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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I did it - I fell off the wagon for the first time in over five months. Goodbye, longest streak ever.

A few days ago I predicted that two parties in one weekend would press my trigger button. Was I setting myself up for a self-fulfilling prophecy? This question is asked so often on SparkPeople that it's a cliche, but WHY DO I SABOTAGE MYSELF? With everything I have learned, I should have known better and could have avoided this happening. But it happened, and it's over, and I'm moving forward!

It started with the overeating at Sunday's lunchtime party. Sunday evening I blogged, and then, for the first time since early July, I started sneaking around my kitchen for a binge. I had peanut butter, nuts, and orange juice.

Sunday night I got up twice in the middle of the night because I was sick to my stomach. Monday morning I weighed 138.6, exactly 4 pounds more than I had on Sunday morning. I wanted to blog about the pros and cons of the binge, to show myself that the negatives outweighed the positives. I was going to be back on track.

But it's the end of the term. Progress reports were due today, and that meant I had to finish them all yesterday. Every spare moment I had went to progress reports.....................and EATING. I ate everything from my cooler by pretty early in the day. Then I poked around the teachers room and found a Hoodsie cup plus several bags of popcorn. I must have eaten four bags? Then after school I packed up my work to take home, and stopped for ice cream on the way home. WHY??? TWO KINDS of Ben and Jerry's. At home I ate the ice cream, more nuts, some apple sauce, orange juice and cranberry juice. I finished my progress reports, and of course I did not make it to the gym or even consider going.

In the middle of the night I woke up and my shoulders (?????) were so sore that I couldn't sleep. It was odd. So I was up for an hour - I took a shower, checked my email, and went back to sleep. This morning I weighed 144.4.

But then it stopped. I felt better. I've eaten on plan and I've planned out what I'll eat tomorrow. I'm in my gym clothes and about to head to the gym for what I hope will be an incredibly good workout. I am fully back on track, and that is a promise to myself.

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CREATINGMYSELF 12/18/2008 3:38AM

    It happens to the best of us at some point or another. We all have our triggers and weak moments, or else we never would have been overweight in the first place. We may struggle our whole lives, but at least we are trying and succeeding 99% of the time. Don't swell-- you are only human. Maybe your body (or your mind for that matter) was trying to tell you something. Maybe you regressed because of stress or for no reason at all. Who knows.. but all you can do is try and see where you went wrong and learn from it. Ultimately, all that matters is that you are back on track.

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TERRIANGEL 12/17/2008 10:20PM

    Howdy stranger!

It's been a while and I've finally had a bit of time today to come back on Spark and check out some friends. Yay for finishing up the reports. What a load off, huh? And you binged. Huh. I never do that. (BA HA HA!!) Actually had a good one today. Interesting enough, I had a huge laundry list of things that HAD to get done today, and I was working at home (so my kitchen in all it's holiday junk food glory is just a room away) and made more darn trips to the kitchen than I ever have. I think there's a path worn down, actually. I"m afraid to look. Irish chocolate, Tings, cookies AND breakfast, lunch and dinner.


And the wierd thing is I've been doing so well lately. I was happy withmy weight as of yesterday, but I sure as heck am not getting on the scale tomorrow! ;) Congratulations to YOU for getting on the scale and taking stock of yourself and your feelings.

Binges stink, but they are what they are and we're HUMAN honey! Your progress report stresses are behind you as most of my laundry list is behind me. Stress alleviated, lets rock on until Christmas/Hanukkah and make some headway together.

It's life and you rock, so don't get down on yourself, you hot mama you...

T emoticon

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SKYFYRE 12/17/2008 12:06PM

    It's salt, salt, salt. You are back on track now and this weight will come off quickly! I know how you feel, sorry about how the scale is treating you. You might want to stay off Mr. Scale for a week and then get a nice happy weigh in after a week in the gym and some healthy eating! I bet you'll be where you were before! Stress is tough, and apparently yours found your shoulders, mine likes to hang out there and quite frankly I think that is better than having toe cramps! Ibuprophen. It's a good thing! Edit note: Don't discredit all your freaking hard work and commitment thus far, yo are still the same commited determined person!

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MIMISCA 12/17/2008 10:15AM

    it's so great that you can blog about this and be completely honest. we all slip up of course, but sometimes it's difficult to admit it, learn from it, and then move on. it definitely sounds like you are doing that. i'm sorry it has been a stressful few days, but as always you will come through it. plus- 2 days cannot undue FIVE MONTHS of amazing progress and work!

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CATERPILLAR85 12/17/2008 8:39AM

    I'm glad you can acknowledge your binge, get back on track and full force a head! it is so understandable with it being the end of the term and all the added stress that goes a long with that. you are doing great!

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WITTYFLOWER 12/17/2008 5:16AM

    YEAH Binge! I think it helps to keep us get back on track and be real about our journey. It's gread reminder to get back on track. You are doing fantastic and you look amazing! Holidays are I am trying to maintain! It didn't seem like the food you are binging on is that bad though. That was yesterday and now today...back on track!

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TRACYZABELLE 12/17/2008 2:17AM

    Binge over-- time to get back on the wagon... YOU can do it and will do it! Don't beat yourself up.. emoticon

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FITGIRL15 12/16/2008 9:11PM

    Do you have a split personality??? When I read this I had to make sure I was reading the right person's blog!
Since I've been reading your blog, I've NEVER heard you acting like this! (I don't mean to make light of your binge, but I actually laughed when I read about your ice-cream trip! (That's the last thing on my mind, it's FREEZING outside right now!)

Your weight will bounce back to normal once you get back to your normal routine. These sort of "episodes" are a normal part of making lifestyle changes! I wouldn't sweat it too much! You have come too far!

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MARLIE13 12/16/2008 8:13PM

    You blogged about your binge...that's awesome! I think you should make a list of what your binge would have been like before compared to now. You know what I mean? lol! Like, now you've acknowledged's over and you are back on track. Would you have done that before? I know I wouldn't have. ;o)

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SEEHOLZ 12/16/2008 8:06PM

    First off, I am glad to hear that you forgave yourself! That's really important.

Your new lifestyle is so much part of you that you are going to bounce back -- no looking back! I sure hope you're feeling better and got a great workout in! You are so right to just hop back on the wagon and get your bearings back. I'm really proud of you--- that takes strength and determination!

I think having this Christmas vacation might be just what you need! I hope it'll give you some time to rest up and re-coup. You know, take extra great care of yourself and restore your energy stores!

Thank your for being so honest. It takes guts and I really appreciate it, considering how I've done this self-sabotage more times than I can count. But, all that doesn't matter at all right now-- only the now matters- the next choice!

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BRUIN2 12/16/2008 7:10PM

    Hey there pretty lady.

First of all, it must feel soooo good to be done with the progress reports. YAY. That's a good thing.

AND, you're done with the binge - ANOTHER good thing.

AND, it's almost Christmas vacation, WOOHOOO.

AND, you know exactly what you need to do to get right back on track - be a gym rat over the holiday, take your food with you, drink lots of water. You are ahead of the game because you KNOW what works!!

(That was me focussing on the positives, did it help?!?!?!)

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KMWKENT 12/16/2008 5:42PM

    Are we twins separated at birth? Because I did the same thing. Hello binge! Boo...I'm up a solid 5 pounds (and that's after a day of eating well and exercising, so who knows what it was the day immediately following!) Why do we do this to ourselves when we know how horrible it makes us feel? My run yesterday was awful because the carton of ice cream I'd eaten the night before was bouncing around the whole time. Yuck! I felt sick to my stomach and bloated. It's Day 2 of healthy eating and I'm still not feeling normal yet. Thanks for sharing! It helps to know that I'm not the only one. Now it's just time to put aside the guilt and regret and move forward! Here we go!

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ZIRCADIA 12/16/2008 5:26PM

    Wow that is quite a tale!!! It's reassuring to me, actually. I'm gonna blog later about how I'm feeling, but to sum up -- frustrated. My weight hasn't gone down after Thanksgiving. In fact -- since that first 171 weighin it's gone up!!! I don't get it!!! I'm working out more, eating less (and not TOO little, I'm sure. I'm not creating massively huge deficits or anything). :P BAH. I'm just trying not to throw in the towel on it after only a week. Gonna stick to it this week too. *HUGS*

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Weekend Wrap-Up

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ohhhh, so full still! Jess' coworker has an annual xmas brunch party and he always has the BEST food (and drinks)! I had a bloody mary and thre mimosas, BBQ-Jack Daniels meatballs, cheese fondue, other fancy breads with cheese and spinach-artichoke dip, smoked salmon, two mini blueberry muffins, a little ham, a few shrimp with cocktail sauce, and a skewer of I forgetting anything?! I knew I was eating too much when Jess gave me his LOOK.... but oh well. I'm gonna just move on from this. And yes, my tummy hurts now.

I've done a little extra exercise lately to hopefully balance out the extra eating.

Thursday: 65 minutes on the elliptical. It was OK enough, but I was tired. It was late evening after a nap, and Jess had bailed on me in favor of staying home and relaxing.

Friday: Awesome Body Pump class with the instructor who always makes me sweat.

Saturday: Zumba, Body Pump, 56 minutes on elliptical, 5 minutes stretching

Sunday: We belong to Gold's and one awesome thing is that we can go to other Gold's locations a few times a week with our membership. The one near me is SO close to my condo that I almost always go there, but we've been to the South Boston one a few times because it's somewhat near to Jess' place...but not turns out that there's another one that's closer. I love going to other Gold's locations because of the change of pace, the different machines, and a lot of the other ones seem to have some cooler stuff, like the Southie one has individual TVs on most of the cardio machines which I'm really jealous about - wish my own gym had that! Once I even went to the Fenway location one afternoon between work and a Red Sox game!

Anyway, we went to a Gold's we'd never been to today. Before we went I looked up their class schedule and saw that they had Zumba at 10:30. I was hesitant because you never know with Zumba...depending on the instructor, the class can be GREAT or HORRIBLE. Well, thanks to going to bed REALLY early last night, we were up, well-rested, and unrushed this morning and got to the new gym around 10:00. I ran at 7.5 mph for 15 minutes, with some walking and stretching before and after, and then went to Zumba. It's good to run before Zumba if you can, because that way your heart rate is already up and you can keep it up in the class (otherwise, it might not get up as high as it would with other cardio or classes...). So I notice right away that the instructor looks like HE will be a lot of fun - yes, can you imagine, a MALE Zumba teacher? I have to admit I love having male fitness instructors. They seem to reliably give good workouts, and I also just happen to be boy crazy. :) Hahaha. Anyway, he just had that really tall, muscular, athletic, and I'm sorry but GAY look that made him look like he'd be a fantastic dancer and instructor. Well then he says we're in for a real treat - half of the class is going to be taught by little miss so-and-so, who is going to be subbing for him while he's on vacation, and she's going to try teaching today for the first time ever!

OMG she was AWFUL. I mean, worse dancer than ME awful. She might have been one of the worst dancers in the room, and she was leading the group! She had no idea what move she was going to do until a few beats after she should have already started doing it, and she seemed to know about three moves that she kept doing over and over, one of them being just standing and bouncing at the knee.

Finally she was done and the big gay black man took over and I was right. He was a fantastic Zumba teacher. So it went from awful to great, so that averages out to...average!, I guess! He was funny, one of the last songs was Beyonce and afterwards he said something like, "I wanted to make the moves even sexier, but I didn't want to offend anyone...otherwise I would have pressed a button to bring the stripper pole down!" I wish I could move like he could!

There is a big discount department store about 3.6 miles from my condo (I know it's 3.6 miles because of Jess went shopping there on the way home from the party today, and I walked, because I felt like I needed to burn a few more calories. On the way I stopped at Blockbuster and got Step Brothers and the new two-hour 24 movie that aired recently...we love 24, but we only watch it on DVD.

Recipes for next week - I knew I was going to have a busy weekend, so Friday just before I left school I went online and searched for "crock pot recipes." I ended up making a vegetarian barley-pesto recipe in one crock pot, and a chicken caccitore recipe in another. Thanks to Tracy for reminding me how quick and easy it is to cook with a crock pot - ironic that a SLOW cooker is QUICK to use! I just threw in the ingredients Friday night and had recipes ready on Saturday morning!

Quick vent - Jess is watching Sixty Minutes right now and I CANNOT STAND Barney Frank's voice. OK, I feel better now.

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WITTYFLOWER 12/16/2008 6:37AM

    I took a Zumba class and the guy was wonderful! Love Zumba class and the burning effect is awesome! up to 700 calories per hour! Great job on your week!

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KENSINGTONC 12/15/2008 7:44PM

    He he, great post!

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ZIRCADIA 12/15/2008 6:53PM

    :) I wish I could go to that Zumba class!!! (Or any zumba class as long as the teacher isn't as crappy as that first girl apparently was...) hahaha :)

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SKYFYRE 12/15/2008 5:29AM

    Hahaha! 60min?! How old is Jess, 75? Just kiddin' it is a good program, and way to go on the weekend!

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TRACYZABELLE 12/15/2008 1:11AM

    My crock pot will be getting a work ou this week for sure! I do not have time to watch a pot cook so I will make soup 2x this week.. chicken veg and bean and ham.. Gotta love soup-- one pot meals are great! I add veggies to my bean soup as well so it have all I need and I like to add barley to the chicken veg soup

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THIRTEENREASONS 12/14/2008 11:33PM

    Haha, I love reading your blogs. Too funny.

I haven't been to a gym in a loooong time, but I always met weird people there. I think it'd be awesome to work at a gym.

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SEEHOLZ 12/14/2008 9:59PM

    I love the "male fitness instructors" comment- I've had the same experience with regards to them being "ON"--- I also like change of pace-- it keeps me from being too routined!
Yep, crockpots rock- so agree with you there!

Sounds like you had a happy week-end!

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CATERPILLAR85 12/14/2008 8:27PM

    so glad you had fun at the party and let yourself "indulge" a little bit.

always so inspirational with all of your workouts :)

i LOVE my crockpot. i made chicken taco meat in it the other quick, easy and yum.

i'm going back to your techniques again and am going to make a tuna bak e this week that will last me all week! i've got to get on track & am being super strict with eating/calories/working out... :)

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ALPORTH 12/14/2008 7:53PM

    I loved your blog entry...I can totally relate with you on so much of this entry....haha. There is definitely a difference between instructors for all classes...The one time I gave Zumba a chance, I think I had a pretty bad instructor because the whole time I just felt awkward and like we weren't really dancing and like my heart rate never got up there. Oh well...I usually do cycling and body pump, so I figured I didn't really need to add another class. Perhaps I'll give it another try sometime now that I heard about your experiences. :) Anyway, just had to tell you I enjoyed your blog!

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PAMELA984 12/14/2008 7:52PM

    You are so much fun - just love reading your blogs!

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New Attitude about Parties and Healthy Eating

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I have definitely broken through a mini-plateau to a new level. All of a sudden I've been noticing even more changes - my abs keep looking better (even though my butt's still flabby!) and other people have been noticing too. I had a conversation at the gym with a woman who herself lost 100 pounds on Weight Watchers. She told me I was looking too thin and am I eating enough? I shouldn't have gotten upset because how would she know that I eat SO MUCH and that I am so careful about providing my body with the healthiest, most balanced food possible, and that I am very careful to never eat too little? But I did get upset, because I was thinking to myself that nobody would ever go up to someone who's GAINED weight and say to them, "You look like you're getting too fat. I'm worried about you. Are you eating too much?" It's EXACTLY the same thing. If it's rude to say when someone's gained, it's also rude to say when someone's lost.

Anyway, I am definitely not too thin - I am just getting to the point where I am living like a thin person. Yesterday evening I went to a birthday party where dinner was served. Everyone at the party was thin and I noticed everyone ate basically like me. Everyone took one fairly small serving of the chicken, the rice, the green beans with almond slivers, and the bread, and nobody had seconds. Everyone had all the desserts - there was a chocolate birthday cake, apple cobbler with walnuts, vanilla ice cream, and fresh pineapple. In the past when I was on the weight loss "wagon," parties would annoy me terribly. They didn't fit into my plan so I'd have to avoid all the food, or I'd fall off the wagon and overeat, or I'd do okay but be annoyed because I wouldn't know how many calories were in the food. Now, I look at parties as a little vacation from healthy eating...I do enjoy healthy eating, and certainly want to return back to it as soon as possible after a party, but at a party I can eat things in moderation that I wouldn't normally eat at all. I think it's yet another shift toward a permanent, moderate healthy lifestyle.

I do have a lifetime of history with binge eating however, and I did notice the ghost of that side of me poking around last night. After my dessert plate was taken away I was still in the mood to eat naughty things. None of the appetizers or anything were still sitting around so I didn't have any more to eat, but why should I have even wanted to?? I am worried about the party I'm going to today, because I know from having gone in years past that this guy sets up all the food to be nibbled on while everyone talks. I'd do better with a situation where everyone takes a plate of food, and then walks away from the serving dishes, and eats and then the plates are taken away. I will need to remind myself that I don't want to be disappointed on the scale tomorrow morning and I still need to treat this like just ONE MEAL!

My weight was 135.8 yesterday (my scale), and 134.6 today (Jess' scale) - so no "damage" was done at yesterday's party.

OK, we're off to the gym to burn up some calories to replace at the party later. :) Eventually I promise I will get caught up on everyone else's blogs!!

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TERRIANGEL 12/17/2008 10:24PM

    So true. Soooooo much better when you have to get UP from the table to get seconds. Much less likely to overeat then.

Darn hosts...always wanting their guests to have enough. Dont' they know what they're doing to our waistelines?? (Actually, I do the same thing. Buffet style and lots of foods to "pick at".) Oh, well. My guests always have enough! Hee!!


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RA4945 12/15/2008 11:45AM

    Wow, you really have a handle on this healthy eating! It seems to be very engrained in you. I also agree that we need to enjoy the fun foods in moderation but lately I've just been really bad. It seems the closer I get to where I want to be, the worse my eating behavior gets. But maybe that is more the case on the weekend and special events. You seem really consistent and I envy you for that. Keep up the great work! You are doing awesome!!!

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HOPERY 12/14/2008 3:41PM

    I say enjoy yourself at the party. Think about if you really enjoy it if you eat too much. I don't. I feel yucky later. So, that is my advice-stop when you realize that you may not really be enjoying it.

I agree that people who comment that you are too thin are usually jealous. I also think some think it is a compliment. Can't they just say, "Wow, you look great!" That is what I say when I see your pictures. Maybe you should ask them if they are eating too much. hahah

Congrats on your mini-plateau!

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BRUIN2 12/14/2008 10:19AM

    What a great "party report". (hehehe. Like a race report, but for a party. LOVE IT).

What about planning to stand away from the food at the party today? Have water in one hand and a small plate of the things you want to eat in the other, and then focus on the people? (If this works, let me know. hehehehe).

Happy Sunday!!

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KMWKENT 12/14/2008 9:14AM

    Congratulations! Thinking and eating like a thin person is definitely a huge accomplishment. Good for you!
I agree with you about the rude comments. They're definitely out of line! I have a hard time believing that people who say things like that are genuinely concerned. You have to know more about someone's daily schedule and eating habits to really be worried about them. Just seeing someone in the gym isn't enough to go on, unless the person looks like a skeleton! But, ab definition is a good thing and a fitness goal for many people!! I think it's more of a jealousy thing. In her situation, she could be subconsciously afraid that people will forget about all the weight she's lost and start talking about and complimenting you instead. Just a thought.
Keep up the great work and have fun at your party tonight!

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I Love Fridays!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Finally, I'm having a day when I feel well-rested and energized. Twice this week, including yesterday, I took naps in the afternoon. I don't usually do this, but lately I have been reading that sleep is so important that naps are better than nothing. Both times I had the choice between going to the gym in the afternoon and going to bed early, or taking a nap in the afternoon and then having a more well-rested workout in the evening. Both times I took the naps, then worked out in the evening, and then still managed to get to sleep at a pretty reasonable hour at night. I'm one of those people who needs tons of sleep to really be at my best - I'd say the typical eight hours is a bare minimum for me and I really do better with more. Most weeks though I go several nights with LESS than eight hours and then boy do I suffer. In the past I would have looked for the missing energy through overeating, but now I don't do that anymore, so I really have to rely on SLEEP to provide what sleep is supposed to provide. So, because of all this sleep I've been getting, I haven't been on SP nearly as much. You would not believe how many blogs I am subscribed to and I hope I'll get to all of them this weekend...I just don't have time to look at them right away AND have a full-time job AND go to the gym AND get enough sleep! (I'm sure everyone can relate with the concept of not having enough time!) Anyway, I believe that sleep is just as important as eating right and exercising, so I am going to try to keep it up - it's not going to be easy!

Today I weighed 135.6 (my scale). I am wearing a crisp white button-down shirt, size small, and my size 3 jeans, and I spent a little extra time on my hair today, and just feel great. I already got one compliment, "Look at you in your tiny little jeans," and I just smiled big and said, "Thank you!" (Look at me accepting a compliment without saying anything to negate it!) Tonight was originally going to be Jess' work xmas party, which is usually a fun affair with a caterer and a yankee swap, but right now his little company is having big financial troubles so the party was canceled. Jess thinks they're going to do drinks at the office or a bar or something, but he still doesn't know for sure...I told him to call me if significant others are coming... on the one hand I am feeling fantastic today and would love to go out, but on the other hand if we go out in the city tonight that means we'll sleep at his place tonight and then I'll either miss my Saturday morning lineup of fitness classes or have to leave his place really early to get to the gym in the morning (our gym is a two-minute walk from my place in the suburbs. My place is a 40-minute drive from Jess' place in Boston.) I don't want to miss my Saturday morning classes for anything except perhaps an all-day skiing adventure, and so far there is NO SNOW for that. Hrmph. It's been raining hard here - and it's the middle of December!! Where is the snow???

Anyway, sorry for that tangent. I will probably not end up going out tonight...Jess didn't think it was going to be that kind of thing. It'll be good for me to have some time alone to do my grocery list/planning/etc., especially since we have two parties this weekend (not including the one that was canceled tonight). I am going to have to be extra careful with the eating this weekend because I know how my off-the-wagon mentality works...I can usually handle one meal off plan, but any more than that seems to trigger my binge button. Saturday's party will include a dinner, Sunday's will include a lunch. I am going to have to budget "room" for these meals in my food plans, and treat them like what they are - ONE meal, not hours-long eating fests. Some extra cardio to cover the inevitable extra calories won't hurt either!!

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SKYFYRE 12/13/2008 4:47AM

    Size 3 yipee! Hope you are having a great weekend to follow the great feelings!

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ROLOHA 12/12/2008 8:06PM

    Susan! Congrats on getting back down to your smaller size..haven't heard from you in a while and it's goodto know you are doing well. Robin

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ZIRCADIA 12/12/2008 2:11PM

    YAY for feeling good! :)

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SEEHOLZ 12/12/2008 1:02PM

    You'll master the parties like a pro--- you have a plan with with a plan, you cannot fail-LOL!
I hope you have a great week-end!

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FITGIRL15 12/12/2008 12:51PM

    Rest is very important for allowing your muscles time to rebuild! I've made it a point that since I started my WL journey I will get 7+ hours of sleep and get up early in the morning to eat breakfast. It has been my favorite new habit! I cant believe I'm actually a morning person now!

Woo Ho on the weight loss too! I think your calorie cycling is working for you! See, even small changes can see BIG results! Keep it up, Susan!

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GERMANPICKLE 12/12/2008 12:43PM

  I totally hear you about the number of blog subscriptions and sleep! I'm really, really behind on my own page. emoticon Tomorrow I fly to the States for three weeks - I don't even want to know what my inbox will look when I get back!

Have a great weekend and Happy Holidays!

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

I weigh 134.0 today!!!!!!!!!!! (Jess' scale) This was my mini-goal weight... I set a goal on Nov. 19, when I was 137, to hit 134 by Dec. 19 - a goal of three pounds in one month. So I am eight days early! I am so surprised by this sudden weight loss...especially since I had two days in a row this week of eating above my calorie range just at a time when I had started to believe I wasn't going to lose weight when I ate at the top of my range anymore.

*TOM was last week
*After a bit of a plateau, it was finally just my time to lose a little more?
*I've been exercising more/harder this week than last week
*I had one day (Sunday the 7th) of eating below my calorie range
*My body is happy to be gum free (and free of the sorbitol etc. in that gum)
*Somehow my body was able to take the extra calories I've had this week and translate them into a stronger metabolism???? (This one is annoying female overanalysis pretending I know the science behind it all stuff, so I won't comment further on this particular theory!)

Last night I went to sleep early, but then Jess and his condo association president decided it was a great time to test the smoke detectors in the building. He woke me up multiple times between around 9:00-11:00. I scolded him about it this morning, aiming for as many scoldings as there were wake-ups last night! Ha.

Some comments on the comments yesterday:

*Yes, Jess' scale is nice. I love weighing in there. It's really my scale of course, but it's the one I keep at his place. It's a WW scale and it can do all kinds of things like tell me my body fat percentage and BMI and stuff - but I always forget which combination of buttons I'm supposed to press for that other info.

*I haven't "cut back" on gum....I have cut it out completely. And my stomach has been thanking me profusely!!

*I don't think my "unders" are a place that I WANT calluses?????? I don't feel too bruised this morning, so I think I'm OK. Not sure I will become a spinning regular - I feel like I can accomplish the same burn/sweat on cardio machines on my own, withOUT the "unders" discomfort. But I promised Dana I'd try it, so I did (finally).

*It makes total sense to me that there is some scientific reason behind the fact that I seem hungrier when I'm sleep deprived. It happens every time.

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HOPERY 12/11/2008 10:50PM

    I've always thought a spin class would be fun, but the whole callused "unders" thing has me scared. Great going on the 134!

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TRACYZABELLE 12/11/2008 7:48PM

    Hey congrats on your goal!

YOU have to EAT to LOSE!!

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RA4945 12/11/2008 5:19PM

    emoticon on reaching your mini-goal! That is awesome! You are finally over that hump and doesn't it feel great? I truly believe you broke through and you will probably see even more loss. Glad to hear you are getting more sleep. I hope you're still getting a good rest day on occasion too. emoticon

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    Haha, I think that's one of the main reasons people don't like spin classes.

134!!!!! Woooohoooooo!!! I knew you could do it. And you hit it early!

I used to have trouble with gum... I'd always chew it when I was hungry instead of eating and I think it was messing with me a bit.

Way to go!

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JORDAN1019 12/11/2008 1:52PM

    True that spinning is not for everone,, just like running.. or any other excersice. The truth is I keep going cause of my instructor, she is what I strive to be.. strong, energized and motivated. She is working toward a marathon in January and I find her to be an inspiration. When it comes to workouts you have to try everything at least once.. Congrats on reaching your mini goal.

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MARLIE13 12/11/2008 1:46PM

    Yay for 134!! That's great that you're feeling better without all of the gum!

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SEEHOLZ 12/11/2008 1:38PM

    When I first started spinning, I was told to give it 5 tries before decided to give up on it-- it took about 3, before I felt like I got the hang of it and about 5, before the soreness went away! I have been spinning for year and no caluses yet- my body is just used to it....
Too funny about the scale functions- I don't remember my scale functions either!
Yeh for cutting out the gum! I'm so glad you're feeling better!
Sleep deprivation is totally to blame for hunger- your body needs energy, so it thinks its hungry- makes total sense!
Finally, congrats on 134!

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SWEATONCEADAY 12/11/2008 11:08AM

    the unders will go away if you do more spinning. or you can always huver over the seat when others will sit and it will give ya more of a work out. congrats on your weight loss.

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CATERPILLAR85 12/11/2008 9:42AM

    yay for 134!! i knew you could do it :) i do tried spinning a few times and it is just not for me, ugh! boo for getting awoken in your sleep. the other night i stayed at stephen's and it was a) totally hot & b) he was snoring...ugh miserable sleep. we still have to figure that part of our relationship out!

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BRUIN2 12/11/2008 9:25AM


Bwahahahahha. Ok, maybe "calluses" was the wrong choice of words... My point: the more you bike, the less tender your unders become.



YAY for reaching your goal!!!! (But you bag, now you're lighter than me. CR@P.)

Glad that the cut out of the gum has gone so well! And shame on Jess for disturbing your sleep. hehe.

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