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March 20,2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Im sitting here looking over spark pages and looking at mine. i have made alot of changes in my life in the last couple of months. the only thing bothering me right now is the fact that when i look at my goals i want to see myself there, i want to feel amazing when i look at myself. i see the accomplishments of so many people here and wonder why i dont feel the accomplishment in myself. I can see some differences some days when i look into the mirror and then the very next time i pick out my flaws...when will the time come when i look at myself as i look at so many people here and think WOW what a huge motivation??? I have tried to find a couple of close people to help me stay focused and be proud like i have seen so many others here do. I have looked for buddies I have added freinds I go over and over my teams to see just where I might fit in but I am still waiting for that one of two moments of the AH HA I can do this just like they are and be proud of me... instead of always just proud of them............

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LUNORZAHRA 3/30/2010 11:54AM

    Hi Sheila,
Sorry you're having the blues. I couldn't help notice that you are also saying that you need more "me" time. Maybe that is where all the discouragement is coming from feeling overdone (so to speak) can make a person feel blue.

Personally I think you are doing great, I see that since you started you lost about 50 or more pounds. THAT"S GREAT!!!. And not everyone can say they are married to their best friend, HOW WONDERFUL IS THAT!!!! Beautiful family!!!! I have looked at your page and admired you!

Maybe it's some balance of time for busy-ness and quiet that is really missing.

As far as what people write (accomplishments etc.) I purposely focus on the good stuff and tell the negative thoughts to "get lost". Sometimes I still struggle with negative talk to myself but as soon as I realize it I replace it with some kind and loving thoughts.

Things will look up.... believe..... feel it..... imagine it!!

YOU CAN DO IT... emoticon emoticon

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-DEBY- 3/22/2010 11:06AM

    AWE SHEILA.... my dear friend...

reading your blog... made me think I could have written the same blog...

I know I am soooooo much healthier... but as of yet not as happy with what
I see in the mirror... HOWEVER... I just came to the conclusion... I need to spend
as much time re THINKING about my inner goals... not just my physical goal...

and I gotta tell ya... I am feeling a bit better about the woman I am seeing in the
mirror... I also think, knowing it is Spring, sure helps... getting out of the gloominess
that winter can bring...

remember my dear friend... I am here... OOOOOO and by the way... JUST LOVE your new decor....

blessings allways
hugs ~~ Deby

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AGCUNNIN 3/21/2010 8:57AM

    I stumbled across your page just now. What attracted me were our similar weight loss goals (starting point and ending point). I can tell you that you SHOULD be proud of you!!

Your weight loss ticker/tracker/whatever that thing is, is sitting at a point that I dream of as I'm huffing and puffing on a walk or contemplating a workout DVD early in the morning. You have already made it so far!!

If you could lose those first 30 pounds emoticon, then you can lose the next 40! Now's the time where you dig in deep, keep your eyes on the horizon and push forward.

You CAN do it!! emoticon

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Im addicted

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finally after being here for a little over a year on and off I found that i can not only like but become addicted to exercise. ME?? really!! I decided when i was reading the Spark book that I needed to add exercise to my goals. I added 10 mins- three times a week and pretty much laughed when I added it knowing i have never found one thing about exercise that i liked. I HATE to sweat, I HATE getting up in the morning, and I HATE having other people watch what i am doing. but on Tuesday of this week I decided to get my butt out of bed at 7:00am and put in a DVD that had been collecting dust on my shelf. It was a Walk away the Pounds DVD with 1 mile, 2 mile and 3 mile walks on it. I figured if i did 1 mile three times a week all would be good. However to my surprise after 2 days of getting up and walking the mile I wanted more so on Thursday I decided I was going to do the 2 mile walk and I got up not only thursday and friday but today too and I felt AMAZING!! not only that but decided to get in little bouts of more exercise by everytime i have to go to the bathroom ( which lets face it ends up being a lot when we are drinking water) i do jumping jacks it feels so good :) and the more exercising i do the more water i drink WOOHOO! so I guess this has to be a win-win situation....and i am finally LOVING to i am going to look for an exercise bike and maybe a new DVD to switch things up....guess what??? i think I'm ADDICTED......

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EXCUSELESS 3/20/2010 11:41PM

    WATP dvd's seem to help me too. They are always just enough to make me feel like I'm doing something but not enough to make me dread doing them all together. Good for you! I'm still trying to fall in love with exercise.

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NRTHNLITE39 2/22/2010 2:40PM

    emoticon on loving to exercise, it's fun when we finally get into it. Keep it up. emoticon

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-DEBY- 2/22/2010 11:46AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon SHEILA...

welcome to the club... I too am now an exercise addict... I LOVE the company I keep...

hugs ~~Deby

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LOVE_2_LAUGH 2/21/2010 4:09PM

    It's not often that we can say an addiction is a good thing. Congratulations on finding yours. Like you, I hate to sweat, etc., but am finding that I like the feeling I get once I've completed a good workout. Small steps will lead to big change. Continued good luck to you . . .

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SARAHFANCY 2/20/2010 3:18PM

    Yay for you! I have found that getting up early to exercise makes your whole day just BETTER!

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I ATE it

Friday, February 19, 2010

I am so disappointed in myself and I can not get over it...HELP!!!! so last night i had to pick my daughter and her boyfreind up at Burger King. his mom kept asking if i would like something to eat but i had eaten before i went there so no temptations. I ended up having some chicken fries not the best choice but not over my calories all was good AND THEN she gave me two sandwiches to take home to my husband A whopper and a chicken sandwich i dont care for either one and wouldnt waste my calories on them. so i stuck them in my purse and drove home. when i got home i decided to go thru some bills and took the sandwiches out of my purse and put them on the table for when my husband got home. but something happened i dont know how or why but before i knew what I was doing i ATE IT the whole chicken sandwich. I couldnt believe it!!! and now it is stuck in my head WHY WHY WHY would i ever eat it??? and now all the hard work i did this week to make that stupid scale move is doomed...... i am so MAD at myself and i can not get over it!!!! I ATE IT!!!

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LOVE_2_LAUGH 2/19/2010 1:02PM

    I just had a similar incident. Only it was with homemade cookies my mom insisted I take home with me. I allowed myself two small cookies and then gave the bags to my hubby. He was tired and went to bed early and guess what? Yup. Those two small cookies coverted me into a sugar whore. I kept going back to the bag for more and ended up eating a dozen.

I woke up the next morning crabby and irritable and full of self-hate. But know what? I somehow found the strength to forgive myself and get over it. And I let my husband take the remaining cookies over to the neighbors.

My best advice, hard as it is, is to let go of the guilt, forgive yourself and move on. Don't step on the scale this week. Give yourself time to get back on track and start thinking positive again.

Hope you're feeling a little better by now. Have a great weekend.

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NPA4LOSS 2/19/2010 11:36AM

    Sheila, Please let the guilt go. Things like this happen and now you will be more aware of the circumstances that can cause a slip up. I doubt that one sandwich will sabotage your weight loss. If you did it everyday that would be a problem. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and continue on your journey. We are holding your hand so come with us. emoticon Nola

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SWEETPEA231980 2/19/2010 11:28AM

    Things like this happen, if it happens over and over...there could be a cause for being mad at yourself. Don't let it get you too down though. Temptations are everywhere, I deal with them everyday....I work at a school. There are days when I give in and its ok, as long as I do not do it everyday. So keep up your good work and get back on track today. You can do it, I believe in you. Hope you have a Wonderful Weekend.

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SARAWITHOUTH 2/19/2010 11:24AM

    You're going to be okay!! It's DEPRIVATION - you kept telling yourself, "You're not going to eat it! You CAN'T eat it!" And so your body wanted it, and so you DID eat it!

But guess what? It's just one food item out of one day out of ALL the stuff you eat in a week. You'll be okay :-) Just don't let go - don't eat all the forbidden foods you want because you had one hiccup.

Next time, try telling yourself, "Ew, gross! Chicken sandwich. Why would anyone want to eat THAT?" And grab the carrot sticks (even if you aren't hungry!). Or, just don't accept the sandwiches, and make your husband cook dinner himself! :-P

Best of luck!!


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-DEBY- 2/19/2010 11:23AM

    AWE hun...

Sheila... I honestly think it is just Bad Habit... and the thought of NOT wasting any food ... even unHealthy food...

remember sweetie Be gentle with you... something I have found... KEEP the JUNK food out of YOUR HOUSE.... probably shouldnt have brought it home to hubby... I KNOW you were being kind to not waste... that too is a BAD habit thinking to not waste I have found when I do that I added to my Waist....teehee...
Hugs my friend... remember You are doing great and in the process of change...
be gentle with you during the disappointments.... and CELEBRATE the success...

emoticonhugs ~~Deby

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They Zipped

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ok so my first two weeks of this challenge really hit me hard. I thought I was doing great changing my ways but the darn scale wont move!!! but i decided there is no way I am giving up. I am doing this for me, I want to be healthy and enjoy being outside. Sooooo I tweaked my program a bit after reading Chapter 7 of the Spark book. I've been eating in the lower end of my calories instead of being happy to just stay inside the calorie range. I have been getting up early to exercise and I have been making sure to eat way more fruit and veggies.

So GUESS WHAT? I have this pair of American Eagle jeans that my hubby bought me when we started dating. I loved them but it wasnt long before I couldnt get them over my thighs......

WELL on Sunday they were staring me in the face.. so I decided what the heck lets see if i can get them up to my butt.....AND not only did they go to my butt they went over that bigg thing and buttoned and ZIPPED!!!!

YAY ME!!!!!!!

so guess what? that scale is not going to tell me how to feel anymore! I am making changes and they ARE working

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-DEBY- 2/17/2010 1:24PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

WELL DONE my friend... Sheila isnt it amazing what this new lifestyle does for our bodies... What an inspiration... and a reminder... I am still trying my darndist to get the scale thought out of my head... I know I am at a good size... no more x-larges...or even largest... wearing sm-med. now... However... that darn number on the scale is still rubbing me the wrong way...

thanks my friend for sharing this great news... it also helps me .. a reminder that the scale is NOT the main goal...
hugs ~~Deby


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Sunday #2

Sunday, February 14, 2010

So its the end of week #2 since i started the 28 day challenge after buying my Spark book and again NO weight loss. I learned this week that i am always eating on the high end of my calorie range so its time to stop that! i have incorportated some exercise but obviously not enough! so im going into week #3 with a few new ideas. I have read some great pages with people who have lost every week and it both motivates and discourages me. WHY I ask can I not lose every week just an ounce even? but I am not everyone else I am ME so this is what I get and I have to learn to live and adjust to what I get.
So here I go on to week three with a few new tools in my belt lets see how it goes....

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-DEBY- 2/15/2010 1:04PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

I keep reminding myself... this is a lifestyle change...
I have noticed, even tho I may be at the low end of calories range...
being honest with myself... I need to cut back some of the types of
food I am eating...

We can and Will succeed... I have faith in us...
hugs my friend... ~~Deby

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NPA4LOSS 2/14/2010 12:01PM

    emoticon Are your scales OK? Some of us have issues with our scales. Have you noticed that your clothes are fitting differently? Sometimes that is a better sign than the scales. Do you have more energy? That also is a good sign that things are going correctly even though it doesn't show up on the scales. emoticon Keep up the good work!! You are on the right path. emoticonNola

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