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Maybe this week!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So...I weighed myself this morning. Yes, I have a bad habit of weighing myself each morning. I think it is because I feel more in control when I do. Anyhow, the scale read 199!!! I am so excited! I am a little worried though. In the past when I have hit some kind of milestone, I tend to unconsciously sabotage myself. I am aware of it now, but I am a little worried. I think I will make it this week, I just need to focus and maintain my positive decisions.

For the last three weigh in's, I have been at 200.6 which is very frustrating. The thing I changed this week to try to budge the scale is increase my water intake. I found a water calculator online and it said that I should be drinking 3.4 liters of water a day. I was only getting 6-8 glasses. It was a major increase for me and I can see it is paying off. Who would have thought that water, not calories in or calories out (exercise) can change the scale so dramatically!

I am stoked!

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Plateau Frustrations

Monday, September 08, 2008

I weighed in yesterday and I am officially at a plateau. I was exactly the same to the tenth of a pound! Very frustrating. I weighed myself this morning and lost a pound!

I am going to stick with it this week and try to not eat any of my WPA's. I have also started tracking my calories in Sparkpeople again. My goal will be to stay within my points, but also make sure my calories don't go over 1500. I think that there is something that I am missing somewhere that is keeping me at this weight. Maybe it is just an adjustment because I am on the brink of 25#'s. Also, TOM plays a hand for 2 weeks out of the month for me.

Also, I have upped my water intake to three liters for the last two days and I think that is making a difference. I will just have to take it in stride. Next week I will make 1derland. If I don't, I am going to keep aiming for it. That is my immediate goal!


Getting to 1derland!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Has proven to be more difficult than I anticipated. I have upped my exercise and water. I am dealing with TOM and am supposed to start any day. The cravings have been pretty bad this week. But, I have counted everything!

I am back on the Points system. I started to abuse the Core program and was not paying attention to how full I felt. This will back fire on the Core program. So, I am back to Flex. We will see how this goes. I have lost weight so far, about 8 points or so doing the program. I do admit that I missed one week. My mom had lap band surgery so that week was a bit of a scheduling nightmare. I stuck to my plan as much as I could though and maintained. The following week I lost another pound.

I am going to the LA County Fair this Saturday and WI on Sunday. I need to be very mindful of what I am eating and when I am eating.

Plan is to have one corndog, fruit and a beer if I feel like it. I want to avoid the beer if possible because it will make me retain water and that's not good! Maybe I will get a cup of really bad coffee instead. Less calories and I won't drink as much but can carry something around with me. Kristi, just stick to water, it's easier!


Challenging Weekend - But SUCCESS!

Monday, August 04, 2008

This weekend was a very challenging weekend for me, foodwise. Whenever I go to my parents house, I somehow make it okay for me to eat whatever they have. My dad is a candy and cookieholic, so they always have snacky types of foods that are just empty calories. I often fall prey to them. Also, my dad wants to give me whatever I want when I visit because he is just a sweetheart and says, "If you want it, eat it. That's what it's there for." Love him to death! I just needed to get a hold of my eating there. So, I went to bootcamp with my mom on Saturday morning and got my booty kicked. I am still sore today, but it's a good thing. We then went to pick out there theater seats, I bought them season passes for their anniversary. Following that, we went to eat at a really good little Mexican food place. Now, you know about Mexican food! It is fabulous, but when it comes to calories, it is the kiss of death!

Well, I am happy to say, I did great! I was very proud of myself. I also stayed a little for appetizers since my aunt and uncle were coming over. I did very well with the cheese trays, didn't eat the ranch dip (had FF Italian instead) and stayed away from the martini's and wine.

Yesterday, we all met for dinner for my mom. She is having the lap band surgery in 2 weeks and can only have Slim-fast shakes beginning tomorrow until her surgery date on the 19th. We went to Buca di Beppo, Italian food. Conveniently, they did not have nurtritional data listed. But, worked out well. I had 2 slices of the magarita pizza for 7 points and a garden salad. I had 1/4 of a glass of red wine and like 4 huge glasses of water. It was perfect. I happily passed up the meat lasagna, garlic cheese bread, fried calamari, lemon crusted chicken and gelato. I actually didn't feel like I was missing anything! Which is fabulous!

I was mindful of my salt in-take yesterday as I weigh in tonight. I am also going to have 1 cup of coffee and 1 bottle of water today until my weigh-in. I hope that my efforts will show on the scale this week. I will post after my weigh-in!


Back on Track!

Friday, August 01, 2008

I rejoined WW the week before last. I have not had a evening weigh-in in ages and last Monday I had gained!!! I was a little disappointed. But I didn't realize that I drank SIX glasses of water between 1p and 3p. It was a lot of water weight. I didn't tinkle much. I ended up gaining 0.6lbs. I continued thought because I know that I did very well last week, even with a broken toe!

This week I have done well. I have exercised Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thur. I am planning on going to the gym tonight and will take a belly dancing class. It's fun and it lasts about 1 hour, 15 minutes. The instructor is a little strange and never smiles, but whatever. I am there for fitness! I have boot camp in the morning and am doing a 5k on Sunday morning. That should be good. Also, I should cut out the salt on Sunday and Monday too so I don't retain water. I have to remember not to drink anything after 1pm on Monday. So weird! I realized today too that TOM is going to be next week. That may have something to do with the little gain.

So it goes. I am shooting to lose 1 lb per week. Since I gained 0.6 last week, I am hoping that I can lose 2.6 this week to remain on track. If I lose anything, I will be happy though. It is always better to lose the weight rather than to gain it. I will be sure to keep up with my blog a little better this month! I have been posting on the WW site, but I know that blogging has helped me through the mental process of weight loss.


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