL 4/11/2012 1:37PM

    seems like a body just can't win, like the rules to a game keep changing

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GRACEMCDOG 4/11/2012 12:42PM

    Let’s Assume That Obese People Don’t Control Their Cravings And Their Appetites Well....And Let’s Assume Most Overindulge In Carbs And Sugars To Gain The Weight In The First Place....And Eating Lots Of Carbs And Sugars Increases The Insulin Which Increases The Appetite And The Cravings.

But if you believe the studies in Gary Taube's book, you can't assume that. It doesn't require overindulgence for people genetically predisposed to being fat to overproduce insulin. But I think what you're trying to conclude about the viability of the surgery is correct. All they're doing is postponing the inevitable unless they do what's necessary to stop the overproduction of insulin--eat very low carb with high fats and moderate protein. And YES we are all paying for that one way or another! Taxes in Canada, the UK and France, skyrocketing insurance and medical rates in the US.

You lost me with your calorie experiment. You normally eat 1400 and added 400? How does that make 1200? Did you mean 1800? Calories don't mean jack (oh my, the SP censor won't let me way sh*t) if you're getting them from too many carbs your insulin is going to be busy, busy, busy storing them away in your fat tissue.

Now, that is one beautiful man. He needs someone to pester him about his posture, though...stand up straight, Joe.

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FLUKES 4/11/2012 11:53AM

    Sheryl, I love your blog posts. They always get me laughing in the mornings. XD

And that certainly is good motivation. emoticon

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STRINGI719 4/11/2012 11:19AM

    I second the recommendation to step AWAY from the scale. I only weigh in one time per week, and I know that is still too much for some people. I don't worry too terrible much about what the scale says if I know I've been making good choices - it fluctuates sometime for NO apparent reason. If I've been cheating, then I'll pay more attention to what the scale tells me. But still, I think that how I feel, how I look in my clothes, how they fit, and measurements are all MUCH better indicators of results than just the scale.

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RUN_BAKE_BLOG 4/11/2012 11:03AM

    No explanation for you...Just advice:

The demon scale is going to jump around.
Set your caloric intake on what is recommended and stick with it.

Do your daily exercise and see the HOW's after 1 week, 2 weeks...

How.... you feel? your clothes fit?
...have you been successful?

You get the idea?
Obsessing over the scale is only going to cause stress. Stress LOVES to hold onto extra baggage. Extra baggage LOVES itself some stress.
Stop the love/hate relationship with the scale.
Break up with it!
And start concentrating on the journey to a healthier you!!!

Comment edited on: 4/11/2012 11:03:55 AM

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WALLAHALLA 4/11/2012 10:24AM

    I'm ready to Zumba! Only got 45 minutes of it this morning...I want MORE ZUMBA!!!

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SANDRAREGINA 4/11/2012 10:01AM

    Yeah, there is a time when the smallest bit of extra food and less moving means huge weight gain. Its frustrating.

Report Inappropriate Comment
1CRAZYDOG 4/11/2012 9:36AM

  Yoo Hoo . . . JOE . . . over here! emoticon When you're done @ Sheryl's, come on over!!


Report Inappropriate Comment
SLIMMERJESSE 4/11/2012 9:36AM

    My forever plateau has been going on, well, forever. I'm totally perturbed today, as I blogged about. So, I understand what you are saying here.

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Give Me Strength

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I found this while I was hunting around the web and came across an article that said: "Weights will bring down your sugar better than jumping around aerobically".......
My heart started pumping while I fantasized ....but that's another story.
the article basically said... muscle increases sensitivity to insulin.
So I'll think of AB-MAN as I do my cardio/strength training Zumba this afternoon......I'll take my motivation anywhere I can get it

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I'm sitting here surrounded by 3 more diet books feeling like I'm searching for the HOLY GRAIL. I just want to know how to get this done without sacrificing 'good nutrition', starving myself, or giving myself another problem.
I also don't want to give up my took me a lifetime to learn to like them. MEADSBAY (Liz) recommended
and I'm really hooked on his info.

What still bothers me... is that Medical Establishment keeps pushing the Whole Wheat/Whole Grain issue...and I bought the idea big time ...
and now I find out ... they were wrong....
maybe....maybe not....Maybe?....Nah... ?????

But now I find out I even need to watch the veggies careful
sweet careful careful
butternut careful

hey .....wait a minute....
leave me something to live for

Oh well......I'll go work out with there in a sec Bebe

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KANOE10 4/11/2012 7:20AM

    I have the same problem. I like Gary's ideas but do not think that we have to totally get rid of beans, squash and carrots...may be moderate them.? I also eat one bread..low carb in the morning. It does have wheat/soy. Other than that I stick to Gary..
I think you have to find things that you love to eat that are healthy! Good luck with your pile of books and so much info.
I like hearing that about the weight training. Heading off to do it.


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OAKSHAVEN 4/10/2012 10:20PM

    Yep, put the books down now. Eat a reasonably healthy, reasonably tasteful meal, made up of foods you personally like, and forget about the experts. What never seems to get said is that NO research study, all by itself, tells you anything--even assuming they did it well and understood statistics enough to make sense of their data, which most don't seem to.

I have also been in health care for a good many years, and have watched many medical fads come and go. Most of them are based on bad science and an effective ad campaign, and most of them will go out of style if you just wait a few years.

That isn't to say that there are not good doctors and good information out there, but for a layperson to sort through it is almost impossible. That's why we try to find an expert who seems effective and stick to that person, whether it is a doctor, an auto mechanic, or the guy down the street who usually seems to land on his feet.

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PATRICIAANN46 4/10/2012 10:20PM

  Hi Sheryl.........
Who needs food when you have Ernesto?????????? If only it were that easy!!!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
TERRI289 4/10/2012 9:52PM

    I like Ernesto!!!

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NORASPAT 4/10/2012 9:46PM

    I avoid sugar too, I also avoid anything non fat or artificial. I do not like consuming chemicals.
I too love beans they are good for your heart but DH is not supposed to eat them because they are purines, he takes allopurinol but he loves beans. I must remember to have the Dr refer us to a nutritionist because he should eat Beans for his heart and leave them alone for his kidneys and gout. It is never a win win situation is it. HUGS Pat in Maine.
BTW your new body on your page certainly beats the gorilla Woo Hoo. WTG Pat emoticon

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FISHINGLADY66 4/10/2012 9:14PM

    Have fun at your workout. Great Blog. Love your attitude.

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    I enjoy most veggies and fruits and even eat legumes but I watch the grains and only eat a few choice ones occasionally. I avoid the sugar.

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ARLENE_MOVES 4/10/2012 8:15PM

    Love your motivational pic. Gary Taubes is great - enjoy!

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REJ7777 4/10/2012 8:07PM

    No veggies? Extremely low carb may work for some people, but it doesn't work for me. I just feel better when I eat plenty of vegetables, and some of them raw.

Plus, don't forget just how polluted air and water have become! So, you shouldn't breathe or drink water either. emoticon

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PEPPYPATTI 4/10/2012 7:56PM

    Have a good workout! And I think you should eat whatever makes you feel good.
emoticon emoticon

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FLABBALICIOUS 4/10/2012 7:47PM

    Remember, EveryBODY is different. What works for one, may not work for another. Medicine is pretty much trial and error. Working in healthcare, I've learned that. The best thing to do is,put down the books...that's right, put it step away emoticon. Anymore information and you're brain will explode. emoticon

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SHERREMAC 4/10/2012 6:00PM

    Hope it was a fun workout!!

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BLUE42DOWN 4/10/2012 5:54PM

    I try to stay away from all the "eat this and don't eat that" books. I'd far rather strengthen my body than nitpick my food. That blog on building lean muscle helping with lowering blood sugar makes a lot of sense - after all, when you work out those muscles, they use their stored fuel and need more. They get more from blood sugar.

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GRENADAGIRL73 4/10/2012 5:10PM

    I know for sure this picture make me motivated alright! Hello!

As for eat this don't eat that I have come to the conclusion I can find scientific support for any point I want to make.

Our bodies are so smart, they know what they need better than any "expert" out there. Keep on searching and you will find the right balance for you.

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MISSB8604 4/10/2012 4:53PM

    Sometimes there is just WAY too much information on the internet. Makes you not want to eat all because of all the contradictions.

You can do this! Be smart and make smart choices!

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FLUKES 4/10/2012 4:19PM

    Oh do I know this feeling. I sometimes hate the internet, because without it I would not have access to all the papers and studies that point out everything is harmful... I think I'll just try everything in moderation and hope it works out :D.

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MEADSBAY 4/10/2012 4:07PM

    We need to start a
I try one thing for 6 months or a year,
then read a different book and do something else for 6 months or a year,
etc. etc. etc.
Currently doing the DASH diet (for my wt loss study)-
have lost 2-3 whole lbs-
Something has got to click eventually.

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KASEYCOFF 4/10/2012 3:24PM

    I came across this a few days ago re whole grains:


Now, the thing is, if wheat's a problem, there are plenty of other whole grains out there. I've found a whole-grain barley couscous, scads of brown (truly brown, not the ersatz stuff, lol) rice products, and my favorite, oat-y foods. (I throw oat bran into almost everything.)

Dunno about losing weight, especially, but they help keep me from feeling hungry an hour after a meal, plus I figure they're good for me. 'least, I HOPE so, lol.

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ELSEEBEE 4/10/2012 3:15PM

    Well, I had good intentions of reading your blog, but, shoot, can't seem to find it! All I see is this mouth-watering pic at the top of the page. OK, does the increase in my heartbeats/minute count as aerobic exercise? emoticon

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HOLLIEWALLY 4/10/2012 3:10PM

    Ha! Ha! I think I like your motivational collage material!

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IDLETYME 4/10/2012 3:08PM

    You'll be so busy looking at Ernesto you won't have time to eat. That's a good way to lose weight!!!

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1CRAZYDOG 4/10/2012 2:42PM

  So THAT'S what a dangling carrot looks like . . . wait, wait, SNAP OUT OF IT Barb.

Phew. . . was gone there for a sec. You know, medical science pretends to be an exact science, but . . . reality check . . . it's NOT! So.... that kinda leave US to figure out what works (or not). We have to do our own reading and research and extrapolate what works for us . . . or not. (BTW Ernesto works for me! emoticon

I have to be very careful with wheat. It really is a trigger for carb cravings for me. Beans, have to do those in moderation, but I won't cut them out either. Nor fruits and veggies. It's eating them in the right porportion and for me, making SURE I exercise. THAT (exercise) seems to be the key for me . . . exercise being both cardio and strength.

So, my dear, you're on the right path, IMHO, listening to YOUR body. It's not a one-size-fits-all world.

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STRINGI719 4/10/2012 2:40PM

    I'm all in favor of packing in as many nutrient-dense, plant-based foods as possible. You can find an "expert" or even "research" backing up just about anything nowadays. Do what makes sense to you in your gut. I also personally look to God - He made me, He knows how best to keep me in good health.

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HELEN_BRU 4/10/2012 2:30PM

    Funny but true!

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WALLAHALLA 4/10/2012 2:05PM

    Wow! He can Zumba with me anytime!

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