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Size 6 1/2 and Size 2!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

One trip to the mall - two size stories to share.

Tiffany & Co: We got the full diamond tutorial!!! I am a size 6 1/2 and want a round brilliant cut, maybe 3/4ths to 1 carat, with a simple platinum (or white gold, maybe??) band. And when it comes time for a wedding band I think I want that to be simple and platinum, but I have plenty of time to think about THAT. I want people's stories/advice on rings and engagements!!!!!!!!!!! It was so exciting to go into Tiffany with Jess! Too bad we can't afford their rings!

Ann Taylor Loft: Do they make particularly large clothes?! I went straight to the sale rack and found some gray pants that only came in 2 and 12, so I tried on the 2, and despite clinging a bit to my fatt butt, they fit perfectly everywhere else so I bought them. SIZE TWO! I would like to say that once I get to a point where they fit my butt a little better, I will be officially done trying to lose weight. A lot of people say they're done losing weight and just want to "tone up." Psychologically I have a hard time saying that and actually MEANING it. I don't want huge muscles...I want to be thin...but it is so un-trendy right now to admit that's what you want! I just want to look good and feel good.

I I officially enter "maintanence" mode where I add more calories to my plan? Or do I just keep doing what I'm doing until what I'm doing ceases to bring me any more weight loss? People who are already in maintanence - what'd you do?

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TERRIANGEL 12/2/2008 11:18AM

    Did I miss a proposal???? I've been off Spark for about 4 days (just plain busy) and now you're ring checking at Tiffany's. Well, that does it, I need to go back and read your blogs. :) :)

I LOVE Anne Taylor Loft for 3 reasons:

1) their beautiful clothes
2) their AWESOME sales rack
3) their large sizes. Yup, I consistently get size 4-6 at ATL, even when I was at my heaviest 12 pounds ago, their size 6 fit fine. I have a size 4 skirt that is too big. BUT...I don't care. We know that different designers size their clothes differently, and by golly I'll TAKE a size 2-4 by a great name brand!

Congrats on the size 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

And by the way, I agree with your ring choice. LOVE the simple "tiffany setting" for a diamond. Sounds beautiful!!!! When ya getting it???!!

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    Woooohoooo size 2!!!! You have no idea how inspiring you are. Don't go for the skinny girl look, though. haha. Maintance brings it's own challenges. I don't think I will ever totally stop logging my food... i might get to the point where i miss a few things here and there and not worry, but i'll always log.

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ZIRCADIA 12/1/2008 12:43PM

    I first changed my plan to lose only 1lb a week, which got me to my goal, and then changed to maintenance mode. So I kinda gradually added the calories. :) Also, woohoo on everything I've been reading so far, I've been catching up on your blogs and read that Thanksgiving you stuck to your plan, you've been changing up your workouts and your muscles have been feeling it, and you've been wearing smaller sizes. :D All good stuff!!!

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BRUIN2 11/30/2008 7:15PM


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SEEHOLZ 11/30/2008 5:59PM

    How exciting about finding the ring--- you sure have that added motivation to look your best for your wedding- quite convienent actually-LOL!
Not to advertise myself in terms of "maintaining" I know I maintain around 2,200-2,400, but my body is very used to working out- pretty much every day. I do think that the leaner you are ( rather than weight alone) the more you'll be able to eat in maintenance. I know a lot of people actually slow their metabolism down by cutting down calories and they they "have" to eat in a lower range, just to maintain.
As for Ann Taylor Loft: I do think their clothes run bigger, but heck, it's still a great feeling to be a size 2--- I am a size smaller at ATL in general, but it still feels nice!
I so know what you mean with "meaning" it when saying you're done. Honestly, I do think that you are very "driven" and I am very curious to see how your maintenance story evolves. I know you'll figure it out.

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SKYFYRE 11/30/2008 2:10PM

    How exciting! I wish I had an engagement story to tell, but nope, not getting one from me! I love Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor loft, and yes their clothes run big but it feels SO DAMN GOOD to buy those sizes! Oh, and by the by, you DO NOT HAVE A FAT BUTT! You are totally inspring to me and I will not have you self- depricating after all your hard work to get that rocking bod!... Yes I checked out your photos and you are officially ROCKIN!!!

You are so right about Australia! The boys are uber dangerous, sexy and like mega-magnets! Hahahaha! I loved it there, wish I got engaged, I woulda stayed! Nah, my parents would have been so broken hearted! We'll see what happens, but I think that in reality I know it is best for me to stay here. Anyway, keep up the great work Skinny!

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SWEATONCEADAY 11/30/2008 1:13PM

    size 2!!!! right now on maintenance i am burning about 2200 calories a week and i am eating about 2000 a day pretty consistently give or take 200. when i work out more i naturally eat more. when i work out less i just have to remind myself i shouldn't be eating as much. i have been doing this almost a year now.

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LYNN248 11/30/2008 10:33AM

    COngrats on the size 2's, i'm sure they will fit you perfectly in no time.

I'm not sure about maintenance, i never got there:) Are you planning on working out as much when you reach your goal??

Engagement rings are so exciting. I remember getting mine and thinking I"ll never be angry at him again. (my ex whom i'm now divorced from)

I loved my ring and he picked it out himself, and surprised me with it. He had an idea of what i liked since we had gone out looking once. But he picked the perfect ring. I loved my ring. (which reminds me, I should put that thing on ebay.)

This was 15 or so years ago so white gold and platnum was not as "in" as now. I love platnum and white gold , LOVE it!!

Proposal story:
My ex was really into cars, owned a car lot at the time. He left the auto traders all over the house , in an attempt to get him out of that habit i started to put bridal magazines over every single auto trader i found.

One day he came home and said.. "i seen your old car in the auto trader, all souped out, it looks aweome.. here look..."

I looked through pages and pages until i hit one that was framed with hearts, I stopped read the add which said " after 7 yrs of putting up with a (gosh can't remember the word he used but it was something like ) car fanatic, the choice is yours Lynn (and my last name) , do you choose a) a Toyota 4x4 (was my favorite truck at the time) or b ) (picture of my ring). Will you marry me??

I FREAKED out, completely , even got a bleeding nose. LOL I was so happy, we had been together for 7 yrs ! ( we ended up married for just about 11)

anyway, it was cute, and actually the very first nice story I 've told about my ex husband in 3 whole years. (cleary i dispise him now, but that's another story)

anyway, it was a sweet proposal (from a con man) Opps there i go again;)

I'm sure you'll have a great story to tell, no matter how it happens. This is such and exciting time:)

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FITGIRL15 11/30/2008 8:56AM

    "Thin" girls don't eat much (mostly salads) and run A LOT! You definitely aren't following the right plan to look like a waife! (Honestly, I don't think you'd be happy if you allowed your body to eat away at the muscles that you currently worked so hard to acheive!

I can't help you on the maintenance part but I wouldn't mess with the WL! ...if it's still happening for you, enjoy it! If you are doing this the right way, your body won't allow you to get so small that it's unhealthy for you! I only speak from my experience, but I'm wearing womens "extra small" clothes right now... but by the time I do my fitness show, I'm sure I'll be shopping in the Hana Montana section! LOL

Comment edited on: 11/30/2008 8:55:02 AM

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PAMELA984 11/30/2008 7:26AM

    Ooohh - diamond shopping is so exciting! I think I have to go to Ann Taylor Loft today - I would love to be able to say I can wear a 2! Good for you

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AROCHFORD 11/30/2008 5:11AM

    Congrats on size 2! Hmm in some ways maintenance seems harder than losing!

On the ring shopping very cool. I am the type who is not really into rings. Just make sure you are comfortable with the size and typpe to wear it every day. Have fun and enjoy every moment - hopefully it wont happen again:).

Keep SParking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment edited on: 11/30/2008 5:17:05 AM

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I feel good.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I've been sick for hmm....a couple weeks started with a cough and sniffles, then I had a stomach thing for several days...and the whole time I was feeling very tired and run-down. I hesitatingly say that I feel GOOD right now! I hope I'm finally seeing the end of this multi-faceted illness!

Today I was at 137.4 which made me happy because it's lower than yesterday. Before Thanksgiving, the last time I had a food splurge I gained about a pound the first day afterwards and then ANOTHER pound the seond day afterwards (!?!?) before I lost it again. I expected that to happen again this time and I'm glad it didn't!

Maybe it's not fair to compare my post-Thanksgiving weight with anything, but just for kicks I went and compared today's weight (137.4) with my November 1st weight (138.2). Not a dramatic loss for November, is it?!? Oh well. It's so nice to not NEED to lose (much?) anymore!! Though I'm still kinda hoping I'll meet my next goal of 134.0 by my birthday, Dec. 19.

I think I might be in the midst of an exercise transition. I don't plan to change up my workouts's just that every once in a while I seem to ease into a different routine. I think it might be time to go back to strength training in the weight room instead of the Body Pump classes for a while...I did legs and chest in the weight room this past week and feel like I've lost some strength (Body Pump is more about endurance, with its lighter weights and greater repetitions). I think muscle development really is an area where I'm lagging behind...I've made huge strides - literally! - in my cardiovascular fitness and my fat loss, but somehow I'm still such a weakling. Today I couldn't even manage one real pushup. :(

Also, today I didn't go to Body Combat after Zumba and Body Pump. I didn't think I had enough energy. Instead, I biked for 45 minutes and then did stretching and my old ab routine, which feels harder now that I haven't done it in a while. I think that I should go for intensity in some workouts and endurance in others, but I don't necessarily need to do BOTH ALL the time. I need to give my body a rest and sometimes save some energy for other things, like going out on a Saturday night. Seriously, exercise is supposed to make you more energetic, but sometimes after a huge workout I'm too tired to do anything else!


My version of shopping on Black Friday

Friday, November 28, 2008

This morning I slept in nice and late and then weighed in at 138.0 which sort of means that I gained 1.4 pounds on Thanksgiving, except that I was weighing in on a different scale this morning than yesterday (today was the scale at my place) and a 1.4 pound gain is pretty normal even if it isn't the day after Thanksgiving. Yet another SUPER WONDERFUL thing about my ginormous daily calorie range (I eat about 2,100 calories a day for those who didn't know) seems to be that my body's reaction to a splurge isn't quite as huge as it used to be. I think gaining 1.4 pounds isn't that bad for Thanksgiving, not at all!

On the news last night they were showing traffic jams for miles around the outlet stores and Jess looked at me and said, "What's wrong with people?" and we both started giggling our heads off. Then today there was the story of the Walmart shoppers who literally trampled a man to death. That kind of shopping is NOT for me. Instead, I did something I've been needing to do for a while - I went through my own wardrobe and eliminated clothes that were too big. When you guys lose weight, are you tempted to hold onto your cutest items that are way too big? I had these adorable pink pajama bottoms with polka dots and a cute rainbow drawstring that were ENORMOUS. I almost held onto them thinking "they're just pajamas" but then I decided I really didn't want ANYTHING in my closet that gave ANY indication that I had intentions of gaining the weight back. So, goodbye cute pajama bottoms!

I eliminated many, many items, including several things I bought really cheap (OK, I will admit, when I had temporarily gained weight I resorted to thrift store shopping - mostly for size 12s) only just in July. It's hard to believe that just by watching what I eat and exercising I've been able to eliminate so much BULK to my body that clothes that fit me in July now were just falling off. We stopped by the Salvation Army and dropped off several bags, and I haven't even gone through everything yet. (I also got Jess to eliminate a few of his ugliest shirts, haha.)

Also, very happily, I re-discovered several items that had previously been too small. Right now I am wearing a pair of size ***THREE*** jeans that NEVER fit me before, but my mom had picked them up at one of her sales and given them to me. When she first gave them to me they wouldn't even come above the knees, but I was optomistic and held onto them. I also discovered I have three pairs of black pants that fit me - I thought I didn't have ANY!

Last night I did a search in Spark Recipes for the word "bake." After looking through several recipes I picked out some kind of crab thing with cauliflower faux-mashed potato, and a zucchini eggplant casserole with eggs in it. So these will be interesting new dishes for me...hope they turn out well.

I have to say I was OVERWHELMED by the comments people were leaving me about yesterday's blog entry. I didn't feel particularly proud of my Thanksgiving choices - four kinds of pie plus ice cream? But I guess just having a plan and sticking to it was pretty cool. Either way, it has been a HUGE ego boost to read all the comments so you guys better stop before I get too full of myself! Hahaha.

A few days ago I was considering possibly going on a one-week "diet" of maybe 1,600 calories per day or so right before our Carribbean vacation in February. I talked to Jess about the idea and he talked me right out of it. He said that I look fine the way I am, I get very cranky when I reduce my calories too much, and that I'd be more likely to gain when I went back to normal or even worse - I'd be so hungry that I'd pounce upon the all-inclusive buffet the moment we hit our resort and eat with abandon all week. So forget about that idea! Jess is so good for bouncing ideas off of. :) And so are all of you!

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LILTROUBLE 11/29/2008 9:11AM

    I can't believe someone was trampled to death. It makes me so sad.

Way to go on rediscovering small clothes. I have a good amount of small clothes that I used to fit into and have gone back and forth on whether I should get rid of them. They definitely are a good gauge of if I am making progress.

Size three jeans is awesome!!

Keep it up.

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CREATINGMYSELF 11/28/2008 8:47PM

    How cool-- I was thinking of doing something similar. I haven't lost enough weight that my clothes would fit any differently, so I can't get rid of them yet. But I want to "clean house" over the weekend and go donate home goods, linens, etc. We have so much stuff-- and we definitely don't need to be out shopping-- quite the opposite!

Although you may have had more sugar than usual it is OK. And so is the weight gain. It's the holidays, we have to expect it. At least you had a plan. I completely stuffed my face, and then brought home leftovers. Then I freaked out about having leftovers and ate them all, in an attempt to rid the house of "bad" food. I have had a stomach ache for a day now.

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The Thanksgiving Report

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I did everything I said I was going to do, but I still kind of feel like I cheated because I ate so much more than I normally do and SO much more sugar. There wasn't a salad like I'd been imagining, but I was able to fill most of my plate with veggies from the veggies-and-dip appetizer (minus the dip). I ate slowly without really trying and was just about the last to finish. I ate everything on my plate - the veggies (which I ate first), turkey, sweet potato with marshmallow, butternut squash, stuffing, mashed potatoes, about a third of a slice of pumpkin bread (gave the rest to Jess), ambrosia salad, deviled egg, and green bean casserole with Ritz topping. The only things I didn't try were the dark meat turkey, the gravy, or the drinks (had LOTS of water though). There were sooooooooooo many desserts and even though I had very small portions and didn't try all of them, or go back for more, I still had tons and tons of food. I had tastes of apple, pumpkin, chocolate, and grasshopper pie, plus a taste of bear claw ice cream. And coffee with low-fat half-and-half and splenda - my only non-water drink. We didn't do the annual family walk like we normally do either - it got dark out too soon.

So now I'm in that weird place where I feel all tempted to continue eating horribly, but I know that right now it is of utmost importance to go back to my normal routine. I have already packed up everything I should and will eat tomorrow, so I have no doubt in my ability to get right back on track, but I hate it when even the thought of cheating crosses my mind. Like I was tempted to eat some of Jess' salted peanuts tonight...but I didn't.

Jess' mom put her hands on my hips tonight and said, "You look so skinny - is this size 4?" I said, "Actually, yes it is! What is this?" (gesturing to her jeans) "Size 2?" She said they were size 6, but I think she's skinnier than me - she is taller afterall. Most of the women in his family are so thin.

Car update - tonight I went to my parents' house - they are up in Maine - and exchanged my mom's Corolla I've been borrowing with their old '96 Grand Cherokee they want to sell me. They want me to try it out first for a few days. So I might buy it, or Jess also found some gram and gramps Buick Regal for sale that is a lot newer and has half the mileage, but it looks like such an old person car...either way, I'm feeling optomistic that something good will work out. And Jess' dad will help me check out both options too. :)

Engagement update - Jess wants to look at rings together and find out how much they actually cost. As much as I keep telling him I REALLY don't care about getting an expensive ring, he seems to feel like it'd be a reflection on him and everyone always asks to see the ring so he wants it to be something nice. And as long as I can buy myself a car without him paying me back right away for his share of the Carribbean trip, he can afford to buy the ring and propose to me soon, though he WON'T say when exactly, and I think that's a good thing - I want a bit of a surprise! Though I'm guessing he's thinking about my birthday.

Gym today - we were only there about 45 minutes. I did some chest strength training and then ran at 6.5 mph for about 25 minutes. I didn't exactly burn off Thanksgiving-level calories, but it'll all balance out in a few days, I'm sure. My weight will undoubtedly be up a bit tomorrow and probably the next day, but I'm not concerned.

Random - You know how there's kind of a group of Sparkers who all read and respond to each others' blogs? I've been wondering lately how many pockets of Sparkers like that there are...?

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BRUIN2 11/28/2008 6:15PM

    Fine, no more ego stroking from me.

HAHAHAHA. Yeah right, if you deserve it, you're gonna get it!!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

crap - i meant to post this on your newest blog but i clicked the wrong thing. You get the point i'm sure!

Comment edited on: 11/28/2008 6:13:04 PM

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WWGAL23 11/28/2008 5:04PM

    I alwyas check up on the people that check up on me haha..anyway, Thats so great about the car and engagement news! I am in the exact same boat about thanksgiving but we can get back on track!!

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SEEHOLZ 11/28/2008 3:46PM

    I don't get notifications. I try to check up on my friends as much as I can. I love your energy, your commitment. You're here and from the looks of it, you are not going anywhere--- one thing we both have in common! Plus, you are like sooooo incredibly disciplined. Honestly, it sometimes scares me - a lot-LOL!
You always have a plan and you follow through and that alone keeps me motivated and I really, really appreciate your support!
Keep trudging girl!

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SKYFYRE 11/28/2008 8:05AM

    Millions! Hahahahahhaa!

Anyway, so exciting engagenment news and all! And a new car is needed, eh? I do not envy that part! Good luck with that! So you treated yourself to a great meal, that is ok! This was a special occasion and I am glad to hear that you aren't too worried about the scale! That is growth! Anywho, nice to read you blogs again, Brizzie was AWESOME! spent 2 days there and thought of you! I fell in love 3 times and I want to hurry back as soon as possible. Why did I have to tempt fate,... I really want to live ther now, just don't know if I can afford to with the cost of living and crappy pay for nurses! Any thoughts on that? Anyway, great work, you are a calorie burning machine and deserve a slow down every once in a while!

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PAMELA984 11/28/2008 4:41AM

    Reading about looking at rings gave me goosebumps - this will be very exciting when he actually proposes! Sounds like you were in control of the food today - instead of the food controlling you!

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THIRTEENREASONS 11/27/2008 10:17PM

    Wow, you did so well today!! My family is celebrating Thanksgiving on Saturday, so thank you for inspiring me to do well Saturday :) Holy cow, size 4!! That's amazing... I don't know what I size I am... hahaha. I'm seriously addicted to reading your blog now. Cheers for having such a great day!

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BRUIN2 11/27/2008 10:00PM

    Yes, that is an interesting observation. It's neat to see the people that we all have links to, but not really through eachother...

>Can I tell you how RIDICULOUSLY PROUD OF YOU I am?!?!?!?!

You ROCKED this!!! Totally ROCKED it. I've been reading your blog a long time, and girl, you are in SUCH a different place than you were just a few short months ago!! You set a plan and stuck to it - WAHHHOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Yay for the car options. And yay for the ring! And DEFINITELY try to let something be a surprise!!!!!

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LYNN248 11/27/2008 9:15PM

    You did awesome, I"m not sure what i'm going to do when you leave for your holiday, I need my daily dose of SEPPIESUSAN's motivation.

You are totally in control, no wonder you're in those size 4's!

When is your Birthday?

MY feeling is that the proposal could happen when you're away??

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HOPERY 11/27/2008 9:13PM

    Here is one of those Sparkers reading and replying to your blog. My silly notifications don't show up for you. I hate that! So exciting about the engagement! The ring won't really matter, but it is so sweet that he cares about it.

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Thanksgiving Day Plan

Thursday, November 27, 2008

So yesterday I rested and slept a lot, and so far today I'm feeling better. I didn't eat everything on my plan yesterday and came in at just over 2,000 calories, but I didn't exercise either and my weight was up a bit today to 136.6. Today I am feeling well enough to exercise so we're gonna cram that in before we go to Jess' aunt's house for Thanksgiving. I guess I'll try for some strength training and see how much cardio I can squeeze in.

I just budgeted my calories for the day. I am going to skip my smoothie and all my snacks, and have one cup of coffee with soymilk, but I'm going to eat everything else I'd normally eat (a serving of pasta bake and a serving of Asian salmon with rice and veggies). Cutting out the smoothie and snacks gives me a budget of about 900 calories to work with at Thanksgiving dinner. Now I need to remember the tips I gave myself the other day:
1. Mostly veggies on the plate, with a dollop of less healthy stuff on top.
2. Eat very slowly, drink lots of calorie-free beverages, no seconds.
3. Any desserts I want but they have to be small servings and no seconds.
I will also add these:
4. No mindless snacking on any kinds of appetizers or snacks that are sitting out.
5. Once we're done I'm back to my usual routine. Thanksgiving is ONE MEAL and one meal is pretty insignificant in a lifelong permanent plan!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MARLIE13 11/27/2008 5:09PM

    I think it sounds like a great plan. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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SEEHOLZ 11/27/2008 12:33PM

    Great Plan for awesome success!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!!!!


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LYNN248 11/27/2008 12:25PM

    Great plan:)

Happy Thanksgiving to you:)

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WWGAL23 11/27/2008 11:22AM

    GREAT plan for thanksgiving! you gave me a great idea so thanks!!! Have a wonderful time today! I am glad you are feeling better...Happy thanksgiving!

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FITGIRL15 11/27/2008 11:17AM

    Stellar plan! I especially like how you summed it up:
"Thanksgiving is ONE MEAL and one meal is pretty insignificant in a lifelong permanent plan!"
AMEN Sista!!!

Enjoy yourself!

Comment edited on: 11/27/2008 11:15:17 AM

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BRUIN2 11/27/2008 11:15AM

    Glad you're feeling better!! Have a great time today!

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PAMELA984 11/27/2008 10:20AM

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! Glad you are feeling a little better today - that will be another good excuse to not overindulge today with food though! Enjoy your day and be thankful for your wonderful family and friends!

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