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WOW! Look what I started at...Amazing what you find when cleaning!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dear Hubby has been on a mission lately to completely electronic-ize our life and get rid of the un-necessary paper that we all have. He has been scanning ALL photos in the house and organizing them to the computer, then I am supposed to scrap them (in my spare time with the 1 year old hanging on my leg). I give him props for all his effort!

Well, while sorting the pics that I was going to scrap, look what I ran across!

Presenting the TRUE BEFORE PICTURE IN ALL ITS GLORY!!!! Yes, this is me at at least 190lbs! Taken May 2009.

I can not believe it! That is a long way from where I sit today at 139lbs and another kid later! Oh yes, and if you wonder how I spend my spare time in the summer, here it is!

There are 70 of them total. I love working with the 6 and under kids to teach them how to swim, but enjoy the success of all of them in the pool. Why no, I don't just coach, that would be way to easy...I started the team and run the entire show! That is more like my style! If you don't believe me just ask Livestrong 2010! Swim team is cutting into OUR workout time! It is all good as I know she still loves me!

Keep pressing to your goals!



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POOKASLUAGH 6/18/2012 4:02PM

    Wow, what a difference!! You give me hope. :)

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GODIVADSG 6/18/2012 9:45AM

    Suzanne I remember seeing you at Rhodes in that first picture.... and then I remember seeing you skinny the first time! You are always an inspiration no matter what.... and you know..... every single time I am in Grey Forrest on Scenic Loop (I am there a lot on my bike!!) I think of you at that spot, that you revealed to me you were preggo!!! You are truly the super Mom in my book! And thanks so much for teaching those kiddo's how to swim.... you are saving lives!

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TAMARA6905 6/17/2012 8:10PM

    I saw this on Facebook! Wow, that's such a difference! What a HUGE accomplishment! I'm so happy for and proud of you! Thanks for sharing I'm sure this will be an inspiration for many!! It just goes to show that hard work pays off!


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MJ-SHE-BEAST 6/17/2012 6:37PM

    The first time I ever saw you was December of 2010 while you were pregnant with Luke, running a 5K. You amazed me then and amaze me even more now that I see where you truly came from. You don't just coach the little kids, Suzanne...you coach, teach, impress, inspire, motivate and encourage quite a few of us. I know Teresa will attest to this and I have been the recipient of your patient and kind counseling and your cheer leading. So grateful for you and now I am even more impressed!

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Goal for 2012, my Triathlon Sprint 5-5-12

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Here is how it all started. If I don't have a goal, I don't train as hard. Proven fact that I need something to work toward to keep the motivation going. Last year I had a friend do a tri sprint as cross training. I looked more into it and said, sounds intriguing and fun, so back in Oct/Nov/Dec time frame I made the decision that a tri would be my one new goal for the year as a challenge to myself to keep motivated and I picked May 5th to get it done. Long story plans changed and I really did not want to fork over the $85 entry fee or purchase the lovely and VERY pricey tri-suit, so I got to thinking outside the box and how could all my friends participate with me in some capacity or another and keep the price free essentially and not have to get that darn pricey tri-suit! It is a very scary thing when I get to thinking and mulling over ideas as my little tri event becomes a big production for all to partake in :-)

So through walking I tell SHEBEAST of my goal and she immediately says that what ever I do she will be there to cheer me on. LIVESTRONG2010 is my partner in pain when it comes to exercise, so I knew she was a given and up for the challenge to at least do 2/3 of the tri with me, so my master plan was at work. I decided to design my own tri course on public roads and parks so everyone who wanted to come out and cheer me on and get some exercise while they were at it.

I plotted out my course, told LIVESTRONG 2010 what my evil plan was and the ball got rolling from there. SHEBESST called all the morning marathon training walkers and moved the morning walk to my tri route, LIVESTRONG 2010 counted my laps as I swam (yes, I can't swim and count as many laps as I had to swim...too much for that early in the am), then we would ride to a friends house on the greenway, she would take the bikes and I called another friend that I trained with 2 years ago for the half marathon to come out and run the run with me. Needless to say the planning, coordinating and preparations all fell into place.

So here is how it went.

6:56am I was swimming in the pool

7:10am I completed my 433 meter swim (slightly over a quarter mile)

I changed into riding clothes and was on my bike riding the 14.5 miles leaving the pool at 7:22am

This is us about 4 miles before we got off the bikes

Here I am with my running friend half mile into the run

And I finally about 2 minutes from being finished. Total time 2 hours and 15 minutes, including transition times. Not to bad for literally hitting EVERY red light that I could have possibly hit!

And we all finish together again!

Thank you so much SHEBEAST AND LIVESTRONG 2010 for helping me pull this one off! As for what is next...LIVESTRONG 2010 wants to complete a century (100 miles on a bike) next year. The remainder of this year is focused on half marathon training and improving my time from when I ran it 4.5 months prego with baby #3. LIVESTRONG 2010 has a new time goal for herself, so we will get on that.

And I shall close by saying...LET THE TRAINING BEGIN!!!!

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PALOMARES05 5/18/2012 12:18PM

    CONGRATS GIRL!!! What an amazing accomplishment. I can't wait to be done with school so I can have a normal life back and jump in with ya'll!!! Just out of curiosity, where were you riding and running at? (main roads)

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2014THISISIT 5/16/2012 8:33PM

    YOU - ARE - AWESOME!!! Congrats my friend! :)
emoticon emoticon

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GODIVADSG 5/14/2012 8:47AM

    Way to go! You really did well! Keep up the great work and run happy with your half marathon training!!
Dana emoticon

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HICALGAL 5/12/2012 9:00PM

    sooo inspiring! congrats on ur innovative tri sprint and a hug to those that supported! U ROCK SIS!! let the training begin emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MELITOD 5/10/2012 10:54PM

    you are quite the goal person.. I need to be more like you!

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MJ-SHE-BEAST 5/10/2012 12:47PM

    It was my honor and privilege to be part of this in my very, very small way by being supportive of you and gathering the troops. I am blown away by the determination and sheer will power you had to do this and of course LIVESTRONG2010 is some kind of wonderful! I've been waiting to see your blog so I can post my own about it. Thanks for sharing and THANK YOU for being such a strong motivator and inspiration to us! Love you, Suzanne!

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POOKASLUAGH 5/10/2012 10:36AM

    I can't wait to see you succeed at both of those new training goals!

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MYFEETHURT 5/10/2012 10:07AM

  You guys are amazing. I love the fact that your children are watching this. I really believe your changes in your life..eating better, exercising, always challenging yourself to improve...etc. are going to have a huge impact on their lives. You are helping them KNOW they can accomplish anything if they just put their mind (and body) to it. Congrats! mary

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LIVESTRONG2010 5/10/2012 8:37AM

    You are my crazy friend and the half marathon will be fun but bring on the training for the century! Hope's thinking about getting a bike too! BRING IT ON lady's!

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Maintaining...My New Toy...My New Goal...and Thanks!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ok, so my dear friend and I have been having "therapy" sessions during our walks lately and I realized that I have been maintaining lately. Maintaining my life, maintaining my habits, maintaining my house cleanlieness, maintaining the mess in my car, maintaining my weight and just maintaining my state of mind. Maintaining is not bad and in fact should be a goal this time of year, but maintaining for me means that I can do this weight management thing, and I am not thrilled about this as it tells me that I have no goal on the immediate horizon, so I need to do something and get with it! Ok, so for those of you still working at your weight loss you can skip this part as it is coming from someone who has already met their goal, had a baby and still working at getting back to lowest weight, but not quite there...Ok, so pre pregnancy I was 135 lb and holding steady minus a few. I liked that weight and for as tall as I am I looked fine, so I thought. If you ask my dear friends they said that I was getting on the too thin side, but for the half marathon that I was working towards the fuel in and the calories burned I was healthy. So today I sit with a 7 and a half month old "maintaining" 141 lb. Yes, I am back into my pre pregnancy clothes and yes I feel ok, but not as great as I felt when I was active and running almost every day. I kinda miss the responsibility of having to train for something and meet my goal. I will get off this maintaining plateu and get my arse in gear and get to training as I now have a new goal, which leads me to my next topic....

Well HERE SHE IS! I am proud to introduce you all to Pawnshop Girl. Yes, that is her name...

My new ride. She is tucked nicely into bed currently and yells at me when I need to go for a ride. I LOVE the new found freedom on my bike! I will take all the falls and brusing necessary to learn to ride her properly...those darn clipless pedals! As for her name, yes, I rescued her from a Pawn Shop. I would like to thank the disgruntal ex-wife that pawned her only to tick off her soon to be ex-husband...probably because he spent more time on pawnshop girl than with the ex-wife, I can only assume! His loss is my gain!! All I have to say is WOO HOO!! So, next time when you see me, don't ask where the bruises are, know they are probably there as I plan to get massive amounts of use out of her as I have set my new goal...

Yep, my new goal is slated for May 5, 2012 - A Sprint Triathlon! 400 meter swim, 12 mile ride and 3.3 mile run. WHO IS WITH ME?? It is a local event, New Bruanfels. If you aren't going to join me come on out and support me! Let the training begin...you have pleanty of time to do it also!

Thanks...wow, where do I begin?

I want to give thanks to my sparkfriends for their continued support and friendship. My family for putting up with me when I have to go out for a ride, run, or walk. Livestrong2010 for all the good times not matter what we are getting into...hee hee!

I do all this for them...

What more could I ask for...healthy Mommy to chase them around, wrestle on the floor, and beat running up the hill. No more maintaining for this gal...I have Pawnshop Girl in my corner, oh, and some running shoes and a new suit to wear down with that darn cholrine!

GAME ON BABY!!!!! Who Is With ME?? NO Maintaining this HOLIDAY Season...Only Healthy and working at a new ME! Ok, Ok, so you can have a small sliver of pumpkin pie, but your post meal exercise must be part of the schedule. :-)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JANENE413 1/2/2012 9:19AM

    Hi there! Just stopping by to say HELLO. Sounds like you're on a roll (pun intended)! Best Wishes for the new year.


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LIVESTRONG2010 11/23/2011 11:50PM

    You know I am always with you just not sure about that tri yet! The Red Rocket and I will ride when ever we can to get you ready and I will try to get into running so I don't bring you down there.

You have been very good for me this year and I am grateful that God put you and little man in my life! You are a true friend. So lets start training and start meeting our goals. emoticon emoticon emoticon

Love that picture of the kids! You did great!

Comment edited on: 11/23/2011 11:52:04 PM

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ELEXEY 11/23/2011 12:18PM

    I know that you and "Pawnshop Girl" will have an amazing time. And you're right, maintaining this time a year is pretty great in my book, but I'm not happy with it either. I know that you'll succeed in accomplishing all your goals, you do such a fantastic job always.

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POOKASLUAGH 11/23/2011 10:39AM

    You're awesome! And you do look great at your 141 lbs. I love that you have a new thing to work towards. I would love to do a triathlon one day. I have to get to where I can do the running part though!!! Plus i really need ot get a new bike or get mine fixed! lol. :)

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POSITIVE_ONE 11/23/2011 9:08AM

    Since I do not like pumpkin pie, I freely give my slice over to someone else.

Love the fact you got Pawnshop Girl! I know had badly you wanted a new ride that was just yours. Congratulations.

As much as I would love to do the Sprint Triathlon with you, I cannot. I am either going to be celebrating my son's birthday (that exact day), traveling to Dallas for my daughter's school choir trip or in Vancouver, BC getting ready to run my first Marathon (still something I am thinking about and getting ready to start training for).

If all those plans fall through, you are next on my list. emoticon

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HICALGAL 11/23/2011 5:03AM

    ur my inspiration..luv it!!! good luck with ur awesome goal and pawnshop girl to help u get there, especially during the holidays...muuuuuahhhh!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Workout Attire...Hence the Name!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ok, so this blog has been brewing inside me for quite some time. Actually it is one of my pet peeves that has finally hit that spot that I need to blog about for you all to enjoy my ideosyncreases (or however you spell that :-)).

Let's start here, if we may...Workout clothes belong on your body ONLY when you are working out, burning calories, busting your a$$ and sweating like a pig to better your self and be a healthier person.

Exhibit A: You will see this on me when I am running, walking, etc. Nike Tempo RUNNING shorts as pictured below with a moisture wicking tank top. These items do not belong on your body as shorts to wear to for a fun filled day at Six Flags or a shopping excursion to the mall. These are NYLON shorts with a built in panty liner so when you are RUNNING in them the "goods" do not happen to flash the rest of the universe and the shorts are engineered to dry quickly from the sweat that gets on the shorts in certain areas so you have no problems with chaffing between your legs! I know you all wanted to know all that. :-)

Exhibit B: This is what you will see me running in sometimes as well as wear to the gym to cross train in a ZUMBA or BODYPUMP/strength training class or hit the bike trails with Livestrong 2010 on the bike. Definately not appropriate to walk your child to school and cross the crosswalk in...with flip flops on your feet strolling.

So, as I drop off DD at elementary school every school day I always see these moms wearing the above pictured items daily. Not just in the morning, but also the same mothers in the afternoon! Ok, so this is either REALLY gross or they are NOT exercising in them! Sorry Mommas...walking your child across the street does not require "workout attire" because I know you are not working up a sweat at that pace...no matter what fitness level you are at! Just sayin'...

So to top all this off, I workout in various pairs of running shoes. Yes, when you run like I do you have running shoes that you strictly run/workout in and then you have athletic shoes that you mow the yard in or walk Six Flags in. My running athletic shoes do not see the pavement for casual walking as 1) their price tag was WAY to high to waste them like that and 2) will need to be replaced sooner from the wasted miles on them for non exercising activities. I walk into the gym, if that is where I exercise any particular day in my recovery shoes. Recovery shoes for me are my CROC flip flops. As soon as I am finished with whatever run, cycling, strength training, walk I am on for the day the running athletic shoes come off and my recovery shoes go on. I immediately go home and shower (or shower at the gym) as I am usually soaked in sweat!

So a little off topic, but still on the running shoes...Did you know that you "kill" your shoes after 300-500 miles based on how hard you wear your shoes? Yes, runners really do track this stuff and you can tell when your shoes are "shot" based on how your legs feel when you run/walk in them. I found that really interesting. Oh yeah, cheap $2.50 flip flops from Old Navy usually only last a few months when they are worn as much as the moms at DD school wear them. :-)

With all this venting said, please help me out and wear only workout attire to work out and do yourself a favor and wear real clothes to do all other erronds. Recovery shoes are just for that...recovery. Nothing worse than having someone ask you at the check out line how far you ran today and you have only walked from your car to inside the store. Yes, I will give it to ya, they can be super comfy to lounge in, but them make jammie pants and tank tops for that :-). You look better wearing clothes and believe it or not...wait for it....if they fit properly...SLIMMER, and who does not want that?

So all the moms out there at my DD school this is what I have to say to you, "I wear workout attire when driving through the parent drop off line because I really do go to the gym after I drop DD off to school! I challenge you to do the same and keep up with me, so you have a reason to wear your "streach pants and hoochie momma tank tops with flip flops"!

Ok, I am done now! Hopefully I have made you laugh if nothing else.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

HICALGAL 9/27/2011 7:27PM

    man u had me giggling all the way. great point..glad im not guilty of any of those emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LIVESTRONG2010 9/27/2011 11:17AM

    Amen sister! But I will wear my PJ's to go shopping when ever I want! The only thing I don't wear is my biking shorts because of the padding! I will work on not wearing my workout stuff to work in the yard!

We need to ride or walk soon! Maybe after the b-day! I might be to old to walk or ride soon!

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CERULEANSIN516 9/26/2011 1:57PM

    Hahaha I'm guilty of wearing my workout pants around the house and to the Vet or Pet store. Honestly though, I'd rather see someone in workout pants then some of the clothes I see people wearing today. Lol

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MJ-SHE-BEAST 9/26/2011 11:59AM

    You cracked me up! I am, however, guilty of wearing the pants and tshirts I wear to the gym to the store and on various errands. Not AFTER I work out, mind you, that would be GROSS!

I have the lazy habit and attitude of buying clothes that I can both wear to the gym and wear in "public". I think half of our general population have gotten into the same lazy habit. I can still remember when women "dressed" to go to the grocery store. I don't run so my athletic shoes don't wear out as fast or have the same high price tag as a runners. That said, I still should not use them interchangeably as I do. You may have just nicely "chastised" me into a better way of thinking, dressing, and taking care of my shoes (not to mention my feet and legs).

Thanks for this funny and very smart wake up call! Hope you, new baby, kids, and hubby are all well. Would love to see you again soon!

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POSITIVE_ONE 9/26/2011 8:50AM

    I just had to comment on how much I enjoyed this blog. Made me laugh for a good 10 minutes. I am with you on the workout attire.

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Weight Tracker & Honesty

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ok friends, so I have done it! I moved my weight tracker in the up direction to reflect where I currently am post baby. Hopefully if I get it on here then I will see it and it will motivate me to move in the right direction if I know that I have to update you all on my progress.

I downloaded a cool app on my phone today that is a food tracker, yes I know spark has one too but for me this one is more user friendly. I found the spark one moving very slow on my phone and I would get frustrated and end up not logging my food, so I figured it I have one that I can use and does not slow my phone down I will get it logged.

So that is it for tonight...GAME ON!! Who is with me?? I get my butt kicked at the gym today and loved every minute of it! Had not seen one of the trainers that was teaching my class since pre marathon training and she remembered me and asked where I had been. It was nice to be missed and welcomed back!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BET212 8/30/2011 10:46PM

    You and me both! Although I didn't have a baby but I am getting my butt kicked at bootcamp and I love it.

I think it's great that you found something that works better for you than SPs app. Whatever you'll use is the best too. I bet that ticker will be going in the down direction PDQ!

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MJ-SHE-BEAST 8/30/2011 10:09PM

    And guess what? We missed you, too! Lots and lots! Welcome back!
emoticon It's always nice to be remembered, isn't it?

I think you look marvelous in the pic with Teresa, by the way. I know you aren't where you want to be yet, but you are going to get there. You are a very determined lady!

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