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Happy New Year - Day 1

Thursday, January 01, 2009

I am within my points today. I have been in the house most of the day and watch almost the full season of Biggest Loser Season 3 on Bravo! Inspiring, but at the same time a bit disappointing because Erik is the winner that apparently gained back all of his weight. Scary to go through such a transformation and then let it get back to where it was. Whoa!

So I just changed my New Years Resolution for this year. It is going to be to treat myself better and to take care of myself. I am also going to try to do twelve 5k's like I did last year. That has been a really interesting thing for me to do. Also, my mom goes with me so it's something fun that we can do together instead of eating.

I am procrastinating doing my Tae Bo video right now. I am cold and don't feel like doing much. But, I am going to go and put on my sports bra and put the video on. Hope you are all having a great first day of 2009!


Today was a good day!

Monday, December 29, 2008

So, I just feel like sharing. I had a really good day today. I stayed within my points, in fact I have 3 still, I drank my water, did the veggies and went to the gym. I am so stoked! I feel stuffed too! I took out the processed foods and replaced them with actual cooked food. What a difference! And who knew that 3oz. of ground beef was so much!

I think this is a very good start. I gained 2 pounds over the last two weeks and it is time to take it off. It takes a lot of time to get all of these healthy habits in! I am not in school right now and work is taking up all of my time. When things get going full force again, I am definately going to need to plan things out.

So...who is watching Diet Tribe with me next Monday on Lifetime?! I am so excited! The show looks like it will be good and hopefully it is a little more realistic than the Biggest Loser. Although, I still love that show for the motivational gems.

This year, I am going to put myself FIRST!

Happy New Year!

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DIVALINDA 12/30/2008 9:47AM

    What a great day!
I'm planning to record the Diet Tribe - so even if I'm not home I'll be able to catch the episode.
I picked up the newest copy of Vegetarian Times last night - got a few new recipes I want to try. It's always easier for me to stay on plan when I do my own cooking.
Here's to a great New Year for all of us!

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One More Time!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

So, I missed my WI the week before Thanksgiving and was supposed to WI on Friday after Thanksgiving. I didn't do either. Not a good sign. I have been eating poorly lately and I think it may be due to stress, procrastination and not being prepared. Planning is very important. So, I sucked it up and went to WI on Saturday morning. I gained 4.8, which was not a surprise to me. Although, I think it might have struck the WI lady poortly, she looked at me like, "Good heavens!" I just looked at her and said, "I knew I was going to gain, and that's why I am here today. To document the gain and do well this week. I know myself and if I missed another week, that would be it. It was important for me to come to the meeting today." When she heard me say this, I think she popped back into WW mode and agreed with me. She even managed a smile. Now, I thought I would have received a little more encouragement, but I have to remember that the WW workers are people too and they are not perfect. I will let someone else at WW (beyond the cyber world) know about this some day. But, the important thing is that I am back on track.

I tend to have a lot of derailments...have you noticed? I recently read a quote somewhere to the effect that success is getting up one more time after you have failed. I feel this is true one hundred percent! I have fallen many times, but am back up once again. Yesterday, I had a great day OP. It would have been perfect if I had gotten to the gym. But, I will still recognize my efforts. I am on my way to the gym now and then off to the grocery store to get a few things I forgot. Here is to a great week and a 4.8 or greater loss!

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HEROWNBEAT 12/5/2008 1:02AM

    I hope you continue to have a wonderful OP week. If anything, the WW lady's comment was the motivation you needed to get you moving in the right direction. It's amazing what can get us focused. No matter how many mistakes you may make, never become defeated. You will always have victory if you learn from them and get back up. I always say weight loss, and more importantly, creating a healthy lifestyle is a journey. You will have your ups and downs, and sometimes you may feel like you're all turned around. Yet, if you keep your heart and mind focused on your final destination, you will ultimately get there. Keep up the good can do this!

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HESTERBABE98 11/30/2008 4:41PM

    Just remember when you fall, to get back up. You did good going to Weigh in, knowing that you gained. You faced the negativity. This week is a new week and you don't have the holiday hanging over your head. So here's to water and vegetables......Good luck this week.....

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The Magic Journal

Monday, November 03, 2008

So...I have been jumping all around, counting calories, doing Core, tracking points and I drove myself crazy with all these trackers! And guess what? I was up and down the same 3 pounds the entire time! It did nothing even though I have been exercising like crazy. Very frustrating.

I decided to give it a go at WW one more time, this time not counting the calories or jumping between Core and Flex. I went on Friday expecting to gain about 3 pounds. Surprisingly, it was only 1.9. I ended up weighing with my leader and was talking to her about my progress. She thought what I was doing was nuts too! Then she told me something so simple, yet it hit me like a ton of bricks..."Trust the program." It is something I hadn't thought about in a while. So, I thought...okay, let's give it a week and see what happens.

Our leader had come up with the "Magic Journal" some time ago. She took a 3month tracker and labeled it the "Magic Journal." Every week, one member takes it and writes their entire week down in it. When they weigh in the following week, they always seem to lose. Imagine that! So, she offered the Magic Journal at the end of the meeting and I rose my hand to take it for the week. I figured this would reinforce my commitment to the program. Although it hasn't been a week yet, I am down about a pound to two pounds. A very happy feat! Let's see what happens Friday morning. I can't wait to see what the Magic Journal is going to reveal!

P.S. I completed my 10th 5k this year and I missed the 30's by five seconds! I came in at 40:05 though! My fastest time yet! To think, a year ago it took me over an hour to complete a 5k. What a difference a year makes!


Recommitting...Not Quitting!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I just had to share (and document) this because I think this is the point where I have taken wrong turns in the past. I have been attending Boot Camp three times a week at 6am for the last 6 weeks. I have also run three 5k's on top of that and have been trying to exercise on off days. I have been tracking my calories and I have been eating on average 1600-1700 calories a day. Now, this I thought was a very good thing for me. I should be losing weight. I got on the scale Saturday and was 200.5. I was very upset and decided to forget the whole thing. I ate what I wanted on Saturday, the first day I have not tracked on Spark or WW in about 4-5 months. I got on the scale on Sunday morning and had lost 3 pounds and was at 197. I made a decision to just forget since eating poorly made me lose weight and I should just throw in the towel. I had an okay Sunday, a little hight than normal, about 1800 calories. I get on the scale this morning and am at 200.

So I thought...and thought. Okay, well when I am off WW, I gain...and quite rapidly I might add. When I am not tracking on Spark, I tend to stray away from exercise and usually have about 2200 calories a day. So, I went onto the WW site and looked for meeting on another day. Sundays aren't working for me due to 5k's and group meetings for my MBA classes. Guess what? My favorite leader is now instructing meetings on Friday morning at 8am. A time that I can totally make. So, I rearranged my schedule and am committing myself to 6 days of exercise. My day off will be the day I have classes, Saturday. I am going to put myself on a lower calorie plan beginning today. I will change my goal to be between 1200-1400 each day. I will also try to keep on the water and get at least 6 hours of sleep.

There has to be a way to get this weight off of me. I will keep trying and tweaking my plans as I move on. Right now, my plan is WW for the emotional part of weight loss, Sparkpeople for nutrition and Boot camp guidelines for physical activity. Somthing has gotta give!!! I will not turn 31 in May and have the scale read 200! It will read somewhere below 160!!!

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MINI-ME-2B 10/27/2008 4:56PM

    Glad you realized that eating poorly didn't make you lose weight. I assume that you're training hard for your runs. I wonder if you are eating your flex & ap points, seems like it. Your weight will go up & down daily based on everything under the sun. Just know if you're following the program, it will work. Good luck!

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