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Country Line Dancing Workout

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Tonight is "left foot Tuesday" at a local bar here in Salem and my boyfriend and I are going to go do some line dancing. I haven't been in over a year and can't wait to learn some new dances and get a great workout while doing so! Trying to think of other fun ways to get workouts in without Really having to think of it as "working out"...any ideas??


Starting Over

Monday, November 05, 2012

I joined SparkPeople in 2007 and did wonderful while tracking my food and exercise. A lot has changed in my life since then and now I'm starting over. I'm very concious of what and how much I'm eating and have been diligent to track it on my food tracker. It's amazing how little food you eat carries so many calories. I've stayed within my limits each day, and even stayed under my calories for the most part...the thing is, I don't enter drinks, fruit juice, milk, alcohol...and I know that adds up too. That's my next goal, either start tracking that too or stop drinking it! Thanks to everyone on here for your support.



Bad Day...

Friday, February 02, 2007

Well today has not been a great day for me. I think it started out bad with my "fat free" pancakes and light syrup, which ended up costing me 300 calories and made me feel sick. I didn't have any fruit or anything with it. Then on my way to the dr, I stopped and got my espresso for the first time since starting SP...which I did get nonfat, and half decaf, but still, breakfast was over 500 calories total.

Now that it's 4:15, I had a small lunch and over 500 calories in snacks! I am just having these cravings and starting to get the mindset of "I don't care" and I don't want to go back there. All my snacks have been ok, I made the banana raisin muffins and had a low calorie granola bar. Then I had an apple with light havarti cheese...but I'm almost to my max calories and haven't even had dinner, and feel like I want to eat more NOW! I don't have that much self control and I don't really know what to do.

I even edited my information so that it would let me have more calories!!

I'm going to drink a bunch of water and if we don't end up going to a friend's house for dinner, I'm definitely going to the gym to burn some extra calories for today!

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POETANDMORE 2/18/2007 7:46AM

    Sometimes those bad days give you motivation to really kick into your SP program. Don't you think? And, sometimes after it you really keep that streak alive! Your blog gave me motivation!

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KALINDRIA 2/8/2007 10:09PM

    We all have bad days when we just don't seem to get full or when we have a 'surprise' birthday celebration at work and calories just add up. I don't freak out. I just do some extra cardio and make sure I get back on track for the next day. This is a lifestyle. It's something we're all learning to do and will practice for the long term so one day, more or less, isn't going to be fatal.

Allow yourself to be human and know that, from time to time, you will have these days. It's the way you react to them that's most important. And if the pancakes make you sick, don't eat them!


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So far, so good

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Well, this is my first day with SparkPeople, and so far I'm doing great. I've been drinking my water, counting my calories and eating healthy. The meal tracker is a huge help to keep me on track with my calorie counting.

This morning I weighed myself on my own scale and it said 152, so I'm going to go with that since that's the one I'll use!

For breakfast I had an egg with american cheese, dry wheat toast (made a sandwich), coffee with cream and sugar and water.

It's now 11, and I had a south beach diet peanut butter bar. I'll have to put that one on the tracker and see how much damage it did...but I think it was only 110 calories!

I'll check in tomorrow with updates. And I should probably go shopping for some fruits and veggies and check out some recipes!

Update: I just finished dinner and I am a few hundred below my max calories, I think I'll treat myself to a little ice cream and still be under tonight. I think I did good for my first day! I also went shopping and bought lots and lots of veggies for snacks!

Note to self: I'm within my calories, but a bit low on carbs and fiber and a bit high on fat...try to find lower fat tomorrow.

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POETANDMORE 1/29/2007 2:51AM

    Welcome to the Valentine's Day Challenge! You have made a great start. I use my food tracker, as you have, at all times. I tend to snack at night, and this helps me eat smaller meals and allow room for healthy snacks! It's great to see you in the challenge!

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KALINDRIA 1/27/2007 2:21PM

    Good for you! It's tough getting started but you've done a great job! I look forward to hearing more about your progress. Keep up the good work. You're on your way now!!


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