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Sunday, November 18, 2012

So horrible things have happen in last two months. My husband leaving for another woman the worst. BUT, I finished my first 5k in 30:55 !!! I am one pound away from my goal weight. So, a few things are fantastic. I'm still soo incredible sad about my husband. My sister and few great friends are really helping me along with my other family members!!! My brothers are great. I'm just learning who the great people are in my life. My girls were here from college and my son and his fiance are amazing. We had such a good breakfast outing together. I am really a lot luckier then I feel at times :)

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BLUE42DOWN 11/18/2012 1:57PM

    emoticon on that first emoticon ! Great PR to carry forward and beat with the next.

And very very emoticon making yourself a priority and not giving up when someone who didn't deserve you left.

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DESERTJULZ 11/18/2012 11:44AM

    Congratulations on completing your first 5k! Now you can set new exercise goals, perhaps a 5k every month? Or tackle a 10k?

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A little calm

Friday, November 16, 2012

Everyone has been so supportive here. Very hard to have my husband leave me for another woman after 24 years of marriage but I'm doing better and sometimes worse at times. This has been the hardest 2 weeks of my life. So my 1st 5k race is tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous. Most likely will be raining. I'm .5 pound away from my weight goal so I feel like I've done it ( as far as weigh loss goes) I'm working on setting new goals. Surfing and kayaking being some and to TONE THE MIDDLE SECTION :) Would be nice to have a tummy tuck but that's not going to happen. My immediate goals are : Finish race and run all the way through on Saturday. Celebrate :) and on Monday work on core 3-4 days a week but still doing regular workout as well.

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SNAZZYMC 11/16/2012 10:08AM

    Best wishes for your race this weekend - it's a great accomplishment to have been dealt such a blow and still get out there. And remember - this is something that NO ONE can take away from you.
It has been almost a year now since I separated from my husband; we were married 14 years, but together 23 - he was my highschool sweetheart, and I thought we would grow old and senile together. This has been a rollercoaster year for me, and I still have ups and downs, but it gets better every day. Running was a great outlet for me, and in all honesty it was childishly rewarding to know that I ran my first half marathon while my ex was living in his mother's basement...

You got this.

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MCSWIGAN 11/16/2012 9:49AM

    Good luck with your race tomorrow! Enjoy the moment. Ran mine last year with my daughters and it felt great!

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GAIIAGIIRL 11/16/2012 9:43AM

    It's amazing that you're still achieving amazing things during such a difficult time. Kudos to you!! And big hugs :)

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LOLEMA 11/16/2012 9:42AM

  I can only imagine your pain. You are worthy of so much more love and respect and it will come your way. Stay strong.

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They come in three's right ?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Well, it's been the most horrible 2 weeks of my life. I haven't been on sparkpeople because I found out on halloween that my husband is having an affair and in love with the other woman. He left me in a house he tore apart to remodel and never finished. I love him but he does not want to work on our marriage and is gone. This hurts so much because our youngest child just went to college in sept. Needless to say, I'm now one pound away from my goal weight. I don't recommend this kind of weight loss to anyone. I'm trying my best right now to survive. My exercise has not stopped and I'm running my first 5k this Saturday with a lot of support from my family. The other woman was actually running this race to but she has decided not to. Thank goodness.

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VINVARA 11/14/2012 9:53AM

    I went through a similar thing except I cannot imagine how harder it is for you because 1) youre married to this guy & 2) you have children together. I commend you for sticking with your exercise but am concerned that youre losing weight that way. I did that too. I couldnt eat because I was so depressed and I also became conscious of my weight. Knowing what the other female looked like made it worse for me because I compared myself to her, always telling myself that she must look or be better than me for him to choose her over me. How I recovered from it, was I got counseling & had support from my family and close friends. All of which constantly reminded me that I was better than the person I was telling myself I was or, what he said I was. My brother suggested moving my focus to succeeding in my career. Something other than weight loss. Which I did. With more responsibilities given to me at work, I began to eat healthy to sustain energy throughout the day, continued to exercise & do really well. It must've taken me at least a year to get over things, but I noticed it became easier and easier as time passed.

You deserve better honey. I know that it is easier said than done. I wish I could give you a hug because I know it hurts :( Cry whenever you want to cry, but always come back into focus afterwards and own everything you set your mind on. You'll be in my prayers xxo


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SHERRYGAYL 11/14/2012 9:35AM

    I am sorry. I can tell similar stories and it's really a terrible thing to go through. Just if at some point he comes crawling back, remember this moment and how he's not worth going through it again. Once a cheating scumbag, y'know.

Continue taking care of yourself! It's wonderful that you're still in the race this weekend! Even better that the whore had the good sense to drop out of it! Maybe that weight loss over the last 2 weeks will stick and you'll be at your goal this week! I've found that if I'm sick or otherwise not eating and lose weight, it comes right back as soon as I'm better.

emoticon emoticon

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ALIPSCOMB4 11/14/2012 9:27AM

  I'm sorry that you have to experience this. I've been there and burnt the t-shirt. I want you to know that I am proud that you are strong enough in yourself that you are continuing with the things that will help your health. Keep up the good work and like all things in life, time makes it easier.

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Second day

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Great to get my whole workout done two days in a row. This morning was the first time the scale has been down in about three weeks. I'm so stoked. It might be slow going now but it's still going and that makes me feel great. I am now in the range of normal body weight for my height. Yes, just barely but it is great to know I'm getting healthy.

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DIET_FRIEND 10/24/2012 6:51PM

    Congratulations! Keep on doing what you are doing because it's working!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Today is the 1st day I feel healthy in the last weekt. I woke up a new person. I think the cold is gone. Thought it was last week but it came back with a vengeance. This morning I did my treadmill workout and was able to run 1.5 straight. Walked the rest at incline of 8%. I finished and still have energy
So glad. Hope the rest of the week is good

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TAMPATINK67 10/23/2012 3:27PM

    Welcome back!

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NWLIFESRC 10/23/2012 1:29PM


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