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Back to Basics week 1

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I tracked every day but one,this week. I got more exercise in than was called for in the challenge. I did well on drinking at least 8 glasses of water. I posted one recipe and I got one night of sleeping 7 or more hours.

I am having a hard time getting back into the habit of tracking but I am determined to make it second nature again. .

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BVTWIN 11/22/2009 6:07PM

    Tracking is the key. You're doing great.

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DBLDELITES 11/22/2009 7:34AM

    emoticon it sounds like you had a good day! It's so great to see you back in the swing of things. Keep up the good work! You are part of my inspiration......thank you!

emoticon Cheryl

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DOLPHINFAN1334 11/22/2009 12:27AM


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And then there was one.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Mom holding me, brother Jr (age 20) and Stan (age 8)
I have always lived a lonely life. Mom saw it when I was still a child. She always said it was because we kids were such different ages. She also said that when we became adults that age difference wouldn't be as important and we would become close. I didn't understand what she meant. I thought everyone felt just like me. LOL It has taken me 63 years to understand what she meant.

I was the youngest of 3 and the only girl. When I was born my oldest brother was 18 the other was 6.

We lived in a very rural area and there were no kids my age to play with. I spent most of my childhood following my youngest brother, Stan around begging him to let me tag along with him and his friend Billy. Of course, they had no use for a little sister.

Then in my teen years I expected Stan to magically become my protector. I can remember so many times of waiting for Stan to jump in and help me or defend me. LOL I guess I had read to many books and/or seen to many movies or maybe it was, what it felt like to me, that Stan just didn't like me.

Dad died first then our oldest brother, Jr. Mom was next and now Stan. And then there was one. You would think that after 63 years I would be used to being alone.

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MADDE3333 11/30/2009 7:38AM

    In the past four years I have lost two aunts, my sister and brother-in-law and in 2008, my partner died suddenly from a blood clot. Sometimes I sit in the house and try to understand what this all means...what the creator has in mind for me since I had cancer and survived and none of my loved ones are around.

There is no answer but to live the best we can and honor those that loved and supported us by reaching out to others and making a difference where we can...

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KITKAT1982 9/6/2009 10:43PM

    I too am the youngest of 3, my brothers always busy together, and I usually shoo'd away. LOL My married life has been very nomadic, moving with my DH work a lot. It makes it hard to make friends, and work on the loneliness issues. Yay for places like spark where we can connect and share our stories, our victories, and our moments of weakness. Wishing you well Sheltie, and please know you aren't alone here.Kate emoticon

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SHELTIELADY 9/6/2009 4:59PM

    SLIMMERJESSE, I see that you do understand. The first time I lost my father I was 5. I watched him dyeing all thru the afternoon and evening. When help was finally called (had to borrow a neighbors phone and they finally got home) they pronounced him Dead On Arrival at the hospital. An hour later they went to move his body and found that he was alive. When they released him from the hospital it was "Sally be quiet, don't bother your father, your going to kill him". So at 5 I learned not to "bother" people or they would die.

Even though I went off into my lonely world Dad "died" several more times over the next 20 years. Each time I guess I felt a little lonelier. Then the others started to die. Now everyone is gone.

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SLIMMERJESSE 9/6/2009 4:21PM

    It took me awhile to be able to respond to this blog because I know all too well how you feel. Losing people started at an early age for me and has continued throughout my life. In the past two years alone, I've lost 6 close people and have two more who are terminally ill and wasting away. I just said to someone the other day that you'd think I'd have developed an immunity to all this sadness, grief and loss by now, but I never have. Of course, I don't know if that's even possible - to get used to it. Additionally, my own life has been wrought with ongoing challenges on top of all this loss. It's been like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride at Disneyland - but not as much fun. I understand exactly what you are saying here on this blog. It's a very alone feeling. Big hug and best wishes for happier days.

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SHELTIELADY 9/6/2009 3:45PM

    Thank you all for your kind words! I know I am not really "alone" but there is a difference between being alone & being lonely. I hope none of you ever have to find out that difference.

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MYSTERYROSE74 9/6/2009 3:40PM

    Sally, I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. I must agree with Denise and Lucky, you're not alone at all. We're all here to help you through. My thoughts and prayers are with you. emoticon emoticon

Terrie emoticon

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ANGELFACES1 9/6/2009 3:12PM

    Oh Sally, I'm so sorry to hear that. Please remember that you are NEVER alone, evven when it feels like it. We are here and so is He. Let me know if you need anything. I know I haven't been active lately, but I'm still here and I'm still thinking about you.


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LUCKY-13 9/6/2009 1:20PM

    I'm sorry to hear about Stan, but please know that you're not totally alone - you have a lot of friends on Spark. Even though we're not physically present, you're in my heart and thoughts every day.

Sending hugs and friendship,

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That meeting was even worse than I had feared

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The problem has been resolved. I just hope it doesn't raise it's ugly head again!


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RCHRISPY 6/9/2009 6:59PM

  so glad to hear that someone suggested you tape it. I hope that this can be cleared up in an effective manner.

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AKA639 6/9/2009 3:10PM

    Wow. Glad it's on tape. Who would have thought the TREASURER would get checks. Hmm They must be out of their own tree! Good for you guys to seek justice and not let them win in their own game.

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SIMPLYANGEL 6/9/2009 2:05PM

    Just know you are loved by your spark people friends. That is ME! lol I pray for your patience in this matter.

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SHELTIELADY 6/9/2009 9:45AM

    Lucky, yeppers! Got to admit this is tough though! She says some awfully insulting things, completely takes the meeting out of the hands of the president and thinks that she can make the by-laws sound any way she wants them to. I had to hide my face to keep her from seeing my "gotcha" smile last night. The hardest time was after she tore the checks from my hands. A few minutes had gone by and she had forgotten that I couldn't be trusted when she said "I am a bigger person than you are because I can tell you that you have done a wonderful job and you never tell anyone that". LOL

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LUCKY-13 6/9/2009 9:11AM

    "Give 'em enough rope...."

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The dreaded Sheltie Club meeting tonight

Monday, June 08, 2009

Another month has flown by and it is time for the dreaded meeting. The hostile take over that 5 people are trying to pull makes for a meeting from hell.

Our club has done some amazing things in the past! We have started several new & workable ways to get more entries at the shows and other clubs are still using several of them. We have a nice bank account. We are still the only specialty club to pull of a 5 day specialty cluster and the only one to offer cash trophies for all classes including $500.00 for Best In Specialty Show.

All the credit should go to our President. She has worked an 18 hour day 7 days a week for many years to make this all happen but do the club members appreciate that? Yes & No. Some (5 to be exact) want her to continue to do the work but let them tell her how to do it. One said "you all have done a great job but I am going to show you how to do it better. Her claim to fame is that she is an AKC Sheltie judge. Two more (a husband & wife team) are her stooges. They are so clueless it is pitiful and even worse they think they know it all. What a laugh that is! The husband bought a Show Trial Manual from AKC and he brings it to every meeting. (I have the evillest desire to make a badge for him saying "I own a Show Trial Manual. I want everybody to know that I own it". Personally I own a book on golf but it didn't make me Tiger Woods.) Just to show you how dumb he is he stated at one meeting that "I will not be on any committees I just want to tell the club what to do". Member from hell number 4 is another AKC judge has actually worked in the club in the past. She stated at the very first meeting that she should be president because she didn't want to do any work. She still thinks that. The last one of this mess is just a follower that is impressed by judges.

What is their goal? Four of them want to name/pick the judges for our shows because they will be showing to them. What have they accomplished? They picked the judges but for shows that are not going to be put on. The people that usually do the work are rebelling at being told to shut up and just do what your told.

Have these people never heard the old saying " to many chiefs & not enough indians"? Don't they know that a dog club is a lot more than just a bunch of people that put on shows for them to win at? I guess not because culprit number 1 says, at every meeting, "if we aren't going to put on dog shows we need to close this club down. If your not going to have shows you can have some other kind of club".

What has this blog accomplished? I got a lot off my chest and anybody that reads this now knows how to kill a good dog club. LOL

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RCHRISPY 6/9/2009 2:45PM

  Oye... We aren't involved in a club simply because we don't have enough time to dedicate to a dog club. Plus my doxie girl has some traits that I haven't figured out to train out of her or myself if I'm the one to blame.

I hope the meeting doesn't pull apart the club. Its very sad when bullies win.

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MRSCAROLB2 6/9/2009 9:19AM

    WOW!!!! you have been going through alot.

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LUCKY-13 6/8/2009 9:51PM

    To pick the judges for a show one is going to participate in! Can you say conflict of interest? Geez, if I got to do that for everything I competed for, I'd have a room full of trophies. I'm sorry the club is divided and disagree on some important principles. I wish someone, or something, could talk some sense into those five!

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BVJANEY 6/8/2009 7:55PM

    It's too bad that a few people can make something that is suppose to be fun into something that you dread now. I hope things work out for you and your club.

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AKA639 6/8/2009 5:28PM

    Sorry to hear that. It happens in all types of clubs. I hope the people with good interests for the better of the club prevail. I'll be interested to hear how it goes.

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ANGELFACES1 6/8/2009 3:42PM

    Wow Sally, that really sucks. I hope that you guys can get the 5 stooges out of there before they ruin a good thing.

Keep us posted! Now I'm nosy!!


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The truth about HSUS is finally coming out

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In case you haven't heard, WSB-TV Atlanta aired a telling expose last week on the deceptively named Humane Society of the United States. Unfortunately, after only 24 hours of that airing, all mentions of that piece were removed from the station's website.
Whether the HSUS turned their lawyers loose on the station with threats is being speculated. The video made an appearance on YouTube garnering tens of thousands of hits before being removed due to "copyright" issues. Yeah, right. It was more than likely removed due to "bank account" infringement.
If the mighty HSUS is trying to do "damage control", they are doing a piss poor job of it. Wayne-O desperately tried to explain in his blog that the Hurricane Katrina money was used to help those animal victims ...What he FORGOT to mention is that not a dime in Katrina money was spent until AFTER the Louisiana Attorney General launched an 18 month investigation into just where that $34 million in donations went. So, the lying HSUS went in and donated a paltry sum to build a new animal shelter. Big fat hairy deal, Wayne. Unless that shelter cost $34 million, the HSUS has still got a LOT of 'splainin' to do!
The damage has been done. The truth was uncovered and now MILLIONS of United States donors (and would be donors) know of the HSUS deception in fund raising all in the name of "saving the animals".
So, how can we make sure that millions MORE people see that infamous video?? By cross-posting the following links to every email list, by sending it to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, AND LEGISLATORS! It turns out this video is alive and well on an Iranian (GO FIGURE!) video sharing site. (Many thanks to Walt on Pet-Law for providing these valuable links!)

The high definition (55 meg) version on Vidoosh, an Iranian video sharing site:


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