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Not too bad!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So, I think the last day I tracked food was Friday. It has been a busy weekend...but I was very conscious of what I ate and made the best choices I could for the moment. I don't think I did stellar, but it is also not as bad as it could have been.

But, today...Today was awesome! I just got back from Kickboxing and I feel really good! I ate healthy foods today and when I was exercising, I could totally feel the difference in my body. I didn't feel like it was taking every ounce of effort I could muster, no...instead it felt like I could kick and jab all night! I felt that energy and it was so much better than the way my body feels when I eat poorly or have too many processed foods. Wow, I never thought there would be a difference but there certainly is.

I think that I am going to stick it out one more week with Spark and if I am lose 2 pounds this week, then I will end my WW membership for the time being. Not being a WW, it feels like I am depending on myself more and the expectations are higher. Also, it feels like I am doing it for reasons other than "staying OP." I think I have been a WW for too many years and have developed unhealthy ways to cheat, play games with the scale, etc., etc. Having myself be responsible is something totally new to me. Maybe that's what I need right now...


Woohoo! First SUCCESSFUL Day in a Long Time!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

So, yesterday went well! I could have blown it a million times, but I didn't! I stayed under 1550 and I am so proud of myself. Last night I was trying to book a flight online and it took me 5 hours. I was so frustrated because every flight I choose, it would say the fare is no longer available when I choose it. Very frustrating and I wanted to eat. I am an emotional eater and I noticed this last night. I had turned off the light in the kitchen and when I looked over there, I remembered why I had done that. Kitchen is closed. It worked. By midnight though, I can say I was honestly hungry, but I haven't missed a meal in the last year so I figured it wouldn't kill me to not eat for a couple of hours.

I woke up this morning and was a little hungry. That is also a first for me in a long time! I just wanted to share. I am going to make this Day #2 and try to maintain my one-day streak!

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    Haha, I was going to comment on yesterday's blog saying 'I hope you made it through' but I'm glad to see that you did!

Hopefully you can pull this day through as well! :-)

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So far, so good!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I am within my calorie range right now, in fact I have about 50 calories to spare. I may have a sugarfree cocoa made with hot water later tonight. I am going to start my homework right now and do all I can to stay away from the kitchen! I did the dishes already, maybe I should turn off the light so it looks as though it's "closed" for the day.

I am still really sore and am giving my body a rest today from exercise. If I start to wander to the kitchen, I will make myself come back to sparkpeople.


Opps! I did it again...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So, last night...the same thing happened. Again, I really think if I am in front of the TV, it is a very strong learned habit to start eating something. I didn't even have dinner, I had snacky things.

So, that means that I have to have a new plan for tonight. I will not turn the TV on at all! I am so behind in homework anyways, it will be good for me. I am stopping at 1300 calories tonight, that way if I still want a snack later, I can have something without undoing all my hardwork throughout the day.

I am super sore too! I have kept up with exercise and water. My body hurts! I think I am hanging on to a lot of water because of my sore muscles. It hurts to sit down or stand up! It is a good thing though, I know that! If I start to fall off the wagon tonight, you may see another post!


Today will be better...

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Yesterday, I did good until the evening. Instead of snacking, I should have just done my homework and it would have been a win-win. Instead, I turned on the TV. That is the kiss of death for me. I knew that, but last night I (for whatever reason), just did it. I wasn't thinking and I think I was just falling into old habits. I did go to the gym though and took a class that just kicked my butt! It was awesome, I couldn't even catch my breath. I love dance classes! So, there was a victory yesterday for going to the gym and eating a healthy lunch out. My improvement was to keep my snacking at night to a minimun. If I don't have the calories left, I don't have the option to snack. I need to remember that tonight.

Also, I think my body is trying to fight off a cold. I am so tired and I feel like I can sleep for days. I need to pay attention to my body. Today's goal: Stay under 1550 calories and go to the gym. Turbo Kickboxing tonight! Woohoo!

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MOCACHOC 6/9/2009 1:54PM

    Never be defeated by whatever it is that wants to wishes to block you from your goal. Go after it like never before.

When I worked out when I was fighting off a bug, I worked through it all but one day; my body just would not let me no matter what I said or did; so I listened and went home and slept. But the next day I was not about to give into it.

Do what you can and mostly do what you must for you.

Peace and Love


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