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What is behind my eating!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I knew I was not ready to have a good day.I seem to keep doing this to myself. The only way I am going to make that scale move is to really be accountable with my food. I seem to be playing a game with myself. Why?? I guess I need to get into the Why I let the food take over. What is the food doing for me? It really is not all about the taste. Why? Am I board? am I tired? am I lonely? What am I missing?
I want the cycle to end and I wish I had the understanding of the Why?

I am the only one who can make a change in Me. It's not about My husband or my kids it's about me. Would I let my kids Bing?? No Why do I feel it ok for me to do? I am just as important as my famil. my health is just as important, but I am still have the same problem. I think the biggest difference this time is I Know one or two bad day will be months of out of control craziness.
You might as how did this change happen? Truly Sparks People has given me a voice to work through the Whys? Being a motivational leader for the 30 something Mom's team has made checking in every day (a few time) part of what keeps me grounded. I know if I done Start my day with a hi and checking in I will be missed. That right there is so important to this Journey.

You do know this is a journey!!! we are all here to take steps to a healthier me.

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JENIFIREHARP 3/19/2009 2:50PM

    I totally here you about the eating... some days I just get the munchies and I just feel like I am fighting them all day! It has been like this since the middle of winter. I keep telling myself how great I have been doing and swimsuit season is close... no big sweat shirts to hide in LOL usually I have to stop and figure our WHY I want to eat and eat. Yep, always was an emotional eater, and I guess always will be, unless I stay positive and on top of the situation. So, what to do??? Well, once I know why I am wanted to overeat, I find a solution (different every time, everything from sadness or boredom to not enough carbs or fiber) Sometimes a teeth brushing or a big glass of water or a brisk walk is enough to solve the issue!

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HEALTHYFACE 3/15/2009 9:33PM

    I am so with you girl. This week has been beyond crappy for me. I have ate all the way through it too. I was doing so good fighting those urges. This week has been a major slide for me.


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DRAGN77 3/15/2009 5:46PM

  Youre doing the right thing... Its good to question yourself, your motives and hold yourself accountable. Thats the driving force behind keeping ourselves on track! It would be a good idea to start tracking everything you eat... That way, you know exactly everything you are eating, and it will make it harder to eat the things you shouldnt cause you dont want to have to log it in.

I find that before Ill eat something, Ill come online and make sure Ive tracked everything Ive eaten, or just look at my goals/whats left record. Not only will it keep me focused, but the very act of getting online makes it hard to get offline in any reasonable amount of time and I dont end up eating like I wanted to :P

Try drinking water, Cleaning house, going out for a walk...anything to get your mind off the desire to eat! Youll do just fine!

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not my best day.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am not down! I over ate today. I know I should not have but I did and its done!!!!! The impressing part of today is I tracked my calories as best I could. Normally I would not, but I wanted the 2 sparks points so I needed to track for the whole day!
The answer Sparks guy to dose the new feature make a difference the answer is yes. I love to see where my calories-fat-sodium-fiber-calcium falls out each day!!!!
I seem to have a lots to say even though I had a less than healthy day!
Tomorrow is a new day!

I also went to this great work out with a stability ball!! so glad I joined and dropped Zumba!

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MINDY41479 3/15/2009 9:50AM

    I know you can do it Sherre. like you told me dont get down! You have come (and stayed) So far!

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DRAGN77 3/13/2009 4:11PM

  What did you think of Zumba, and why did you drop it? Ive heard some great things about it and thinking of trying it at my gym...please let me know!

You have a great attitude...eating a bit more here and there wont trouble long as you get right back up and at em, and youre doing just that =) emoticon

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MAGA99 3/12/2009 10:17PM

    I love that you started with I'm not down
Great attitude
Work type of workout r u doing with the stability ball - I use my to do my strengthening & I just bought a book with a few exercises but I haven't tried them yet

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CUPCAKEGRL 3/12/2009 9:42PM

    How come you dropped Zumba? Glad you liked working with the stability ball. I like working with mine too.

Everyone is allowed a off day I'm glad you're not letting it get you down

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Day in Day out!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am so glad to be back in the grove. I think I am finally feeling better after the time change. Off to do tons of laundry!

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BUFFALOGAL1952 3/12/2009 1:00AM

    Sherre, I have heard the same comments from many folks this year! Hope you are doing better! Enjoy the walk!
emoticon Claudia

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Blogg to Blogg

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Needed to get the points today and there is not much going on!!


Feels great to be back in control

Monday, March 09, 2009

I am glad to say I am back in the game!! It is all parts of the journey!!

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SSDCQUINCY 3/10/2009 1:45PM

    emoticon Back! I am glad you are back in the game. You are doing great!

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