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Saturday, June 04, 2011

So fun to see a new trophy today!

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MOM2ACAT 6/5/2011 4:31PM


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GOING-STRONG 6/5/2011 2:18PM

    Congrats to you on your new trophy and on your continued success maintaining .... particularly with all the traveling you do. Awesome accomplishment... spark on!

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LQUEST4754 6/4/2011 10:24PM

Congratulations! Your accomplishment is something for me to aspire to!

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PASTAFARIAN 6/4/2011 8:10PM

    Congrats - although frankly, I'm much more impressed by your weight loss and maintenance. Congrats! (And that one, I really mean!)

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A neat poem I found online ... A Strong Woman Versus a Woman Of Strength (by Dee Cheeks)

Friday, October 01, 2010

I accidentally ran across a really neat poem of sorts on line, comparing "strong" and "strength". Though I'd share it with everyone! The original can be found on the site Delete the spaces below to get the full link. I've removed all but a few stanzas so as to comply with the SparkPeople policy not to post copyrighted material in entirety. stories/strongwoman.htm

A Strong Woman Versus a Woman Of Strength
--- Copyright © 2005 Dee Cheeks

- deleted -

A strong woman won't let anyone get the better of her…
But a woman of strength gives the best of herself to everyone.

- deleted -
A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey…
But a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong.

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CORINNEMOMMY 10/29/2011 9:08AM

    Great find!

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GOING-STRONG 10/2/2010 7:02PM

    Very thought provoking! Thanks for sharing and hope all is well with you. Spark on! Hugs, Rhonda

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ATHENA130 10/2/2010 10:56AM

    Great poem - thanks for sharing!

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JHADZHIA 10/2/2010 8:24AM

    Nice find! Enjoy your Saturday!

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CARRIE1948 10/2/2010 7:22AM

    Interesting difference

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Anniversary Number Three at SP ... Random musings on Change

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Over three years ago I realized I was fat, out of shape, developing weight related health problems, tired all day long, stressed to the max, and faced a significantly higher risk of a repeat bout with Cancer. And looking old to boot.

That was one of the luckiest days of my life.

It’s easy to slide though life accepting the status quo. Things seem “okay”, “good enough”, or “I can live with it”. But why? Why settle? Why does the fear of change seem seem so frightening when the rewards of change can be so tremendous?

The day I woke up realizing I hated what I’d done to myself was important because the pain of admitting I was unhappy gave me the courage to face many aspects of life that were out of balance. It was not so much the weight gain as the discrepancy between who I wanted to be, and who I was allowing myself to become. Ironically the situation came partly because my appreciation for living through cancer had caused me to recognize so many good things in my life to enjoy after my brush with death … I had not learned to say no. I was grasping greedily at whatever came my way, whether it was a new work opportunity or a chocolate chip cookie. My house was cluttered, my body too big. My schedule had no room for error. ENOUGH.

My earlier blogs talk about my first steps on the path. Finding SP. Learning about nutrition, and practicing what I’d learned. Understanding the role of fitness, and loving how it feels to be strong. Clearing the clutter from my home as I cleared the clutter from my body. Life is so much better now! It isn't just, or even mainly, the weight loss. It is waking up feeling strong. Knowing I can achieve more than I ever thought possible. Life is very good!

And yet … life remains a work in progress.

It has taken me a long time to realize that my inner cry of “ENOUGH is ENOUGH” meant not just food, not just material things, but also opportunities to do good. My schedule is bloated from too many “yes, I will take on that task” decisions. My newfound energies are all too often squandered on minutia, which is no better for the spirit than empty calories are for the body. The rush of agreeing to take on a new task is like the rush of too much sugar – fun for awhile, but the crash afterwards … it is hard.

So, once more, ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Change is needed, and it’s as urgent a need as before. That begins now. But this time, change is a familiar path! In three years, I’ve learned so much about how to set goals, set limits, and that doing this actually will enhance my joy in life, and not be a deprivation. A slip? That is a signal that it’s time to take two steps forward! Feel weak? Keep up the consistency – and you’ll someday be doing pushups on your toes. That’s the SP trajectory. That’s – well, that’s life. Every day, every moment, we have the opportunity to start over from where we are. Not where we wish we were, or where we used to be. Where we ARE. And I am looking forward to starting from where I am. Lokoing forward to setting achievable goals, taking my baby steps, and exploring the freedom that comes when we choose the boundaries we set rather than accepting the boundaries others set for us.

Thank you, Spark People! It’s been a wonderful three years! I am forever grateful for the support I've received from so many in achieving my health goals ... and for lessons I'll use for years to come, refining my life, removing my clutter, and seeking to become my best possible self.

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HAVALOVER 3/1/2010 7:24AM

    I'm new at SP, but it's so heart warming and affirming to find so many stories like mine.

Barely coming out from a divorce, I suddenly saw and felt a million years older, unhealthy and not who I know I am.

Your page has inspired and motivated greatly.

Mirie, from Panama
ps. Love your fur family! emoticon

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JILLIAN40 2/25/2010 6:00PM

    What a wonderful blog, shadowpup! Thank-you so much for writing it. I agree so much with what you have written. I am coming up on my second year anniversary with SP - April 13 and am so amazed with how far I've come. I am one of the Queens of "I can live with it". And I struggle every day with trying to say - No, I deserve better and I can make that happen. Your blog was a reminder of that. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SHANIMCK 2/25/2010 5:43PM


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RONIROO2U 2/6/2010 1:13PM

    I did the same exact thing one day....I realized I was eating a half pound burger, dipping it in bleu cheese dressing, with a beer and fried pickle chips on the side...all in one sitting. I know people have done worse, but it was this meal that made me realize things were getting out of hand and I was squeezing into my size 22 jeans. Happy Anniversary...I'm glad you're here with me.

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    Happy emoticon!

Great Blog!

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BUCKEYEGAL 2/6/2010 11:43AM

    I love this! Happy Anniversary!

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ATHENA130 2/6/2010 10:57AM

    Great blog!!! You wrote in this blog so many ideas that I have had in my head and it is something I could have written. It is easy to slide through life and just accept what is. But I have never been able to do that and when I try, things are worse (weight gain, unhappiness, etc.). There are some things that we do have accept but there are so many that we do not have to!

Change is hard but it can also be a good thing if we allow it to be. Thank you for being such an inspiration and I have no doubt that you will achieve all the goals you decide to set. You are already becoming that person you want to be!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HARROWJET 2/6/2010 10:39AM

    Congratulations on your Spark anniversary.

Judy emoticon

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Decadent breakfast alert!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let me be clear. I don't cook.

It's not that I can't, it's that it is not safe. If the recipe isn't a challenge, I tend to wander off. Bad things happen then.

Once my husband returned home, smelled horrible burned liver, and saw black smoke all through the house. A pot of liver that was being boiled up for the dogs was smoldering in the kitchen. Poor DH was terrified I'd been hurt and was unconscious somewhere, so he shut off the stove, ducked his head low under the foul smelling cloud, and searched bent over, frantically hunting through the rooms, calling and calling... til he came to the computer room at the back of the house.

I was sitting down, smelly liver cloud just above eye level, happily tapping away at my computer. That's concentration!

So you see, it's best if I don't do too much in the kitchen unless it is (a) fast, or (b) very complicated :)

However, every now and then "fast" turns into something quite yummy, so I thought I'd share this. It is a combination of my basic recipe for Steel Cut Oats and a new version I owe to Jennifer on the Cathe Nation forums.

Deb's Basic Steel cut oats (made in Zojirushi rice cooker):
steel cut oats plus water (twice as much water as oats)
a cup of mixed frozen or fresh fruit
dash of vanilla
nuts (walnuts or pecans are wonderful)
spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger

Throw in cooker at night, set timer, wake up in the morning to the smell of Christmas! I top this with nonfat yogurt and serve it up in fancy individual casserole dishes. My husband calls this 'dessert for breakfast'. It's incredibly healthy - fiber, healthy fats, complete protein (because of the combined ingredients), and you can keep it under 400 calories a dish or less by adjusting the amount of oats you put in. I make this in less than ten minutes, and that includes racing up and down a flight of stairs to the basement garage, to grab more fruit from the freezer. Cleanup is a swipe with a rag and/or a trip through the dishwasher. It's perfect for a busy person who wants to eat healthy yet doesn't want to spend time cooking.

But the reason I'm posting is below :)

Steel Oats Jennifer:
Jennifer suggested adding three things: chocolate, orange zest (orange peel), almond extract (she also suggested peanut butter but I have not tried that yet).

I tried this yesterday and tweaked it today. I used chocolate baking powder, dark, no sugar or milk added, so the calorie add is minimal (there's a little protein, too). Because of all the fruit I use, there's no bitterness - it tastes like very dark chocolate, 80-90 percent dark. Today's fruit was apricot and some raisins - YUMMMMMMYYYYY!!!!! The tangy apricot, sweet raisins, and chocolate, with all those spices, was just wonderful. This is better than most desserts. Like a cobbler in your breakfast bowl, only better.

Somehow adding the chocolate makes this seem even richer than usual, so you can cut down on the amount of oats per person (fewer total calories) and feel full longer.

This is perhaps too decadent for every day ????


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GOING-STRONG 5/21/2010 1:14AM

    Hi Deb, I stopped by your page to see what you were up to and thought I would check out your blogs... great idea! Sounds yummy and I love steel cut oats. Never would have thought of chocolate but I'm open to giving this a try! Hope all is going well for you. Hugs, Rhonda

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ALYFITN 5/10/2010 8:31AM

    Hey Deb-I'm making your steel cut oats in the slow cooker for tomorrow morning. Thanks for the tip! I eat oatmeal I make in a little stove top pot every morning but have a houseful of kids home from college. So I'll make a large batch in the slow cooker. emoticon

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JENNIFERMARIA75 1/31/2010 2:43AM

    I have it every day, so I don't think it's too decadent for every day ;). But then again, I'm biased! :)

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MADAMEAJA 1/28/2010 7:38PM

    I'll have to try that. I've heard that barley works well too (in the cooker, same idea of adding in extras). For the past year, I've been eating my oatmeal uncooked and can't believe how addicted I am to it. I found a nice mix at my health food store of oats, dates, orange zest and pecans. I add equal amounts oats and almond milk and eat it just like cold cereal. If I do cook it, I also like to add in raw pear. Might have to try that in the cooker too! Definitely trying the chocolate.

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BJDAFFY49 1/27/2010 1:44PM

    Have added cocoa powder,and peanut butter to oats and it is wonderfully sinful tasting. Will try the apricots, sounds good.

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MERRYCAKES 1/27/2010 12:48PM

    Oh ow, I have to try this! I love steel cut oats but have never tried chocolate ;)

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LITTLEWIND53 1/27/2010 1:09AM

    I have never heard of chocolate baking powder. Did you make it yourself?

I love porridge but usually use quick quick or rolled oats. Never had much luck with the quick oats in the slow cooker, it just turns to mush or should I call it glue.

Just bought some steel cut oats and will try it soon.

Comment edited on: 1/27/2010 1:18:41 AM

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SUPREME5 1/26/2010 9:23PM

    sounds delish buttttttttttt what the hell is steel cut oats never heard of it till now so please someone slap me silly and put me out of misery and tell me whT IT IS PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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ONE*BUSY*MOM 1/26/2010 9:06PM

    Yum, thanks for the recipes. We are huge fans of steel cut oats (and often have them in the crock pot during the night for us to enjoy in the morning). We usually add cinnamon & maple syrup, but these receipes sound delicious!

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Looking back on 2009 Workouts ...

Thursday, December 31, 2009

I thought I'd look back at 2009 workouts. My goodness! The list would have been overwhelming if I'd planned it in every detail last year. I owe considerable gratitude to my friends on the Cathe team here, with our daily check in. Each of you are terrific!!!! And also, my friends on the Lurkers list over on the Cathe Nation forums. With help from each of you, and others here on SP (Oh2BSkinny, Supreme5, and all of the rest of my Spark Friends), it's been a good year for meeting goals.

Here are a few:

* Tonight I will complete workout 280 for the year
* I finished STS!
* I've gone from barely able to complete a squat with 60 pounds to being able to handle 150 pounds, and actually had to buy a new barbell to accomodate deadlift improvements (which went from around 60 to 141).
* I've learned to use a bosu, weight vest, barbell, medicine ball

What's up for next year? Well -

* I got pretty close to my pushup/pullup goals - but put them on hold when my shoulder began to complain, so that's yet to do in 2010. However, rather than starting with one/two, I can still do ten pullups. Max for the year was 14 in a row. And I haven't re-tested my pushups, but was able to knock out 30 last month in a single set without resorting to knees - max earlier was 40.

* Shall I try for a round 300 workouts in 2010 ... ?

Also thought it might be interesting to put all of my workouts in order in a blog . There are a few missing midyear ... but most are here. For those who are just beginning their own healthy journey, let me tell you I did not begin with an exercise background. When I joined SP, I was able to walk maybe 20 minutes a day, no strength training.

And ... drum roll please ... here they are, the workouts of 2010!!!

1 1/1 IMAX2, all
2 1/2 Gym Style Chest Triceps, all
3 1/3 Bonus Stability Ball Abs from B&G
4 1/5 Gym Style legs timesaver 1 "light", plus Stability Ball Abs from B&G
5 1/6 Butts n Guts premix w/o floor work, w/ abs
6 1/7 Max intensity strength, w/o abs
7 1/9 Some 10-10-10, ten 1RM tests triceps, back, shoulder
8 1/10 20+ 1RM tests, mainly biceps, legs, chest, some shoulder
-- 1/11 hike in the woods
9 1/12 AOS Providence, first half
10 1/13 4DS kickbox
11 1/14 4DS kickbox, AOS Providence first half
12 1/16 4DS kickbox
13 1/17 BodyMax2 double upper except abs
14 1/18 BOSU balance challenge x 2; hike 30 min
-- 1/19 hike
15 1/20 4DS kickbox
16 1/21 4DS kickbox
-- 1/22 30 minute walk various (streets, airports...)
-- 1/23 20 minute walks, broken up
17 1/24 GREAT cardio coach workout! #4
18 1/24 Cathe GS back shoulder tricep, timesaver
19 1/25 Cathe Leaner Legs skipping abs
20 1/26 Ilaria PowerStrike 5, entire (and hike)
-- 1/27 hike
21 1/28 hike, kettlebell, BodyMax2 double upper w/o abs
22 1/29 hike, Glick BOSU
23 1/30 hike, kettlebell, Kari Anderson Reach first half
24 1/31 hike, kettlebell, Ilaria BodyStrike

2/1 Cathe PUB up w/o abs, hike, 10 pullups x2
2 2/2 hike, kettlebell swings/short
3 2/3 Ilaria BodyStrike
- 2/4 pushups, kettlebell, streching
4 2/5 4DS kickbox only
5,6 2/6 Cathe STS week 1 disc 2/triceps back; 4ds kickbox 20 minutes only
7 2/7 STS week 1 disk 3/legs
8 2/8 STS week 1 disk 1/biceps
- 2/9 on travel/took as a rest day plus 30 minutes walking in concourses
9 2/10 Cardio Coach 4, treadmill, personal max HR
10 2/11 Cardio Coach 2, bike
11 2/12 Cardio Coach 5, bike
- 2/13 rest day/flight home ¡V 30 minute walk only, concourses and sidewalk
12 2/14 STS week 1 disk 2/triceps (repeat week)
13 2/15 STS week 1 disk 3/legs (repeat)
14 2/16 STS week 1 disk 1/biceps (repeat)
- 2/17 walk in the woods/active rest day/travel
15 2/18 Cardio Coach 6, bike
- 2/19 walk concourses/active rest day
16 2/20 STS week 2 disk 6/legs (first time)
17 2/21 Ilaria Bodystrikes
18 2/22 hike, STS week 2 disk 5/triceps (first)
19 2/23 hike, STS abs stability ball, DrillMax scrambled
20 2/24 STS week 2 disk 4/biceps (first)

00 3/1 sick
00 3/2 sick
01 3/3 B-tude taking it easy, 18 min
02 3/4 Kelly Coffey Meyer kickbox, 18 min plus warmup/stretch
03 3/5 Cathe pyramid up, first two of three sets, no abs, about 19-20 min actual workout out of 30
04 3/6 Cathe STS M1 W2 D6 legs, 30 min only, to test out barbell and check on flu recover.
05 3/7 Cathe STS M1W2D5 triceps round 2
06 3/8 Cathe STS M1W2D4 biceps round 2
07 3/9 Cathe STS M1W2D6 legs round 2
08 3/10 Cathe 4ds kickbox
09 3/11 Ilaria powerstrike 1 (30 minutes only)
10 3/12 Kettlebell Providence
11 3/13 Kelly-Coffey kickbox
12 3/14 hike, Cathe STS M1W3D7 biceps r1
13 3/15 hike, Cathe STS M1W3D9 legs r1
14 3/16 hike, Cathe STS M1W3D9 triceps with weight r1
15 3/17 Cathe KPC all/includes abs
16 3/18 B-tude, 30 minutes (active rest, much needed)
17 3/19 hike, Cathe STS M1W3D7 biceps r2
18 3/20 Ilaria BodyStrike
19 3/21 hike, Cathe STS M1W3D8 tricep r2
20 3/22 hike, Cathe STS M1W3D9 legs r2
21 3/23 Cathe 4ds kickbox only
22 3/24 P90x kenpo
23 3/25 AOS Providence
24 3/26 P90x bootcamp
25 3/27 Ilaria Powerstrike 1
26 3/28 hike, STS M1W4D11 Triceps r1
27 3/29 shovel snow, IMAX2/5.5 mets, hike 3.5 mets
-- 3/30 long hike, 5.5 met average

01 4/1 STS M1W4D10 - Biceps - Round 1 complete
02 4/1 CoffeyMeyer Kickbox
03 4/2 SnowMax 60m, Ilaria PS5 30m only
04 4/3 SnowMax 30m, hike 20 min, M1W4D12 LegsR2/LAST
05 4/4 two hikes total 90 min, M1W4D10 BicepsR2/LAST
06 4/5 two hikes total 120 min, CM Kickbox, Cathe yoga abs
07 4/6 M1W4D11 TricepsR2/LAST
Active Rest period!!!
08 4/6 P90x yogax 30 min
-- 4/7 P90x yogax and stretches 20 min
09 4/8 Cathe 4ds
10 4/9 P90x KenpoX
11 4/10 P90x Plyox, leisurely walk (home!)
12 4/11 Cardio Coach 3 run/walk; extra hike
-- 4/12 walk concourses 50 min
13 4/13 Cardio Coach 5
-- 4/14 Real rest day
14 4/15 Cardio Coach 6; intense!
15 4/16 Walking airport concourses 60m, hike 60m
========= The Rest Is OVER!!! ==================
16 4/17 Hiking 45m, Meso2 Week 1 Triceps R1
17, 18 4/18 Hiking 90, Riding 120, STS M2W1LegsR1
19 4/19 Hiking 90, Riding 180, heavy duty gardening
20 4/20 Hiking 30, Riding 90, STS M2W1BicepsR1
21 4/21 Hiking 60, STS M2W1TricepsR2
22 4/22 Hiking 20, STS M2W1LegsR2
-- 4/23 Walk concourses
23 4/24 Run/walk 30 min, moderate hills, vigorous!
-- 4/25 Walk outdoors 50 min
-- 4/26 Walk
24 4/27 Walk concourses, STS M2W1BicepsR2
25 4/28 Kelly Coffey-Meyer kickbox, PowerYoga 20m
26 4/29 Hiking 40, STS M2W1TricepsR1, PowerYoga 20m
27 4/30 Hiking 40, STS M2W1LegsR1, PowerYoga 20m


This year: 99 + 11 (goal over 20*12 = 240)
Months w/at least 20 workouts: 4 (goal 12) Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr
Workouts this month: 11 //goal 20

01 5/1 90 min hike, Rodney Lee Power Yoga 27 min
02 5/2 20 min hike, STSM2W2Biceps R1
03 5/3 40 min hike, Rodney Lee Power Yoga 27 min
04 5/4 4DS Kickbox, 10 min yoga Tues
-- 5/5 Active rest day, 10 min yoga
05 5/6 4DS Kickbox, 10 min yoga/Thur
06 5/7 P90X KempoX all, 20 min yoga / Fri
07 5/8 Ilaria powerstrike 20 min, STS M2W2Triceps R1
08 5/9 Rodney Lee Power Yoga 45 min, hike
09 5/10 hike, heavy duty gardening, horse riding 2hr
-- 5/11 airport concourse walking
-- 5/12 airport concourse walking over 13k steps
10 5/13 P90X PlyoX
-- 5/14 rest day
11 5/15 Cathe 4ds kickbox and short hike at home
5/16 ???
(missing the last half of May, oh well)

06/01 CardioCoach1 HIIT elliptical
06/02 CardioCoach2 HIIT elliptical
06/03 CardioCoach3, moderate; free weights hotel gym
06/04 moderate hike in the woods
06/05 short hike in the woods
06/06 CTX Leaner Legs, hike in woods
06/07 moderate hike in the woods
06/08 Kettlebell – empire, 15 pound bell
06/09 Cathe 4DS kickbox
06/10 P90X shoulder/arm; 20 min jog
06/11 Cathe 4DS kickbox
06/12 Rest day
06/13 Cathe MaxIntensityStrength, hike, horse riding x3
06/14 Very long hike
06/15 Cathe 4DS kickbox, 30 min walk/jog
06/16 Rest day - review
06/17 No workout – review
06/18 No workout – review
06/19 No workout – review
06/20 Horse riding x1, hike
06/21 STS M2W1D3 back/biceps
06/22 Gin Miller, outdoor workoutsGin Miller Intense Intervals, hike
06/23 STS M2W1D1 - c/s/t, hike, horse riding
06/24 PowerYoga Rodney Lee, hauling hay, hike
06/25 hike, horse x1, Drill Max Ultimate Cardio, Power Yoga 15 min
06/26 hike, horse x1, heavy duty outdoor work
19 06/27 STS M2W2D1, 15 mile bike, heavy duty barn cleaning, horse x2
20 06/28 Kelly C-M kickbox, heavy outdoor work
21 06/29 BarkMax - heavy gardening! 16K steps!
22 06/30 power yoga rodney

01 07/01 Rodney Yee Power Yoga, hiking
02 07/02 STS M2W1 Legs, hiking, horses x 2
03 07/03 Jillian Banish Fat Boost Metabolism (BFBM),
much heavy duty gardening, horse x 1
04 07/04 STS M2W2 back biceps, hiking, heavy chores
05 07/05 walk concourses and outdoors, 60 min
06 07/06 Cardio Coach 2, walk to/from meeting
07 07/07 walk concourses, TRX exercises first time!
08 07/08 Cardio Coach 7, TRX exercises 2nd set
09 07/09 walk concourses about 90 min
-- 07/10 short hike
10 07/11 short hike, horse x 1
11 07/12 STS M2W2 Legs, power yoga 10m, hike
12, 13 07/13 STS M2W3 CST, Jillian BFBM
14 07/14 PowerStrike, short walk
15 07/15 CardioCoach 2
16 07/16 4DS kickbox
17 07/17 STS M2W3 Legs, horse ride x1, hike
18,19 07/18 STS M2W3 BB, horse ride x2, bike 90, hike with weighted vest
00 07/19 walking, heavy chores
20 07/20 CardioCoach 6, hiking
00 07/21 REST DAY
00 07/22 REST DAY and moderate walking
21,22 07/23 hiking, CLX Burn, STS M2W4 CST , horse x1
00 07/24 hiking, horse x 1, outdoor chores
23 07/25 hiking, STS M2W4 BB, horse x 1, outdoor chores
00 07/26 hiking, horse x2, outdoor chores
24 07/27 hiking, STS M2W4 Legs – end of Meso 2!
25 07/28 CardioCoach 2, walking
-- 07/29 active rest day - walk/jog half hour, lightly
26 07/30 CardioCoach 6, walking
-- 07/31 walking (and a long drive home)

[active rest week]
01 8/01 Long bike ride, Yoga, hiking, horses x2
02 8/02 Long bike ride, horses x 1
-- 8/03 horses x 1 (rest day)
03 8/04 BFBM, horse x1, hike
-- 8/05 horse x1, hike
04 8/06 Jillian kickbox, KPC cardio premix, hike
-- 8/07 rest day
05 8/08 Long bike, hike c/ vest, horses x3
06 8/09 long bike
07 8/10 Cardio Coach 2
08 8/11 Cardio Coach 7
-- 8/12 10k steps walking
-- 8/13 rest day
[STS begins again - Meso 3]
09 8/14 hike, horse x1, STS M3W1 Chest Back
10 8/15 hike, horse x1, STS M3W1 Legs squat version
11 8/16 hike, horse x2, bike ride ten miles
12 8/17 STS M3W1 Bi Tri
-- 8/18 rest day/on travel
13 8/19 CardioCoach 7 - wow, a toughie!
14 8/20 hike, Clx Burn (1.5 x), Power Yoga short
15 8/21 hike, STS M3W2 Chest Back, horse x2
16 8/22 hike, horse x2, bike ride 16 mi
17 8/23 horse x2, Insanity Fitness Test, STS M3W2Legs
-- 8/24 horse x1 REST DAY
18,19 8/25 short hike, Insanity PlyoCardio, STSM3W2SBT
20 8/26 walking, CardioCoach mismash 4/6/7
21 8/27 CardioCoach 4
-- 8/28 active rest day
22 8/29 Insanity Pure Cardio, practice Cathe LowMax I1
23 8/30 STSM3W3 Chest Back, CleanBarnMax
-- 8/31 horse riding x1

-- 9/1 rest day, scheduled
-- 9/2 rest day, unscheduled - not feeling well
-- 9/3 Cathe 4ds partial - running late for work :(
-- 9/4 horse x2, short hike
1,2 9/5 bike 15 mi, STSM3W3D3, horse x1, short hike
03 9/6 Insanity Cardio Power Resistance, horse x2
04 9/7 STSM3W3 Legs, horse x2
-- 9/8 walking airport
05 9/9 cardio coach 8
06 9/10 cardio coach 2
-- 9/11 walking airport - flu
-- 9/12 rest day - flu
-- 9/13 flu horse riding x2, outdoor gardening
-- 9/14 flu
-- 9/15 rest/flu
07 9/16 Cardio Coach 6 - a little too soon!
-- 9/17 resting/flu
-- 9/18 resting/flu
08 9/19 Insanity plyo
09 9/20 Insanity Pure Cardio
10 9/21 STS M3W4 back chest
-- 9/22 walk
11 9/23 STS M3W4 biceps tris shoulders
-- 9/24 Horse x1, hike short
12 9/25 STS M3W4Legs ALL DONE
13 9/26 Ilaria Bodystrikes, horse x1
14 9/27 Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance, horse x1, hike
15 9/28 Ilaria Forza, short hike
16 9/29 Mindy M Bosu, horse x2

-- Thu 1 Oct hike
01 Fri 2 Oct AeroJump, hike
02 Sat 3 Oct TRX basic 1/upper, hike
03 Sun 4 Oct Cardio Barre, horse x1, hike
-- Mon 5 Oct horse x1, hike
04 Tue 6 Oct horse x1, TRX basic 2/lower
05 Wed 7 Oct horse x1, BodyMax 2 entire, hike
06 Thu 8 Oct Insanity Plyo, hike
07 Fri 9 Oct Cardio coach, walk in airports/travel
-- Sat biztravel/rest day
08 Sun 11 Oct Cardio coach
-- Mon 12 Oct travel/rest day
09 Tues 13 Oct Cathe 4ds kickbox
10 Wed 14 Oct Kettlebell extreme (a good one!)
11 Thur 15 Oct TRX /full body
-- Fri 16 Oct hike in airports
12 Sat 17 heavy gardening, hiking, Meaner Legs, Yoga
13 Sun 18 heavy gardening, hiking, Pyramid up premix
14 Mon 19 heavy gardening, hiking, Cardio Barre Ultra
15 Tues 20 heavy gardening, hiking, Mindy Mylrea Workout!
-- Wed 21 hiking, rest day
16 Thu 22 hiking, Cathe Slow Heavy BiTri
17 Fri 23 Cathe Slow Heavy Chest Back Planks
-- Sat 24 heavy chores!, hike
-- Sun 25 heavy chores!, hike, horses x2
18 Mon 26 Kettlebell Extreme, TRX upper body
19 Thu 29 CardioCoach 2
20 Sat 31 Muscle Max timesaver slowly, hike slow, horse x2 - slow

01 Sun 1 Nov The Bar, hike, horses x2
-- Mon 2 Nov walk thru airport/travel day
02 Tue 3 Nov TRX upper body
03 Wed 4 Nov Cardio Coach 2
04 Thu 5 Nov Cardio Coach warmup plus upper body
05 Fri 6 Nov TRX lower body
06 Sat 7 Nov Slow Heavy Chest/Back, short hike
07 Sun 8 Nov STS-T M3 Legs, short hike
-- Mon 9 Nov rest day
08 Tue 10 Nov STS-T M3 TriBiSh, medium hike
09 Wed 11 Nov Insanity Plyo, short hike
10 Thu 12 Nov SH Chest/Back, hike, chopped wood!
11 Fri 13 Nov Squeeze Lower Body Challenge, hike
12 Sat 14 Nov Hike, Chop/haul wood, Cathe PyrUp-T
13 Sun 15 Nov Hike, Mindy Workout!-T
-- Mon 16 Nov walk in airports 30 min
14 Tue 17 Nov Cardio coach 2
-- Wed 18 Nov REST DAY
15 Thu 19 Nov Cardio coach 2
16 Fri 20 Nov Pure Barre
-- Sat 21 Nov REST DAY short hike
17 Sun 22 Nov Pyramid Up, horse x1, short hike
18 Mon 23 Nov Squeeze Stronger lower body, short hike
19 Tue 24 Nov STS-T M3 SBT
20 Wed 25 Nov Kelly CM Kickbox 30
21 Thu 26 Nov STS-T M3 Leg
22 Fri 27 Nov Insanity Max Interval
23 Sat 28 Nov Kelly CM Bodyweight 30
24 Sun 29 Nov SH Chest Back, hike
-- Mon 30 Nov rest day

2009: 266 workouts thru Nov(goal 20*12 = 240)
Months w/at least 20 workouts so far: 11 (goal 12) Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr/May/June/July/Aug/Oct/Nov
*Sept: 16; two weeks of flu
Workouts Dec: goal 20, completed 23 GOAL MET

-- Tue 1 Dec hike/travel day
-- Wed 2 Dec walk
-- Thu 3 Dec walk, warmup with half of 4DS Kickbox
-- Fri 4 Dec walk/travel day
01 Sat 5 Dec hike, horse x1, STS-T Meso 3 Legs
02 Sun 6 Dec hike, STS-T Meso 3 Sh Bi Tri
-- Mon 7 Dec travel day, walk in airports
03 Tue 8 Dec walk, CardioCoach 2
-- Wed 9 Dec walk
04 Th 10 Dec walk, CardioCoach 2, LB weights, swim
05 Fr 11 Dec hike, swim ocean
06 Sa 12 Dec hike Diamond Head, swim ocean x2
-- Su 13 Dec travel day, walk in airports
7,8 Mo 14 Dec hike in snowy woods, shovel, KCM W1, KCM W2
-- Tu 15 Dec hike, rest day
09 We 16 Dec hike, CTX Burn
10 Th 17 Dec PlyoX
11 Fr 18 Dec Caliente Kickbox
12 Sa 19 Dec TRX Boot Camp (strength/power focus)
13 Su 20 Dec Bento In The Ring (first time)
14 Mo 21A Dec STS-T 30 Sh Bi Tri
15 Mo 21B Dec Insanity plyo, walk in the woods
16 Tu 22 Dec TRX Core, TRX flexibility REST DAY
17 We 23 Dec Cathe Slow Heavy Chest Back, hike
18 Th 24 Dec STS-T Legs (record: 152# squat)
19 Fr 25 Dec Bento In The Ring (three combos)
-- Sa 26 Dec hike, horse ride in snow REST DAY
20 Su 27 Dec hike, horse ride, STS-T 30 Sh Bi Tri
21 Mo 28 Dec hike, Bento In The Ring (4 combos)
22 Tu 29 Dec hike, short horse ride, HIIT 40/20
23 We 30 Dec hike, horse ride, Cardio Circuit

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KSSPY13 2/5/2010 5:19PM

    Very inspiring since I am new to this site and having major problems with exercise. Any tips???? emoticon

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VRYSILLY1 1/19/2010 9:42PM

    Motivating to read this reflection. It made me start daydreaming to the end of this year will I will be able to reflect on my evolving health. Thanks for taking the time!

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WHITE-HERON 1/6/2010 3:04PM

    You continue to be an inspiration ... thank you!

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    WOW!!! emoticon

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_JULEE_ 12/31/2009 6:27PM

    WOW!!! emoticon

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    So inspiring, way to go!

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SHANIMCK 12/31/2009 4:55PM

    LOVE it! Way to go. :)

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ATHENA130 12/31/2009 4:03PM

    Very impressive! You accomplished so many fitness goals this year - it's amazing!!


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