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My current goals

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Truly trying to keep myself motivated and active this fall - in all honesty I hate fall!!! So, to try and beat the blahs I've put a few carrots in front of myself to stay motivated and moving beyond the couch!

I joined a couple different virtual 10k's on Spark this week. I'll be walking both - the first one will be on 10/8/11 and the second will be on 11/5/11. On October 23 I'll be participating in The Fight For Air Stairclimb here in Seattle - climbing 51 flights of stairs!! I've also got a bike ride planned for the 15th which I'm hoping will be at least 60 miles, but farther if my bike partner and I can handle it!! If all goes well we'll be riding together in the STP next July (Seattle to Portland - 204 miles).

So, that's it for now - I'll let you know how it all goes!

Have a great day!!!!

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APIRLRAIN888 10/6/2011 1:14PM

    awesome goals

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Fessing up time

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So I need to confess that I've been dealing with some serious depression surrounding several things in life. Not life threatening or even medication needing depression. This is more like feeling sorry for myself, dealing with old issues that have decided to return, etc. 1) when my power lifting coach emailed me some information that made it impossible for me to continue working with him (the 2nd time now that I was nearing my 1st competition) - old memory of being pulled from gymnastics as a kid when my coach had told my mom more than once that he felt that I could make the Olympics. 2) back & knees giving me pain that sometimes makes it really hard to even want to move. 3) grandma dying and not being able to meet my 4 younger kids. 4) my dad being on a mission of destruction. 5) my uncle & aunt cutting me out of their lives when my 15 yr old was under 1 yr. old for reasons they still won't share accept that it was because of my ex (acting really weird at grandma's funeral). 6) my mom deciding to move back to California without even saying goodbye to me or the kids. 7) 4 kids at home (2 teens & 2 pre-teens) on my own; a couple of them struggling with identity issues and just plain old fashioned "I'm a kid, that's my job troubles". To top it off, the summer schedule makes it impossible to go to the gym to do cardio at night like I normally do which has thrown my body into "gain mode" which is not making me happy at all. So, now that I've whined I need to let this stuff go somehow, know that God is in control & that he loves me and the kids no matter what and find a happy place for all of us and make traditions, etc. that the kids can carry on instead of these sick patterns that previous family have instilled in our lives.

What am I doing for myself? Well, I still workout at lunch time and when I can I like to take long bike rides. Saturday is my day to spend 2-3 hrs at the gym depending on what the kids have going on. Staying in contact with my two good girlfriends and occassionally going out to the movies with them just to relax. Tracking food and trying to figure out what's triggering my body into the state that it's in. Any ideas from anybody reading this would be fantastic!!!

Side note: if anybody knows a good plastic surgeon that would like to do pro-bono work, please give them my contact info! emoticon

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WESTCOASTKID 8/16/2011 9:58PM

    Wow Shanibug, we've missed you! So so sad to hear all that's been bubbling up for you. I agree with the others that it's so important to blog about it, share it, get it OUT THERE, rather than holding it all to yourself. That's the very first step to beginning healing.


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APIRLRAIN888 8/16/2011 3:31PM

    wow! that is a lot on your plate. somethings just blog helps priortize or exam the issue! hope things work out

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DAVISSTEVIE69 8/16/2011 2:58PM

    I hope that 'voicing' some of what is going on was helpful to you. Sometimes we get so much going on that it helps to sort it out by writing it down. You may never get some of the answers that you are looking for. I have learned the hard way that sometimes there just aren't answers (even when it seems there should be). I have also learned that when you have a lot to deal with you need to start with the things you can control. You cannot control or change anything that is in the past. You should focus on you and your children. If it is too hard to let some of the other things go on your own, then you need to think about talking to a professional - it's what they are there for. Don't let it fester any longer without dealing with it some how. If you aren't able to cope, you will never be able to help your children - it will hurt them in the long run. You have handled a lot and it's ok to seek help if you need to -there is no weakness there. Keep your chin up - you can get through whatever comes your way - it's the way we are built! emoticon

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    LOL you made me seriously laugh with the plastic surgeon comment!

As far as the family, you have the right idea about making your own traditions. I moved to another state, 60 miles away from my family when I was 19 and I stayed away until I was 28. I would visit them, sure. But there are some people that are just toxic. And it's your responsibility as a mom to shield your kids from that as much as possible.
They're also watching you and seeing how you react to stressful situations.
That's what did it for me. I didn't want any of my children to grow up and be like me (how sad is that?!). The change has to start from within.

Congrats on your success so far! Keep up the good work!!


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MOTOGIRL2 8/16/2011 2:48PM

    It sounds like you really have a lot on your plate. You sound like a strong person though. Summer schedules are tough, but school will be back in soon so you will have some routine again emoticon If you find the plastic surgeon that does pro bono I want his number too emoticon

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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Okay, reevaluation time! Looking through my Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine, old workout routines along with SP resources trying to put together a workout routine that will get the results I'm after. For today I'm doing Bi's/Tri's, abs (multiple varieties) and cardio in the evening.

Lunch workout:

EZ-Bar Curl (full range) 3/15/50#
Tricep Pushdowns 3/30/120#
Standing Dumbbell Curl 3/20/20#
Standing Rope Extensions 3/30/120#
Straight-Bar Cable Curl 3/20/80#
High Cable Curl 3/15/30#
Hammer Curl 3/20/25#
Seated Dumbbell Extension 3/15/30#
Behind the Back Cable Curl 3/15/30#
Machine Abs 3/50/65#
SP 12 minute Pilates Abs

Eliptical @ night and/or Turbofire 55
1.5 gallons water
Calories 1250-1600 (rotating days to see how that works)

By next Monday want to have a new routine for the next 4 weeks hammered out and STICK TO IT!! No more cold/flu bologna I've got goals I want to see met!!!!!


Day 1 of my 7 Day Cleanse

Friday, April 29, 2011

I decided it would be a smart idea to do a total body cleanse right near the beginning of the boot camp challenge that begins on May 1, 2011. I am taking my cleansing herbs, drinking tons of water & drinking my green drink. I'm hoping this will kick my system into high gear and prepare me for some awesome results.

Looking forward to a great day! emoticon


To Eat or Not to Eat - that is the question

Friday, April 22, 2011

Holy food choices Batman! Something has been happening to me lately that has not been my problem - EVER! At night I haven't been feeling hungry (huh?). Okay for some of us that have struggled with weight for a long time this is a plus, right? Well, not really. I know that if I skip a meal that my body will jump into starvation mode and store my next meal as fat to "save my life" - thanks body, I appreciate that emoticon

So for those of you that haven't struggled with eating as much - can this be because I've finally changed my ways and haven't been bogarting my calories for the end of the day (Lord I made it through) meal? I've never experienced this and would love to understand if this is what a "normal" person is like. Kind of blows my mind.

For now I'm just going to enjoy the fact that I'm not racing home to throw together a high calorie meal that puts me in a coma within 20 minutes. a wonderful day emoticon

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MIMICOTO 4/22/2011 4:55PM

    Hi Shani!

This actually happens to me every few weeks - and I would consider my eating habits to be 'normal'..... i.e., I truly eat for fuel / nutrition, very very rarely overeat and never eat emotionally.

My evening meals are typically very light - we eat in the European manner at our house, with the main meal happening in the middle of the day. So I usually eat about 300 cals or so at night.

As for the light appetite, whenever this happens, I just go with it....I have learned to trust my body's wisdom, and given that it's springtime, yours may simply be doing some 'spring cleaning'. This does happen seasonally, and having less food to process gives the body a change to divert energy to whisking out the junk that accumulates over time from regular metabolic processes. Drink lots of water and don't worry about it!

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SML128 4/22/2011 10:30AM

    Once you start drinkng alot of water throughout your day and eating regular meals of healthier food your body will be full. A hard cocept for us that never paid attention to the feeling of full before! I use to eat big meals at night also, it has taken me awhile to realize that often I ate at night out of boredom instead of hunger.

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