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Monday, November 23, 2009

I am not losing weight like I should be and I need to figure out why. I have my food journal from the last time I lost weight a few years ago, and I think I need to dust it off and see what I did. Seems I have forgotten how to do this. It is very frustrating to try so hard and then not see anything on the scale.


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    Hang in their girl . Water may be the answer. Also maybe for a couple of weeks have spark people create the menu for ya so you don't have to think about what the menu will be for a couple of weeks . Something like taking the thinking out if the planing your own meals will free you up to just eat what Spark People customized eating plan tell you what to eat. Try it for 2 weeks and see if it makes a difference.

It might be that your measurements are off a little bit to so try measuring for a while to get a handle of portion. There have at times where I have either overestimated or underestimation the amount a portion is.

it might be as simple dining to much orange juice or not enough veggies.

By the way I thing your are doing great with your weigh loss . I think we are often hard on ourselves when the scale does not show results we expect. emoticon

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PJMOGG 10/26/2011 11:22PM

    Just a thought girls...are you drinking your water? Even weight watchers used to tell me that you will not lose as much without those 8 glasses a day. And it proved true!

I am sure I read it here on spark as well.

keep up the great work, and don't forget those non-scale victories!!
emoticon paula

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SAMMYLYNNE 11/23/2009 9:03AM

    I know exactly how you feel. I joined Sparks about 2 1/2 months ago. My first week I lost 2 lbs. and then 3lbs. Went partying and put it all back on. Spent the last month trying to get it off. Yesterday I Weighed in and I lost a pound. I'm hoping it keeps going because I'm really tired of losing the same original 5 lbs. I hung in there, so you can too! emoticon emoticon

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Day 2

Friday, November 06, 2009

Good morning everyone. It's Friday. Yippee!!

Well I was up at 5:45 and went for a walk and then I did 2 30second planks. One of my goals is to do the plank everyday. I really need to work on strengthening my core.

I entered my food yesterday on the tracker and I think I had about 1250 calories. I ate a bit more than usual because I was going to boot camp. I had some almonds and I always have a glass of low fat chocolate milk after my workout. I do this instead of protein shakes. I always look forward to that little treat too.

I carry a lot of my weight around my waist which I know is dangerous for so many health reasons. Cancer is something that really scares me and I know that with being overweight I am more likely to get certain types of cancer. I need to get this through my head and get this weight off.

I sometimes have a difficult time on the weekends when I am not working. It seems as though when I am out of my routine I mess up. But not this weekend though. I am going to stay strong. My mom and I are going to visit my grandma on Saturday so I am going to have to be really strong. There is always so much food around.

I am loving all of the support on here. I can hardly wait until I am more familiar with the site so that I am able to offer support back. I really like seeing everyones weight tickers (is that the right name for it). There is a lot of incentive in those alone.

Well I hope everyone has a happy and healthy weekend.


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MESSENE 11/6/2009 8:33AM

    You can do it! emoticonBest wishes!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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STONENL 11/6/2009 8:23AM

    You go girl!!!!!! I love sparkpeople. I have been trying for years to lose weight and now I have finally found a system that helps me track what I'm doing AND keep me motivated. I have also learned so much about nutrition, health and fitness on this site. It is working!

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first timer

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Good morning. This is my first blog so I'm not sure how the whole thing works. I don't even know what to write in a blog. I guess I will find out.
So, I need to lose about 60 pounds. I am very overweight. I have lost it a few times already over the years but I just keep putting it back on. I find it easier to lose weight than to maintain it.
I will be 40 in May and I would really like to feel good about myself. No more hiding under bulky clothes.
I have joined a boot camp and do that twice a week, I walk for 1/2 an hour 3 - 5 times a week and this morning I did my wii fit for 1/2 an hour. I am on a strict diet right now (for 2 weeks) and I don't think that I am eating enough calories. I have never been a calorie counter but I thought I would check a couple of days out of curiosity and I am at about 980-1000 cals.
Well I must go and wake up my kids and get ready for work.
Have a great day.

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ZENA_MARIA 11/6/2009 9:11AM


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RACKETMOM 11/5/2009 10:12AM

    Hi, sounds like you're off to a great start! Just be sure to not overdo it in the beginning! Any small changes (baby steps) are great to start with, & building your way up may work better than giving it all you've got and then pooping out LOL!

And remember SP isn't a diet but a lifestyle change, so be sure to follow the nutrition & fitness recommendations-they will provide you with a program you can live with, and not something you go on and off like with a 'diet' Cutting back on calories is great but just be sure you're getting enough in each day!

As for blogging, I think you did great! When I started SP, I barely knew what the word meant, and it was months before I attempted it! I'm still not real comfortable with it, but it does help. Just remember while it does help others who read it, it isn't for their entertainment but mostly for your own benefit!

Did you figure out your weight ticker? Usually if I can't figure something out, I just go back to my Start Page & can find what I need there.

Hey, we're at the same weight (227). It's good to have you onboard-look forward to shrinking together :)


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ZENA_MARIA 11/5/2009 8:52AM


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    Very Good for your 1st blog! Congrats and Good Luck! jf

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NWLIFESRC 11/5/2009 8:52AM

    Don't give up no matter how tough it gets. Just know there is progress every day even when you don't think so.

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GOLDCOOP 11/5/2009 8:39AM

    Wow, best of luck! Keep telling yourself the diet is just for a short time. You're worth it - the 40-year-old you is worth it! Good luck building a new you!! emoticon

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    So good you are on your way to health and happiness

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DREMARGRL 11/5/2009 8:38AM

    CONGRATS on your decision...With that you should be sure to post all your food everyday. You really aren't eating enough. If you try to stay between 1200-1500 that would be better. Drink your water...and use the knowledge here available on SP. You will find all the tools you need. Good luck on your journey to finding how to make dieting a lifestyle...not a diet. And, finally you are on the must exercise every day. XO MaryAnn emoticon

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SHYBABE5700 11/5/2009 8:36AM

    you can do it. but don't look on it as a diet . you're changing your life and getting healthy. emoticon

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EDWARDS1411 11/5/2009 8:33AM

    Congrats on beginning your journey to better health and fitness!! Know that

"Success comes the very minute you work towards a worthwhile goal."


"Success is in the doing as much as in the winning and that reward comes each day -- even while the goal is being sought and long before the goal has been met."

Do stay within your calories - eating less will put your body in starvation mode and you definitely don't want that!!

Wishing you the best as you work towards your goals!!!!

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