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Cold/Flu Attack!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I came down with this bogus cold/flu thing this weekend and spent most of my time laying down in bed. I thought it was just allergy, but then I started getting the fever feeling and the achy (sp?) body. I have been taking medicine and I feel a little better, but still not up to par. I can't be sick, I don't have sick days. So, I am just going to work through it and plow on.

Our weather in So. California has been pretty fickle lately and I thought that might have something to do with it. We were in a heat wave and then next few days brought 2 tornadoes and hail. Go figure! Don't you hate when you are under the weather???


I Did 4 Miles in the Sand TODAY!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I have completed the third of my twelve 5k's today. Although, today's run/walk was FOUR miles, so a little more than a 5K. I was so excited! I actually finished and I came in at 1:01:21! That is amazing to me. In 2006, I did the Turkey Trot 5K on Thanksgiving Day. My time was 59 minutes. That means that my time was only a 2 minute difference and I did an EXTRA MILE! Can you tell that I am excited!

It feels great and I even ran quite a bit. I want to start running and I can if I do a little at a time. I learned today that my breathing is the key. I usually let myself get winded easily, but I was able to control that a little and keep running. In fact, I did a whole Dave Matthews song all running!

I just wanted to share! I know I will be really sore tomorrow. Oh well, it is a good sore!

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DIVALINDA 5/25/2008 12:50AM

    Fantastic - you keep me motivated! I did a 9 mile walk today - leisurely pace. My knees aren't quite ready for running - guess some Strength training will help.
Running in the Sand! Your calves are going to look fantastic and toned!

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QTOWNLADY 5/24/2008 9:46PM

    way to go, you should be proud of you. keep up the good work and hopefully you wont be too sore

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OHMYGOSH! So Let Me Tell You!

Friday, May 23, 2008

I have been meaning to post this and totally forgot! I was at my Mom's house last weekend and had brought a load of laundry with me. While I was in the shower, my Mom had taken my clothes out of the dryer and folded them for me. When I came out to look for my jeans, she had told me they were on the table.

I grabbed the top one from the stack and went to put them on. After doing so, they felt a little different. I looked down at them and noticed that they weren't mine. (My Mom is about 30 pounds heavier than I, so I know they weren't hers and I have no sisters). A little perplexed, I showed my Mom and asked who they belonged to. She looked really surprised and started laughing. They were my godmom's pants...She had given them to my Mom to hem.

Now, the funny thing about this is this. My godmom has always been the thinner one of the three of us. In the last 5 years, she has gained a lot of weight. She will never admit this, but in fact tells my mom and I how we should be eating and that she hardly ever eats anything. We never say anything, as we know being heavy is a difficult thing. Also, when we were in Hawaii, my godmom claimed she weighed 140 pounds but know that this is not close to true. So this incident was more of a eye opener for us. We never knew what size my godmom was because she cut out the tags of all of her clothing before she ever gave it to my mom to alter.

To me, this was a triumph. I am a size 16, recently down from a 18. I was astonished that these fit me...and perfectly! It was a nice surprise and it made me feel like I am making the right steps towards health. In a way, it was nice because my godmom has always criticized me "because she loves me" about things I eat and don't eat. Despite her criticism's, I know I am making the right choices to better health. This just helped to confirm it.

Of course I would NEVER tell my godmom about this because I don't want her to feel bad about it. I think it has been difficult for her to deal with the fact that she has gained weight and when she realizes that, I will be totally supportive.

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TANSHAN1 5/23/2008 12:25PM

    This is GREAT!! And be gentle with your god mom...we have all done the denial thing from time to time.

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Help Me Get My Groove Back!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I splurged on Saturday...I am finding it a bit more difficult to stay in my calorie range. I was over 2800 on Saturday (ey-yi-yi!) and Sunday dropped down to about 1900. Today I'm at 1782. I should be under 1550. I think the stress is getting the better of me and I need to change that.

I am going to the gym in about 20 minutes and will be taking my hour long Zumba class. Which is great! I have to go out to lunch tomorrow for a colleagues birthday and we won't know where we are going until we are ready to go. I will get a chicken salad no matter where we go with dressing on the side, no cheese. I will also drink water, as I have not been keeping up with my proper water intake.

Once you are on a roll, it seems very easy, breezy. When you lose the groove, it's a little harder to get back into. I am totally craving sugar because I ate it on Saturday. (Another lesson learned!) So, my groove is coming back this week.

I have officially 5 months to get under 180 pounds so I can afford health insurance. If I remain at the weight I am at, I will have to pay over $150 MORE each month. With the way gas, food, credit card rates, etc. are going, I can't afford to do that!

I'm gettin' my groove back y'all!


I have no choice! ;)

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DIVALINDA 5/20/2008 10:22AM

    Sounds like a good plan! It is hard to get back in the groove, but you have a good incentive to do it! Planning ahead for lunch with an idea of what will work no matter where you go is a good idea.


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Baby Shower Yesterday, Calorie Overload!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I went to a baby shower yesterday. It was outside and it was so hot! I literally drank 8 glasses of water while I was there! I also overdid in calories. I just calculated it today and whoah was I surprised!

I know I didn't do too well later in the day. But while at the baby shower, I didn't think I ate that much. In looking at the food, it was more the composite of the food rather than the amount. Much of what they had was very fat laden and not health conscious in any way. They had cucumber sandwiches, which looked really good until...I bit into it to find it was cream cheese! Yucky! I only eat cream cheese in cheesecake. That was a bit that I had to count, but wish I hadn't taken. I should have asked what was in it. Then, they had tortellini salad, which was great! I had about a half of a cup, but lots of calories I found out. There were also chicken salad sandwiches made with croissants...Those added up too!

They didn't have cake, but had mini chocolate chip cookes, brownies bites and cake bites. I had 3 mini chocolate chip cookies (which cost me 180 calories) and a brownie bit which expensive too! At the end of the shower, they had martinis...I know now I should have had the splurge of a diet coke. (I have been weening myself of diet soda).

Then we had dinner with my grandma. Guess what it was? Taquitos with guacamole and cheese and HUGE carne asada tacos. It all tasted really good but I learned my lesson last night. I couldn't sleep my stomach was so upset! I felt miserable. I guess that is a good sign because had this happened a year ago, it wouldn't even phase my body. It would be able to digest without any issues, proving what terrible shape I was in.

I will not have a 2,800 calorie day again! It is simply not worth the pain or lack of sleep!

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TERRMOR 5/18/2008 4:42PM

    You had a good time. Don't beat yourself up over it. Lesson learned. There will be more days like this. Baby showers don't come around that often. And you are right. That is a GOOD SIGN THAT YOUR BODY IS LIKE "please".
You will lose whatever you might have gained from that in a few days.

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