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Sunday, January 13, 2013

My house is full of sick people but I am healthy. Love them all. I made a healthy chicken soup for everyone.

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MJ7DM33 1/13/2013 8:17PM

  emoticon about the sick people! Very nice of you to make chicken soup for everyone! Take care of yourself!

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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Read an article about being aware of how many choices we all make each day and how those choices affect our lives. What to do, what think about, where to go, who to see or talk to, what to eat. My reactions and attitude to all those choices determines how I will spend the day. Don't just life happen. Make the choices that make for a positive, healthy and happy life



Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Home from vacation. Had a wonderful time. Time to get back on the journey. No remorse, no guilt, no regrets just facing the future fearlessly. Haven't faced scale yet. One step at a time.

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SHAREDJOURNEY1 1/9/2013 2:38PM

Read an article about realizing how many choices we all make each day and how those choices affect our lives. What to do, what think about, where to go, who to see or talk to, what to eat. My reactions and attitude to all those choices determines how I will spend the day.
Today I will monitor my choices so I can be positive, healthy and happy.

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JIBBIE49 9/11/2012 11:46PM

    Pensacola Beach, Florida is a great place to go for a vacation. Not expensive and lovely white sand beaches.

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Need a new vocabulary

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Been thinking about caring or not caring about my weight.
In 2008, I lost a lot of weight and then regained most of it. Somewhere during the journey I thought I got "tired of caring" and gave up. I remember saying to myself, "I don't care, I just want to eat what I want.
When I realized how much I had gained I started the journey again. I think I always care that I am overweight but I need a new vocabulary for those feelings. It wasn't that I didn't care but that I got tired of the work of the journey and quit.
I am currently feeling strong on the journey but expect that troublesome feeling to return sometime in the future. This time I want to have words to say to myself to keep my "I don't care." isn't the truth.
The words I've come up with to describe those feelings seem so negative. "I feel
tired, lazy, unmotivated, discourage." We all know that the journey IS hard work at times. There are no quick solutions. It IS hard to keep going at times.
I'd like to find positive words to talk back to those feeling so I don't give in this time and keep going. Any suggestions?

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KEZRARAYNE 8/9/2012 10:14PM

    I often use the words "am I better than this?" and "am I going to let this defeat me?" it comes in really handy on those jogs where I just don't feel like i have anything left to give but still have another minute or two to reach where I want to get to. Instead of just giving up, I ask myself "am I really going to let 2 more minutes of jogging defeat me? NO! I am undefeatable!"
Hope it helps. :)

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Journey or Destination

Monday, July 23, 2012

Every diet has a destination. The day you stop and are no longer on a diet. Sometimes it is a planned stop but most times it's not a planned stop. It usually is a painful end.

All of life is a journey. I am beginning to embrace this healthy lifestyle journey as permanent change. There are lots of stops on life's journey to mark goals, achievements, victories and even defeats. I need to keep in mind that those stops don't need to define the end of the journey because they are only stops not destinations. I want to embrace the healthy lifestyle journey completely.
So what's the destination to this journey. Continuing to aspire and work toward a healthy life for my entire lifetime.

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ZRIE014 7/23/2012 7:34PM

  I agree that a diet is a journey to a destination. A couple of years ago, I decided that it was time to get myself back to my running weight. So, I established a plan on how to lose 20 pounds and started my running program on Jan 1st. I started out with a program of working out on a stationary bike for 30 minutes a day. I decided that I would not check out my weight until the end of each month so that I would quit. On Feb 1st I noticed a reasonable weight lost so that I knew that my plan was working. When I finally completed my year plan I had lost the 20 pounds. emoticon emoticon

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KNEWMETODAY 7/23/2012 7:10PM

    I guess I've arrived at the place where the word "diet" is too closely associated with temporary. Spark has allowed me to know (and accept) that there is nothing temporary about a healthy lifestyle--one that will allow me to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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