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Got in a 10-miler today

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I ran slower than my norm today due to recovering from my shin splints. I ran 10 miles in 103 min. Not great, but I am not in pain. Woohoo! The 3M half marathon is next Sunday. I am ready for it. I'm not totally confident in my training since my injury for the full marathon. I know I can do it, but I won't have run up to 20 miles before I get to it. Last marathon, I had only run up to 16 miles. I know I can do it. I just HATE injuries and delays in training.

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BFITNHAPPY 1/21/2007 6:39PM

    Hey SHAN
Congrats on your 10 glad your shin splints are better. You will do great on your half marathon :)
Have a great week.

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Back at running and HAPPY!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I got in a 5 miler today. It has been icy for 3 days now and it was SO NICE to finally get out and run. I averaged 9:53/mile today. I was really happy with that. My shin splints (*knock on wood*) aren't giving me problems. I was consciously trying to run differently today and not turn my feet out (under-pronation). I am looking for my New Balance 891 in the mail. I want my new shoes!!! The half marathon is less than 2 weeks away. I am getting excited about it. I plan on running lightly tomorrow (5 miles) and then running 10 miles on Sunday. I am scheduled to run 18 on Sunday, but I am not pushing the miles after being injured.

The best part is that I "feel" better. I would really love to get up to a 20 mile run before the marathon in Feb. However, I am not sure if I will get that high up. Maybe an 18 miler? That would be great....

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BFITNHAPPY 1/19/2007 8:06AM

    So glad you were able to run again without pain..congratulations!

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16 miler w/possible shin splints

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Oh, how angry I am. Actually, I cried over it, but I am a bit better now.

I set out this morning to run 16 miles. The weather was a cool 47 degrees and it was still. I felt great. The first two miles I felt on top of the world. Mile 3 was a bit tiring, but I really started to pick up my pace at mile 4. I was running along fantastic until about mile 8.5. There was a male runner in front of me about 1/4 of a mile ahead. I thought: "Hey, I might have a smaller stride, but let's try to catch up with him." I was feeling great and really closing in on him.

At mile 9.5 he turned down a street so I ran on by. I then got a: "You had better get to the bathroom NOW!" feeling and went into the nearest gas station bathroom. I looked at my iPod and it said that I had done over 10 miles at a pace of 9:23. I was so happy. My average is usually 10-min. miles. When I started running again, I got to about mile 11 and got an excruciating pain up the front of my left shin. I have never had shin splints or any problems with my legs when running before. I have lost toe nails, had blisters, and have even had a hairline fracture on the top of a foot last training season. This was different.

I practically stopped running for mile 11 and hobbled alone. I had 5 miles to go until home and didn't bring my cell phone (stupid Shan). I started back up running even though my leg hurt a bit. It ached but I pushed through the pain and made it home.

I made the 16 miles in 167 min. 58 sec. Slower than my normal pace but with the pain - I figured it wasn't that bad. I got on the phone and called my father-in-law (former Marine Drill Sgt.) asking about shin splints. He described exactly what I have. Shooting pain in a specific spot of my shin, just above the ankle. Damn!

After reading in my medical encyclopedia and online, our family thinks I have a shin splint. The cure? Changing the exercise routine that I am doing for a week (i.e. swimming, biking). *sigh* I cried last night to my dh. I have felt so good this training season. Why now?!

I am going to ride my bike for this week. Let my leg rest. I also plan on getting new shoes as I have put on about 400 miles on them. I think that might be a contributing factor here.

*sigh* This is going to be a long week :(

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ACORALSEA 1/8/2007 6:42PM

    ai-yi-yi! Well, I sent you my humble recommendations for aiding your recovery.

Last season, I fought one ankle injury after another, trying to avoid custom orthotics (with the aid of our team podiatrist), if at all possible. Well, now I have the orthotics and different shoes (Fila, darned expensive, but I love them). Shoes do make a difference, and so do proper inserts, for those of us who are biomechanically challenged.

I'm sorry you had to get yourself home in such pain. One thing: never push through the pain! You can do yourself more harm, even cause more serious, long term injury. I like to call this succumbing to the agony of da feet - sometimes, you must.

Do the RICE routine, maybe even stay off your feet a few days, ease up on the miles and allow yourself time to recover before race day.

Oh yeh - if you can, get a massage! The Y has some contacts with some freelance sports massage therapists (we use a guy from Round Rock).

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BFITNHAPPY 1/7/2007 9:21PM

    Oh, Shan..I am so sorry. I know how hard you are working. Maybe God is trying to tell you that you need a break. You will come back stronger than ever. We are all pulling for you.

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Got in a 9 miler this morning

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I made it through my 9 mile run this morning. I was really slow in the beginning. I realize that when I am not mentally prepared for a run, I run slower. I have to psych myself up for a run to run faster. Weird, huh?

I ran my 9 miles averaging 10:08/mile. I am usually right at 10min/mile. Weird thing is that 1/2 hour after my run, I got really cold. I went on Runner's World to see if they had any advice about it and couldn't find any. Strange.

I ran 4.5 yesterday, 9 today, have 4 tomorrow, and 16 scheduled for Saturday. I need to go to our local running store for some Runner's Glide or something for my bra line. I got a very bad rub burn on my bra line during my last 15 miler. It felt like someone had taken sandpaper to my chest. Thank goodness for gadgets and technology to help with things like that.

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TWINSANITY 1/6/2007 1:06PM

  I get awful chills if I don't stay outside and cool down long enough before coming in. I live in MI and used to think it was the temp change from outside to in (warm outside--cool a/c in, cold outside-- heat inside. But it's the same whatever the weather. As long as I take time for a cool down (walking around the yard and stretching), it's much better. Getting out of the sweaty clothes and into a hot shower ASAP helps too.

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Over my sore muscles after 15 miler

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Man! Was I ever sore after my 15 miles on 12/30! I ran it in 2 hr. 35min. 20sec. I was just over 10 min. miles. That has been my normal mile time - 10 min. (give or take). I am so glad that I bought my Hydrobak water unit to run with. I filled it with Gatorade and it REALLY helped. I also took 4 Hammer Gels with me.

I did get a nasty bra rub burn after my run. I need to remember to put on Vaseline on my bra line before long runs. The constant sweating and rubbing really does a number on my skin. Thank goodness for my Thurlos socks! I have lost 3 toe nails this training season (I lost 5 with my last marathon). I think having good socks really is making a difference. I didn't have any blisters or problems with my feet (other than being very tired) after my run. That's good.

I am scheduled to run 32 miles this week (4 today, 8 tomorrow, 4 Thursday, and 16 on Sat.) I am less than a month away from my 1/2 marathon. I am looking forward to it. I KNOW I can do it! I noticed that I ran 13.1 miles in 2hr. 14min. 35sec. during my run this last Saturday. I would LOVE to beat that when I am running with hundreds of folks. I seem to run faster when I am surrounded by other runners. I guess it is the competitive spirit in me. It does make me perform better. That's always a plus.

I logged in almost 15,000 minutes of cardio from Mar-Dec of 2006. Most of it was running, but I also did Turbo Jam & Speed Walking. I ran 109.35 miles in December. Not bad. My Jan. goal is to run 126.1 miles.

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AMORDESOL 1/6/2007 4:19PM

    Have you tried Icy/Hot Balm for the sore muscles...I LIVED WITH A BOTTLE ON MY NIGHT STAND when i trained for my 1st marathon...granted I severely smelled like an old person but it did the trick, after a shower i rubbed down my legs with it and i was able to recoup from the marathon in a day...not too much of the walking funny routine. and for the shoes...i wear mine two sizes too big and i only lost nails after completing the marathon not during the training, i only had one bruise during the training. also rub your feet down with vaseline...don't worry your feet won't slip around in the socks..i believe this cut down on friction as well.

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TWINSANITY 1/6/2007 1:24PM

  On the toenails...are your running shoes big enough? I do Breast Cancer 3-Days. I normally wear a size 8-8.5 but my training shoes are 9.5 and my 3-Day shoes are 10. Initially, I was afraid of friction from my feet slipping around in boat shoes but there's a way to tie them so they stay put...leaving the extra room at the toes. I've done two 3-Days and a helluva lot of training miles and never lost/damaged any toenails (though my team mates did).

On the bras...are your sports bras wicking fabric? I think mine are Cool Max, with a smooth, covered band. Anything else and I get burns/bleeding rubs.

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ACORALSEA 1/3/2007 3:30PM

    Have you tried doubling your socks? The inner sock protects your foot, while the outer sock takes the friction from rubbing inside your shoe. It really helps save the toenails! Also, make sure your toenails are clipped as short as possible.

We have a motto printed across the back of the technical shirts we give our training program participants: "No whining!" They get it on the day we have everyone running half what they're training for (13.1 miles for the full, 6/7 miles for the half marathon - walkers do 6). They like to wear it on mornings when rain or cold threatens, just to make a point, lol!

You are doing wonderfully well in your training! I just hope you're not wearing yourself out before your events.

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BFITNHAPPY 1/2/2007 6:52PM

    Hey Shan
Congratulations on your long a 10 minute pace - that is awesome. Another Sparker (AKORELC) gave me a few tips..she recommends a product called Glide that you can get at running stores that is better than vaseline. Also cut al the toenails that you don't want to lose! You might check out her page when you get a chance - she is a trainer.
Thanks for adding me as a friend.

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