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So Stoked!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Well, made it through another party without gaining weight. Did the giant fruit salad again and brought my own drink. I'm now down 7.5 pounds in two weeks. It's very hard at times. I'm really working on eating breakfast to help start the day. Protein does seem to help my brain function. really really really want to meet this weight loss goal of 40 pounds. Now only 33.5 left. Not as bad :)

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THEFABMZFIT 6/6/2012 12:56PM


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AZMOMXTWO 6/3/2012 11:48AM

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SOOO need rest

Friday, June 01, 2012

Well, yesterday wore me out. Gym house stuff and then work in the evening. Taking a break for gym today. Was able to make it there the last 4 days so I think I'm entitled to a day off to recover. I slept till almost 10. I must have needed the sleep. Tonight work again and then it's my weekend off. I work every other weekend so its nice this one is off. I do have a challenge. Have a afternoon party to attend on Saturday. I think I'll do what I did last party I attended. I will bring a giant fruit salad and some safe appetizers. I'm thinking zucchini stuffed mushrooms, artichoke hearts and some hummus


Good Start to the day

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Its a work day for me after having the last three days off from the hospital. So I really have to plan to get everything in that I need to do. 1st priority was the gym. 60 mins on 15% incline: done. I got up earlier and scheduled it in because my mother in law need me to take her to doc appointment at 11:00. Ate my morning snack drank , drank water so I'm on the right path. Work at 3pm. I do think I will do coffee before work. Started roasting zucchini so I can have that with lunch and dinner. I'm starting to realize when I plan I actually have more time and can rest and enjoy a bit more :). Now I need to get this pattern to the rest of my life


What a day :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So I made a big mistake yesterday and skipped breakfast and snacks. I actually grossly under ate and didn't sleep cause I was so hungry. I feel like I'm playing catch up today but still staying in a weight loss calorie range. I got up late yesterday and wanted to get to gym but I didn't want to eat then go 5 mins later so I just didn't eat at all. It really messed up my day. I was hungry all night but didn't want to eat at night cause that's no good either. Didn't loose any weight probably cause my body thought I was starving and wanted to hang on to what it has. I woke up at 6:30am. this is really early for me. I work from 3pm to 11:30pm so getting up at 6:30 is too early. But I ate and felt much better. Got to gym ate lunch and a afternoon snack and feel soooo much better. I had just run out of calories. I haven't had that happen since I was a teenager. Funny. The body does need food to run.


Day 10

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Well, I feel very successful. I had lots of anxiety going into this weekend. I worked sat and sun at my job at the hospital. This was very good cause I work hard don't think about eating but they called me off Monday. ( census was low and they didn't need me) so I went out to breakfast with my kids, husband and future daughter in law. I was very worried I blow everything I've worked for in the last week. I ordered a scrambled egg, Wheat toast fruit cup and coffee. I ate only one slice of the toast and took one of my husband's pieces of bacon. Lunch I was able to control eating veggies and a frozen meal. Dinner out at a bbq. More problems.... but it was ok. I brought my own appetizer to share ( humus and rice crackers) I brought my own no cal drink and a giant fruit salad to share. We had chicken and veggie kabobs. Very good. I did great by filling my plate with the fruit salad, green salad and kabobs. No cupcake for dessert. The only thing that ending up being a challenge was trying to keep track of how much rice crackers and hummus I was eating. I learned that at a party I'm pretty mindless about appetizers and just eat what every. So I worked very hard to not to this. I did get my workout in before the party and it paid off. I was 1.5 pound lighter the next day. YEAH!!! Thinking first and preparing does work :)

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BLUE42DOWN 5/29/2012 6:51PM


With those kinds of appetizers, I try to learn how to eyeball the serving size of whatever the dip is and scoop that only a plate - then move away from the food table. It's a lot easier to control if we only serve ourselves a specific amount and only go near the table when we are mindfully choosing more.

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BIGDOG1969 5/29/2012 11:41AM

    Congrats on your creative way to help yourself and the get together. By bringing dishes you knew you could eat, you set yourself up for success. Moderation is very difficult when going out to eat - sometimes you just have to have a piece of bacon! But you did quite well. Keep up the great work!

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