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MIA again!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Good grief! If it isn't one thing, it's another! I had just started to get myself back into a routine after my last MIA episode. It took a couple months to recover from that accident but at least I could walk. It was difficult with hubby working out of town during the week and coming home on weekends. He was little help in the kitchen.

Well, since my most recent accident, December 22nd, he has been extremely helpful. He stayed home to take care of me. I couldn't do anything for myself at first. It's now been five weeks and I am able to walk (sort of) again and can prepare meals if I don't stand for too long.

So, what happened this time? I was going down the basement stairs to take a shower (geting ready for the annual family get-together) when I missed a step. Actually, I missed FOUR steps! Luckily, hubby was home and heard my screams of agony. It was awhile before I could get up and could not walk up the stairs at all. I had to go backwards on my butt and lift myself up one step at a time. Nobody could touch me, anywhere! Though my left foot took the brunt of the fall when I landed on it, I fell into the wall at the bottom, hitting it with my right side and my right leg also hit some of the stairs as I fell. At least that's what I figure from the bruising; it was too fast to actually remember anything. Two hairline fractures in the foot, badly sprained and bruised muscles as well. So, the local hospital is getting to know me quite intimately :P

Anyway, I had the cast and crutches and have been unable to do much of anything for several weeks. The crutches just about killed my hands and made it difficult to work. I did not miss ANY work because of this. So, I'm finally walking under my own steam at home, but still cannot wear a shoe so have to wear the cast when I leave the house. I can now finally bend. I tried using the dumbbells but my hands hurt too much and I couldn't do any floor exercises because I wouldn't be able to get back up again. But now, I think I can start to get back on track and look forward to feeling better!



Sunday, July 08, 2012

Thank you Nixy for noticing I was mia and reminding me to get my tush back here. It touched me deeply that somebody noticed and cared. I said I would explain and here it is:

In a previous blog I mentioned I'd been recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I'm not sure if it is that or the FMS, along with the stresses of work, but I've been unable to cope with much more than work this past month.

I started the job on June 11th. It was a mess! For the past year, they've had no less than four people attempting to do the work, none of whom had any idea of what they were doing. I had to correct thousands of entries (accounting) and prepare year-end, which was supposed to have been done in January. We had a deadline of June 30th to file. That meant I had 15 business days to fix an entire year and get it to the Accountant for filing the tax return. I ended up working 12 days straight to do it. It took its toll. I was so exhausted I could not prepare my meals, gained some more weight and the depression started, not because of the weight but because of the exhaustion. I was not sleeping well, eating well or getting any exercise.

Thankfully, I got through that and have been working on fixing the current year. I have the time I need, so no real stress there. I have an assistant looking after the day to day stuff while I get everything in proper order and prepare procedures and I have an understanding boss.

I was starting to believe everything was coming along nicely when I got a call from my husband one day last week saying he was laid off. Total shock! His employer had designed a succession plan for hubby to take over the business in five years and now he's laid off!?! The employer has downsized completely, to himself and a part-time office manager. Luckily, my hubby is good at what he does and is in demand. He had several job offers by the end of the day. He is currently away on vacation, using up his last days to help his Dad move and won't be back until next week. When he gets back, he will be talking to the owner of a company south of us (4 hour drive), which means he will be moving by the following week. We started out in a long-distance relationship so we know we will survive this but it is a bit daunting when I have so much other stuff going on.

Last Monday we went for our first bike ride since last year. Our town is known for its bike trails so we thought we'd check out a trail down by the river. HUGE mistake! These trails are for expert mountain/bmx riders, NOT beginners like us. Some areas we had to push our bikes nearly straight up and I thought I'd have a heart attack! We finally got to a place that had some downward hills so we could gain momentum to get up the other side and I was going to fast. I tried to slow down while avoiding a tree root and ended up hitting a root that wasn't visible. I lost control and fell backwards with the bike sailing over me; I rolled down the hill partway, into some scrub, landing on an anthill. I screamed in pain, nearly causing hubby to have a heart attack! I thought I had broken my foot and arm on my left side and shoulder on my right. I had merely twisted my foot slightly and after a few minutes was able to walk. It took us 1/2 hour to get out of the woods/trails. Hubby raced home to get the car while I trudged along with my bike as best I could. We spent a couple hours in emergency to find nothing had been broken, thank goodness, but I had severe sprains in my right shoulder and left wrist. I posted a picture from the hospital with the tensor bandage on my wrist and my right arm in a sling to stabilize my shoulder. After a soak in the tub when I got home, I realized my shoulder was likely only badly bruised and I needed use of my right hand so left the sling off and it's been fine. At any rate, I am finally able to type again, for short periods, and am healing. I am black and blue all over but intend to get back out riding as soon as my wrist heals. Cement paths only, from now on! lol

With hubby gone I have only myself to take care of and I believe I will be able to get back on track, as soon as I have full use of my hand. I have already used the stepper and done some housework, so I'm not sitting around ALL the time :D

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SHEPHEARD 7/8/2012 5:29PM

    Thank you so much! I've overdone it today and re-bandaged so can't type well atm. :P

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NIXY72 7/8/2012 2:07PM

    Oh good lord woman... well, you know the saying, when it rains it pours!!

I'm so sorry to hear about your fall and your stresses. I can completely commiserate. Dealing with my thyroid cancer this year, my piriformis injury and the back log of work has been über problematic -- but here we are, getting through the worst of it and coming out the other side with badges of honour to show for it.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?

I'm glad that you are here and taking those steps every day to become better - in every way. Don't forget that we're always here for you if you ever need a helping hand or a supportive hug.

emoticon emoticon

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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Once again, I find a need to start over. Wait. That's not right, I shouldn't feel like a failure every time I don't lose any weight trying something new. Saying I'm starting over just makes me feel bad so I will now choose a difference tactic. I'm going to move on. Apparently, what I was doing was too little/much so I need to try something different. I get it. Always altering, changing, growing. learning. At some point, something will work. So this is a continuation, not a do-over. lol

I finally decided to see my doctor and this time the results came back positive for Hypothyroidism and I am now on Synthroid. It's been a month and no change yet, that I have noticed. It's hard to tell; it's spring and I always get more energetic in the spring. lol

Since I am starting a new, full-time job on Monday, I am going to spend part of the weekend preparing items to take for my meals. There is a lunch room there so there should be few limits on what I take. It's just a matter of taking the time to prepare, which is my biggest problem these days. But, I informed my husband that if I took a full-time job, he will have to pitch in more around the house and I'm going to get him helping me in the kitchen. Maybe if he took more interest, we would both eat better and who knows, he might just have some Masterchef in him! lol

I'd also like to say thank you to those who have been supportive, even though I've been neglectful. I appreciate your kindness and will try to reciprocate.

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NIXY72 6/22/2012 11:49AM

    Was wondering where you'd gone! Hopefully they will find something that will help. I am on Eltroxin and it took two months (and an upped dosage) to get it right. Now I'm back to full energy again :)

Hopefully you will be back on the ball, or so to speak, soon!


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LUVS2BIKE101 6/7/2012 8:37PM

    You are continuing in the right direction! Planning is key to success. Do it often and it will become habitual. Good luck with your new job.


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Begin Anew

Monday, April 02, 2012

It's been more than two months since I've been here. I gave up. I worked hard all January, every day working out and eating what I was supposed to and not only did I not lose weight (I gained 3 oz), my measurements did not change at all! I was thoroughly disgusted and decided I was done trying to lose weight.

So, for the month of February, I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I felt like it and did not exercise. The result was unexpected - I lost three pounds! I know it sounds very strange and some would think impossible. But it proves what I suspected all along. My weight is more dependent on my emotional state than what I eat. Stress makes me gain weight.

I've also looked into Hypothyroidism, even though the tests came out negative. More often than not they will show a false negative. So, again, I'm taking my treatment into my own hands and decided to try iodine therapy. I don't want to go on synthetic hormones if I can avoid them. It's only been a week so far so I don't even expect there to be any change.

As of today, April 2, 2012, I have started an intensive dietary detox program. I didn't make this up myself so I have a book to guide me. I'm hoping this will kickstart everything; after giving my body a much needed rest from garbage food and being lazy.

My sister took me shopping yesterday and helped me pick out a Zumba 2 program for the Wii. I've never done Zumba but was told it's fun. I don't know about that, but I can see how I will get a good workout, once I figure out how my feet are supposed to move! lol Today's session lasted about 15 minutes - I don't want to overdo it and get discouraged and I don't want to make myself sick since I'm also detoxifying at the same time I'm starting this.

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CHAMILTON50 4/29/2012 6:53PM

    emoticon ..... good for you! emoticon
I have zumba for my wii and want to look into zumba 2. My daughter & I have done zumba together on Monday nights since Jan. and it is sooooo much fun. I think it's easier in a class than on
Our instructor was a student at the university & she graduates and is going away for the summer.....hopefully she will be back in the fall (she says she will be), I bought a new pair of sneakers just for
Just do what you can and have fun! emoticon

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SHEPHEARD 4/3/2012 1:58PM

    Day one left me with a massive headache all night. I tried Ibuprofen, then Motrin (which finally helped) and took a full sleeping pill and went to bed earlier (10pm)

I got up at 10:30 this morning, still feeling sleepy but got busy making almond milk so I could have my breakfast. I had my warm water with juice from 1/2 lemon as soon as I got up. I cooked a pot of quinoa last night so all I had to do this morning was grind the almonds with fresh filtered water and strain. It takes me about 1/2 hour to make 4 cups. I should freeze 1/2 because it doesn't keep long.

I kind of blew it at supper as I'm not supposed to have dairy, flour (any kind) any grain except rice and sugar. Without thinking (in fact I didn't think of it until an hour later), I put a dab of butter on my rice. So today I have to be more vigilant and remember to use coconut oil instead. :D

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SHEPHEARD 4/2/2012 4:39PM

    Thank you! How do you like the Zumba?

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LUCKY1964 4/2/2012 4:19PM

    I can agree with the emotional state having a lot to do with the progress of weight loss. I also have the zumba for the wii even though I have the older version that came out a few years ago. I am starting to try and get back in the habit of using it as well. I hope that the weight loss journey for you goes well.

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Another Sleepless Night

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On New Year's Eve we moved our bed into the basement. It was in the attic, which was extremely cold. The basement is a nice even temperature; warm in the winter and cool in the summer. BUT, the furnace is so loud it wakes me every time it comes on, which is frequent. This is an old house and not well insulated, I think. We are renting so not much we can do about it. So, I have not had a full nights' sleep since December 30th, unless I've taken a sleeping pill. I hate having to take a pill in order to get any sleep so I've not been sleeping.

I did my weigh-in today, as usual for Monday. Unfortunately, I've not lost any weight. I did, however, lose about an inch and a half, overall.

While talking to my husband, I admitted I'm having serious trouble with my diet. I am not hungry during the day. I know I'm supposed to eat before I work out; it's ineffective otherwise. When I do eat beforehand, I feel nauseated during exercise, unless I wait about two hours and that messes up my eating schedule. I much prefer working out then having my protein drink and a couple hours later, eating my 1/4 c oatmeal for breakfast. This all amounts to me not being able to eat all the calories I'm supposed to and I've had to resort to "bad" foods in order to get the caloric intake. I don't like that at all. We discussed it and tomorrow I will try to eat two eggs (poached or boiled) and then do my workout.

He was so excited when he came home tonight as my xmas gift that he'd special ordered finally arrived. A set of chef-quality knives! Tomorrow, I will go grocery shopping and get lots of fresh produce that I can use my new knives on. hehe Hopefully, I'll find some items that I'll enjoy and help increase my caloric intake as well.

I hope everyone is doing well. I'm enjoying the January Challenge and hope you are too! :D

PS: If I seem a bit scattered, it's because I'm exhausted! :P

Update: I took a sleeping pill last night (1/11/12) and got a good nights; sleep and today, Wednesday, am moving my office to the basement and the bedroom into my office. Hoping tonight this will give me a good sleep without a pill. Will update again in a week, to give it a fair shot.


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