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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and the BEST.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I must have alot of days described in my it comes to mind to use it often.

The Good?

I try to stop and count my blessing. I have a wonderful family. Everyone is healthy and happy at the moment. I am blessed to have my mother around this mothers day as it was almost a year ago she was diagnosed with a very bad and aggressive cancer. Thank you, God!

I have been eating well, mostly..even through Easter yummies.

I have been exercising as well as I least consistantly, even though I have had no car, no stroller and no babysitter. I am stuck with the elliptical, but HGTV gets me through that. LOL

The bad. Well..I have been frustrated so easily with DH, my perfect grands and my imperfections. Have not been my own best friend, lately.

The ugly...well...I guess just more of the bad...fighting the depression, but not sure why..maybe just need to e able to go for a walk outside.

THE BEST. I am almost back to a healthy BMI! And I am able to reduce one of my diabetes pills again. I will monitor it for 30 days and then see the doc to see if I can keep it gone. I am very excited about that. The real payoff of exercise.

Thanks for listening.

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4EVER21B 4/27/2011 1:22AM

    Love your attitude! emoticon

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KARIDIAN1 4/26/2011 8:42PM

    Sounds like you have control of your life and your goals.

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KARIDIAN1 4/26/2011 8:41PM

    Sounds like you have control of your life and your goals.

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Starting Fresh

Sunday, April 17, 2011

OK...Just got back from a week long, not particularly pleasant trip. It was for a funeral to begin with, my mother is not doing well..and I stress ate and had no chances to exercise.

But I am back...and I am going to have a good week...of eating, exercising and sparking. I am!

I think I have finally decided to try to take up some level of running. I had dinner with my college room mate (it has been decades) and she is running. It inspired me so I am going to give it a shot. I have one bad toe, so it might not be something I can do, but never hurts to try.

Glad to be seems like months instead of one week.

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KHFOUR 4/19/2011 6:51PM

    Glad to hear that you are back. Sorry it was not a great week for you and hope your mom is doing better soon.

Look forward to the new week and your fresh start. Things will look brighter soon.


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BEACHGRLFL12 4/17/2011 7:26PM

    Glad you are back and starting fresh. Well wishes go out to your mom. Have a great week and you can run - you can do it. emoticon

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A-STRONGER-ME 4/17/2011 4:21PM

    FRESH START - leave the past behind and make it a GREAT WEEK!!

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6 brownies!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Tonight just reconfirmed my addiction to sugar. We were going to eat at friends house and taking the food. I took a pork sirloin with potatoes, carrots, mushrooms and took a leaf salad. She had told me she would provide drinks and dessert. I said she didn't need to worry about dessert and she said "well it will just be some girl scout cookies...So..I figured up my WW points plus and figured I could afford some girl scout cookies (actually with my extra weekly allowance, I jokingly told them I could afford 32 cookies. LOL I felt good abotu the evening but got there and she had made brownies instead. I was not mentally prepared for brownies. And these were my favorite, actually BLONDIES. I knew I could afford to have one or even two, with my extra points. But they were in easy proximity and all I could think about the whole evening was those doggone treats..
6--THAT"S insanity.

I came home and figured I am actually still within my range for the week, but I have to be perfect for the remainder of the week..

And I am skipping WW this week due to travel AGAIN, my mother AGAIN.

How will I ever lose these last 5?

6 Brownies. sigh.

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MAMA23GRLZ1BOY 4/8/2011 11:37PM

    If it makes you feel better, I had an extra piece of pizza tonight, because it just plain tasted good. Glad we had company, or I may have made a complete pig of myself and finished it off. :) Hey! You stopped at 6, right!

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DIANNEMT 4/8/2011 10:34PM

    ah yes--the ideal "my mouth wants some" food--and even after having one, my mouth wants MORE! My stomach doesn't--just my mouth. I guess that is the addiction part. Hey--we all have SOMETHING that we have to fight. We CAN do it--it is just REALLY hard. Hang in there--I had my Easter candy, you have the blondies...

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BERRY4 4/8/2011 10:29PM

    A lifestyle is about living! There are days...and then there are days.

Good luck with meeting your goals!

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Questions for container gardeners.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

i am wanting to try and grow a few vegetables on my deck. I could only afford 2 large pots at this time and would like to know how to use that space best. Foods I enjoy are spinach, onions, baby carrots, tomatoes, and lettuces. (those are ones that I hear work fine in pots) Can anyone tell me your opinion on what works well and what items I could plant together. I am open to other things to grow, too. I like almost all veggies. Oooh and them.

THis is all new to me.

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CARRKM 4/7/2011 2:58PM

  I would do tomatoes w/basil in the pot, and spinach and/or lettuce in the other. Onions and carrots grow underground, so you need depth. Also, spinach likes cool weather, and lettuce does not like it to be too hot, so you could do spinach & lettuce now, then something else in the summer.

Good luck!

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DANCINCAJUN1 4/7/2011 2:41PM

    You can go to my spark page ... I have pix of my container garden from last year ... I used a trellis for cucumbers (they loved to climb & didn't have to search the ground they were right there) - also a trellis for string beans ... I had 2 pots with 2 different tomato plants -- planted red onions (4 onion sets per container), I had sunflower plants (only grew 12 inches tall) for the birds to eat off of - I started sweet potatoes in a cup of water until they had roots then planted them in a large container as they grow under ground ... the leaves were a beautiful plant all summer into the fall ... the pictures show Hibiscus but they are perennials and I also put tulips in the ground ... the rest was blanketed with that black cover so weeds wouldn't grow thru ....

container gardens are so much fun --- I grow from Seeds ... today I bought eggplant seeds and I'm going to try them this year ...

Have fun & keep in touch ...

In Ohio

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Am I being a brat, I wonder.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Well..possibly. I have been pouting over my husbands seeming lack of support. I guess I really seek his approval for this journey. Need his encouragement, etc. I have told him repeatedly of my goal to walk the walk for breast cancer. He listens, nods, but doesn't respond when I ask about us registering me. I take this as a sign that he isn't all for it. I have hinted, asked, showed deals at gyms, which I am really wanting to join. He nods, asks the price, says "we need to get a car. This is something that is important to me but I don't want to be the cause of a financial burden. He worries about money a lot and I don't want to add to that worry.

Don't misunderstand me, my husband isn't some kind of ogre. He just isn't interested in fitness and health issues very much. He is pretty consumed by work and our church.

I just really want to join. There is a new YMCA express just a few minutes away. We are not poor. We have some debt but I don't have personal income. I spend a lot on other things, (like grandchildren, and cheap I am not sure if I am being unreasonable by asking. LIke I said..he worries about money a lot...maybe I don't worry enough.

Does anyone know of places where you can work out with weights for free? I don't really have room to store weights.

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THEMRSH 4/8/2011 11:59PM

  I'm not sure where you live but in my area we have community recreation centers that are set up and have free weight areas and low cost fitness classes. They are run by tax payer dollars though and sometimes shut down if the funding isn't there. I've never used one but maybe you have something like that? Do you have a Curves? They are typically cheaper than a gym as well. Another idea could be a local school that may let you use the weight room if you volunteer?

Hope you work through this. I know the feeling. My husband nods and say uh huh a lot too. I know his mind is on work and money always.

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NAJENA 4/6/2011 10:19AM

  I dont think you are being a brat about wanting to join a gym. You need to sit down with your husband and discuss why you want to join and see if you can afford it.Your husband not being where you are on your weight loss journey my husband wasnt at first either until he saw me losing then he joined in.

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WINDSONG~ 4/6/2011 5:20AM


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SIORANTH 4/5/2011 8:43PM

    If you're only looking to work out with weights, you should try some resistance bands. You can pick up a set pretty inexpensively at Target or Wal-Mart and they can be stored anywhere since they are just thin strips. They work just as good as weights and Spark has lots of options for exercises using them. :) Good luck!

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